16:00:32 <pkovar> #startmeeting docteam
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16:00:49 <pkovar> #topic roll call
16:01:02 <pkovar> who's around for today's meeting? :)
16:01:23 <d0ugal> o/
16:01:42 <ianychoi> o/
16:02:31 <pkovar> welcome :)
16:04:04 <pkovar> since ianychoi is around, let's begin with...
16:04:06 <pkovar> #topic PDF builds
16:04:15 <pkovar> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/509297/
16:04:26 <pkovar> this is an older review, possibly stalled
16:05:14 <pkovar> ianychoi: do you know if there's an update/request for comments/help needed wrt that spec proposal?
16:08:51 <pkovar> okay, let's do a couple of announcements since we don't have that many people around today :)
16:08:59 <pkovar> #topic Docs retention policy changes
16:09:07 <pkovar> #link http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/docs-specs/specs/queens/retention-policy.html
16:09:49 <ianychoi> Oh sorry - I just sent an e-mail for different task. Let's talk about PDF things after discussing other topics first.
16:10:09 <pkovar> okay, no worries
16:10:11 <pkovar> #info we have a pending review for adding deprecation badges
16:10:23 <pkovar> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/530142/
16:10:56 <pkovar> which is a good start in a long process involving updating openstackdocstheme as well, as pointed out by dhellmann
16:11:19 <pkovar> if you have feedback for this initial change, please add comments :)
16:12:09 <pkovar> next announcement
16:12:12 <pkovar> #topic Rocky PTG
16:12:29 <pkovar> #link https://www.openstack.org/ptg/
16:12:38 <pkovar> #info Planning etherpad for docs+i18n created
16:12:53 <pkovar> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/docs-i18n-ptg-rocky
16:13:02 <pkovar> #info Sign up and tell us your preference wrt parcel time into small chunks or have full-day focus on one team agenda?
16:13:20 <pkovar> # info add your own topics to the list of what we want to cover at the ptg
16:13:35 <pkovar> for both docs & i18n
16:14:00 <pkovar> questions, comments so far? :)
16:14:50 <pkovar> #topic Bug Triage Team
16:15:05 <ianychoi> Cool :)
16:15:09 <pkovar> #info you can still sign up
16:15:11 <pkovar> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/SpecialityTeams
16:15:52 <pkovar> this is for bug triage for openstack-manuals
16:16:08 <pkovar> since project teams have their own bug triage processes
16:16:19 <pkovar> and that includes docs related bugs
16:16:26 <pkovar> #topic PDF builds
16:16:32 <pkovar> back to the topic :)
16:17:12 <ianychoi> Thank u :)
16:17:14 <ianychoi> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2017-November/124863.html
16:17:51 <ianychoi> Doug asked whether PDF builds target all (always build) or not
16:18:04 <ianychoi> And I posted several perspectives.
16:18:23 <ianychoi> pkovar, Do u have some preferences on such perspectives?
16:18:43 <ianychoi> Or which documents should be targeted for PDF builds?
16:20:10 <pkovar> ianychoi: i'm not sure we have enough date now to understand if there is a strong user requirement for pdf builds for project team docs, for example
16:20:39 <pkovar> but i take it as translators are one of the interest groups?
16:21:27 <pkovar> as for openstack-manuals docs, if we already build pdfs for some, i see no reason why not enable it for others
16:21:52 <ianychoi> As far as I know, China has interests on PDF builds because of some rather slow Internet environment
16:22:35 <pkovar> sounds like a big customer then :)
16:22:39 <ianychoi> For interests in translators, translated PDF build generation needs to be implemented but IMHO project doc translation support needs to be implemented first.
16:23:00 <ianychoi> That topic would be on the top in Rocky PTG for I18n team.
16:23:06 <ianychoi> Haha.. yes :)
16:23:07 <pkovar> right, good point, so that would be a separate topic rather
16:23:13 <pkovar> great
16:23:14 <pkovar> can't comment on the potential slowness of the build process, is that a big concern?
16:24:07 <ianychoi> Not a big concern if infra team thinks that such slowness is acceptable
16:27:13 * stephenfin arrives really late
16:27:25 <pkovar> one more question about project team pdfs, are we going to build a single pdf file per project?
16:27:59 <pkovar> for larger project docs, having one big pdf might affect its usability
16:28:04 <ianychoi> Per
16:28:13 <ianychoi> Aha.. per document
16:28:56 <pkovar> okay
16:28:58 <ianychoi> Yep.. each project team has just one conf.py in doc/source
16:29:06 <pkovar> right
16:29:54 <pkovar> well, in any case that's a usability question, not a technical blocker
16:30:40 <ianychoi> For example, https://docs.openstack.org/ha-guide/HAGuide.pdf#30 => #30 indicates page 30
16:31:05 <pkovar> that works pretty well
16:31:08 <pkovar> cool
16:31:31 <ianychoi> I will more find options using "#" things.. maybe several section name would be supported but I am not sure now.
