14:04:53 <slashme> #startmeeting freezer
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14:05:04 <yangyapeng> :0
14:05:09 <yangyapeng> :)
14:05:12 <slashme> Hello everyone
14:05:15 <EinstCrazy> hello
14:05:16 <ddieterly> hello
14:05:54 <slashme> As usual, the agenda is available here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:05:59 <szaher> Hi
14:06:07 <slashme> Feel free to add anything there
14:11:28 <slashme> Okay, First topic
14:11:38 <slashme> #topic mid-cycle meetup
14:12:44 <slashme> It will happen in Galway I suppose.
14:12:47 <m3m0> location: philiphines
14:12:57 <ddieterly> so the last meeting we discussed end of july in galway
14:13:35 <jonaspf> I'll be in Germany between 19/07 and 29/07
14:13:58 <ddieterly> does anyone have the link to the meeting minutes from last week?
14:14:06 <szaher> I'll be in Egypt from 18 Jun till 23rd of July
14:14:35 <ddieterly> http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/freezer/
14:15:26 <m3m0> so no philiphines :(
14:16:21 <ddieterly> so, last meeting we voted for the last week of july, i believe
14:16:29 <slashme> And I'll be out 27/07 yo 18/08
14:16:30 <ddieterly> july 25
14:17:03 <ddieterly> you europeans and your wacky way of showing dates ;-)
14:17:24 <ddieterly> so then can we do first week of august?
14:17:42 <slashme> A one day event should be enought this time I think. No ?
14:17:59 <ddieterly> i can't justify a trip for one day :-(
14:18:37 <ddieterly> i think deamontool said that he was unavailable in auguest
14:18:53 <slashme> I am unavailable in august as well
14:19:23 <ddieterly> if we go to september, that is not really mid-cycle though
14:19:36 <slashme> ddieterly: yes
14:21:06 <ddieterly> july 11?
14:21:15 <slashme> ddieterly: regarding your travel issues, we can arrange for some skype/hangout.
14:21:31 <ddieterly> @slashme ok
14:21:49 <ddieterly> i can also schedule a trip independently to get some face time
14:26:44 <ddieterly> so, it seems pretty much up in the air at this point?
14:26:50 <slashme> It seems like it is going to be hard to get everyone here physicaly (ddieterly, szaher, jonaspf)
14:27:10 <slashme> Let's agree on a date and have people joining virtualy
14:27:21 <ddieterly> +1
14:27:28 <slashme> We don't have as much things as last time to discuss
14:29:14 <slashme> I'm okay with 15th of July
14:29:41 <ddieterly> works for me (virtually)
14:31:06 <slashme> Okay.
14:31:42 <slashme> There is no other points in the agenda today (except the pending reviews)
14:32:01 <ddieterly> i had a question about the reviews
14:32:01 <slashme> Anyone has a topic he/she wants to discuss ?
14:32:16 <slashme> Go ahead
14:32:50 <ddieterly> usually, before +2/A a review in other projects, we would have tests or, a reviewer would test the patch himself
14:33:16 <ddieterly> are people doing that in freezer? testing the patch before +2/A?
14:33:32 <yangyapeng> agree
14:33:54 <ddieterly> this takes a lot of work, but it definitely safe time in the long run
14:34:03 <ddieterly> s/safe/saves
14:34:10 <slashme> What a reviewer should do before approving a patch:
14:34:16 <yangyapeng> We should be more timely review
14:34:18 <slashme> - Read the code
14:34:40 <slashme> - Check for the presence of a bug-id or blueprint-id
14:34:46 <slashme> - Test the code
14:35:13 <slashme> - Check for documentation of the code (Both comment and addition to the doc)
14:35:40 <slashme> - Check if the mappings have been updated accordingly if necessary
14:36:19 <slashme> Anything to add to this ?
14:36:58 <ddieterly> looks good, i think the testing of code will definitely slow down the review process
14:37:16 <ddieterly> i think that each patch should have unit tests and integration tests as well before approved
14:37:24 <slashme> +1
14:41:03 <slashme> Any other comments on that ?
14:41:17 <slashme> Or topic you want to discuss ?
14:43:07 <ddieterly> kind of a slow day
14:43:11 <szaher> For me I am good. Thanks :)
14:43:34 <szaher> I would appreciate If we can review this one https://review.openstack.org/#/c/324529/
14:45:10 <slashme> And these patches are also waiting for reviews:
14:45:13 <slashme> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/312430/
14:45:13 <slashme> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/315939/
14:45:14 <slashme> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/318551/
14:45:14 <slashme> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/323644/
14:48:29 <ddieterly> szaher will https://review.openstack.org/#/c/324529/ address the issues that mohan found?
14:50:18 <szaher> ddieterly: which issues ?
14:50:25 <szaher> Can you give me a link to that issues ?
14:50:33 <ddieterly> bura-479
14:50:49 <ddieterly> unable to start a default job
14:51:02 <ddieterly> the version field in the db seems to be the issue
14:51:52 <szaher> ddieterly: I think this patch is the one solved the problem https://review.openstack.org/#/c/322928/
14:53:09 <ddieterly> how long does it usually take to get from stable/mitaka to hp/prerelease/mitaka?
14:53:17 <szaher> Einstcrazy: plz check my comments https://review.openstack.org/#/c/324529/
14:54:21 <szaher> ddieterly: it's landed already
14:55:08 <EinstCrazy> well, I think the second one my comment may be a clear way . Anyway all is ok
14:55:16 <ddieterly> so then it could not have fixed the issue
14:55:28 <EinstCrazy> either is ok
14:56:10 <szaher> EinstCrazy: I just wanted to know what is the difference between if do_update and if not do_update ?
14:56:48 <domhnallw> It's neater to do "if not do_update"... and return and unindent the larger block that happens if do_update, I guess?
14:57:06 <domhnallw> Readability?
14:59:17 <EinstCrazy> o, I think the code may be like this
14:59:21 <EinstCrazy> # check if doc_type exists or not
14:59:21 <EinstCrazy> if self._check_mapping_exists(doc_type):
14:59:22 <EinstCrazy> do_update = self.prompt('[[[ {0} ]]] already exists in index => {1}'
14:59:23 <EinstCrazy> ' <= Do you want to update it ? (y/n) '
14:59:25 <EinstCrazy> .format(doc_type, self.index)
14:59:27 <EinstCrazy> )
14:59:29 <EinstCrazy> if not do_update:
14:59:31 <EinstCrazy> return {'acknowledged': False}
14:59:33 <EinstCrazy> return self.elk.indices.put_mapping(doc_type=doc_type, body=body,
14:59:35 <EinstCrazy> index=self.index)
14:59:37 <EinstCrazy> but anyway I think either is ok
15:00:04 <ddieterly> meeting is about to end
15:00:07 <ddieterly> ciao!
15:00:10 <yangyapeng> #openstack-freezer?
15:00:33 * bswartz waves to freezer team
15:00:42 <ddieterly> bye bye
15:01:34 <vponomaryov> #endmeeting
15:01:39 <bswartz> freezer guys you going to end meeting?
15:01:47 <toabctl> vponomaryov, afaik only the moderator can end the meeting
15:01:54 <ddieterly> slashme you need to end the meeting, i think
15:02:05 <slashme> Oops
15:02:12 <slashme> #endmeeting freezer