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21:00:30 <loquacities> rollcall!
21:00:34 <ianychoi> :)
21:00:37 <AJaeger> go for it ;)
21:00:42 <JRobinson__> Good morning o/
21:00:47 <ianychoi> Hello!
21:00:47 <loquacities> hi JRobinson__
21:00:48 <bmoss> o/
21:00:50 <iphutch> Hello!!
21:00:50 <darrenc> o/
21:00:51 <cathrichardson> o/
21:00:56 <bsilverman> o/
21:01:02 <skelso> Good morning/evening all.
21:01:15 <loquacities> wow, nice turnout today :)
21:01:52 <loquacities> #topic Action items from the last meeting
21:02:07 <loquacities> the only one was this one, for JRobinson__
21:02:09 <loquacities> Send out another User Guides update email, with current
21:02:09 <loquacities> conversion task list.
21:02:15 <loquacities> i believe you did that, yeah?
21:02:35 <JRobinson__> Yes, I sent out a summary of User Guide legacy commands changes in the past two weeks.
21:02:40 <loquacities> sweet
21:02:45 <JRobinson__> I've had some decent responses
21:02:50 <loquacities> #topic Specs in review
21:03:04 <loquacities> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/docs-specs,n,z
21:03:08 <JRobinson__> Thanks to contributors working on the legacy command conversions and keeping the table up to date :)
21:03:26 <loquacities> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/403674/
21:03:26 <loquacities> Update content to using Latex from rst2pdf
21:03:39 <loquacities> so this one is about the PDF generation
21:03:54 <ianychoi> Yep initially I wanted to use rst2pdf, but now I would like to change to use latex
21:04:13 <loquacities> the LaTeX seems to work better
21:04:25 * AJaeger just gave +2
21:04:29 <AJaeger> Shall I +A?
21:04:31 <loquacities> ah, cool!
21:04:37 <loquacities> yes, i think we can +A
21:04:54 <ianychoi> Thanks!
21:05:03 <loquacities> great :)
21:05:05 <AJaeger> on my way...
21:05:12 <loquacities> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/391786/ Proposed use case form
21:05:28 <loquacities> this is about creating a form for ops to provide feedback
21:06:01 <loquacities> darrenc: can you speak to this one, in shaun's absence?
21:06:31 <AJaeger> I really think that this is overkill - and we should try other means first.
21:06:58 <darrenc> can you suggest what other means?
21:07:00 <loquacities> i thought we  were going to do a google form
21:07:39 <AJaeger> darrenc: anything that is lowtech to set up and see what kind of feedback we get.
21:07:40 <loquacities> and there's no primary assignee, which bothers me
21:07:51 <loquacities> +1 to what AJaeger said
21:07:55 <AJaeger> Did anybody evaluate storyboard?
21:08:10 <JRobinson__> We could also use a github uxchecklist similar to this one:
21:08:14 <JRobinson__> #link https://github.com/uxchecklist/uxchecklist.github.io/blob/master/index.html
21:08:32 <AJaeger> Let's collect feedback coming in in free form first and see what we get - and then decide how to structure it.
21:08:47 <AJaeger> But setting up a web server first thing without knowing what we need is IMHO overkill.
21:08:48 <loquacities> AJaeger: is he suggesting to use storyboard?
21:09:14 * AJaeger is suggesting to check storyboard.openstack.org - the upcoming tracker
21:09:21 <loquacities> oh, right
21:09:32 <loquacities> i haven't investigated that yet, but been following the conversation
21:09:51 * AJaeger would also be fine with just a launchpad bug report - or a simple email at first
21:10:13 <loquacities> ok, i think we need to convince shaun to just roll with a basic means of collecting the data before we do this
21:10:16 <loquacities> shall i -2?
21:10:19 <AJaeger> But it's not clear about what amount and kind we talk about.
21:10:36 <AJaeger> I'm happy with a -2 - was considering adding one myself...
21:10:44 <loquacities> ok, one sec
21:11:35 <loquacities> done
21:11:39 <loquacities> ok, let's move on to speciality teams
21:11:46 <loquacities> #topic Speciality teams reports:
21:11:55 <loquacities> API: Anne Gentle
21:12:06 <loquacities> i have anne's here
21:12:15 <loquacities> The App Dev Support WG is working on a survey to determine which content areas to invest in for content on http://www.openstack.org/appdev.
