21:00:07 <jrobinson> #startmeeting docteam
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21:00:53 <jrobinson> Hello everyone, the OpenStack docs team meeting is ready to start, who is around today?
21:00:57 <bmoss> o/
21:01:54 <jrobinson> bmoss, \o
21:01:54 <alex_bash> o/
21:02:01 <ianychoi> hello
21:02:03 <jrobinson> alex_bash, \o
21:02:22 <jrobinson> That's three of us, might need a few more for quorum today.
21:03:05 <jrobinson> oh and ianychoi is 4 :) thanks ianychoi
21:03:18 <jrobinson> apologies, miscounted
21:03:24 <ianychoi> jrobinson, hi thanks haha :)
21:03:26 <jrobinson> it's early morning here
21:03:54 <ianychoi> Yep 7am in Australia and 6am in Korea
21:03:57 <loquacities> o/
21:04:05 <ianychoi> Now I am on vacation and it is 11 am now
21:04:06 <jrobinson> loquacities, \o
21:04:12 <ianychoi> loquacities, hi!
21:04:13 <loquacities> sorry i'm late :)
21:04:55 <ianychoi> 5 members are now in meeting :)
21:04:57 <jrobinson> loquacities, no problems. I believe 5 is enough to carry the meeting.
21:05:28 <loquacities> sure :)
21:05:45 <jrobinson> ianychoi, with 5 here I'll get started
21:05:52 <ianychoi> yep :)
21:06:43 <jrobinson> So I'll begin by briefly explaining that PTL Alex is away today, but Alex has written up the agenda for us to follow, so I'll be going through that now.
21:06:59 <jrobinson> #topic Action items from last meeting
21:07:18 <jrobinson> We had just one - Review the Admin Guide migration spec
21:07:32 <jrobinson> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/439122/
21:08:11 <jrobinson> The spec has had several reviews from docs and one project liaison this fortnight.
21:08:21 <jrobinson> So we can call this item completed.
21:08:41 <jrobinson> #topic Countdown to summit
21:08:57 <jrobinson> Moving on to this item, since there are a few points to talk about here.
21:09:44 <jrobinson> First, the Boston Summit schedule (starting Mon 8th of May) is available
21:09:48 <jrobinson> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/boston-2017/summit-schedule/
21:10:52 <ianychoi> jrobinson, are you planning to go to Boston Summit?
21:11:21 <jrobinson> ianychoi, it's not likely I will be there. No plans have been put together at this stage.
21:11:39 <ianychoi> I see
21:11:53 <jrobinson> A key meeting in the summit schedule is that Docs and l18n have a project onboarding room at the summit.
21:12:04 <ianychoi> yep
21:12:06 <ianychoi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-docs/2017-March/009828.html
21:12:27 <ianychoi> And note that Forum topic submission is now open: http://forumtopics.openstack.org/ The due is April 2nd
21:13:08 <jrobinson> ianychoi, thanks for the dev mailing list link
21:13:27 <ianychoi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Forum/Boston2017
21:13:52 <jrobinson> #Info Contact Alex (asettle) if you can assist with the onboarding room at Boston.
21:14:13 <ianychoi> There is no Docs team brainstorming currently. I just want to ask whether Docs team consider Forum topics or not.
21:14:58 <annegentle> ianychoi yes, the install guide tag came up at the TC meeting this week as a good Forum topic.
21:15:10 <annegentle> ianychoi Alex is working on it
21:15:42 <ianychoi> annegentle, aha I see - yep I have seen one Gerrit review in openstack/governance, thanks for the info!
21:16:19 <jrobinson> #Info Docs has one possible forum topic planned - the governance tag for our install guides
21:17:10 <annegentle> Well, it came out of that
21:17:17 <annegentle> but really it'll be more about using distribution packages for the install guide
21:17:17 <jrobinson> Kendall N will also be emailing the Dev mailing list with more information on forum topics.
21:17:19 <annegentle> I think
21:17:52 <jrobinson> annegentle, sorry to interrupt - okay, that's good to note.
