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13:01:00 <EmilienM> o/
13:01:05 <annegentle> I think I spell it differently each time, sigh.
13:01:16 <EmilienM> \o/
13:01:18 <annegentle> Ok, Agenda is at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/DocTeamMeeting#Agenda_for_next_meeting
13:01:47 <annegentle> #topic Action items review
13:01:50 <annegentle> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/docteammeeting/2013/docteammeeting.2013-08-28-13.01.html
13:01:59 <annegentle> Let's see. I clarified our reviewing policy
13:02:13 <annegentle> let me find the link for archiving/notes
13:02:57 <annegentle> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/HowTo#Reviewing_Documentation
13:03:11 <annegentle> That was all the action items.
13:03:24 <annegentle> #topic Admin guides
13:03:33 <annegentle> Just bringing up admin guides so we all have the status
13:03:44 <nermina> hello all
13:03:51 <annegentle> Nermina (who will be here soon) completed the patch to move the Networking Admin guide
13:03:55 <annegentle> Oh hi nermina!
13:03:56 <annegentle> :)
13:04:05 <nermina> hey :)
13:04:17 <annegentle> Move the Networking Admin guide content into all the other places (install, config, admin)
13:04:26 <annegentle> Thank you nermina! That was a pile of work
13:04:35 <nermina> no problem!
13:04:46 <nermina> yw
13:05:03 <radsy> o/
13:05:04 <annegentle> Any other reports on admin guides? I also did a redirect from /trunk/openstack-compute/admin
13:05:06 <AJaeger> So, shall we remove the networking guide from publishing and docs.o.o?
13:05:07 <annegentle> radsy: go
13:05:11 <annegentle> AJaeger: yes
13:05:14 <dianefleming> yes
13:05:24 <AJaeger> annashen, give me that action item
13:05:44 <annegentle> #action AJaeger to remove Networking Admin Guide builds and links
13:05:44 <AJaeger> I meant annegentle instead of annashen ;(
13:05:51 <annegentle> AJaeger: yeah that happens more often than not! :)
13:06:02 <nermina> still need to consolidate advanced features tho Diane has confirmed that the current version is fresher
13:06:14 <annegentle> radsy: oh sorry did you have a question or were you just waving? :)
13:06:21 <radsy> just waving:)
13:06:24 <annegentle> nermina: yep okay
13:06:39 <annegentle> radsy: o/ <--- I'll wave back then! :)
13:07:02 <annegentle> nermina: ok, what's a time estimate for consolidating the advanced sections?
13:07:07 <nermina> it could go away today, i just need to confirm the state
13:07:36 <annegentle> nermina: ok great
13:08:09 <annegentle> Okay any more Qs on admin guides? There are just two with "admin" in the title - the Cloud Administration Guide and the Admin User Guide
13:08:39 <sgordon> i think the distinction in terms of content is fairly clear
13:08:41 <annegentle> Thanks for all the hard work on the consolidation - nermina, dianefleming, AJaeger
13:08:50 <dianefleming> sure
13:08:53 <annegentle> sgordon: yeah I like how it shaped up
13:09:03 <dianefleming> Oh, i have a comment -
13:09:08 <nermina> thank you annegentle
13:09:10 <annegentle> dianefleming: sure
13:09:51 <dianefleming> I think the Cloud Administration Guide is titled "Cloud Administrators Guide," but it should be "Cloud Administrator Guide" (IMO) - so it mimics the "User Guide" and "Admin User Guide" (singular audience User, Administrator, etc.)
13:10:20 <annegentle> dianefleming: ok, I agree, nermina, sgordon, AJaeger, what do you all think?
13:10:34 <nermina> dianefleming: i noticed the discrepancy too and could fix it when i put in compute and dashboard edits from smes
13:10:41 <dianefleming> cool!
13:10:48 <AJaeger> the book is called "OpenStack Cloud Administration Guide"
13:10:56 <dianefleming> oh!
13:11:04 <AJaeger> http://docs.openstack.org/admin-guide-cloud/content/
13:11:29 <AJaeger> but yes, /trunk/index.html says differently.