21:12:23 <loquacities> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/user-committee/2016-November/001469.html
21:12:46 <loquacities> Configuration Reference and CLI Reference: Tomoyuki Kato
21:12:52 <loquacities> i also have kato's report
21:12:58 <loquacities> CLI Reference: We try to recreating the single page view for the "openstack" command. I'd like to generate the reference from source code automatically. However, python-openstackclient has many plug-ins. It is difficulty, but worth to tackle it. We need your help!
21:13:20 <loquacities> any questions or feedback so far?
21:13:47 <loquacities> ok, moving on
21:13:52 <loquacities> High Availability Guide: Andrew Beekhof
21:14:08 <loquacities> i don't have a report from andrew, but i know that asettle has been doing a lot of work on this guide recently
21:14:19 <loquacities> cleaning up, and raising bugs for some of the TODO items
21:14:30 <AJaeger> asettle is going over the HA Guide, has one large patch out and raised bugs!
21:14:41 <loquacities> might be a good opportunity for someone to jump in :)
21:15:02 <AJaeger> overall, I'm wondering whether we really should admit that HA guide is so special that it does not fly and give up ;(
21:15:03 <loquacities> Hypervisor Tuning Guide: Joe Topjian
21:15:13 <loquacities> AJaeger: i've been thinking that for some time
21:15:22 <loquacities> but i guess this is a good way to find out
21:15:34 <loquacities> i don't have a report for the hypervisor guide, any update on that book?
21:15:49 <loquacities> ok
21:15:54 <loquacities> Installation guides: Lana Brindley
21:16:06 <loquacities> so i finally heard back from foundation on design resources yesterday
21:16:26 <loquacities> i'm going to reply to  that email today and hopefully start drafting the new design next week
21:16:34 <darrenc> great!
21:16:37 <loquacities> anyone who wants to be involved with that, please contact  me
21:16:51 <loquacities> i've also got piet from the UX team  on board to help
21:17:02 <loquacities> Networking Guide: John Davidge
21:17:10 <loquacities> does anyone have an update on networking?
21:17:33 <loquacities> ok
21:17:40 <loquacities> Operations and Architecture Design guides: Shilla Saebi
21:17:47 <loquacities> darrenc: can you speak to this?
21:17:50 <darrenc> sure
21:17:57 <darrenc> For the arch guide, patches for networking and compute content were merged
21:18:12 <darrenc> thanks to Ben and Shaun
21:18:30 <loquacities> yay!
21:18:36 <darrenc> For the Ops Guide, there is patch up to update the upgrades chapter and include the project upgrade notes
21:18:46 <darrenc> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/404528/
21:19:20 <darrenc> actually link to the notes
21:19:36 <darrenc> that's it from me
21:19:43 <loquacities> cool, thanks  darrenc
21:19:47 <loquacities> any questions on ops stuff?
21:19:51 <darrenc> bsilverman: anything to add?
21:20:20 <loquacities> ok, let's move on
21:20:23 <loquacities> Security Guide: Nathaniel Dillon
21:20:32 <bsilverman> darrenc: Nope thanks.
21:20:35 <loquacities> i don't think i saw nathaniel, does anyone have a  comment on the security guide?
21:21:02 <loquacities> ok
21:21:08 <loquacities> Training Guides: Matjaz Pancur
21:21:12 <loquacities> i have matjaz's report
21:21:19 <loquacities> BCN Upstream training article in the Superuser magazine: http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/openstack-upstream-training-revamp/ - actively looking for contributors to join the Upstream training, please see http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-docs/2016-November/009382.html - cleaned test entries in the Launchpad bug queue and the Sandbox repository (left from the Barcelona Upstream training) - updated Training guides´┐Ż R
21:21:19 <loquacities> EADME.rst
21:21:41 <loquacities> Training labs: Pranav Salunke, Roger Luethi
21:21:54 <loquacities> pranav or roger here?
