14:01:41 <m3m0> #startmeeting freezer
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14:02:00 <yangyape_> hello m3m0
14:02:14 <daemontool__> the weekly Freezer meeting today will be delayed by 10 minutes because of the source code walk through session
14:02:24 <m3m0> hello
14:02:32 <m3m0> daemontool__: do you want to be the chair today?
14:03:53 <daemontool__> ok thanks
14:11:52 <daemontool__> ok
14:11:54 <daemontool__> here we are
14:12:17 <daemontool__> topis and meeting notes available at: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:12:50 <daemontool__> s/topis/topic/
14:12:52 <daemontool__> so
14:13:10 <daemontool__> #topic Should we do a one-time sync of our liberty and mitaka branches ?
14:13:45 <daemontool__> m3m0,  slashme  szaher frescof  yangyape_ EinstCrazy  zhangjn et all
14:13:53 <m3m0> o/
14:13:55 <daemontool__> ok
14:13:56 <yangyape_> :0
14:14:00 <zhangjn> :)
14:14:02 <slashme> i'm here
14:14:12 <slashme> This was raised by reldan
14:14:18 <slashme> The idea is :
14:14:32 <reldan> 0/
14:14:51 <slashme> Our mitaka (current master) and liberty branch are very very close because we backported nearly every commit
14:15:16 <daemontool__> I think we have 2 issues there
14:15:29 <daemontool__> 1 is that liberty and mitaka were branched in a close timeframe
14:15:34 <daemontool__> that is not going to happena nymore in the future
14:15:38 <daemontool__> the other one
14:15:39 <slashme> In order to simplify support of the liberty branch, reldan proposed that we do a sync of the two
14:15:51 <daemontool__> ok
14:16:04 <daemontool__> I'd focus more on find an agreement
14:16:11 <daemontool__> on how to do this in the near future
14:16:15 <daemontool__> and stick with that
14:16:46 <daemontool__> doing any rebase
14:16:49 <daemontool__> take time
14:17:02 <daemontool__> probably it is better to focus on new features
14:17:05 <daemontool__> testing and doc
14:17:08 <daemontool__> rather backporting
14:17:12 <daemontool__> unless we have serius bugs
14:17:31 <slashme> So you agree that we should sync them ?
14:17:41 <daemontool__> nope
14:17:54 <daemontool__> because it is not what we are going to do in the future
14:17:56 <daemontool__> most probably
14:18:02 <zhangjn> agree daemontool
14:18:10 <slashme> Yes I agree, it won't happen in the future
14:18:11 <daemontool__> so I'll start doing things how we'll do it in the near future
14:18:12 <daemontool__> from now
14:18:24 <daemontool__> s/I'll/I'd/
14:18:40 <zhangjn> I think we can impove our doc for user.
14:18:49 <daemontool__> zhangjn,  definetely
14:18:55 <slashme> I agree
14:19:07 <daemontool__> reldan, sounds resonable to you?
14:19:18 <slashme> Can we then take two minutes to agree on the workflow
14:19:24 <daemontool__> so from now on
14:20:00 <reldan> I agree with any solution.
14:20:06 <daemontool__> o from now on
14:20:14 <zhangjn> nobady use freezer just look README.rst
14:20:25 <daemontool__> we will just backport the bugs
14:20:25 <zhangjn> I think this a problem.
14:20:29 <daemontool__> doc improvement
14:20:35 <daemontool__> and testing
14:20:55 <slashme> I think we need to stick to backporting bugfix, Even if this means rewriting a full change to manage the bug in older branches.
