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13:00:50 <fifieldt_> my bad
13:00:54 <annegentle> no worries :)
13:01:00 <annegentle> I guess I do what I'm told!
13:01:10 <koolhead17> annegentle: :P
13:01:31 <annegentle> #topic Action items from the last meeting
13:01:38 <annegentle> action: fifieldt_ send a note to discuss grizzly priorities on the OpenStack mailing list
13:01:42 <annegentle> That's done
13:01:43 <fifieldt_> done
13:01:51 <annegentle> action: annegentle to ask Doc Tool team about Crown Quarto PDF output
13:01:58 <fifieldt_> unfortunately, not a reply, and little response in the bug assignment department
13:02:09 <annegentle> Yeah I noticed that...
13:02:11 <annegentle> Also done, and we can output Crown Quarto to our PDF
13:02:16 <fifieldt_> yay
13:02:28 <annegentle> but they're already using DocImpact for Havana. sigh. :)
13:02:38 <annegentle> action: annegentle to send a call to action to help with grizzly doc bugs
13:02:47 <annegentle> So, I think I did that? But maybe to the -doc list?
13:02:54 <annegentle> or?
13:03:06 <annegentle> I have Grizzly doc bugs as an entire topic of its own so we can talk more then
13:03:07 <fifieldt_> you did mention it in your -doc newsletter
13:03:09 <annegentle> one more action
13:03:14 <fifieldt_> cool
13:03:17 <annegentle> action annegentle to add info about pom.xml change for 1.7.1 to wiki
13:03:24 <annegentle> So this is halfway done, definitely need more info.
13:03:35 <annegentle> I'm going to reassign it to me :)
13:03:43 <fifieldt_> got a  link?
13:04:02 <annegentle> #action annegentle to add more info about 1.7.2 to the HowTo wiki page
13:04:17 <annegentle> fifieldt_: what I did so far was to update the Conventions page about image markup
13:04:24 <annegentle> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/Conventions#Embedding_images
13:04:26 <fifieldt_> ta
13:04:29 <annegentle> but there's more to it than that
13:04:36 <annegentle> there's pom.xml stuff too
13:05:01 <annegentle> it's not a huge task though, I'll get to it
13:05:09 <annegentle> ok, I think that's it
13:05:15 <annegentle> for actions
13:05:21 <annegentle> now! Onward! To Grizzly!
13:05:27 <annegentle> #topic Grizzly release
13:05:32 <fifieldt_> #link https://launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+milestone/grizzly
13:05:38 <fifieldt_> #link https://launchpad.net/openstack-api-site/+milestone/grizzly
13:05:56 <annegentle> I have to say I'm having a tough time knowing when to call done done.
13:06:31 <fifieldt_> understandable
13:06:39 <annegentle> My sense is that the majority are quantum and swift deficits. Tom, what's your sense of it? (fifieldt_)
13:07:03 <annegentle> And, I don't know if the install docs are releasable when the packages aren't completed? Thoughts?
13:07:03 <fifieldt_> I'm a big believer in testing
13:07:17 <fifieldt_> so right now those bugs are mostly derived from DocImpact
13:07:25 <annegentle> The broken script links are certainly getting comments in the docs :)
13:07:34 <fifieldt_> I think once someone has run through the install docs and verified they work
13:07:43 <annegentle> fifieldt_: yeah I agree with testing the install docs.
13:07:44 <fifieldt_> then that's release goodness
13:07:51 <koolhead17> annegentle: that install using nova-network is not there anymore :(
13:08:04 <annegentle> koolhead17: where's there?
13:08:09 <koolhead17> i was thinking to re-test and modify it
13:08:13 <koolhead17> appendixB
13:08:15 <koolhead17> one
13:08:36 <fifieldt_> for the 'reference' guide, that's something that can go once there are no obvious errors/pitfalls left  - i.e. there';s only new features left to add
13:08:47 <koolhead17> ubuntu installation with openstack & we had a APPENDIXB
13:09:02 <koolhead17> which covered single machine deployment with nova-network
13:09:29 <fifieldt_> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+bug/1133699
13:09:31 <uvirtbot> Launchpad bug 1133699 in openstack-manuals "grizzly: Update Appendix B OpenStack Deployment Guide" [Medium,In progress]
13:09:37 <annegentle> koolhead17: yeah we got rid of Appendix B it was causing too much maintenance headache and mismatch
13:10:08 <koolhead17> annegentle: ok.