21:22:13 <loquacities> doesn't look like it
21:22:17 <loquacities> ok, last but not least:
21:22:19 <loquacities> User guides: Joseph Robinson
21:22:22 <loquacities> JRobinson__: go!
21:22:42 <JRobinson__> The legacy command conversion continues at a good pace. I have some more updates to patch today.
21:23:02 <JRobinson__> The only obstacle I have run into is generating new output to match the OpenStack command client.
21:23:24 <JRobinson__> Otherwise, contributors have been adding to the table, and there's been steady patching completed.
21:23:30 <loquacities> nice
21:23:32 <JRobinson__> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/ReorganizeUserGuides
21:23:44 <darrenc> JRobinson__: I can help with the outputs if you like
21:23:46 <JRobinson__> ^just a reminder to update the table if making a change.
21:23:57 <JRobinson__> darrenc, that would be awesome :)
21:24:02 <loquacities> looks like you're making good progress
21:24:14 <darrenc> cool, just let me know what you need
21:24:22 <loquacities> ok, that's it for speciality teams
21:24:27 <ianychoi> :)
21:24:34 <loquacities> #topic Countdown to release:
21:24:48 <loquacities> #info 82 days to go!
21:24:54 <loquacities> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/OcataDeliverables
21:25:09 <loquacities> #info Ocata release managers: Mariia & Brian
21:25:15 <loquacities> any questions on release?
21:25:41 <loquacities> #topic PTG Atlanta Feb 20-24 2017
21:25:48 <loquacities> #link http://www.openstack.org/ptg Event info
21:25:52 <loquacities> #link https://pikeptg.eventbrite.com/ Tickets
21:26:01 <loquacities> if you haven't bought your tickets  yet, you should  probably get on that
21:26:13 <loquacities> #info Docs is on Monday/Tuesday
21:26:21 <ianychoi> For PTG, who will be the main contact person in Docs team? :)
21:26:32 <loquacities> the incoming Pike PTL ;)
21:26:43 <loquacities> which is a lovely segue ...
21:26:50 <AJaeger> ianychoi: so step up, get elected and you'll be it ;)
21:26:50 <ianychoi> Yey~
21:26:52 <loquacities> #topic Pike PTL
21:27:03 <loquacities> #info So far, Alex and Kato have expressed interest.
21:27:23 <loquacities> i will be working with them over the next few months to make sure they understand what the role involves
21:27:37 <loquacities> and there's still time for people to put their hand up
21:27:45 <AJaeger> thanks, loquacities ! And glad to see those two considering it!
21:27:46 <ianychoi> Actually, i18n team did not request rooms for PTG, because it seems that only me will go for PTG. So I would like to ask: whether i18n team will join with Docs team in PTG or not
21:27:46 <loquacities> if you don't want to put your hand up in public, that's ok, too
21:27:58 <loquacities> ianychoi: i'm sure that's possible
21:28:30 <loquacities> i'm not sure how the planning will go for this just yet, but i imagine there can be an i18n session
21:28:38 <loquacities> in the docs track
21:28:44 <ianychoi> loquacities, nice! Then can I discuss it with Foundation?
21:28:51 <loquacities> sure
21:29:09 <ianychoi> Thanks a lot. I will initiate such conversation :)
21:29:15 <loquacities> i will be available to assist the incoming PTL with this, but i won't be attending the PTG itself
21:29:21 <loquacities> just FYI
21:29:29 <loquacities> ok, and one last item ...
21:29:37 <loquacities> #topic Docs logo
21:30:05 <loquacities> #link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx6I9fOZiP0HR3NOMnlIOW5CY1k/view?usp=sharing
21:30:15 <loquacities> i've also  sent an email to the docs list with the imagee attached
21:30:21 <loquacities> image*
21:30:22 <JRobinson__> Is that Docs Fox?
21:30:27 <loquacities> yup
21:30:43 <iphutch> Will it be colored?
21:30:45 <loquacities> #info Foundation is seeking feedback on the logo
21:30:49 <loquacities> #link http://www.tinyurl.com/OSmascot
21:30:58 <ianychoi> Other team's logos are also drafts. Feedback would be so important I think
21:31:02 <loquacities> iphutch: yep, this is the b&w version
21:31:11 <bmoss> it looks a bit odd to me at the moment. Hopefully color will help.
