08:00:37 <diablo_rojo> #startmeeting fc_Sig
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08:00:47 <mattoliverau> o/
08:00:50 <gmann> o/
08:00:52 <diablo_rojo> Hello everyone :)
08:01:05 <diablo_rojo> How were everyone's weekends?
08:01:05 * mattoliverau might be slow cause I'm also about to eat
08:01:18 <cmurphy> o//
08:01:29 <diablo_rojo> Lots of waving :)
08:01:34 <mattoliverau> Good
08:01:42 <mattoliverau> Busy
08:02:02 <diablo_rojo> My sister loved the recording mattoliverau :) Thank you so much for doing that for her.
08:02:18 <mattoliverau> Nps anytime, I'm glad :)
08:02:57 <diablo_rojo> Maybe I can drag her to an event sometime so you can meet her.
08:03:20 <diablo_rojo> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/First_Contact_SIG#Meeting_Agenda Today's Agenda
08:03:52 <diablo_rojo> Shall we get started since we are basically all here?
08:04:00 <mattoliverau> +1
08:04:01 <diablo_rojo> #topic New Contributor Patches
08:04:11 <diablo_rojo> Everyone keeping up on their homework?
08:04:16 <diablo_rojo> I actually did mine this week.
08:04:30 <gmann> i found one and reviewed
08:04:38 <mattoliverau> I looked, and there were already reviews
08:04:49 <diablo_rojo> I pinged dtroyer about the cliff one (its a sub repo of openstackclient)
08:04:53 <diablo_rojo> He added it to his review list.
08:05:14 <diablo_rojo> I took a few min to look at a few others- but yeah most had already been reviewed which was nice :)
08:05:31 <mattoliverau> Which is good to see
08:05:36 <diablo_rojo> +1
08:06:51 <diablo_rojo> Still havent done anything with the new contributor of the month, but the sb intern is actually a thing now so thats cool.
08:07:18 <mattoliverau> Nice
08:07:19 <diablo_rojo> Would be great to push forward with, but I really don't have the time..
08:07:28 <diablo_rojo> the new contributor of the month thing
08:07:57 <mattoliverau> I haven't done the blog post we talked about last time. Mainly cause I need to finish my last federated swift post I promised in my talk first.
08:08:19 <diablo_rojo> What cha been doing? Sitting on the beach? ;)
08:08:31 <diablo_rojo> I know we are all super busy.
08:08:35 <mattoliverau> Lol yeah something like that ;)
08:08:51 * diablo_rojo is jealous and wants to visit
08:09:07 <mattoliverau> You totally should
08:09:35 <diablo_rojo> Maybe I can write something super short about the intern after we get her first patch actually merged- I think its getting close.
08:09:48 <diablo_rojo> mattoliverau, will have to at some point since I spent no time in AUS after the summit.
08:10:22 <diablo_rojo> We shall see about the post though- maybe I can get something together about outreachy and her together.
08:10:35 <diablo_rojo> Moving on if we have nothing else on this topic?
08:11:00 <diablo_rojo> #topic ask.o.o Contribution Questions
08:11:03 <mattoliverau> Well we have 1 contributer worthy a note so far and we should totally not forget to give praise, definitely a great way of building confidence
08:11:16 <mattoliverau> Move on
08:11:23 <mattoliverau> Sorry phone is a little slow
08:11:27 <diablo_rojo> mattoliverau, oh yeah well if you want to write something up I can find a place to get it published.
08:11:31 <diablo_rojo> mattoliverau, no worries.
08:11:42 <diablo_rojo> So a few things on this-
08:11:58 <diablo_rojo> 1. Did my homework and didn't see much.
08:12:22 <mattoliverau> Me either, though I didn't check out the other tags, so only did part of the homework
08:12:31 <diablo_rojo> 2. I added a few more tags from our proposed list.
08:12:53 <mattoliverau> Nice
08:12:56 <diablo_rojo> Didn't think all were 100% appropriate, but I kept the proposed list if anyone wants to do some extra searching.