16:31:51 <ianychoi> Unfortunately I have so less possibility to go to Rocky PTG, but would u help later on updating PTI document to include PDF things? PDF builds were not included in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/508694/ and I think that is needed before removing WIP in https://review.openstack.org/#/c/509297/
16:33:10 <pkovar> ianychoi: i will do my best to help, yes :)
16:33:36 <pkovar> okay, so let's keep the -1 on /509297/ for now
16:34:18 <ianychoi> Thank u yep :)
16:34:44 <pkovar> ianychoi: what would be the next step here then?
16:35:38 <ianychoi> pkovar, I think writing an update as a patch on governance repository would be a good idea.
16:36:08 <ianychoi> since PTI applies to all OpenStack projects
16:36:37 <ianychoi> And finally, is there a plan to update openstackdocstheme version? I think newer version will enable not to write release information for PDFs if not configured in conf.py
16:38:09 <pkovar> ianychoi: can you initiate the pti change? i am afraid i don't know many details to move that forward on my own
16:40:54 <ianychoi> pkovar, yep but plz give some time to me and I will try to do that before PTG for Docs team to discuss this topics with other PTI experts who would be in PTG (e.g., Doug, Monty)
16:41:18 <pkovar> sounds good!
16:41:53 <pkovar> ianychoi: let's postpone this until the week before ptg
16:42:12 <ianychoi> Thank u :)
16:42:32 <pkovar> #info updating PTI will be needed in order to unblock the pdf spec
16:43:08 <pkovar> #info let's discuss again before the rocky ptg and then try to work together on the update at the ptg
16:43:35 <pkovar> stephenfin: you around? we got a q about openstackdocstheme :)
16:43:48 <stephenfin> Shoot
16:43:56 <pkovar> (05:36:37 PM) ianychoi: And finally, is there a plan to update openstackdocstheme version? I think newer version will enable not to write release information for PDFs if not configured in conf.py
16:44:21 * stephenfin goes to find the commit in question
16:44:38 <stephenfin> pkovar: You're looking for 9219e0b38838bb8c788849b792180e4502e2b3a6
16:44:45 <stephenfin> (Change ID I0401e913658eff75a53e39c564e7f5ea88bd6b35)
16:44:55 <pkovar> https://github.com/openstack/openstackdocstheme/commit/9219e0b38838bb8c788849b792180e4502e2b3a6
16:45:09 <ianychoi> I simply saw github: https://github.com/openstack/openstackdocstheme/tree/1.17.0 and the latest commit was about 3 months ago
16:45:29 <ianychoi> But PDF release functionality was implemented about 2 months ago as far as I know
16:45:49 <stephenfin> ianychoi: In that case, I guess we best release it
16:45:50 <pkovar> ianychoi: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/531768/
16:45:53 <stephenfin> but there is one blocker
16:46:04 <tosky> that certain patch for source path detection? :)
16:46:14 <stephenfin> The very same :)
16:46:28 <ianychoi> Oh 1.18.0 patch is on-going :) Good!
16:47:03 <ianychoi> My approach is not so cool but fast just from my simple trial :)
16:48:14 <stephenfin> So yeah, we can definitely release that once the source path detection thing is resolved
16:48:23 <stephenfin> Guess we'll leave that to dhellmann
16:48:28 <pkovar> stephenfin: what is the blocking patch chage id again?
16:48:49 <stephenfin> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/532163/
16:48:57 <stephenfin> and the preceding patch
16:49:06 <pkovar> #info openstackdocstheme  1.18.0  on the way but blocked by https://review.openstack.org/#/c/532163/
16:49:16 <pkovar> thanks, stephenfin
16:49:29 <ianychoi> Thanks stephenfin !
16:49:46 <stephenfin> np
16:50:41 <pkovar> and many more pending changes in https://review.openstack.org/#/q/topic:bug/1732630+(status:open+OR+status:merged)
16:51:24 <pkovar> also, thanks goes to tosky :)
16:51:42 <pkovar> and thank you, ianychoi
16:51:53 <ianychoi> pkovar, thank u!
16:52:00 <pkovar> we should have like a kudos meeting item for this meeting
16:52:06 <stephenfin> :)
16:52:17 <ianychoi> :)
16:53:38 <pkovar> #topic Open discussion
16:53:48 <pkovar> any other comments, concerns?
16:54:03 * tosky didn't do anything O.o
16:54:35 <pkovar> tosky: i see your comments everywhere :)
16:54:44 <tosky> ah, the -1
16:55:15 <pkovar> yeah, sometimes a -1 is more important than anything, tosky
16:58:42 <pkovar> alright, thanks again for joining the meeting today
16:58:55 <pkovar> #endmeeting