21:18:13 <annegentle> #info Docs Forum topic to focus on packaging and install guides and distros
21:18:32 <jrobinson> thanks, was just about to write something similar :)
21:19:07 <jrobinson> And just one more point on the forum, this is one email from Kendall with some context:
21:19:10 <jrobinson> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-March/114149.html
21:19:30 <jrobinson> More generally on the summit,
21:20:02 <jrobinson> Alex is delivering a Docs project update on Monday May 8, 3:40pm-4:20pm.
21:20:13 <jrobinson> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/boston-2017/summit-schedule/global-search?t=Alexandra+Settle
21:20:35 <ianychoi> Yep I would like to go there :)
21:21:03 <jrobinson> Olga and Andreas are also listed as presenters on the schedule too.
21:21:28 <jrobinson> Any further points about the Boston Summit?
21:21:41 <loquacities> i have Opinions about the packaging stuff, and the tag
21:21:51 <loquacities> i meant to respond to things yesterday, but didn't get that far
21:21:53 <loquacities> will do today
21:21:54 <annegentle> capital O :)
21:21:56 <annegentle> sounds good
21:22:03 <loquacities> very deliberate :P
21:22:10 <ianychoi> Haha big O :)
21:23:26 <bsilverman_> o/
21:23:33 <jrobinson> summit is the traditional place for Opinions and discussion.
21:23:42 <jrobinson> bsilverman_, \o
21:23:55 <jrobinson> The next topic is a PTL report
21:24:02 <jrobinson> #Topic PTL Report
21:24:13 <jrobinson> From Alex:
21:24:21 <ianychoi> bsilverman_, hi :)
21:24:27 <jrobinson> "I am (asettle) in the process of drafting a governance tag for our install guides."
21:24:42 <jrobinson> "Would be great for everyone to review and understand what the process will involve."
21:24:48 <jrobinson> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/445536/
21:25:39 <jrobinson> So on the patch, check on and read the docs_install-guide-verified.rst file
21:28:39 <ianychoi> I see - that's what I have seen it (because I want to propose another tag for I18n)
21:29:09 <loquacities> thanks team, i need to head out o/
21:29:26 <jrobinson> ianychoi, yes a tag similar to this for tracking accuracy is a good plan
21:29:40 <jrobinson> loquacities, thank you, and see ya! \o
21:29:53 <ianychoi> loquacities, have a good day!
21:30:01 <jrobinson> Any further comments on the install-guide-verified tag proposal
21:30:04 <ianychoi> jrobinson, I agree :)
21:31:20 <annegentle> and I have to go too o/ thanks jrobinson for stepping in and running the meeting!
21:31:29 <jrobinson> Okay, moving on to speciality team reports
21:31:38 <jrobinson> annegentle, no problems
21:32:01 <jrobinson> #topic Speciality Team Reports
21:32:02 <ianychoi> Yep, let's move on :)
21:32:39 <jrobinson> I know that more information should be available for each team in the Docs Newsletter this week
21:33:30 <jrobinson> So if there is no update, the Docs Newletter will have more information
21:33:49 <jrobinson> Anne has just headed out, so no API update.
21:33:58 <ianychoi> Yep
21:34:07 <jrobinson> Configuration Reference and CLI Reference -
21:34:35 <jrobinson> I don think Katomo is here.
21:35:26 <ianychoi> Q: Arch design is not a specialty team?
21:35:36 <jrobinson> High Availability Guide - iphutch, any update here
21:35:37 <ianychoi> Oops sorry
21:35:42 <ianychoi> Operations & Arch Design haha
21:36:21 <jrobinson> ianychoi, no problems, yes it has Operations first. Another capital O :)
21:36:22 <iphutch> New ha guide toc is now merged as a draft
21:36:45 <jrobinson> iphutch, excellent :)
21:37:30 <jrobinson> Hypervisor Tuning Guide - Blair B
21:37:45 <jrobinson> I don't have Blair's IRC nic on hand.
21:38:29 <bsilverman_> I guess Darren isn’t here
21:38:51 <jrobinson> bsilverman_, that's right, Darren is also away today.
21:39:08 <jrobinson> Installation Guides - Lana also headed out
21:39:27 <jrobinson> So Hypervisor Tuning and Installation guide updates will be in the newsletter.
