16:30:40 <pkovar> #startmeeting docteam
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16:30:51 <pkovar> #topic roll call
16:30:57 <pkovar> who is up for meeting?
16:30:57 <eumel8> don't be nervous ;)
16:31:02 <eumel8> o/
16:31:03 <pkovar> i know i know
16:31:09 <pkovar> my first time... almost
16:31:14 <eumel8> the big stage
16:31:36 <pkovar> /me feels like a rock star
16:31:58 <eumel8> at a minimum
16:32:08 <pkovar> heh
16:32:52 <pkovar> i don't see anything in the agenda list
16:33:09 <pkovar> there are reviews
16:33:14 <pkovar> and  more reviews
16:33:19 <pkovar> if you want to help
16:33:49 <pkovar> this is a message for all :)
16:34:23 <eumel8> yes, Sir!
16:34:33 <eumel8> some are on the radar
16:36:27 <pkovar> anything else to cover?
16:36:32 <pkovar> or shall we... ?
16:36:36 <eumel8> question regarding #link https://www.openstack.org/four-opens/
16:38:24 <eumel8> there is an ugly link at the end of the page "Read the Book". That points to the Git repo. Should that be build on docs.o.o?
16:40:04 <eumel8> I mean it's like in Matrix mode now ;)
16:40:59 <pkovar> hm not sure
16:41:12 <pkovar> who maintains that page anyway?
16:41:22 <pkovar> is that part of the foundation site?
16:41:45 <pkovar> the link to git looks suboptimal
16:42:01 <pkovar> but i don't know if there is a built version somewhere?
16:42:02 <eumel8> I think so, it's foundation stuff
16:42:13 <pkovar> jamesmcarthur to the rescue? :)
16:42:28 <eumel8> rofl
16:43:16 <pkovar> one would expect a link to pdf or something
16:43:26 <pkovar> #link https://www.openstack.org/four-opens/
16:44:07 <eumel8> I would have interests to translate the page, but that needs translation jobs, and then build/publishing etc.
16:44:40 <pkovar> right
16:44:55 <pkovar> maybe bring this up in the mailing list to get more attention
16:45:30 <eumel8> I can propose someting and then we see what will happen.
16:45:38 <pkovar> sounds good eumel8
16:45:39 <pkovar> thank
16:45:40 <pkovar> s
16:45:48 <eumel8> ok
16:46:08 <eumel8> next topic
16:46:20 <pkovar> #info eumel8 to draft a solution for book link in https://www.openstack.org/four-opens/
16:46:25 <pkovar> #next
16:46:41 <pkovar> what's next sir?
16:46:51 <eumel8> We have the OpenStack Ops Meetup in town on March 7-8
16:47:06 <jamesmcarthur> pkover: right now it's in the git repo b/c it's still a work in progress
16:47:14 <eumel8> if you would like to join and discuss someting together with the ops guys.
16:47:14 <jamesmcarthur> sorry - pkovar: ^
16:47:20 <pkovar> jamesmcarthur: thanks for the update
16:47:35 <pkovar> #info the book in a WIP
16:47:45 <pkovar> #info the book is a WIP
16:48:23 <pkovar> eumel8: thanks for the heads up
16:48:55 <pkovar> i guess we can assume they would be interested in discussing docs
16:49:09 <eumel8> dependly on that there are still some days left to make a session proposal for Denver Summit.
16:49:14 <pkovar> i personally don't have anything specific other than ops guide progress
16:49:59 <eumel8> ops guide, of course
16:51:03 <pkovar> right
16:51:29 <pkovar> last few times this topic was proposed by the ops group themselves
16:51:36 <pkovar> and that worked well i think
16:52:03 <eumel8> yes
16:52:51 <tosky> o/
16:52:59 <pkovar> tosky: hello there
16:53:52 <tosky> if the topic is still the roll call, I'd like to ask: during the last PTG we discussed about moving forward with moving forward the merging of api-ref to the rest of the doc
16:54:01 <tosky> was there any change or progress?
16:54:49 <pkovar> #topic open floor
16:54:54 <pkovar> oops
16:55:36 <pkovar> tosky: right, might be the good time to look for volunteers to coordinate this
16:55:52 <pkovar> thanks for bringing this up
16:56:24 <pkovar> as with the last docs migration, it was quite time intensive
16:56:46 <pkovar> time is the commodity i am lacking recently :)
16:57:08 <tosky> you tell me
16:57:45 <pkovar> does somebody want to volunteer to send a call for interested volunteers?
16:58:20 <pkovar> #topic merging of api-ref to the rest of the doc
16:58:27 <tosky> maybe it would be useful to have a summary of the steps needed - or would writing the workflow be part of the volunteers work?
16:58:32 <pkovar> #info need volunteers to coordinate
16:59:23 <pkovar> good point, i can help with writing down some of the steps, but would need help
16:59:40 <pkovar> we have it tracked in etherpads all over the place
16:59:57 <pkovar> and there's some docs in the contrib guide
17:00:21 <pkovar> tosky: time is up, move to #openstack-doc?
17:00:27 <tosky> I may help with the real process (and the patches), and act as guinea pig with the sahara repository
17:00:31 <tosky> sure
17:00:34 <pkovar> thanks
17:00:37 <pkovar> #endmeeting