21:01:04 <asettle> #startmeeting docteam
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21:01:17 <asettle> #topic Roll call :)
21:01:21 <asettle> o/
21:01:24 <loquacities> o/
21:01:25 <darrenc> hi o/
21:01:27 <iphutch> o/
21:01:34 <rluethi> hi
21:01:46 <jrobinson> Hello o/
21:01:52 <alex_bash> o/
21:01:56 <asettle> Oh look at all these faces
21:02:18 <annegentle> hiya
21:02:51 <asettle> Cool :) i'll give it a few more minutes :) thanks everyone for coming
21:03:47 <asettle> For anyone that wants to look while we just wait a bit
21:03:49 <asettle> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/DocTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting
21:03:52 <asettle> Agenda ^^^
21:05:11 <asettle> Okay, let's roll shall we :)
21:05:16 <asettle> #topic Action items from the last meeting
21:05:33 <asettle> Action 1: darrenc to send out arch-guide action plan to ML!
21:05:39 <asettle> Darren? :)
21:05:44 <darrenc> done
21:05:52 <asettle> darrenc: Excellent! THank you :)
21:05:54 * asettle ticks off
21:06:14 <asettle> Action 2: Team to review aspiers reno patches for docs!
21:06:17 <asettle> Everyone have a chance to review that?
21:06:37 <sekelso> Here o/ ...sorry to be late.
21:06:44 <asettle> sekelso: welcome :)
21:06:56 <asettle> For those that haven't seen aspiers patches:
21:06:58 <asettle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/437611/
21:07:04 <asettle> We are using reno from this release on for release notes :)
21:07:09 <jrobinson> sekelso, it's no problem, we just started :), no new content yet.
21:07:21 <loquacities> yep, i merged that :)
21:07:23 <asettle> Take a look, lemme know if there's any questions regarding reno
21:07:31 <asettle> Action 3: jrobinson to write spec for the admin guide
21:07:43 <asettle> Which, jrobinson I believe we have covered thanks to Michael Johnson (Octavia PTL)
21:07:50 <jrobinson> Thanks to Michael Johnson for taking on the spec work :)
21:07:59 <asettle> If everyone can take a look:
21:08:00 <jrobinson> Thanks to Michael, this one is done and under review.
21:08:00 <asettle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/439122/
21:08:08 <asettle> jrobinson:  :) thanks any other updates or comments from you there?
21:08:15 <jrobinson> Not at this time.
21:08:26 <asettle> Thanks for reviewing jrobinson :) really appreciate it
21:08:45 <asettle> And Action 4: team to review arch guide spec (which was darrenc )
21:08:49 <asettle> But I believe we have merged that alos!
21:08:50 <asettle> also*
21:09:01 <darrenc> yep, merged
21:09:13 <asettle> Perfect! Kato-san approved the spec today so we're on track
21:09:19 <asettle> Let's move on!
21:09:28 <asettle> #topic Countdown to release
21:09:35 <asettle> Jokes, it's 43 weeks away :P
21:09:40 <asettle> But! We do need to talk about cutting the branch
21:09:49 <asettle> Which, we will do with the next topic introduction
21:10:06 <asettle> But I just want ot let everyone know that hadn't been a part of the docs ML discussion
21:10:19 <asettle> I am in the process of incorporating a governance docs tag into the official release schedule
21:10:26 <asettle> If anyone wants more information, let me know
21:10:39 <asettle> But if anyone is able to HELP me draft this docs-tag, ping me :)
21:10:55 <asettle> Working with dhellmann here:
21:10:56 <asettle> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/doc-managed-tag
21:11:49 <asettle> You can see some of that convo here:
21:11:50 <asettle> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-docs/2017-March/009760.html
21:12:23 <asettle> But, this brings me to my next topic
21:12:26 <asettle> #topic Install guide/branching
21:12:29 <annegentle> asettle just a thought, have you also asked the user-committee list to take a look? There was a tags group there
21:12:48 <asettle> annegentle: good suggestion, I want to draft first before I ask people though
21:12:49 <asettle> THoughts?
21:13:41 <annegentle> on whether the install guide is ready for branching?