13:10:11 <annegentle> I want to talk alot about install doc in the "refactor" session next week
13:10:23 <koolhead17> annegentle: so do i :)
13:10:28 <annegentle> yeah
13:10:32 <annegentle> I figure we all do :)
13:10:38 <koolhead17> ahaha
13:10:48 <koolhead17> i would say it will be too much of clean up
13:11:02 <annegentle> it's a big job
13:11:07 <annegentle> but I have ideas :)
13:11:15 <fifieldt_> me too :)
13:11:21 <annegentle> so I sense others in the community are going to create the one-pagers
13:11:23 <annegentle> for install
13:11:34 <annegentle> it's more important that ours is a tested path for "production-like" enviros
13:11:57 <annegentle> So, are we okay with "once install is tested and packages are out, release?"
13:12:05 <annegentle> or is there another set of criteria we need to be above?
13:12:10 <fifieldt_> for install guide, that sounds reasonable
13:12:25 <fifieldt_> for the 'reference' guide, I think that can go once there are no obvious errors/pitfalls left  - i.e. there';s only new features left to add
13:12:49 <writerDiane> What's the 'reference' guide?
13:12:56 <writerDiane> is that the API reference page?
13:12:56 <fifieldt_> 'compute admin'
13:13:02 <fifieldt_> not the API one
13:13:02 <writerDiane> oh!
13:13:05 <fifieldt_> sorry for confusion
13:13:10 <writerDiane> no problem!
13:13:36 <fifieldt_> speaking of which - api ref for grizzly - all good?
13:13:48 <annegentle> fifieldt_: I think so -- ladquin or writerDiane do you have input?
13:13:59 <writerDiane> I'm still working through the bugs
13:14:08 <annegentle> ladquin wrote a lovely end-of-internship report
13:14:17 <annegentle> ladquin: thank you SO much for all your hard work!
13:14:21 <ladquin> I'm finishing the Quantum section, which samples took me a lot more that expected
13:14:34 <ladquin> annegentle, :)
13:14:37 <fifieldt_> there are some reviews waiting at
13:14:38 <ladquin> my pleasure
13:14:39 <fifieldt_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/api-site,n,z
13:14:53 <annegentle> ladquin and writerDiane Ok, keep on trucking then.
13:14:55 <fifieldt_> +1 API is hardd
13:15:22 <annegentle> fifieldt_: so how much do you think it would take for the reference guide with all the conf options to be "done"
13:15:39 <koolhead17> hi ladquin writerDiane
13:15:44 <writerDiane> hi!
13:15:45 <fifieldt_> ok, so config options that were reported with doc impact are more or less done
13:15:45 <annegentle> fifieldt_: and is that a new guide (standalone) or are you saying it's in other guides?
13:16:03 <fifieldt_> they were the easy bugs to solve
13:16:06 <koolhead17> annegentle: are they the one working as interns 4 the doc stuff under gnome internship?
13:16:08 * koolhead17 is confused
13:16:10 <annegentle> fifieldt_: impressive
13:16:16 <fifieldt_> but we're still missing many -
13:16:22 <fifieldt_> for that I think the autogenerate is the solution
13:16:27 <annegentle> koolhead17: ladquin is just now finished with her GNOME OPW internship, writerDiane works with me at Rackspace
13:16:32 <fifieldt_> doing it manually is going to be a pain
13:16:37 <koolhead17> ooh okey
13:16:47 <ladquin> hi, koolhead17!
13:16:49 <fifieldt_> we're growing koolhead17 :D
13:16:57 <koolhead17> fifieldt_: yay!!
13:16:59 <annegentle> writerDiane: koolhead17 is Atul, has been working on OpenStack docs since wayyyy back when! Cactus, right?
13:17:08 <koolhead17> yes :)
13:17:17 <writerDiane> oh! hi koolhead17
13:17:23 <annegentle> fifieldt_: I completely agree on the autogenerate.
