23:39:49 <JRobinson__> #startmeeting docuserguides
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23:40:24 <JRobinson__> okay, so it looks as though APAC attendance is lower than last meeting.
23:43:54 <JRobinson__> Just to reiterate for anyone reading the logs or following along:
23:44:59 <JRobinson__> #topic Create a command line chapter patch update
23:45:09 <JRobinson__> I have contacted the team to discuss this point.
23:45:16 <JRobinson__> #topic Title change
23:45:49 <JRobinson__> The title and use of "Cloud Admin" for the Cloud Admin guide is set to change to "Administrator Guide" soon.
23:45:56 <JRobinson__> #topic Release Notes Update
23:46:18 <JRobinson__> Changes for the Mitaka release wiill soon be added to the release notes
23:46:32 <JRobinson__> Discussion within the team included noting the changes to:
23:47:41 <JRobinson__> Admin Guide is now a part of the cloud admin guide
23:47:46 <JRobinson__> The cloud admin guide has been renamed
23:47:59 <JRobinson__> the administrator guide has consistent troubleshooting headings
23:48:16 <JRobinson__> several chapters have had thorough edits to style and grammar to improve readability
23:48:22 <JRobinson__> #topic open discussion
23:48:53 <JRobinson__> Having said that, and recorded the discussion points for the meeting minutes, I'll close this short meeting down if there are no questions.
23:50:31 <JRobinson__> okay, thanks everyone
23:50:36 <JRobinson__> #endmeeting