13:11:35 <AJaeger> Let'S agree on one name
13:11:52 <nermina> just need your votes, annegentle, dianefleming, ajaeger, sgordon, and all
13:11:56 <nermina> :)
13:12:01 <dianefleming> Administrator
13:12:03 <sgordon> nermina, i dont have a strong opinion on this one
13:12:05 <sgordon> (shocking i know)
13:12:07 <sgordon> :)
13:12:10 <nermina> :)
13:12:22 <AJaeger> I agree with dianefleming for consistency of the titles - Administrator
13:12:30 <radsy> +1 Administrator
13:12:52 <nermina> +1 administrator
13:13:14 <EmilienM> +1 administrator
13:13:40 <nermina> thanks emilienm
13:14:32 <nermina> all, sounds like administrator it is
13:14:38 * NickChase disagrees but he was late and didn't hear the arguments so he'll be quiet. :)
13:14:43 <nermina> lol
13:14:50 <annegentle> hee
13:14:52 <EmilienM> ahah
13:14:55 <EmilienM> NickChase: go ahead !
13:15:02 <annegentle> #agree Cloud Administrator Guide title change
13:15:04 <dianefleming> there were no arguments
13:15:08 <annegentle> dianefleming: can you do the patch?
13:15:11 <dianefleming> sure!
13:15:18 <annegentle> #action dianefleming to patch Cloud Administrator Guide for new title
13:15:23 <AJaeger> dianefleming, I'm patching index.html already
13:15:25 <annegentle> Ok, on to install guide(s)?
13:15:26 <NickChase> It's ok, I'm not that intense on it.
13:15:33 <annegentle> #topic Install guides
13:15:47 <annegentle> Doh, no shaunm this morning.
13:16:06 <annegentle> I've been asking him to patch what he's got, but it sounds like it's such a major rewrite he's struggling with a single patch
13:16:19 <annegentle> I'll keep asking today for him to see how we can split up the work
13:16:22 <sgordon> my concern with that is that we're less than a month out
13:16:28 <annegentle> sgordon: oh yes me too
13:16:31 <sgordon> and it's very hard for anybody else to contribute
13:16:34 <sgordon> if there is no base :)
13:16:35 <annegentle> sgordon: what can we do?
13:16:45 <sgordon> i think he just needs to commit what he has
13:16:51 <NickChase> is there any way someone else can help him?
13:16:54 <sgordon> "commit early and often"
13:16:55 <dianefleming> agreed
13:16:59 <annegentle> sgordon: yeah I agree
13:17:01 <EmilienM> +1
13:17:08 <nermina> i'd be happy to help
13:17:13 <annegentle> nermina: great.
13:17:17 <annegentle> And I'm willing too
13:17:24 <annegentle> one idea is that we could each take an architecture
13:17:32 <annegentle> I could take the Obj. Storage + Identity
13:17:35 <annegentle> for example
13:18:11 <annegentle> Ok let's talk to Shaun today
13:18:22 <nermina> ok
13:18:25 <annegentle> #action annegentle discuss Install patches with Shaun
13:18:45 <annegentle> #topic Standards for reviews
13:19:00 <annegentle> This came up in a review where Diane had done a lot of copyediting/cleanup.
13:19:06 <annegentle> And I wanted to discuss here
13:19:32 <dianefleming> yes
13:19:44 <AJaeger> I agree with sgordon here.
13:19:48 <annegentle> tom's not here to talk about his position
13:19:51 <AJaeger> I would like to add more openSUSE information
13:20:19 <annegentle> AJaeger: yeah and you feel like the install's "blocked" right?
13:20:20 <dianefleming> everyone seems okay with establishing writing standards, but there was controversy about whether we should standardize on a specific version of english (en-US, en-AU, etc.)
13:20:26 <annegentle> AJaeger: I'm in total agreement
13:20:38 <annegentle> dianefleming: thanks was trying to summarize and that's a good summary
13:20:39 <AJaeger> annegentle, yes, I feel blocked
13:21:15 <nermina> can you provide some detail?
13:21:33 <sgordon> the suggestion was that we standardize on en-US
13:21:45 <annegentle> nermina: Sure, basically, we should all write to the conventions, but then the question was, what about comma placement, spelling, for regional differences?
13:21:46 <sgordon> tom and my position was that this wouldn't resolve many of the issues noted
13:21:50 <sgordon> which impact any dialect
13:22:01 <annegentle> yep sgordon
13:22:09 <NickChase> what kind of issues?