08:13:11 <diablo_rojo> Looks like I accidentally added 'Getting Started' twice
08:13:15 <diablo_rojo> will fix that later
08:13:41 <diablo_rojo> 3. I think we should draft some questions and answers to seed into o.o
08:13:45 <gmann> on contributor of the months things- it is nice to have few lines of apprise from project team (core or PTL) where new contributor merged the patch
08:13:46 <diablo_rojo> ask.o.o
08:13:56 <diablo_rojo> gmann, that is a good idea
08:14:04 <diablo_rojo> testimony- like the CCA's
08:14:41 <diablo_rojo> Easy way to lengthen an article too.
08:14:55 <diablo_rojo> WRT 3
08:15:14 <diablo_rojo> I can start an etherpad this week and throw some stuff in there.
08:15:29 <gmann> +1
08:15:36 <mattoliverau> +1
08:15:40 <diablo_rojo> Cool :)
08:15:55 <diablo_rojo> Okay onto new items now that we are done with the standing ones.
08:16:03 <diablo_rojo> Unless anyone has ideas of Qs right now
08:16:14 <diablo_rojo> I am happy to transfer them to the etherpad when I make it
08:17:11 <diablo_rojo> ...
08:17:35 <mattoliverau> I'm too busy eating to think :p
08:17:41 <diablo_rojo> mattoliverau, thats fair
08:17:56 <diablo_rojo> I'm not doing a ton of thinking now either
08:18:03 <diablo_rojo> Okay so moving on then.
08:18:17 <diablo_rojo> #topic Reqs for Organisations Contributing to OpenStack
08:18:28 <ianychoi> Hi - It's the 1st time to attend fc sig :)
08:18:35 <diablo_rojo> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-sigs/2018-June/000410.html fungi's summary
08:18:35 <gmann> in open source summit japan and docker image sessions so difficult to think now :)
08:18:37 <diablo_rojo> Hello ianychoi :)
08:18:49 <ianychoi> diablo_rojo, Hello :)
08:18:53 <diablo_rojo> gmann, no worries :) that's what the etherpad will be for.
08:18:56 <gmann> ianychoi: welcome
08:19:06 <ianychoi> gmann, thank you! :)
08:19:10 <mattoliverau> ianychoi: welcome!
08:19:10 <diablo_rojo> So, fungi got around to writing a summary and it was wonderful
08:19:17 <diablo_rojo> So that's one of the Forum todo's taken care
08:19:20 <diablo_rojo> care of
08:19:22 <mattoliverau> Oh really
08:19:34 <diablo_rojo> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Reqs-for-Organisations-Contributing-to-OpenStack Forum Etherpad
08:19:39 <mattoliverau> Then I need to do a placeholder patch
08:19:41 <diablo_rojo> mattoliverau, yep so you're up ;)
08:19:57 <gmann> yes i did not attended the session but got the idea of discussion form fungi mail, thanks .
08:20:10 <diablo_rojo> As if you didn't already have enough to do mattoliverau ;)
08:20:18 <ianychoi> Wonderful summary :)
08:20:49 <diablo_rojo> gmann, cool :) Yeah I think he did a great job.
08:20:54 <diablo_rojo> ianychoi, +1
08:21:26 <mattoliverau> Ok toddler is having issues, I think Im needed. I might have to drop out soon
08:21:26 <diablo_rojo> So yeah, next step is mattoliverau's patch to the contrib guide for the higherups at various companies
08:21:38 <diablo_rojo> mattoliverau, thats alright. Do what you gotta do :)
08:21:47 <diablo_rojo> Just one more topic anyway.
08:22:03 <diablo_rojo> Anyone have questions on any of this before I move onto the last one?
08:22:13 <gmann> nope
08:22:36 <diablo_rojo> Cool. Moving on then :)
08:22:43 <diablo_rojo> #topic Project Liaisons
08:22:54 <diablo_rojo> So a few weeks ago I sent out the email.
08:22:58 <diablo_rojo> There was no response.
