16:32:26 <pkovar> #startmeeting docteam
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16:32:40 <pkovar> #topic motivation
16:33:03 <pkovar> #chair eumel8
16:33:03 <openstack> Current chairs: eumel8 pkovar
16:33:17 <pkovar> welcome to the chair committee
16:33:27 <eumel8> thx for chairing
16:34:29 <pkovar> anything we wish to talk about today
16:34:48 <pkovar> ?
16:35:18 <eumel8> semi official: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/openstack-ops-meetup-berlin-tickets-55034908894
16:36:10 <eumel8> Ops meetup comes to our town. Still the question if we want to make a session for docs or especially ops guide
16:36:47 <eumel8> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BER-ops-meetup
16:44:59 <pkovar> what is the expected audience there? mostly ops i guess?
16:45:12 <eumel8> I think so, yes
16:45:19 <pkovar> would be great if people from the ops group showed up
16:45:19 <eumel8> ops and downstream
16:45:27 <pkovar> after all. they own the content now
16:46:00 <pkovar> i see the venue is Deutsch Telekom
16:46:03 <pkovar> nice :)
16:47:07 <eumel8> don't know, like an docs/i18n office hour. Would be nice if bus stops from Brno in Berlin
16:47:45 <eumel8> I have 2 extra rooms for breakout sessions
16:47:51 <pkovar> c'mon that's not an issue
16:48:29 <eumel8> i see
16:48:49 <pkovar> i can't promise anything atm though i do enjoy visiting berlin
16:49:35 <eumel8> try your best
16:49:48 <eumel8> how was your Brno Summit last weekend?
16:50:02 <pkovar> intense
16:50:09 <pkovar> we had some docs talks too
16:50:20 <pkovar> but missed more openstack people around
16:50:25 <pkovar> also from i18n :)
16:51:01 <pkovar> now attending that conf was easy for me, the bus connection was pretty straightforward
16:51:42 <pkovar> eumel8: do we have a deadline for that berlin program scheduling?
16:52:37 <eumel8> no, I think it's still open
16:53:19 <eumel8> I notified the Brno thing too late. Additionally I was a little bit of sick the week before
16:53:54 <pkovar> let me know if the deadline comes too close
16:54:09 <pkovar> would have been sweet to have you here though
16:54:19 <pkovar> it would be my turn for city tour
16:56:07 <eumel8> yeah, I've never seen Brno before
16:57:24 <eumel8> And the Ops meetup, which I with organize and and host should be no problem with the dead line
16:58:22 <pkovar> okay, cool
16:58:32 <pkovar> let's move back to docs channel
16:58:46 <pkovar> thanks for attending :)
16:58:50 <eumel8> time is up, ok
16:58:53 <pkovar> #endmeeting