13:22:10 <sgordon> (and are also already conventions in many cases, but not always followed)
13:22:17 <sgordon> tense, latinisms
13:22:17 <dianefleming> Correct - that wouldn't resolve other issues, but I think it doesn't look good to have a single book written in several dialects
13:22:17 <AJaeger> Sorry, I need to leave for a meeting - I'll try to be back as soon as possible
13:22:57 <nermina> hmm, i think the simpler the better
13:22:58 <sgordon> the actual example was whether to put commas inside or outside quotation marks
13:22:59 <annegentle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/46811/
13:23:15 <dianefleming> and I don't see the harm on standardizing on en-US - but perhaps I'm missing something
13:23:16 <sgordon> but that was ultimately resolved with markup of the values i think (instead of quotations)
13:23:22 <dianefleming> that and spelling differences
13:23:26 <nermina> most of the world puts them outside
13:23:28 <NickChase> I think that it would be good to standardize -- at a lower priority than actual content
13:23:30 <annegentle> My thinking is we need to ensure reviewers and writers know we write to conventions.
13:23:42 <annegentle> But yes, the priority is what trips people up.
13:24:07 <NickChase> basically I think that spelling "colorise" with an "s" shouldn't block a merge.
13:24:10 <annegentle> I don't think we're (yet) prioritizing copying editing over content creation.
13:24:14 <dianefleming> i just want to establish what our standards are, versus cleaning up the books to meet those standards - it's more about future contributions. if people know what's expected, they can meet the standards
13:24:16 <sgordon> my contention is that many of these things are already part of the standards we are supposed to be following
13:24:17 <NickChase> if someone has time to go back and fix it, great.
13:24:24 <annegentle> NickChase: heh you're in Tom's and Steve's camp.
13:24:28 <sgordon> so i dont see how adding en-US as a standard will change those issues getting through
13:24:37 <NickChase> Only because I've been in their shoes, in reverse.
13:24:50 <annegentle> NickChase: which shoes? the editor's?
13:24:56 <NickChase> The writer's.
13:25:01 <NickChase> I write for English pubs
13:25:14 <dianefleming> it won't change those issues getting through
13:25:15 <NickChase> and I sometimes get dinged for "Americanisms"
13:25:23 <dianefleming> but it will give people guidelines
13:25:34 <NickChase> that's my point; as long as it doesn't block a change, I'm for standardization.
13:25:39 <NickChase> if someone has time to fix it, great.
13:25:47 <dianefleming> so if someone provides edits on a review, they can justify their suggestions
13:25:50 <sgordon> as i said though, they already have guidelines on most of the issues you noted in that email because they are non-dialect dependent
13:25:59 <annegentle> NickChase: I think we might as well review to a standard and patch it before it gets into the repo if needed
13:26:11 <annegentle> dianefleming: right that's my thinking as well
13:26:11 <dianefleming> @nickchase I agree
13:26:36 <annegentle> We need to be able to point to a standard, our Conventions page could just say "we review for en-US" and that would be enough I think.
13:26:53 <NickChase> @annegentle if you're saying it's a target, then I agree.  If you're saying it's hard-and-fast-must-be-followed-or-else rule, then I disagree. :)
13:26:55 <annegentle> Worth a try anyway, I do defer to sgordon on this though if you see more mish-mash
13:27:06 <annegentle> NickChase: eh, I'm never a hard-and-fast :)
13:27:26 <NickChase> AnneGentle:  Then I agree. :)
13:27:29 <annegentle> NickChase: but I do feel a need to set a bar, we've done a ton of cleanup, let's not degrade.
13:27:47 <nermina> it's unfair to have it to en-us but then you have to have some kind of standard
13:27:48 <dianefleming> it can't be hard and fast because this gate is a human gate! it's not automated
13:27:53 <annegentle> Tom also said that he doesn't think translators need it, does anyone else have an opinion about affect on translators?
13:28:22 <sgordon> i think the impact of en-US versus en-XX is minimal for translators
13:28:23 <annegentle> ("it" being en-us or en-gb)
13:28:32 <sgordon> obviously tense, voice etc. do have an impact
13:28:44 <sgordon> but as we stated that's not really down to the particular dialect used
13:28:46 <NickChase> I don't think they need it either
13:28:52 <annegentle> sgordon: okay, yeah I'm sure colloquial speech is tougher than ize or ise
13:28:56 <sgordon> yup
13:29:11 <nermina> annegentle: depends if the translator is en-gb. they may be more set in their writing/editing ways
13:29:26 <annegentle> Ok, anyone want to propose what we can agree on for standards? My 2 drafts would be:
13:29:52 <annegentle> 1. Standardize on our /Conventions/ page and add en-us, review to those standards, patch as needed.
13:29:53 <annegentle> or
13:30:23 <annegentle> hm. It's the or I'm not sure of. sgordon what would be the alternative?
