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21:02:57 <JRobinson__> At the recent Ocata summit, one of the Docs working groups talked about the legacy commands in the User guides
21:03:07 <JRobinson__> The etherpad has more details
21:03:15 <JRobinson__> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BCN-Docs-UserGuidesWG
21:03:40 <JRobinson__> the docs PTL also sent out a summary of each working group session to the docs mailing list.
21:07:11 <JRobinson__> To follow up on the email, the fortnightly User Guide meeting will eventually change to a monthly team meeting.
21:07:32 <JRobinson__> #topic Legacy to OpenStack client commands
21:07:58 <JRobinson__> With the summit recap completed, the issue that needs attention is the legacy command changes
21:09:16 <JRobinson__> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/ReorganizeUserGuides#Legacy_to_OpenStack_command_conversion_table
21:09:30 <JRobinson__> I have began setting up the checklist table mentioned at Summit.
21:09:43 <JRobinson__> So far, its Admin guide files
21:09:55 <JRobinson__> I started with files that already have OpenStack client commands in them
21:10:37 <JRobinson__> I then moved to step two
21:10:53 <JRobinson__> Searching through each file for legacy commands
21:11:09 <JRobinson__> then adding the file to the checklist, along with the commands, and their line location in file.
21:11:32 <JRobinson__> This way, there is an accurate picture of what needs to change.
21:11:46 <JRobinson__> #topic Open Discussion
21:12:51 <JRobinson__> Any questions or comments on the process, contact the docs mailing list, or ping me on irc.
21:13:59 <JRobinson__> I'll close up this brief recap meeting.
21:14:37 <JRobinson__> #action JRobinson__ to continue to update table with Admin and User Guide commands.
21:14:43 <JRobinson__> #endmeeting