21:13:53 <asettle> Hahaha no, sorry, about your original point about the user-committee list
21:14:50 <asettle> annegentle: ^
21:15:23 <loquacities> i'd like to wait to branch the install guide until we have the nova bug sorted out
21:15:40 <jrobinson> With the install guide, the Nova Cells bug fix is still under review
21:15:47 <jrobinson> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/438328/
21:16:06 <asettle> Okay, yes, let's move on
21:16:12 <asettle> I escalated to CRITICAL this morning with the help of the nova team
21:16:18 <asettle> bmoss: has been working on this for quite some team
21:16:25 <asettle> I'd like an update so we all understand the issue please :)
21:16:32 <asettle> (Since you are best positioned)
21:16:37 <bmoss> sure
21:17:01 <bmoss> basically Cellsv2 and Placement are required for nova in Ocata
21:17:29 <bmoss> we're trying to get this documented for the Install Guide
21:18:02 <jrobinson> Cellsv2 bug:
21:18:06 <jrobinson> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1405098
21:18:06 <openstack> bugzilla.redhat.com bug 1405098 in openstack-tripleo-heat-templates "Ocata requires additional cellvs2 setup" [High,On_qa] - Assigned to owalsh
21:18:14 <bmoss> there was a flurry of activity overnight from some devs on the patch jrobinson linked above
21:18:40 <bmoss> but it seems there is still some disagreement on exactly how it should all work
21:19:10 <asettle> So, sort of. cdent and jaypipes have been working on the bug (if they're around, they might be able to help with context)
21:19:22 <asettle> They believe the instructions with placement and cells are on point (except for a few things)
21:19:30 <asettle> But there seems to be concerns with libvirt and packaging
21:19:38 <asettle> But, TL;DR - the instructinos for Ubuntu work, unsure about RDO
21:20:11 <asettle> (I say sort of not really knowing, just having watched alongside today)
21:21:28 <bmoss> yep. It looks like we're getting close.
21:21:48 <asettle> Which, is good! If anyone's able to help with a greenfields install to help, that'd be rad and help out bmoss a lot :)
21:22:51 <asettle> Anyway, this will stay CRITICAL until we are able to branch
21:22:54 <asettle> #link https://launchpad.net/bugs/1663485
21:22:54 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1663485 in openstack-manuals "Document Nova v2 Cells and Placement API" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to John Garbutt (johngarbutt)
21:23:11 <loquacities> +1
21:23:15 <darrenc> I'll test the instructions on ubuntu
21:23:46 <asettle> Thanks darrenc :)
21:24:16 <asettle> Okay, bmoss do you have anything else for us context wise?
21:24:26 <bmoss> nope, that's it
21:24:36 <asettle> Super :)
21:24:39 <asettle> Let's move on toooooooo
21:24:41 <bmoss> plenty of reading in the patch comments if people are interested.
21:24:48 <asettle> Oh yeah, that doesn't end ;)
21:25:15 <asettle> #topic Speciality teams reports:
21:25:20 <asettle> annegentle: you're up with API!
21:25:43 <annegentle> hollla
21:25:46 <annegentle> three ls even
21:25:51 <asettle> Hahhahaa
21:25:51 <asettle> Do it
21:26:14 <annegentle> One prominent change is that the Block Storage API v2 is now exactly replicated with v3 and so is now marked Deprecated
21:27:01 <annegentle> And then I don't know if I ever showed that the list of all OpenStack APIs is now also here: https://developer.openstack.org/#api
21:27:03 <annegentle> #link https://developer.openstack.org/#api
21:27:17 <asettle> Awesome :)
21:27:29 <annegentle> And then you can see them based on support level here: https://developer.openstack.org/api-guide/quick-start/
21:27:31 <annegentle> #link https://developer.openstack.org/api-guide/quick-start/
21:27:41 <annegentle> Current, Supported, Deprecated
21:27:51 <asettle> Great :)
21:28:23 <annegentle> Anyone have anything else to add about API docs?
21:28:32 <asettle> Not much tbh :)
21:29:01 <annegentle> For APIs themselves you want to follow along the API WG reports and especially the upcoming strictness levels for backwards compat.
21:29:30 <annegentle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/421846/
21:29:43 <annegentle> ^^ API change guidelines
21:29:47 <annegentle> That's all I have
21:30:00 <asettle> Awesome :) will look through
21:30:02 <asettle> Thank you annegentle :)
21:30:30 <asettle> Next up is Kato with the CLI and Config Ref
21:30:42 <asettle> However I do not have a report from him because I sent out the reminder late (apologies)
21:30:57 <asettle> But I am concerned that we have outdated refs in the config ref. Kato has mentioned a bug. I haven't heard much else
21:31:01 <asettle> Anyone else aware?
21:31:15 <asettle> I also have noted in the last few weeks we do not have instructions on how to update the config ref, only teh CLI ref
21:31:19 <asettle> Anyone know how to help?
21:33:11 <asettle> I know bmoss you were talking about this with Chason ?