13:30:55 <sgordon> i dont know that it's necessarily an or
13:31:02 <annegentle> sgordon: okay
13:31:04 <sgordon> i think regardless of whether standardizing on dialect or not
13:31:07 <NickChase> I think you need to just add "if feasible" to the end and you're good
13:31:19 <annegentle> NickChase: seems fair enough. dianefleming what do you think?
13:31:24 <NickChase> because you don't want people who aren't confident in their own brand of en-US to feel like they can't review
13:31:30 <sgordon> there needs to be *some* focus in the review pipeline on the issues noted in the conventions
13:31:32 <dianefleming> that sounds fine -
13:31:39 <annegentle> it feels never feasible against an install guide that's not done, but sigh.
13:31:44 <sgordon> which i would argue currently there is not to a degree
13:31:47 <dianefleming> i don't want to discourage contributors in any way!
13:31:48 <sgordon> lol
13:31:50 <annegentle> sgordon: yes
13:32:06 <annegentle> Ok I'm just going to add the Conventions to the reviewers guidelines
13:32:17 <dianefleming> i'm just a nit picker and it drives me nuts to see a word spelled differently in a single paragraph....:)
13:32:21 <annegentle> #action annegentle to add Conventions to the reviewers guidelines
13:32:24 <dianefleming> which i have seen!
13:32:27 <annegentle> dianefleming: yes and it's why you're a damn good writer
13:32:33 <dianefleming> ha!
13:33:01 <annegentle> I left translation status on the agenda but I don't know of any
13:33:05 <annegentle> #topic Translation status
13:33:11 <annegentle> I dont' know of any updates or news, anyone else?
13:33:27 <sgordon> negative, i havent heard anything
13:33:31 <annegentle> Ok moving on
13:33:40 <annegentle> #topic Doc tools update
13:33:44 * sgordon makes a note he probably should be attending their meetings too
13:34:03 <annegentle> sgordon: yeah theirs are in my evening so I haven't made it to a single one yet.
13:34:19 <annegentle> sgordon: but it would be great if you can try to get to some
13:34:43 <annegentle> Ok, we do have 1.10.0 Maven plugin available. dianefleming and I are doing a test blitz of all outputs Friday
13:34:58 <annegentle> I will pick what we should standardize on for the release once we get some testing done
13:35:15 <annegentle> 1.10.0 has some issues for the API reference page
13:35:18 <sgordon> is there any intent to use the olink functionality for this release at this point?
13:35:22 <dianefleming> yes, i plan to write a test plan before the testing
13:35:30 <annegentle> sgordon: no not for havana
13:35:32 <annegentle> dianefleming: awesome
13:35:35 <sgordon> ok cool
13:36:08 <annegentle> oh and do look at the new doc bug functionality David's adding
13:36:25 <nermina> pretty cool that
13:36:42 <annegentle> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-docs/2013-September/002855.html
13:36:50 <nermina> shaunm is here. hi shaunm!
13:36:56 <annegentle> what do you all think about having an "lp" icon for logging a bug?
13:37:03 <shaunm> hi nermina
13:37:13 <annegentle> shaunm: hey -- let's switch to install guide
13:37:18 <sgordon> my only concern would be whether all readers necessarily will recognize that
13:37:28 <sgordon> but given they have to have an lp account to successfully log a bug anyway
13:37:32 <sgordon> im not sure that is an issue
13:37:33 <annegentle> sgordon: yeah good point, and we may be switching off of LP someday
13:37:39 <shaunm> an icon instead of text?
13:37:40 <nermina> annegentle: bug icon!
13:37:47 <annegentle> nermina: I thought of that too!
13:37:53 <sgordon> yeah a more generic bug icon with appropriate alt text
13:37:55 <sgordon> might be better
13:37:56 <annegentle> shaunm: to match the PDF and RSS icons in the grey bar
13:38:12 <annegentle> shaunm: moves it to the top (for visibility)
13:38:28 <nermina> love this functionality! brilliant!
13:38:42 <annegentle> sgordon: is yours text only, and placed at the bottom of the page?
13:38:46 <sgordon> yeah
13:38:53 <sgordon> at the end of each <section>
13:38:56 <annegentle> sgordon: okay I was trying to find a link yesterday
13:39:01 <sgordon> so depending on chunking may be more than one time a page
13:39:09 <annegentle> sgordon: oh huh. Hm.
13:39:12 <shaunm> I suspect text-only at the bottom of the page would get noticed more than an icon in the header bar. I could be wrong. I'm often wrong.