13:17:23 <koolhead17> writerDiane: salute
13:17:34 <annegentle> fifieldt_: ok, so what I hear is, release Grizzly with the config we've got
13:17:41 <annegentle> fifieldt_: after install is tested
13:17:51 <fifieldt_> roger
13:17:53 <koolhead17> annegentle: fifieldt_  my 1 line suggestion would be we are interested in doing things from scratch :)
13:17:59 <koolhead17> make it plug and play/moduler
13:18:20 <fifieldt_> 'course ;)
13:18:30 <annegentle> Is that possible in about two weeks even with the Summit? Or a month from now?
13:18:33 <koolhead17> that way we exactly know in all our docs what needs to be modified everytime new release comes
13:18:38 <annegentle> 5/9? or end of April? Hm
13:18:56 <fifieldt_> I think when the cybera guys get through it is a good timeframe
13:19:09 <koolhead17> annegentle: also we need to get guys guys from RH/Ubuntu/Suse community to help us a bit
13:19:15 <fifieldt_> indeed
13:19:21 <koolhead17> if we are pushing the doc with the distro
13:19:35 <koolhead17> it would be great if they do testing for us
13:19:36 <koolhead17> :)
13:19:46 <koolhead17> just a suggestion
13:19:54 <annegentle> koolhead17: yeah I constantly reach out
13:20:04 <koolhead17> annegentle: probably we should have a doc session title "vedors & openstack docs"
13:20:08 <annegentle> koolhead17: will do more in person next week
13:20:12 <koolhead17> where we can address some of these issues
13:20:15 <annegentle> koolhead17: heh and if no one came? :)
13:20:23 <fifieldt_> I think a more individual approach is better
13:20:28 <fifieldt_> rather than a session
13:20:30 <koolhead17> annegentle: okey
13:20:40 <koolhead17> i am saying this because tomorrow
13:20:40 <fifieldt_> we/"the foundation" should be contacting people and roping them in?
13:20:53 <koolhead17> cinder driver folks would like to have stuff added
13:20:56 <annegentle> yeah this is an ongoing bit of relationship building
13:21:03 <koolhead17> so kind of we need to know whom to approach
13:21:09 <koolhead17> 4 helping hand
13:21:23 <koolhead17> so am wondering if we should have session addressing this need
13:21:27 <koolhead17> just a suggestion
13:21:28 <koolhead17> :P
13:21:47 <annegentle> koolhead17: yeah I get it, just saying this is what we already do :)
13:21:54 <koolhead17> cool
13:21:55 <koolhead17> :)
13:21:57 <annegentle> koolhead17: so it feels a little like you're telling me I'm not doing my job
13:22:10 <koolhead17> let me know whom to trouble 4 redhat installation help
13:22:22 <koolhead17> annegentle: oops not at all
13:22:40 <annegentle> koolhead17: it's okay, just telling you how I'm perceiving it :)
13:22:52 <koolhead17> annegentle: apology for that :(
13:22:55 <annegentle> koolhead17: but definitely we need more relationship building and "I" don't scale
13:23:05 <annegentle> koolhead17: so we have to continue to reachout, get names, get to know people.
13:23:15 <koolhead17> annegentle: what i simply meant we need to have folks identified whom we can reach out 4 help
13:23:26 <koolhead17> annegentle: that is what i meant :)
13:23:35 <annegentle> ah yes! For RHEL install, I have a Racker Phil Hopkins who wants to take the Basic install guide and make it RHEL ready.
13:23:47 <fifieldt_> cool
13:23:53 <koolhead17> awesome
13:23:54 <annegentle> koolhead17: Yeah, it would be great to designate "maintainers" for docs
13:24:18 <annegentle> koolhead17: so far I don't sense that much responsibility for individual docs, well maybe in some cases. Hm, it's a good question.
13:24:46 <writerDiane> I think it's hard to "own" a doc
13:24:47 <annegentle> #agreed Release Grizzly docs after install is tested and packages are available. Approximately in 3-4 weeks.