21:33:50 <bmoss> yeah, but I reached the limit of my knowledge and referred him to Kato. :)
21:34:33 <asettle> Yep okay. I've reached out to Kato and so has Chason so hopefully we'll hear back soon :)
21:34:45 <bmoss> Chason and I were both having trouble getting the generation script to run. I haven't had a chance to look further into it.
21:35:01 <asettle> No problem :) hopefully it's just a bug as Kato says and we can fix it to release properly
21:35:06 <asettle> I'll chase him down a bit on the matter
21:35:25 <asettle> Anyway, let's move on, we're time short :)
21:35:26 <asettle> Hypervisor Tuning Guide: Blair Bethwaite
21:35:40 <asettle> I have an update from Blair
21:35:42 <asettle> The Scientific-WG is considering proposing a hypervisor tuning + guide session for the Boston Forum though, so hopefully if that goes ahead it will create some renewed interest.
21:36:20 <asettle> And because I"m a special child, I missed iphutch and the HA guide :)
21:36:29 <asettle> High Availability Guide: Ianeta Hutchinson
21:36:30 <iphutch> yo!
21:36:32 <asettle> Sorry bro
21:36:36 <iphutch> So we have this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/440890/13 to establish the new ToC for HA Guide. We are trying to move all content that is relevant in the current guide over to the new ToC. From there, we will be filing bugs to start collaboration with the OSIC DevOps team who have signed up to “adopt-a-guide” and will be helping to provide
21:36:36 <iphutch> content as SME’s.
21:37:13 <asettle> Sweet :) it looks awesome
21:37:26 <iphutch> \(^o^)/
21:37:50 <jrobinson> Adopt-a-guide sounds good. Great to hear there are SME's for support here.
21:37:52 <asettle> Any questinos for iphutch on this one?
21:37:58 <asettle> jrobinson: so true :)
21:38:40 <iphutch> sure is, I'm excited
21:38:54 <asettle> Okay :)
21:38:56 <asettle> Installation guides: Lana Brindley
21:39:04 <asettle> I believe loquacities stepped out to do children things
21:39:06 <asettle> Her update is:
21:39:15 <asettle> * waiting to sort out the last couple of bugs before we branch, hopefully next week
21:39:39 <asettle> Networking Guide: John Davidge
21:39:49 <asettle> I haven't got anything from John, and he's not online
21:39:56 <asettle> So moving on to Operations and Architecture Design guides: Darren Chan
21:39:58 <asettle> darrenc:  ^^
21:40:29 <darrenc> ok
21:40:33 <darrenc> a patch to move the draft Arch Guide to docs.o.o has merged. The previous guide has been moved to a "to archive" directory until the archiving process is ready.
21:40:42 <darrenc> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/441736/
21:40:57 <darrenc> The Arch Guide working group met this week to rearchitect and scope the design content. We're currently focussed on the storage content.
21:41:18 <darrenc> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/arch-guide-pike
21:41:30 <darrenc> There's still a ton of work to do, so ping me or bsilverman_ if you would like to help
21:41:44 <darrenc> That's all :)
21:41:55 <asettle> Thanks so much darrenc !
21:42:04 <asettle> REally excited to see the 'draft' up and published
21:42:39 <asettle> Security Guide: Nathaniel Dillon
21:42:48 <asettle> This I can speak to :)
21:43:02 <asettle> hyakuhei and I are in the process of planning the ins and out of the guide
21:43:11 <asettle> We're talking about dramatically reducing the scope, and introducing new, maintainable, content.
21:43:33 <asettle> Rob ( hyakuhei ) is also looking at getting a sprint in Austin at some point to get the security team all together and pump out some content
21:43:51 <asettle> We have the OSIC Security team pumping out some of the main, non-wishlist, bugs at preset
21:44:03 <asettle> Which will be really helpful in the interim
21:44:10 <asettle> Anyone that can help, pipe up! :)
21:45:00 <asettle> Training Guides: Matjaz Pancur
21:45:13 <asettle> I don't think Matjaz is here
21:45:22 <asettle> rluethi_: do you have anything in his stead? :)
21:46:40 <rluethi> sorry, I have two irc clients that are differently broken
21:46:47 <asettle> hahhaa no problem rluethi :)
21:46:58 <rluethi> I know nothing about training-guides these days.