08:23:09 <diablo_rojo> So I filled out the list in the FC SIG wiki
08:23:31 <diablo_rojo> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/First_Contact_SIG#Project_Liaisons Liaison List
08:23:49 <diablo_rojo> Every project that didn't have one, now has the PTL named as their liaison
08:24:16 <gmann> nice.
08:24:27 <diablo_rojo> So my next step (unless someone else wants to do it) is to write a reply to the thread saying that we added PTLs but they can still delegate if they desire
08:24:43 <diablo_rojo> One thing I definitely need help with is filling in timezones.
08:25:16 <diablo_rojo> I only knew a few so theres a lot of info lacking there
08:25:21 <ianychoi> Would it be also useful if the link is included in this wiki page: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/CrossProjectLiaisons ?
08:25:32 <gmann> ok but do we need to keep it updated for each cycle PTL if changed ?
08:25:33 <diablo_rojo> ianychoi, yeah that would be super helpful too.
08:25:55 <diablo_rojo> ianychoi, if you wanna make the change I would be super appreciative
08:26:07 <diablo_rojo> gmann, yeah I thought about that..
08:26:11 <ianychoi> diablo_rojo, yep I will do :) thank u!
08:26:17 <diablo_rojo> Usually there isnt a ton of PTL churn luckily
08:26:38 <diablo_rojo> but the ones that do change over we should update/ give the opportunity to delgate
08:26:38 <gmann> diablo_rojo: ok.
08:26:59 <diablo_rojo> I think its also something we can note in the PTL duties doc that I've seen somewhere
08:27:23 <diablo_rojo> I also know which PTL's change over as I am usually involved in the elections process :)
08:27:30 <gmann> #link https://docs.openstack.org/project-team-guide/ptl.html
08:27:33 <gmann> this one ^^
08:27:40 <gmann> +1
08:27:55 <diablo_rojo> Yeah
08:28:13 <diablo_rojo> might be good to update that with all the liaison roles that get defaulted to the PTL if they don't delegate
08:28:40 <gmann> yeah that will be nice.
08:28:41 * diablo_rojo isn't volunteering but would 100% +1 the patch
08:28:59 <diablo_rojo> If someone else wants to take that action...?
08:29:00 <gmann> diablo_rojo: i can do
08:29:06 <diablo_rojo> gmann, thank you!
08:29:56 <diablo_rojo> So, adding tzs to the project liaisons thing is the only other thing I need help with there.
08:30:07 <diablo_rojo> Anything else here?
08:30:52 <gmann> nothing from me
08:31:06 <ianychoi> nope from me
08:31:14 <diablo_rojo> #topic Open Discussion
08:31:46 <diablo_rojo> I don't have much else right now. Sounds like we basically all have one todo though so thats nice :)
08:31:57 <diablo_rojo> Let's see if we can get them done by next meeting.
08:32:08 <diablo_rojo> Oh,
08:32:15 <diablo_rojo> next week I will be in Korea
08:32:25 <ianychoi> diablo_rojo, really welcome! :)
08:32:36 <gmann> nice
08:32:43 <diablo_rojo> So...we can maybe do the meeting..? Not sure if I will be busy during the meeting. Might not be able to host- just attend.
08:32:53 <diablo_rojo> Or we can skip next week and pick up the following week.
08:33:17 <gmann> i am ok to skip i think.
08:34:05 <diablo_rojo> I think it would be fine. Just don't want to go too many weeks without having one to slow process of moving forward.
08:34:12 <diablo_rojo> But we had one this week
08:34:18 <diablo_rojo> and can in two weeks so we should be okay
08:34:50 <diablo_rojo> Okay, I think that's all I had.
08:34:56 <diablo_rojo> Anything else from anyone?
08:35:13 <gmann> nope.
08:35:21 <ianychoi> Nope :)
08:35:43 * diablo_rojo can get ~6.5 hours of sleep if she goes to sleep now
08:36:06 <diablo_rojo> Alright. Have a good week everyone! Good luck with your todo's!
08:36:16 <cmurphy> o7
08:36:24 <diablo_rojo> #endmeeting