13:39:14 <sgordon> it's a long story but it's in some but not all of our guides atm
13:39:35 <annegentle> shaunm: yeah David's thinking was to keep it near Disqus comments.
13:39:43 <annegentle> shaunm: but then Sam had another idea
13:39:52 <dianefleming> Do we need the Disqus comments?
13:40:05 <annegentle> dianefleming: Ideally we'll move to the ask.openstack.org threads instead!
13:40:20 <dianefleming> Couldn't we just put a link to that and get rid of disqus?
13:40:28 <annegentle> dianefleming: but I don't have someone to do that design/integration
13:40:36 <annegentle> dianefleming: that's not a bad idea, what do you all think?
13:41:03 <annegentle> dianefleming: some people are solving problems in the comments, but it still usually comes back to a doc bug
13:41:45 <sgordon> i think dropping the disqus might be appropriate
13:41:47 <dianefleming> yeah, if it's a doc bug (or a dev bug), it should be a bug. for general questions, ask.openstack.org should be good - but i don't know
13:41:55 <sgordon> potentially as well as report a bug you could add a link to ask.openstack.org
13:42:00 <annegentle> I wonder if we could link to ask.openstack.org
13:42:03 <annegentle> sgordon: heh.
13:42:10 <annegentle> and then do real integration later
13:42:18 <sgordon> embedding ask.openstack.org directly in the page (like disqus is now) will be more time consuming
13:42:25 <annegentle> sgordon: yep
13:42:28 <nermina> annegentle: if the link to ask also scooped in the section name or otherwise reduced the amount of typing
13:42:29 <sgordon> but for now a link might do the trick
13:42:41 <annegentle> nermina: oh yeah true
13:42:53 <NickChase> I'm for the link; I'm for anything that increases Ask's traffic.
13:43:00 <sgordon> that is effectively what it does for the bug link
13:43:06 <sgordon> so i am sure the same can be done for ask
13:43:11 <sgordon> (pre-populate the title)
13:43:15 <nermina> cool
13:43:18 <annegentle> NickChase: sgordon: yep I bet so.
13:43:32 <NickChase> Not sure prepopulating the title is good, though
13:43:33 <annegentle> anyone want to investigate further?
13:43:44 <NickChase> because then we wind up with people not thinking about what the title should actually be
13:43:45 <annegentle> NickChase: I wouldn't want a flood on ask
13:43:52 <NickChase> no, no, not a flood, of course.
13:43:57 <annegentle> NickChase: right and it would not be 'a question"
13:44:07 <NickChase> annegentle: exactly
13:44:24 <annegentle> I think it's worth further investigation. I have Todd Morey working on a new design, and I think part of my reqeust was ask integration.
13:44:27 <annegentle> I'll follow up with Todd.
13:44:34 <NickChase> if we leave the title unpopulated it forces people to think about whether this is really appropriate for ask.
13:44:38 <annegentle> NickChase: true
13:44:51 <annegentle> Ok let's circle back to install guide
13:44:58 <annegentle> #topic Install guide status
13:45:22 <annegentle> shaunm: What can we do to help? What can you do to push us pieces?
13:46:06 <annegentle> shaunm: we're all feeling a bit blocked
13:46:13 <shaunm> annegentle: did you get a chance to look over the diff I sent yesterday?
13:46:26 <annegentle> shaunm: hm, how'd you send it?
13:46:32 <shaunm> email, as a git diff
13:46:42 <annegentle> shaunm: ok found it
13:47:20 <annegentle> shaunm: oh ok, I think you could patch with this diff -- it's commented
13:47:50 <shaunm> to review.openstack.org?
13:48:22 <annegentle> shaunm: yeah, then let's figure out how to parcel out the work
13:48:56 <shaunm> right, so it's hard for others to build on it before it's actually pushed
13:48:58 <annegentle> shaunm: it's just way too late in the game
13:49:06 <annegentle> shaunm: right
13:49:23 <shaunm> and I'm not at all comfortable pushing something like that to master. I'd normally use a development branch for this kind of thing
13:49:40 <annegentle> shaunm: but for us, our master is where we keep working
13:50:13 <shaunm> all right
13:50:37 <annegentle> shaunm: and we dont' have a way to start a sandbox branch that I know of, not with our infrastructure
13:51:40 <NickChase> I think at this point people will understand if things are a bit wonky.  besides, if the current guide were sufficient, you wouldn't be rewriting it.
13:51:44 <annegentle> shaunm: only other idea I have is to publish only to docs-draft?