21:48:01 <asettle> No problem rluethi we can skip :)
21:48:14 <asettle> Training labs: Pranav Salunke, Roger Luethi
21:48:18 <asettle> rluethi hit us up :)
21:49:13 <rluethi> We have pushed the current state of the Ocata training-labs changeset in
21:49:13 <rluethi> case others find it useful. The scripts follow the install-guide and
21:49:13 <rluethi> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/438328/. The resulting cluster cannot
21:49:13 <rluethi> launch instances because it fails to find a host (just like others
21:49:13 <rluethi> following the install-guide have reported).
21:49:43 <rluethi> If you have VirtualBox installed (Linux or Mac), this should build
21:49:43 <rluethi> the basedisk and the cluster and try to launch an instance:
21:49:43 <rluethi> $ git clone git://git.openstack.org/openstack/training-labs
21:49:43 <rluethi> $ cd training-labs/labs
21:49:43 <rluethi> $ git fetch git://git.openstack.org/openstack/training-labs
21:49:44 <rluethi> refs/changes/78/443778/1 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
21:49:46 <rluethi> $ ./st.py -q -b cluster
21:49:48 <rluethi> $ ./tools/test-once.sh scripts/test/launch_instance_private_net.sh
21:49:59 <asettle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/438328/
21:50:29 <asettle> Thanks rluethi :)
21:50:55 <asettle> Last, but not least, Admin and User guides: Joseph Robinson
21:50:58 <asettle> jrobinson: you're up :)
21:51:38 <jrobinson> For the User and Admin Guides, I've been looping through the bug list - there are SDK bugs and the issue of moving the python SDK examples, which was discussed back in Newton.
21:52:00 <jrobinson> There are also two telemetry bugs, which I need to contact the liaisons for.
21:52:17 <jrobinson> The only other point, is reviewing the Admin Guide migration spec.
21:52:22 <jrobinson> That's all for users guides.
21:52:54 <asettle> Sweet :)
21:53:00 <asettle> Which, we will touch on the spec next
21:53:09 <asettle> #topic Specs in review
21:53:14 <asettle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/docs-specs,n,z
21:53:24 <asettle> Project-specific Administration Guide:
21:53:26 <asettle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/439122/
21:53:28 <asettle> Which is back to jrobinson :)
21:54:51 <jrobinson> So there are many reviews and comments already. the large part of the spec that needs attention is the docimpact bug situation, and who to report bugs against the new admin guide.
21:55:57 <asettle> jrobinson:  thanks :)
21:56:01 <jrobinson> Waiting on another patchset to incorporate the comments into the spec. Looks like still a lot of discussion.
21:56:14 <asettle> If everyone can take the chance to look and review, that would be appreciated
21:56:16 <asettle> :)
21:56:26 <asettle> Sorry, gotta run on. 4 minutes left!
21:56:31 <asettle> #topic Bug triaging
21:56:37 <asettle> Next week's triager is... iphutch !
21:56:41 <asettle> You start on Monday ;)
21:56:49 <asettle> Big thanks to darrenc for keeping up for hte last 2 weeks :)
21:56:51 <asettle> Any issues to report?
21:57:03 <asettle> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/SpecialityTeams#Bug_Triage_Team
21:57:29 <darrenc> Don't think so
21:57:33 <iphutch> \o/
21:57:43 <darrenc> Only the gaps in the config ref which I mentioned on the ML
21:57:51 <asettle> YEs, thank you so much for picking that up!
21:58:10 <darrenc> no worries
21:58:46 <asettle> On that note, sign up if you haven't already!
21:58:55 <asettle> I'd like to see everyone helping out :)
21:59:00 <asettle> #topic Open discussion
21:59:06 <asettle> *big sigh* the end
21:59:16 <asettle> Anyone? :)
21:59:39 <annegentle> nothing 'round here
21:59:49 * asettle watches the tumbleweed
21:59:54 <asettle> Wanna sign up for bug triaging annegentle ? :p
22:00:04 <annegentle> asettle already did
22:00:10 <asettle> annegentle: zing!
22:00:16 <annegentle> asettle send you a lonnnng email with background on ops-tags
22:00:22 <asettle> I just saw :) thank you annegentle
22:00:23 <annegentle> asettle couldn't remember what they called it
22:00:25 <asettle> You're on this
22:00:32 <asettle> I'll have a read in the morning :)
22:01:00 <annegentle> asettle yeah it's lonnng :)
22:01:06 <asettle> Hahhaha oh noooo
22:01:08 <asettle> OH shit
22:01:10 <asettle> Pardon
22:01:11 <asettle> Sorry
22:01:13 <asettle> It's past 10
22:01:18 <annegentle> hee
22:01:18 <asettle> WE GOTT AGO
22:01:21 <bmoss> fail
22:01:22 <asettle> #endmeeting