14:21:10 <daemontool__> well the bugfix has priority
14:21:13 <daemontool__> for sure
14:21:41 <daemontool__> we can maange this case by case
14:21:42 <zhangjn> otherwise testing testing testing
14:21:57 <daemontool__> zhangjn,  that's for sure something we have to anyway :)
14:22:07 <reldan> For my point of view: 1) We need good tests - now we haven't
14:22:12 <slashme> +1
14:22:14 <daemontool__> reldan,  ++
14:22:15 <reldan> And actually it is all
14:22:26 <zhangjn> ++
14:22:30 <zhangjn> +1
14:22:33 <EinstCrazy> +1
14:22:36 <yangyape_> +1
14:22:37 <reldan> If I know that my code works with mysql, mongo, windows, linux for restore, backup
14:22:38 <daemontool__> we can write tempest tests now
14:22:48 <reldan> I may sleep well
14:22:49 <daemontool__> as we have the plugin
14:23:01 <zhangjn> unit test first
14:23:12 <reldan> Otherwise we should invest tremendous amount of time for manual testing and bug fixing
14:23:41 <daemontool__> zhangjn,  unit test we have
14:23:48 <daemontool__> what we need it integration tests
14:24:04 <reldan> I would prefer functional tests
14:24:18 <reldan> Like I don’t sure that we capable to do 100GB backup
14:24:20 <reldan> and restore
14:24:25 <reldan> Just I don’t know
14:24:57 <ddieterly> +1 on integration tests
14:25:04 <EinstCrazy> I think integration tests need a way to autodeploy the freezer first
14:25:06 <daemontool__> until few months ago
14:25:25 <daemontool__> the agent was capable of doing >500GB backups
14:25:28 <zhangjn> +1 integration tests
14:25:42 <daemontool__> anyway
14:25:44 <zhangjn> we can test it in our lab
14:25:46 <daemontool__> this is a different topic
14:25:55 <slashme> +1 on functional testing
14:25:58 <daemontool__> all good for the backportig thing?
14:26:06 <reldan> I would like to have a system, that will do 100GB backup restore every day or at least once per week
14:26:16 <daemontool__> integration test is the topic 3
14:26:35 <daemontool__> I think the periodic tests can help us doing that
14:26:36 <reldan> I’m fine with backporting, but it is not a root of our problems. It a symptome
14:26:41 <daemontool__> ok
14:26:52 <daemontool__> next
14:26:59 <daemontool__> #topic python-freezerclient
14:27:03 <daemontool__> m3m0,
14:27:16 <daemontool__> does the tests workd there?
14:27:20 <daemontool__> s/word/works/
14:27:25 <m3m0> the ui is capable of using the freezerclient, I'm integrating the scheduler now
14:27:32 <daemontool__> ok
14:27:34 <m3m0> but I'm having some issues with testr
14:27:43 <daemontool__> so we need to have tests working
14:27:48 <daemontool__> or the build will fail at repo creation
14:28:02 <daemontool__> what's the issue you are having?
14:28:04 <m3m0> maybe is my workstation but I need one more day to finish it
14:28:25 <m3m0> I think I might be executing the tests incorrectly
14:28:37 <daemontool__> the tests are the same as the apiclient right?
14:29:03 <m3m0> most of them yes
14:29:22 <daemontool__> is the current code on your repo?
14:29:39 <m3m0> yes, we still need to create the pypi repo and the gihub one, any news?
14:29:49 <daemontool__> I'll do that after the tests works
14:29:56 <m3m0> >S
14:29:59 <daemontool__> :)
14:30:02 <m3m0> :s ok
14:30:06 <daemontool__> we need to know the tests works
14:30:10 <daemontool__> that's for sure
14:30:27 <daemontool__> all good with this topic?
14:30:27 <m3m0> sure
14:30:31 <m3m0> yes
14:30:31 <daemontool__> can we move forward?
14:30:41 <daemontool__> next
14:30:44 <daemontool__> #topic Integration tests
14:30:46 <daemontool__> ok
14:30:53 <daemontool__> so where we left?
14:31:02 <daemontool__> ddieterly, are you doing some other stuff on this regards?
14:31:33 <daemontool__> ok
14:31:39 <daemontool__> so we need the following
14:31:41 <ddieterly> i'm trying to get the tempest test to exercise the freezer api
14:31:50 <daemontool__> ah ok
14:32:02 <daemontool__> that's what I was saying
14:32:05 <ddieterly> if i can get one example, then the rest should be easy
14:32:17 <zhangjn> discuss some Test Case
14:32:23 <daemontool__> ok
14:32:53 <daemontool__> probably the test cases should start from the agent?
14:32:54 <zhangjn> test all api or some api first.
14:32:58 <ddieterly> i'm also trying to get the gate job to run the tempest tests for freezer
14:33:08 <daemontool__> being executed by the scheduler so we have all the flow tested?
14:33:37 <daemontool__> ddieterly,  I can give you some test cases for the agent
14:33:45 <daemontool__> Monday
14:33:49 <ddieterly> ok
14:33:52 <daemontool__> or Tuesday
14:33:57 <daemontool__> Tuesday most probably
14:34:04 <daemontool__> if anyone has test case
14:34:11 <daemontool__> please provide them to ddieterly
14:34:27 <ddieterly> i would prefer if you wrote them yourselves
14:34:48 <ddieterly> once one test is working, then there will be an example that people can follow
14:34:51 <ddieterly> should be easy
14:34:51 <daemontool__> sorry then I didn't get what you were asking before
14:35:05 <ddieterly> the hard part is getting the gates setup and getting one tests to work
14:35:10 <daemontool__> ok
14:35:31 <daemontool__> ok
14:35:37 <zhangjn> devstack is not work?
