21:17:07 <jrobinson> #startmeeting docteam
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21:17:42 <jrobinson> Okay, so as Alex noted in a message to the mailing list yesterday, this is the last meeting before the summit.
21:17:51 <ianychoi> yep
21:17:55 <jrobinson> #topic Action items from last meeting
21:17:59 <jrobinson> And there are none
21:18:03 <asettle> OH MY GOSH
21:18:04 <asettle> I AM HERE
21:18:05 <asettle> I AM SO SORRY
21:18:06 <asettle> I AM THE WORST
21:18:08 <asettle> IM HERE
21:18:09 <asettle> I JUST
21:18:10 <asettle> OH MAN
21:18:11 <asettle> IM SORRY
21:18:29 <ianychoi> jrobinson is now the meeting chair! :P
21:18:37 <ianychoi> asettle, fine :)
21:18:46 <asettle> Thanks jrobinson :D :D
21:18:48 <skelso> No worries.
21:18:53 <jrobinson> It is okay! I'm sorry, I should have waited a few more minutes.
21:19:22 <jrobinson> But we have literally not even started any topics.
21:19:23 <asettle> jrobinson: give the agenda a quick refresh
21:19:33 <asettle> Oh. wait.
21:19:34 <asettle> In a minute
21:19:41 <asettle> I'm sorry guys. I have to admit, I totally lost track of time.
21:19:49 <ianychoi> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/DocTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting
21:20:11 <jrobinson> ^we were about to do the OpenStack summit.
21:20:31 <jrobinson> #topic Countdown to summit
21:20:44 <asettle> OKay!
21:20:48 <asettle> jrobinson: refresh that agenda ;)
21:21:33 <jrobinson> asettle refreshed - speciality team reports topic is shorter now
21:21:44 <asettle> Yepppp :)
21:21:45 <asettle> Much shorter.
21:21:53 <asettle> I'll give everyone an update in the PTL report
21:22:49 <jrobinson> sounds good.
21:23:12 <jrobinson> What's happening with the summit forums and events?
21:23:28 <asettle> jrobinson: okay, so, for everyone's knowledge...
21:23:30 <asettle> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/docs-summit
21:23:36 <asettle> Everything that's related to docs is listed here
21:23:51 <asettle> As we all know by now, the way the old summits used to work is very different from the new 'forum' style
21:24:16 <ianychoi> asettle, yep the link is what I am finding :)
21:24:18 <ianychoi> +1
21:24:23 <asettle> Most importantly, I would really like to see people who are coming to Boston at the onboarding session with ianychoi and myself
21:24:25 <asettle> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/doc-onboarding
21:24:31 <asettle> Also for hte project update
21:24:32 <asettle> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/doc-project-update
21:24:41 <asettle> Which will be presented by myself, Olga, and Alex Adamov
21:25:02 <asettle> ildikov and I also worked on a new forum session to include. Please attend if you can: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/doc-future
21:25:06 <asettle> Sorry
21:25:07 <asettle> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/doc-future
21:25:22 <asettle> Add yourselves to the attendance list, and the dinner list if you are able and willing to come :)
21:25:55 <asettle> skelso: asked me earlier about remote attendees. As this is not quite the same as the PTG, and I don't know what resources we have, sadly I cannot promise anything :(
21:26:02 <asettle> But, I know the project update will be recorded.
21:26:17 <ianychoi> Yep - I can join mostly on Monday but I might be so busy on Tue-Thu for I18n things
21:26:27 <asettle> Of course :)
21:26:43 <skelso> asettle: Thanks!
21:26:47 <asettle> Does anyone have any questions about the summit?
21:26:56 <ianychoi> asettle, there will be upstream institute report - which you also are interested
21:27:17 <asettle> Yes, there will be! Do you have the link to that one, ianychoi ?
21:28:03 <ianychoi> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/boston-2017/summit-schedule/events/18875/openstack-upstream-institute-highlights
21:28:27 <asettle> Awesome thank you ianychoi :)
21:28:29 <asettle> I'll add to the list
21:28:48 <ianychoi> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/boston-2017/summit-schedule/events/18802/high-availability-in-openstack
21:29:01 <ianychoi> And I am not pretty sure but it might be also related with ha-guide
21:29:30 <ianychoi> That was what I have found which might be also related with Docs team when I saw overall schedule
21:29:33 <asettle> Awesome :D thank you ianychoi !
21:29:37 <asettle> I missed both of those
21:30:06 <ianychoi> asettle, yep.. there have been lots of changes on schedule.
21:30:19 <asettle> Awesome :)
21:30:26 <asettle> Okay jrobinson I think that's all teh summit stuff?
21:30:39 <jrobinson> moving on to:
21:30:43 <jrobinson> #topic OSIC news
21:31:11 <asettle> jrobinson: ... the agenda should be different from that one?
21:31:18 <asettle> Did you give that one a refresh? or did I fail to update properly?