13:24:48 <koolhead17> annegentle: if you can see current questions in maling list about basic redhat install
13:24:53 <writerDiane> in the community sphere -
13:25:04 <annegentle> writerDiane: yeah I don't see it, yet.
13:25:18 <annegentle> koolhead17: yeah I think Phil's work will help with that
13:25:22 <fifieldt_> maybe this is a good discussion to have via ML or an etherpad - thresh out a strategy ?
13:25:30 <writerDiane> it might be interesting to get feedback from people at the summit about why they don't contribute to doc - there might be reasons we don't know about
13:25:44 <fifieldt_> "strategy for increasing contribution"
13:25:57 <writerDiane> fifieldt_: yes exactly
13:26:04 <annegentle> fifieldt_: for install doc, it has been interesting to see install docs pop up individually but the "official" ones lightly touched
13:26:10 <koolhead17> writerDiane: yes
13:26:22 <ladquin> agree
13:26:34 <koolhead17> yes
13:26:40 <annegentle> writerDiane: yes, I think I know the reasons (toolchain is hard, I don't know enough to speak authoritatively, I don't have an enviro)
13:26:52 <annegentle> writerDiane: not that those are all! There are many is what I mean :)
13:27:09 <fifieldt_> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/IncreasingDocContributions
13:27:17 <annegentle> nice, fifieldt_
13:27:33 <writerDiane> yes, toolchain is hard but also the environment is a little unsettling - people patching patches, etc - not clear ownership (which is by design) - but that can be unsettling
13:27:39 <annegentle> so that leads naturally into our next topic
13:27:41 <annegentle> #topic Refactor docs discussion - review blueprint before Summit
13:27:54 <koolhead17> cool
13:28:04 <annegentle> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals/+spec/restructure-documentation
13:29:15 <annegentle> It'll be easiest to talk about it in person next week but wanted to be sure you all have the ideas ahead of time
13:29:24 <annegentle> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Blueprint-restructure-documentation
13:29:42 <fifieldt_> LGTM :P
13:29:51 <annegentle> fifieldt_: hee
13:30:08 <annegentle> fifieldt_: devil's in the details
13:30:17 <koolhead17> :P
13:30:23 <annegentle> Okay
13:30:30 <annegentle> moving on in the interest of time
13:30:32 <annegentle> #topic Docs-draft work for easier reviews
13:30:55 <annegentle> for one of ladquin's major contributions, she has a huge patch to the openstack-infra/config project to add "gate" builds
13:30:56 <ladquin> I couldn't get that approved yet :(
13:31:02 <annegentle> ladquin: yeah I saw that
13:31:14 <annegentle> ladquin: I like jeblair's thinking for patterns, how difficult is it to do though?
13:31:29 <fifieldt_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/22768/
13:31:46 <annegentle> fifieldt_: thanks, you were quicker :)
13:31:56 <ladquin> jeblair wanted a little modification and mordred put it in progress, form some reason, so I hopefully be taking care of that today
13:31:57 <annegentle> ladquin: and, how much time do you really have? Should one of us pick it up?
13:32:04 <annegentle> ladquin: wow cool!
13:32:07 <ladquin> annegentle, oh, it's simple
13:32:15 <annegentle> ladquin: sweet
13:32:27 <ladquin> annegentle, but still would like to further discuss it with him
13:33:03 <annegentle> ladquin: ok, great. Let us know if you need one of us to help.
13:33:04 <mordred> ladquin: hey
13:33:24 <annegentle> mordred: heya
13:33:34 <mordred> ladquin: I basically started putting things as WIP that it seemed the next step was for someone to upload a new patch
13:33:41 <koolhead17> And yes mordred: never sleeps!!  :)
13:33:55 <ladquin> annegentle, it should really be something quick to finish today, need to make sure it fully complies with our infra team needs ;)
13:34:02 <annegentle> heh sleep when you're dead right koolhead17? :)
13:34:16 <annegentle> ladquin: excellent. And thanks mordred for the help
13:34:25 <ladquin> mordred, hey, thanks, yes, I need to amend that
13:34:30 <annegentle> ok ready to talk translation?