14:35:56 <zhangjn> where is the bug to setup freezer?
14:36:25 <daemontool__> which bug? not sure I'm following
14:36:34 <daemontool__> devstck should work now
14:37:13 <daemontool__> ddieterly, ok let us know if you need anything
14:37:16 <daemontool__> or anything we can do
14:37:30 <ddieterly> will do
14:37:37 <daemontool__> ty
14:37:39 <vannif> I agree with ddieterly, once the skeleton for the integration tests is working, adding them should be boring .. I mean "easy"
14:37:39 <daemontool__> next
14:37:49 <daemontool__> #topic  source code walkthru session for scheduler we need to reschedule
14:38:07 <daemontool__> so the source code walkthrough  it happen only partly
14:38:12 <daemontool__> this morning because of technical issues
14:38:18 <daemontool__> we need to reschedule that
14:38:22 <daemontool__> when?
14:38:28 <zhangjn> :(
14:38:46 <daemontool__> zhangjn, EinstCrazy yangyape_  it is ok for you to do it tomorrow?
14:38:54 <yangyape_> ok
14:38:56 <daemontool__> or Monday or next Thursday?
14:39:04 <daemontool__> vannif, sounds good for you?
14:39:27 <zhangjn> share screen is not work.
14:39:49 <yangyape_> everyday is fine :)
14:39:54 <zhangjn> I think the network is terrible for us.
14:39:56 <vannif> yes
14:40:07 <daemontool__> so let's do this tomorrow
14:40:09 <daemontool__> same time?
14:40:14 <vannif> you didn't see the sceeen ?
14:40:14 <daemontool__> let's use web ex
14:40:32 <daemontool__> vannif,  please let's make sure
14:40:36 <vannif> it always start in mandarin for me. idk why
14:40:38 <daemontool__> the layout is english
14:40:41 <yangyape_> no I don't see the share screen
14:40:42 <daemontool__> lol
14:40:42 <daemontool__> ojk
14:40:53 <daemontool__> so tomorrow Morning please
14:40:55 <daemontool__> let's do that
14:41:15 <daemontool__> and also find a way of recording the session, so to be uploaded to youtube along with the previous one
14:41:23 <vannif> hmmm. so. either I try it starting from *now*, or I record a demo and then we only handle questions in the meeting
14:41:39 <zhangjn> doc instead of walkthough.
14:42:14 <daemontool__> zhangjn, like documenting the code?
14:42:21 <daemontool__> or the user documentation
14:42:22 <daemontool__> ?
14:43:07 <zhangjn> code comment
14:43:28 <zhangjn> update the use document
14:43:37 <zhangjn> we can review this patch
14:43:39 <reldan> I would prefer code refactoring over code comment. If something is not clear - let’s make it clear
14:44:05 <daemontool__> yes I think anyway
14:44:12 <daemontool__> the documentation in the classes and functions docstrings
14:44:19 <daemontool__> can be improved
14:44:24 <reldan> If you can check our code and place //todo - not clear in places where it is not clear
14:44:25 <daemontool__> so the documentation can be generated automatically
14:44:39 <reldan> and send a pull requiest with such comments - it will be really cool
14:44:59 <reldan> like #todo: nothing clear here
14:45:05 <zhangjn> yes
14:45:10 <daemontool__> ok zhangjn  ty
14:45:21 <reldan> Thank you!
14:45:42 <zhangjn> this is a good way to learn and impove our freezer.
14:45:53 <EinstCrazy> +1
14:46:12 <daemontool__> ok
14:46:15 <daemontool__> next
14:46:28 <daemontool__> #topic What needs to be done for Mitaka
14:46:36 <daemontool__> 1) python-freezerclient package
14:47:07 <daemontool__> 2) try to get rysnc code in, if by next Tuesday is available with tests and doc, it will be in, otherwise Newton
14:47:10 <daemontool__> 3) ?
14:47:31 <daemontool__> starting from Tuesday next week we should focus at least 1 week only on documentation improvement
14:47:35 <daemontool__> and testing
14:47:39 <daemontool__> stabilization
14:47:42 <daemontool__> all of us
14:48:00 <daemontool__> until 25th of March
14:48:38 <daemontool__> anything more?