13:52:04 <annegentle> Overview and Architecture, Basic Operating System Configuration, Nova Compute
13:52:05 <annegentle> Services, and Compute Node chapters
13:52:10 <annegentle> so are these done ^^
13:52:33 <dianefleming> I have to head out for an appointment - bye all
13:52:40 <annegentle> dianefleming: okie doke
13:52:46 <sgordon> yeah i have to duck in a few minutes too
13:52:55 <annegentle> shaunm: yes we do understand this is a tough task, but we need to be unblocked
13:53:01 <NickChase> bye dianefleming
13:53:06 <nermina> see ya later dianefleming
13:53:13 <annegentle> shaunm: and no one will fault you!! This is tough content to write, test and organize.
13:53:31 <NickChase> +1 annegentle
13:53:45 <NickChase> shaunm: so let people help you
13:53:47 <shaunm> I have the content for all of those. I just have to put it in docbook and make it read well
13:54:08 <NickChase> shaunm:  If you want I can put it in docbook for you
13:54:09 <annegentle> shaunm: maybe your patch can include the non-docbook notes?
13:54:19 <annegentle> NickChase: that would be awesome
13:54:30 <NickChase> docbook I can do in my sleep.
13:54:40 <nermina> shaunm: glad to help as well
13:54:46 <shaunm> docbook isn't a problem for me
13:54:47 <annegentle> heh
13:54:50 <nermina> true that nickchase
13:55:01 <NickChase> shaunm:  but it's a matter of time; this is something I can do to help you
13:55:13 <NickChase> so you can concentrate on content
13:55:53 <annegentle> shaunm: basically just keep patching, I'd expect 2x a week from here on
13:56:01 <shaunm> ok
13:56:06 <NickChase> shaunm:  Once it's in docbook it'll be easier for you to just do the readability
13:56:07 <annegentle> shaunm: take NickChase up on his offer :)
13:56:34 <sgordon> yeah
13:56:40 <annegentle> shaunm: is your non-docbook text all your testing?
13:56:40 <NickChase> I promise not to judge. :)
13:56:44 <sgordon> i think we all recognize you are performing open heart surgery
13:56:48 <shaunm> it's really no faster for me to write without markup than with
13:56:55 <sgordon> so we wont be too brutal on the in progress reviews
13:56:55 <annegentle> +1 sgordon
13:57:03 <NickChase> +1 sgordon
13:57:23 <annegentle> shaunm: yes just let us review (non judgementally) :)
13:57:37 <annegentle> Ok
13:57:39 <annegentle> onward!
13:57:47 <annegentle> #topic Bug report, DocImpact state
13:57:49 <annegentle> Quickly,
13:58:00 <annegentle> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+milestone/havana
13:58:11 <nermina> hold on a sec, i have a q, annegentle
13:58:57 <nermina> will the new content obsolete the old install guide?
13:59:15 <nermina> or absorb it
13:59:19 <annegentle> Our confirmed is fewer than Fix Released \o/
13:59:38 <annegentle> shaunm: what's your thinking? obsolete or absorb?
14:00:02 <nermina> we have people editing networking there
14:00:04 <shaunm> it will be the one true install guide. it happens to reuse some content from the existing install guide.
14:00:17 <annegentle> nermina: ok, sounds like that's safe to do
14:00:31 <annegentle> more absorb than obsolete
14:00:38 <shaunm> mostly reuses conceptual info. tasks are almost all rewritten
14:00:45 <nermina> cool
14:01:24 <nermina> sorry to interrupt, bugs!
14:01:30 <annegentle> nermina: no worries!
14:01:44 <annegentle> Really we're in good shape, better than past releases, but there are a ton of "medium" bugs
14:02:00 <annegentle> And only about five in progress
14:02:04 <annegentle> so keep picking up bugs if you can
14:02:17 <nermina> i'll be able to take on more between cloud admin edits
14:02:22 <annegentle> I also did a walkthrough of DocImpact
14:02:24 <annegentle> #link http://justwriteclick.com/2013/09/17/openstack-docimpact-flag-walk-through/
14:02:47 <annegentle> and would love input on whether that's how these DocImpact ones typically work -- would that set of questions help people work on DocImpact bugs more efficiently?
14:02:58 <annegentle> Ok, that's our hour... sorry didn't leave any time for open discussion!
14:03:10 <annegentle> Want to continue open discussion in #openstack-doc?
14:03:34 <NickChase> ok with me
14:03:37 <annegentle> Ok, I'll be in openstack-doc, thanks all for joining!
14:03:41 <annegentle> #endmeeting