13:34:37 <annegentle> #topic Translation uploading/downloading scripts
13:34:48 <Daisy> hi, I'm here
13:34:50 <annegentle> Daisy: you have any news to report?
13:35:04 <annegentle> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/25810/
13:35:06 <Daisy> the patch is submitted to git review.
13:35:09 <annegentle> I did see that ^^
13:35:27 <Daisy> just need to discuss with you about how to store the translation po files.
13:35:36 <Daisy> I guess, there will be a big amout of po files.
13:35:45 <annegentle> Daisy: ok, sure. I saw .tx directories somewhere?
13:35:48 * annegentle looks
13:36:30 <annegentle> #link https://github.com/openstack/openstack-manuals/tree/master/doc/src/docbkx/openstack-install/locale
13:36:35 <Daisy> Do you think, if the authors/readers will be bothered if we put these files under master ?
13:36:37 <annegentle> Also locale directories
13:36:56 <annegentle> Daisy: honestly it's not bothering me lately but I have super mega fast Internts.
13:37:04 <annegentle> what do others think?
13:37:16 * annegentle wonders if translation also is a factor for the refactor
13:37:29 <fifieldt_> I have a slight personal preference for keeping the repo small in size, due to frequent travel = unreliable/slow internets
13:37:37 <Daisy> Nova/Keystone and others have the po and pot file in master, but I think, their size are small, not like documents.
13:37:40 <fifieldt_> but I wouldn't allow my personal preferences stand in the way :)
13:37:54 <fifieldt_> ah - if there's an established precedent, maybe we should follow it
13:37:57 <annegentle> fifieldt_: yeah compltely understand that
13:38:12 <Daisy> so we agree to put them in master?
13:38:16 <fifieldt_> sure
13:38:23 <annegentle> Daisy: mordred: what are some of our other options? Just to be sure.
13:38:24 <Daisy> ok.
13:38:38 <koolhead17> slow internet reminds me of my broadband
13:38:39 <Daisy> use a different branch?
13:39:10 <Daisy> we put the po files in a different branch, like, translation. If the developers don't want to download translations, they can pull from master.
13:39:27 <Daisy> Actually, I have not clear ideas.
13:39:31 <Daisy> I'm not a git master.
13:39:32 <annegentle> Daisy: oh yeah that would make sense, actually, why not store with stable/folsom and also stable/grizzly in a month?
13:39:56 <fifieldt_> storing with stable makes sense to me
13:39:58 <fifieldt_> it changes less
13:40:06 <fifieldt_> = less frustration for translators ?
13:40:29 <annegentle> when I asked on the list, jaypipes said something about submodules?
13:40:29 <Daisy> the translation po files will be changed because the downloading job runs daily. Can we put them in stable?
13:40:36 <annegentle> which sounded AWFUL I have to admit :)
13:40:53 <annegentle> yeah I really like starting with stable
13:40:58 <fifieldt_> stable :D
13:41:08 <Daisy> the translation po files will be changed daily, so they are not stable.
13:41:26 <Daisy> what's the disadvantages if we create a new branch?
13:42:37 <annegentle> Daisy: hm. I don't know... really we just want to keep translators happy while not preventing new doc contributions from being a pain
13:42:49 * koolhead17 is going to spend few days to understand Git magic
13:42:49 <Daisy> exactly.
13:43:13 <annegentle> Daisy: how much do translators know about the git branch label though? Do they see that much?
13:43:24 <annegentle> Daisy: or is it just the Jenkins robots that need to use the branch?
13:43:35 <annegentle> Daisy: because the Jenkins robots won't care if it's called "stable/relname"
13:43:50 <annegentle> Daisy: people might think that's odd but it might not matter?
13:44:01 <Daisy> translators doesn't need to know about branch lable.  Branch lable is not required by Jenkins robots too.
13:44:48 <annegentle> Daisy: ok then I think it's okay to go with stable
13:44:56 <Daisy> ok then.
13:45:03 <Daisy> go with stable.
13:45:05 * annegentle hopes my future self doesn't hate me for that :)
13:45:12 <fifieldt_> hmmm!