14:49:00 <daemontool__> next
14:49:06 <daemontool__> #topic Summit
14:49:10 <daemontool__> so we have 1 talk approved
14:49:47 <zhangjn> Congratulations
14:49:48 <daemontool__> and 3 slots for the design
14:50:02 <daemontool__> so we can get together and have dev and arch conversations
14:50:11 <daemontool__> and discuss together many things
14:50:15 <daemontool__> f2f
14:50:30 <daemontool__> I hope to see all of you in Austin
14:50:36 <daemontool__> anything to add?
14:50:50 <daemontool__> next
14:50:54 <daemontool__> #topic DR bp: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/278242
14:50:54 <slashme> daemontool__: only my personal opinion here. I think that the rsync code integration would make more sense in newton with th plugable engines
14:51:08 <slashme> But that does not really matter
14:51:14 <daemontool__> the engines are already pluggable
14:51:38 <daemontool__> probably there are more code we can abstract
14:51:45 <daemontool__> but the basic abstraction is done
14:52:19 <vannif> about the engines, yes. I'd like to see the documentation on how it works, the file formats, the structure of any metadata etc. before any code implementation actually
14:52:32 <vannif> the rsync I mean
14:52:47 <daemontool__> vannif,  ok
14:53:12 <daemontool__> the implementation already started many months ago
14:53:13 <daemontool__> :)
14:53:22 <daemontool__> but it make sense
14:53:23 <vannif> yeah, I know :P
14:53:32 <daemontool__> to provide the necessary information
14:53:44 <vannif> but if anyone wants to check the code, help with the implementation ...
14:53:58 <slashme> Added as a topic for the midcycle meetup
14:54:13 <vannif> having an idea of how it is supposed to work is fundamental
14:54:26 <daemontool__> the ongoing review is here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/290461/
14:54:33 <daemontool__> still work in progress
14:55:12 <daemontool__> ok
14:55:23 <daemontool__> so by Monday we should have a first implementation
14:55:26 <daemontool__> with the metadata
14:55:29 <daemontool__> that can be changed anytime
14:55:34 <daemontool__> and we have something
14:55:36 <daemontool__> more tangible
14:55:38 <daemontool__> we can discuss on
14:56:13 <daemontool__> vannif, I'd like to have some feedback
14:56:21 <daemontool__> not on the rsync code itself at this stage
14:56:27 <daemontool__> but on the way the incremental_engine
14:56:30 <daemontool__> is organized in the code
14:56:39 <daemontool__> what can be abstracted and more
14:56:59 <daemontool__> but IMHO, we have many things to do
14:57:16 <daemontool__> so 1 engineer for now full time is more than enough on that
14:57:27 <daemontool__> but reviews needs to be done anyway
14:57:33 <vannif> yes. but in the end it will be a piece of art :)
14:57:44 <daemontool__> as everything :)
14:57:45 <daemontool__> so
14:57:51 <daemontool__> let's move forward
14:57:59 <daemontool__> #topic DR
14:58:05 <daemontool__> frescof, are you around?
14:58:11 <daemontool__> I see you updated the dp
14:58:12 <daemontool__> bp
14:58:23 <daemontool__> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/278242
14:58:36 <daemontool__> can we please add all our considerations there?
14:58:36 <slashme> Still
14:58:41 <slashme> the same problem
14:58:53 <daemontool__> slashme, ok
14:59:00 <daemontool__> write it down there
14:59:19 <daemontool__> I'd like to have some discussion reported there
14:59:27 <daemontool__> then we'll ask for feedback on the openstack ml
14:59:34 <slashme> m3m0 jonaspf and me started thinking about a viable solution
14:59:45 <daemontool__> so the community can see our discussion
14:59:54 <daemontool__> slashme, fantastic
15:00:11 <slashme> We'll be happy to explain the draft at the midcycle and then get the opinion of the comunity
15:00:19 <daemontool__> ok
15:00:26 <daemontool__> we have one topic left
15:00:35 <daemontool__> let's do that in #openstack-freezer please
15:00:43 <daemontool__> #endmeeting
15:00:49 <daemontool__> m3m0,  close the meeting please
15:00:51 <daemontool__> :)
15:00:52 <daemontool__> thanks
15:00:57 <zhangjn> tkx
15:00:59 <zhangjn> thx
15:01:01 <m3m0> #endmeeting