21:31:13 <ianychoi> Which color would be the best? :)
21:31:22 <loquacities> i thought the tail was a bit  odd, personally
21:31:32 <loquacities> ianychoi: red! :)
21:31:41 <bsilverman> looks like it has a goiter in its neck
21:31:49 <loquacities> lol
21:31:51 <JRobinson__> Their neck ruff could use a little line work, yes.
21:31:52 <loquacities> yeah, that too ;)
21:32:06 <bmoss> yeah, the neck is weird
21:32:06 <bsilverman> :)
21:32:18 <ianychoi> Red fox will look nice!
21:32:23 <loquacities> well, put all that in the form :)
21:32:25 <bsilverman> What does the fox say?
21:32:29 <loquacities> lol
21:32:35 <loquacities> oddly, for docs, nothing at all :P
21:32:44 <bsilverman> Sorry, reference to 2013 meme
21:32:49 <bmoss> but it says it with appropriate Oxford commas
21:32:54 <loquacities> LOL
21:33:03 <loquacities> #topic Open discussion
21:33:07 <loquacities> anything else?
21:33:10 <ianychoi> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/i18n-translation-status-documentation
21:33:27 <ianychoi> This is i18n team's documentation translation progress.
21:33:35 <ianychoi> I have checked about 10 days ago
21:34:00 <loquacities> go KO!
21:34:36 <JRobinson__> I have one small admin guide patch that's been hanging about.
21:34:37 <ianychoi> loquacities, :)
21:34:53 <bsilverman> I have to wonder about the HA guide.
21:35:04 <loquacities> JRobinson__: link?
21:35:10 <bsilverman> Is it covered in other sections, or could it be.
21:35:15 <JRobinson__> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/390726/
21:35:25 <JRobinson__> This one is on inbound traffic speed conversion
21:35:38 <loquacities> AJaeger might be able to confirm, but i think the HA guide used to be part of the user guides, and got split out at some point?
21:35:58 <JRobinson__> I consulted OpenStack devs on the Rackspace team, and then sent a message out to the dev-openstack mailing list.
21:36:19 <JRobinson__> Conversion is a tricky issue, I gathered.
21:36:19 <loquacities> JRobinson__: ah, somehow that one has passed me by, i'll check it out
21:36:41 <JRobinson__> Because there was no response to the dev-openstack mail, I moved the bug to wishlist
21:36:55 <loquacities> might be worth closing it WONTFIX
21:37:02 <JRobinson__> I might abandon the change if there is no strong opinions going forward.
21:37:08 <JRobinson__> ^are
21:37:14 <loquacities> or INCOMPLETE
21:37:19 <loquacities> yeah, good plan
21:37:37 <JRobinson__> okay, yes and change the bug to wontfix
21:37:40 <AJaeger> loquacities: HA has been around for some time, was separate repository and we moved it into openstack-manuals. But it has very few contributors and several tries to revive it
21:37:49 <bsilverman> HA is an architecture topic as well as a project topic and could also be an ops topic. This is why I am asking.
21:37:53 <loquacities> AJaeger: ah, ok
21:38:08 <loquacities> bsilverman: do you think it could be folded into the ops guide?
21:38:09 <AJaeger> JRobinson__: Let me comment ...
21:38:24 <JRobinson__> AJaeger, no problem.
21:38:36 <JRobinson__> I'm not rushing to close it.
21:38:47 <bsilverman> loquacities: Only parts of it would make sense, the ones that speak to operating the cloud that has HA components.
21:39:09 <loquacities> ok, let's start a discussion on the mailing list about this
21:39:18 <loquacities> and then we can discuss at the next meeting
21:39:18 <bsilverman> loquacities: but, someone needs to talk about stateful and stateless services as well as network HA.
21:39:35 <bsilverman> loquacities: and that leads to architecture discussions.
21:39:40 <loquacities> right
21:40:22 <loquacities> ok, i have another meeting i need to get to, any other issues?
21:40:48 <loquacities> ok, thanks everyone :)
21:40:56 <ianychoi> Thank you all!
21:41:01 <loquacities> #endmeeting