13:45:25 <ladquin> haha
13:45:26 <annegentle> I think it'll work the way we want it to
13:45:32 <fifieldt_> I'm sure by next meeting we will know whether it was correct
13:45:36 <fifieldt_> and if it wasn't we can change it
13:45:43 <fifieldt_> right?
13:46:04 <Daisy> I have a question...
13:46:06 <annegentle> yeah
13:46:09 <annegentle> sure go ahead
13:46:16 <Daisy> when will stable/grizzly be created? or it has been created?
13:46:39 <annegentle> Daisy: so that was our discussion today. We need packages released (depends on Ubuntu) and install docs tested (in progress).
13:46:41 * fifieldt_ is watching crazy tram track maintenance vehicles randomly block an intersection in very interesting ways
13:46:54 <annegentle> Daisy: my guess is either end of April or first 2 weeks of May
13:47:00 <annegentle> Daisy: will that be too much delay?
13:47:04 <fifieldt_> ok, so that might be a problem - we probably want grizzly translation to start sooner, yes?
13:47:12 <annegentle> fifieldt_: well, why translate what isn't done?
13:47:15 <Daisy> so I have to use stable/folsom to store the translation of grizzly?
13:47:18 <annegentle> fifieldt_: is my thinking?
13:47:24 <annegentle> Daisy: oh. No. :)
13:47:29 <annegentle> Daisy: Hm.
13:47:42 <annegentle> So, here's the release process for docs:
13:47:59 <annegentle> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/Release
13:48:03 <annegentle> that takes at least a day
13:48:12 <annegentle> I could do it this week?
13:48:16 <annegentle> I could do it the week after Summit
13:48:25 <annegentle> Or could wait for Install docs to be done.
13:48:37 <annegentle> Or.
13:48:38 <writerDiane> I'd say after summit and when install docs are done?
13:49:00 <annegentle> writerDiane: that's my preference but hadn't considered translations
13:49:17 <annegentle> Daisy: my top priortiy would be the Operations Guide anyway, which is in stable/folsom
13:49:22 <annegentle> and is very folsom
13:49:50 <Daisy> there is a operation guide in master , isn't it?
13:49:58 <writerDiane> can't translation be staged? I.e. make a prioritized list and work through it? install guide would be last?
13:49:58 <fifieldt_> indeed
13:50:00 <annegentle> Daisy: yep it matches folsom
13:50:12 <annegentle> writerDiane: yeah that makes sense
13:50:23 <annegentle> Daisy: do you have a sense of whether translators work thorugh a list?
13:50:40 <Daisy> when we have coordinators, we can ask the help from coordinators.
13:50:46 <annegentle> Daisy: yeah
13:51:21 <annegentle> Daisy: so I'd like a decision on stable/folsom and stable/grizzly -- is it okay if stable/grizzly is in a few weeks? Like after the Summit?
13:51:41 <Daisy> so you mean that the translators start translation of stable/folsom?
13:52:11 <annegentle> Daisy: the translators wait until after the Summit and work on stable/grizzly
13:52:13 <Daisy> I need to think it more.
13:52:31 <annegentle> Daisy: except for the Ops Guide, start on that in stable/folsom
13:52:39 <Daisy> currently, translators are doing the translation of master, that means, the latest version, the version are being developed.
13:53:03 <annegentle> Daisy: ok let's think about this from a release perspective. Translators won't wait for a release, they work on master.
13:53:10 <annegentle> Daisy: so how do we "release" master docs?
13:53:39 <Daisy> translations will be later than the release of master.
13:53:51 * ladquin wonders if Transifex works with translation memories
13:53:54 <Daisy> But if we keep translators to translate the old version of documents, will they be happy?
13:54:04 <annegentle> ladquin: yep, it does! One of the reasons we picked it
13:54:05 <Daisy> Transifex can work with translation memories.
13:54:15 <annegentle> Daisy: for the Ops Guide, for sure it's best.
13:54:35 <annegentle> Daisy: for other guides, master would be ok, as long as we know what happens at release time
13:54:37 <Daisy> ok. I need to think more about it. Maybe we won't make decision tonight.
13:54:56 <annegentle> Daisy: I think that we might end up making smaller docs repos after the refactor? Possibly? We already split out ops/admin guides from API
13:55:04 <Daisy> I'm not able to handle the documents differently.
