16:30:12 <pkovar> #startmeeting docteam
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16:30:23 <pkovar> #topic roll call
16:30:33 <pkovar> who's around to discuss all things docs
16:30:36 <pkovar> ?
16:31:00 <eumel8> o/
16:31:08 <eumel8> some minutes :)
16:31:30 <pkovar> #topic open floor
16:31:44 <pkovar> nothing on our agenda in https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/DocTeamMeeting
16:32:05 <pkovar> i see quite  a few patches pending review in https://is.gd/openstackdocsdashboard
16:32:15 <pkovar> so if you can help out everybody
16:32:29 <pkovar> also, if you want to help with bug triaging
16:33:15 <pkovar> eumel8: anything we want to cover?
16:33:49 <eumel8> pkovar: no, all that small kind of patches
16:34:00 <pkovar> that's right
16:34:28 <pkovar> even though small patches can still break stuff right before xmas hehe
16:35:26 <eumel8> pkovar: true, but they are a lot of very small changes in docs, often only one sign
16:36:00 <pkovar> yeah we keep getting those tiny patches all the time
16:36:22 <eumel8> on the one hand nice catches, on the other hand lots of changes
16:36:39 <pkovar> true
16:39:19 <pkovar> shall we close?
16:39:30 <eumel8> yes, please :)
16:39:51 <pkovar> happy new year to everybody etc.
16:40:01 <pkovar> thanks for joining eumel8
16:40:13 <eumel8> yes, happy new year, pkovar :)
16:40:23 <pkovar> see you around :)
16:40:24 <pkovar> #endmeeting