21:31:43 <jrobinson> Sorry, I was looking at a stale page - that's less tabs open is better!
21:31:50 <jrobinson> #topic PTL Report
21:31:57 <ianychoi> Aha.. asettle updated! I was seeing the same old thing
21:32:32 <asettle> Hahhaa sorry jrobinson i'm a slacker.
21:32:35 <asettle> Yep! Okay!
21:32:40 <asettle> So, just a little report on a few things going on
21:32:55 <asettle> 1. As some as you would have seen, we have disbanded the majority of the specialty teams.
21:33:20 <asettle> This is in an effect to refocus our effects as a team, rather than as working groups.
21:33:23 <asettle> #link https://docs.openstack.org/contributor-guide/team-structure.html
21:33:40 <asettle> This doesn't mean that if you are working on any given project for a particular specialty team, that you cannot continue to do so.
21:33:48 <asettle> But as far as official capacity is concerned, it is no longer a thing.
21:34:12 <asettle> However, we have kept Anne with API's, and the respective training teams due to their more separate natures.
21:34:32 <asettle> 2. dhellmann and I are on a mission to take over the world (okay, not really)
21:34:44 <asettle> We're currently talking about automating our CLI and Config Ref guides.
21:34:46 * dhellmann looks around nervously
21:35:05 <asettle> We'll have more info on that one after the summit. But just a heads up that's what direction we're thinking in.
21:35:19 <asettle> This is to take the pressure off the documentation team to maintain guides that probably can maintain themselves.
21:35:31 <asettle> We'll be looking into talking more at the Doc Future forum session about how to tackle the other guides too.
21:36:00 <dhellmann> yes, I have a conflict with the etcd session at that time but I'll see if I can get someone else to cover that so I can attend the doc session
21:36:30 <asettle> 3. Still on the lookout for a neutron CPL. If anyone knows a particularly gullible neutron person who wants to tackle the networking guide - please hit me up. The Networking Guide is a massively special piece of cake, and we need that to be addressed by the people that know it best.
21:36:33 <asettle> Thanks dhellmann :) I appreciate that.
21:36:38 * asettle ends word vomit
21:36:42 <jrobinson> It appears in the future docs might be more of a liaison to docs in the developer repositories, editing and checking with dev teams.
21:36:44 <asettle> Okay, any questions on that one? That was a lot of info, I'm sorry!
21:37:00 <jrobinson> No question, just the thinking-out-loud point^
21:37:03 <asettle> jrobinson: that's definitely up for discussion, for sure. Just want to see what the project teams say.
21:37:15 <asettle> jrobinson: maybe you could add that as a point of discussion to the doc-future etherpad?
21:37:23 <asettle> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/doc-future
21:37:31 <ianychoi> Thanks for the report - I think all are in good directions
21:37:36 <jrobinson> For sure, using the forum time to hear everyone's ideas is the best plan.
21:37:42 <dhellmann> I think there's always going to be room for a team to build special guides, but it's also useful to consider how you can distribute the load
21:37:49 <asettle> THanks ianychoi :)
21:38:03 <asettle> dhellmann: yep, I think that'll be my main point of discussion. How we can involve more of the project teams.
21:39:13 <asettle> I think that's everything from me. If anyone has any quuestions or anything, please feel free to reach out to me at any time :)
21:39:39 <jrobinson> Next topic:
21:39:40 <jrobinson> #topic Speciality teams reports
21:40:41 <asettle> Now, we might be a little lean on the reports cause I can't seem to see Anne ...
21:41:46 <jrobinson> Anne was around a bit earlier
21:42:06 <asettle> annegentle: ahuh!
21:42:08 <asettle> There you are :)
21:42:11 <asettle> Just in time for API reporting
21:42:17 <annegentle> hi!
21:42:19 <annegentle> oh, good!
21:42:21 <asettle> o/
21:42:28 <ianychoi> annegentle, hi again!
21:42:34 <annegentle> so the API interoperability guidelines landed!
21:42:39 <ianychoi> Very nice timing :)
21:42:45 <annegentle> #link http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/api-wg/guidelines/api_interoperability.html
21:42:48 <annegentle> spooky, almost :)
21:44:08 <asettle> Ooo excellent! :D
21:44:11 <asettle> Thanks annegentle :D
21:44:20 <annegentle> And then also it might have come up in Summit notes, but there's a Birds of a Feather session about devex
21:44:23 <annegentle> Let me find the link
21:44:43 <annegentle> #link  https://www.openstack.org/summit/boston-2017/summit-schedule/events/18500/app-developer-enablement-wg-bof
21:44:56 <asettle> Can someone please explain the 'birds of a feather' ref to me...