13:55:33 <annegentle> Would putting docs in individual repositories matter?
13:56:41 <fifieldt_> The review Daisy posted is the script that links to Transifex and back
13:56:45 <annegentle> That's the only way to take care of the tradeoff of size, is to put items into smaller "buckets"
13:56:52 <fifieldt_> My guess is that it can be modified for any scenario
13:56:59 <annegentle> fifieldt_: yep probably so
13:57:04 <Daisy> currently, the docs are in a single repository. So I look at them as single repository. When a single document is updated, the update event will triger the uploading jobs, the updated POT file will be upload to Transifex.
13:57:12 <annegentle> fifieldt_: what do you think of smaller repositories?
13:57:21 <fifieldt_> I prefer the big repo
13:57:43 <annegentle> fifieldt_: okay
13:57:44 <fifieldt_> I do a lot of grepping to find stuff across different docs
13:57:52 <annegentle> fifieldt_: yep
13:58:01 <annegentle> Daisy: I think it's okay to use master
13:58:10 <annegentle> Daisy: I don't think the pot files will be all that big
13:58:19 <Daisy> there are only two Jenkins jobs for me: uploading and downloading, a single repository. Not several jobs for individual documents.
13:58:26 <annegentle> Daisy: yeah
13:58:43 <Daisy> so we use master firstly.
13:58:59 <annegentle> Daisy: yep. I still want to understand what happens when we cut stable/grizzly in a few weeks?
13:59:00 <Daisy> And then we discuss more in the summit.
13:59:27 <annegentle> Daisy: yep
13:59:30 <Daisy> versioning will be a problem for translation too.
13:59:31 <annegentle> Daisy: are you able to come?
13:59:36 <Daisy> I should list this as a topic.
13:59:37 <annegentle> Daisy: yes it will :)
13:59:41 <Daisy> Yes, I'm able to come.
13:59:46 <fifieldt_> yayy!
14:00:10 <annegentle> Daisy: wonderful!
14:00:16 <annegentle> Okay, great!
14:00:16 <Daisy> :)
14:00:22 <annegentle> Wow where did the time go?
14:00:28 <Daisy> we are run out of time.
14:00:34 <annegentle> #topic Open discussion
14:00:50 <annegentle> or I can end the meeting if no one has anything :)
14:00:55 * fifieldt_ needs tex mex
14:00:58 <annegentle> hee
14:01:12 <annegentle> Good tortilla chips and salsa just don't travel well
14:01:14 <mordred> annegentle: what did I do?
14:01:20 <annegentle> mordred: all of the things!
14:01:24 <mordred> awesome!
14:01:27 <koolhead17> :P
14:01:29 <ladquin> hahah
14:01:42 <annegentle> mordred: if your team can attend the Docs Translation session at the Summit next week on Monday it would be super-uper helpful
14:01:53 <mordred> annegentle: yes. that one is definitely on my list
14:02:09 <mordred> I'll make olaph be there for sure, but I believe more of us will be there as well
14:02:11 <annegentle> #info Monday 2013-04-15 13:50  - Translation management enhancement
14:02:13 <koolhead17> annegentle: am working on that install doc with nova-network
14:02:25 <mordred> ttx: it would be GREAT if I could get an ical feed from sched.org
14:02:26 <fifieldt_> all hail nova-network
14:02:30 <koolhead17> i will not add/push it in offical repo unless i test it atleast 10 times
14:02:31 <koolhead17> :)
14:02:31 <annegentle> koolhead17: ok, how can you incorporate?
14:02:50 <koolhead17> fifieldt_: i don`t want nova-network die so soon
14:02:51 <koolhead17> :D
14:02:52 <annegentle> koolhead17: oh well propose apatch and we'll see how you incorporate :)
14:03:03 <annegentle> koolhead17: yeah it's definitely not dead since quantum is so hard
14:03:09 <ttx> mordred: if only sched was open source ;)
14:03:16 <annegentle> heh
14:03:24 <annegentle> ok, I'll end our meeting -- thanks all for attending!
14:03:27 <annegentle> #endmeeting