21:39:40 <jrobinson> Moving on to Networking Guide - John D
21:40:32 <jrobinson> john-davidge is also not here.
21:40:55 <jrobinson> Operations and Architecture Design guides - darrenc - also not away
21:41:04 <jrobinson> Security Guides - Nathan D
21:41:53 <bsilverman_> also not away?
21:42:19 <bsilverman_> :slightly_smiling_face:
21:42:23 <jrobinson> bsilverman_, not completely sure, just checking on Nathan's IRC nic,
21:42:52 <bsilverman_> you said darrenc was “also not away”, wouldn’t that mean he’s here? :slightly_smiling_face:
21:43:34 <jrobinson> yep, that's a typo :) Like I said earlier, it's early morning here. Darren is definitely away, sorry for the ambiguity.
21:43:40 <jrobinson> Training Guides: Matjaz P
21:44:12 <ianychoi> matjazp is not here
21:44:26 <jrobinson> thanks ianychoi :)
21:44:29 <jrobinson> moving on to Training labs: Pranav Salunke, Roger Luethi
21:45:39 <jrobinson> Also not sure if they are here.
21:46:05 <jrobinson> Moving on to the User-Guides - my update:
21:46:36 <jrobinson> Several other Legacy commands were converted to OS commands this week.
21:47:07 <jrobinson> Reviewed the Admin Guide spec.
21:47:12 <ianychoi> Good :)
21:47:14 <jrobinson> That's all the important points.
21:47:34 <jrobinson> And now an new team update
21:47:38 <jrobinson> Docs theme and tools: bmoss
21:47:42 <bsilverman_> Arch guide has had storage structure changes and minor edits to the compute-design
21:48:06 <jrobinson> thank you bsilverman_ :)
21:48:13 <bmoss> openstackdocstheme 1.7.0 has been released. Highlights include improvements to PDF styling and the search page.
21:48:14 <bmoss> We've had some issues come up with the auto-generation scripts. Some have been fixed already (thanks Kato and Christian!), and we're investigating others. If you notice anything amiss or would like to help out, please let me know.
21:48:14 <bmoss> In other release news, we'll be cutting the Ocata branch for openstack-manuals today (Friday) and closing out the final release tasks. Yay!
21:48:40 <bsilverman_> Yay! New branch.
21:48:50 <bmoss> :)
21:48:51 <ianychoi> bmoss, yep I am on vacation but try to address WIP for PDF in openstack-manuals to make use of new openstackdocstheme
21:49:05 <bmoss> awesome, thanks ianychoi
21:49:26 <ianychoi> bmoss, it would be much nice if you +2 for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/449133/
21:49:50 <bmoss> ianychoi, sure, I'll take a look
21:49:50 <ianychoi> To really use new openstackdocstheme 1.7.0 in openstack-manuals
21:49:57 <ianychoi> bmoss, thanks :)
21:50:06 <ianychoi> I need to head out. Thanks all today!
21:50:19 <bsilverman_> later ianychoi
21:50:22 <jrobinson> That's all for speciality teams, There is one more point on bug triaging then open discussion
21:50:24 <bmoss> o/
21:50:30 <jrobinson> ianychoi, thanks, enjoy your vacation :)
21:50:39 <jrobinson> #topic Bug Triaging
21:51:14 <jrobinson> So, to complete the schedule for Pike, there are two more spots on the schedule to fill. More importantly, thanks everyone for getting on board.
21:51:22 <jrobinson> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/SpecialityTeams#Bug_Triage_Team
21:51:50 <jrobinson> Big thanks to iphutch for your bug triaging work!
21:52:53 <jrobinson> Next up is loquacities from the 10th of April
21:53:06 <jrobinson> And now to open discussion
21:53:13 <jrobinson> #topic Open Discussion
21:53:26 <jrobinson> Anything to discuss openly?
21:54:42 <jrobinson> If not, I'll close the meeting for this fortnight.
21:55:13 <bmoss> short and sweet. Thanks jrobinson
21:55:21 <jrobinson> bmoss,  no problems
21:55:30 <jrobinson> alright:
21:55:33 <jrobinson> #endmeeting