14:06:41 <m3m0> #startmeeting freezer
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14:07:00 <m3m0> hello everyone, wellcome to the freezer meeting
14:07:06 <ddieterly> hello
14:07:14 <yangyapeng> heelo
14:07:20 <yangyapeng> hello
14:07:21 <EinstCrazy> hello
14:07:29 <m3m0> as always, the etherpad for the meetings is at: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:07:38 <slashme> Hello m3m0
14:08:40 <m3m0> jonaspf, are you here/
14:08:41 <m3m0> ?
14:09:33 <jonaspf> yes
14:09:54 <m3m0> #topic Feedback on the integration testing plan
14:10:09 <m3m0> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/freezer/+spec/freezer-integration-tests / https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_tempest
14:10:10 <jonaspf> I was looking at what already exists in terms of integration tests
14:10:47 <jonaspf> and what we need to do to get at least basic confidence that freezer is working
14:11:17 <ddieterly> it would be nice to have a basic smoke tests that tests end-to-end functionality on install
14:11:24 <jonaspf> could you just have a look at the blueprint and give me some feedbakc?
14:11:25 <ddieterly> just to make sure all components are up and running
14:12:04 <ddieterly> like schedule a backup for immediate execution and then check that everything that was supposed to happen did happen
14:12:06 <jonaspf> I agree , and it is included in the blueprint document
14:12:25 <jonaspf> under todo :-)
14:12:29 <ddieterly> cool
14:13:49 <m3m0> should we speak with the infra guys to check if we can spawn windows vm's for this?
14:14:06 <m3m0> or should we do this internally?
14:14:31 <jonaspf> well, I don't know how so I guess if nobody else knows we have to ask
14:14:55 <m3m0> would you like to do this?
14:15:18 <jonaspf> yes, I will drive that forward but it's going to take a while
14:16:29 <jonaspf> I think that;s all from my side. Fell free to jump to the next topic
14:16:47 <m3m0> danke jonaspf
14:18:40 <m3m0> btw how long do you thin it will take? jonaspf?
14:18:53 <m3m0> and btw slashme, should we do this before the refactor?
14:19:29 <jonaspf> honestly no idea but we are talking weeks
14:19:35 <jonaspf> maybe months
14:19:56 <jonaspf> but it's not an all or nothing thing. every little test helps.
14:20:06 <m3m0> that's very true
14:20:15 <m3m0> and you don't need to this by youself
14:20:22 <slashme> yes
14:20:45 <m3m0> just make sure on the reviews give a -1 if a commit does not contains a test
14:21:01 <jonaspf> will do
14:21:07 <m3m0> thanks a lot
14:21:20 <m3m0> but slashme, how should we proceed then?
14:22:25 <slashme> What is your concerns ? The refactoring concerns mainly the agent. and sould not affect testing that much. No ?
14:23:37 <jonaspf> testing the agent is an important part but I'll concentrate on api and end-to-end testing first
14:24:01 <jonaspf> or would tests help with the refactoring?
14:24:57 <m3m0> I think we can work on both in parallel then
14:25:23 <slashme> m3m0: that's also my opinion
14:25:31 <clsacramento> I think testing could help refactoring
14:25:45 <slashme> clsacramento: +1
14:25:49 <clsacramento> Would allow to be sure refactoring is not breaking anything?
14:26:17 <slashme> yes
14:26:51 <m3m0> ok can we move forward?
14:26:55 <jonaspf> so how about this: whoever refactores something should write a test first
14:27:08 <jonaspf> or ping me and I'll do it if I find the time
14:27:10 <m3m0> +2
14:28:02 <clsacramento> +2 too
14:30:45 <m3m0> ok let's move forward
14:30:47 <EinstCrazy> +
14:31:35 <m3m0> #topic Pending reviews: trickle
14:32:44 <m3m0> szaher
14:32:49 <szaher> Hi m3m0
14:33:15 <szaher> I think trickle is ready to be merged I tested that and it seems to be working fine
14:33:28 <szaher> If anyone can give a hand so we can merge it that would be greate
14:33:35 <szaher> s/greate/great
14:33:40 <m3m0> could you paste the link plase?
14:33:55 <m3m0> so guys, please review this
14:34:04 <szaher> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/304047/
14:34:10 <szaher> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/304781/
14:35:09 <yangyapeng> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/304047/  it is good to delete tmpfile
14:35:38 <szaher> yangyapeng: I am already doing that :)
14:35:59 <yangyapeng> good
14:36:12 <EinstCrazy> https://review.openstack.org/303340
14:36:54 <szaher> EinstCrazy: merged
14:37:10 <EinstCrazy> thx
14:38:11 <m3m0> clsacramento: your review?
14:38:16 <m3m0> any more reviews guys?
14:39:46 <clsacramento> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/300080/
14:40:41 <m3m0> ready to be merged?
14:41:24 <clsacramento> Jonas was going to review today I guess
14:41:31 <jonaspf> yes
14:41:41 <m3m0> lol, too late
14:42:43 <jonaspf> fair enough, guess I'll raise bugs then ... if I find something
14:43:05 <clsacramento> If more people wants to take a look it is best... Since we will rely on this to do most of tests, it would be better to have a more exhaustive review
14:43:46 <m3m0> agree on that
14:45:29 <m3m0> guys anything else you want to discuss or we can close the meeting?
14:48:06 <daemontool> o/ sorry I was flyong
14:48:12 <daemontool> flying
14:48:34 <ddieterly> daemontool your arms must be tired
14:48:47 <m3m0> :P
14:49:50 <m3m0> ok guys, closing the meeting in 5
14:50:00 <ddieterly> ciao!
14:50:21 <m3m0> 4
14:50:23 <m3m0> 45
14:50:25 <m3m0> 3
14:50:27 <m3m0> 2
14:50:27 <m3m0> 1
14:50:33 <m3m0> #endmeeting