16:32:12 <pkovar> #startmeeting docteam
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16:32:24 <pkovar> #chair eumel8
16:32:25 <openstack> Current chairs: eumel8 pkovar
16:32:31 <pkovar> eumel8: hello
16:32:41 <eumel8> o/
16:32:51 <eumel8> pkovar: hello
16:33:17 <pkovar> so, next week ptl nomination period
16:33:29 <eumel8> yeah
16:33:31 <pkovar> i won't run again but we have candidates i believe
16:33:43 <pkovar> so everything is covered :)
16:34:04 <eumel8> really? I have an idea ;)
16:34:08 <pkovar> hehe
16:36:39 <pkovar> so whoever that is hehe will hopefully help out with the event organization
16:37:05 <pkovar> i will talk to the new ptl about that after the election
16:37:17 <pkovar> so we can plan on agenda properly
16:38:08 <pkovar> s/with the event organization /with events organization  to be precise
16:39:21 <pkovar> s/with the event organization /with events organization/ to be even more precise
16:41:40 <eumel8> yes, will see.
16:42:12 <eumel8> not sure if I'm in Denver. Still in planning phase for the trip
16:42:59 <pkovar> for me it's more like a no than yes though never say never right?
16:43:39 <pkovar> i might miss the train
16:44:13 <eumel8> I would combine this with vacation but I don't  know if it's worth to stay 4 weeks in Denver
16:44:55 <pkovar> eumel8: not in denver unless you like hiking i recommend a trip to california which i  did last year
16:45:20 <pkovar> flights to cali are really cheap from denver
16:45:37 <pkovar> around 2 hrs travel time
16:45:45 <pkovar> and you are in  francisco
16:46:48 <eumel8> yeah, checked some possibilities for about 125 Euro, thats really cheap. But what about hotels? Seems expensive in San Francisco
16:47:56 <pkovar> eumel8: yep, that's the unexciting part
16:48:06 <pkovar> i went for cheap 2 star hotel
16:48:16 <pkovar> it was okay but nothing fancy
16:48:23 <pkovar> right in chinatown
16:48:28 <pkovar> downtown
16:48:58 <eumel8> yeah, saw it in the description. Mostly with a bathroom for the whole floor
16:49:23 <pkovar> yep
16:50:13 <pkovar> in europe you would call it hostel really
16:50:57 <eumel8> A day trip could be an option. Or stay maximum over a night in a three star
16:51:11 <pkovar> or that
16:51:29 <eumel8> that's the task for the weekend: to make this fix.
16:51:29 <pkovar> a day trip woulnd't give you enough time i am afraid
16:51:48 <pkovar> takes quite some time to get from the airport to downtown
16:51:55 <pkovar> although there is high speed train
16:51:59 <pkovar> but still
16:52:07 <eumel8> yes, saw it on google maps
16:52:18 <pkovar> bart
16:52:21 <pkovar> iirc
16:53:53 <eumel8> or car rent and driving around to switch from one 2 star hotel to another
16:54:53 <pkovar> driving is a nightmare there they say
16:55:26 <pkovar> parking might be more expensive that the hotel upgrade
16:55:29 <pkovar> dunno
16:55:33 <eumel8> really? Oh man, only bad news
16:55:52 <pkovar> that's what i heard, better check it with a local :)
16:56:47 <eumel8> then better hiking. I think I would spend some time in Denver
16:57:28 <pkovar> eumel8: i think stephen went to colorado springs so ask him about that
16:57:39 <pkovar> i visisted boulder and golden
16:57:49 <pkovar> there are both in the denver area
16:57:58 <pkovar> nice views there
16:58:22 <eumel8> sounds good. also over night in hotels?
16:58:41 <pkovar> eumel8: nope they are so close that one day trip is enough
16:59:00 <pkovar> the denver tram / train goes to golden
16:59:09 <pkovar> and there is express bus to boulder
16:59:17 <pkovar> 1 hr travel time iirc
16:59:45 <eumel8> great, because I found a Marriott in Denver that gives some nights for free if you stay longer there
17:00:02 <pkovar> sounds good
17:00:12 <pkovar> got to go :)
17:00:29 <pkovar> #endmeeting