21:45:04 <asettle> I feel like I'm missing something integral
21:45:07 <dhellmann> birds of a feather flock together
21:45:13 <asettle> Ohhhh
21:45:21 <ianychoi> haha
21:45:22 <asettle> Well, that glass pane is now shattered, thanks tema
21:45:23 <annegentle> dhellmann you type faster than me :)
21:45:24 <asettle> team*
21:45:48 <ianychoi> yep I forgot mentioning this
21:45:51 <dhellmann> annegentle :-)
21:46:19 <annegentle> ye olde poetic English apparently?
21:46:57 <asettle> :p
21:47:05 <asettle> Well, I'm learning :P
21:47:10 <annegentle> ooh! http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/birds-of-a-feather-flock-together.html :)
21:47:19 <annegentle> anyway, that's all for the API report
21:47:30 <asettle> "Those of similar taste congregate in groups."
21:47:35 <asettle> Thanks annegentle :)
21:48:03 <asettle> I cannot see Matjaz or Roger
21:48:07 <ianychoi> asettle, thanks a lot - I am still learning English in Docs team
21:48:07 <jrobinson> That's the exact same etymology and origins pages I looked at :) 16th century satire writing.
21:48:11 <asettle> ianychoi: meeee tooo buddy
21:48:34 <ianychoi> haha :)
21:48:35 <annegentle> hee hee
21:49:11 <asettle> Anyway, I say we skip the rest of the reports, thanks annegentle :)
21:49:34 <jrobinson> Moving onto the next topic then:
21:49:36 <jrobinson> #topic Bug triaging
21:49:50 <asettle> Hooray!
21:50:00 <asettle> Thanks to Chason for doing the last 2 weeks, did an awesome job :)
21:50:08 <asettle> We moved the triagers up the list due to some gaps
21:50:11 <jrobinson> +1 thank you Chason
21:50:12 <asettle> Olena is up for this week
21:50:26 <asettle> We still have a need for the last two weeks to be filled
21:50:42 <asettle> If anyone can help on the 14 Aug - 28 Aug. Hit us up
21:50:44 <asettle> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/SpecialityTeams#Bug_Triage_Team
21:52:05 <asettle> Anyway, that's it for me there :)
21:52:43 <jrobinson> onto Open Discussion
21:52:49 <jrobinson> #topic Open Discussion
21:53:15 <asettle> Sorry for being late team :( I lost track of time.
21:53:26 <annegentle> asettle no worries
21:53:34 <annegentle> :) I had to drive in the middle of it anyway!
21:53:36 <ianychoi> That's pretty fine
21:53:37 <annegentle> no matter what
21:53:45 <asettle> Also
21:53:49 <asettle> Is everyone okay with the meeting time?
21:53:59 <asettle> I feel like we are losing quite a few of our regulars because of the later time schedule
21:54:02 <asettle> I know we've done this before.
21:54:18 <asettle> But it's 10.55pm for me :/
21:54:21 <asettle> And nearly 5 in the US
21:54:22 <annegentle> For me, today was just weird
21:54:30 <annegentle> but yeah, it's getting super late for EU timeframe
21:54:55 <ianychoi> Finding the best meeting time is not so easy..
21:55:05 <asettle> Super late :/ I know that's why Matjaz, Roger, Olena, Olga etc don't come... it's even later for them. And Andreas too
21:55:10 <asettle> ianychoi: true
21:55:27 <annegentle> I think the meeting channels may be easier to get earlier too
21:56:00 <annegentle> (used to be tough to find a meeting channel available, now it can be calculated with a handy script!)
21:56:04 <asettle> Hmm look, lemme look into it. I'll email the ML again and see what's up.
21:56:06 <asettle> Oooo
21:56:07 <asettle> Ahhh
21:56:27 <jrobinson> If we had to move it around, i'm okay to adapt to what works for the EU and US on this point.
21:56:54 <asettle> Thanks jrobinson - what time is it for you now? 8am?
21:57:50 <jrobinson> yep, just about to hit 8am.
21:58:02 <asettle> Cool - that isn't so bad then
21:58:03 <annegentle> good morning, sunshin!
21:58:15 <annegentle> sunshine even! Nothing to do with shins!
21:58:36 <jrobinson> lol, glad the sun does not have shins though.
21:58:43 <asettle> That would be well weird.
21:58:50 <asettle> Okay - we got 2 minutes.
21:59:06 <annegentle> hee
21:59:18 <jrobinson> and, more importantly, thanks annegentle and good evening.
21:59:26 <annegentle> jrobinson :)
21:59:36 <asettle> THank you for hosting jrobinson !
21:59:40 <annegentle> have fun in Boston and pack a rain jacket!
21:59:49 <ianychoi> Thank you all!
22:00:01 <asettle> annegentle: oh yeah, I plan to
22:00:07 <jrobinson> No worries at all :)
22:00:11 <asettle> o/ night folks
22:00:15 <asettle> Safe travels
22:00:20 <jrobinson> And yes, I hope Boston is a good summit!
22:00:29 <jrobinson> I'll close the meeting now.
22:00:33 <jrobinson> #endmeeting