14:00:52 <slashme> #startmeeting freezer
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14:01:25 <yangyapeng> slashme: hello
14:01:29 <timothyb89> hello all
14:01:41 <slashme> As usual, you can find meeting agenda and Meeting notes here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:01:49 <slashme> Hello everyone
14:01:56 <m3m0> hello :)
14:02:36 <szaher> hey m3m0
14:02:45 <ddieterly> hi all
14:04:31 <ddieterly> is m3m0 running the meeting?
14:04:40 <m3m0> ddieterly: no
14:05:00 <ddieterly> whois?
14:05:06 <m3m0> ddieterly: slashme :)
14:05:08 <yangyapeng> ddieterly: slashme
14:05:48 <slashme> There is nothing on the agenda
14:06:07 <slashme> So if anyone has a topic he would like to bring up, feel free :)
14:07:20 <ddieterly> ok, i added some topics
14:07:30 <ddieterly> let's talk about deduplication
14:07:38 <slashme> #topic Deduplication
14:07:41 <ddieterly> er, i mean plugin architecture
14:07:54 <ddieterly> sorry, my bad
14:08:08 <slashme> #topic Plugins
14:08:10 <slashme> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_new_archi
14:09:21 <ddieterly> so, saad i'm assuming that you'll be working on the plugins
14:09:23 <ddieterly> is that cool?
14:11:30 <ddieterly> szaher?
14:12:05 <szaher> ddieterly: Yea :)
14:12:36 <ddieterly> slashme i hoping you can cover tar incremental bug and backup/recover vm/volumes
14:12:40 <ddieterly> is that cool?
14:13:17 <slashme> Should be okay.
14:14:06 <ddieterly> m3m0 can you do replace elasticsearch?
14:15:30 <ddieterly> m3m0?
14:15:44 <m3m0> ddieterly: mmm I don't think so, tomorrow is my last day working in freezer
14:15:57 <ddieterly> okay...
14:15:59 <m3m0> we would need to re-route this to someone else
14:16:06 <ddieterly> what's going on?
14:16:12 <m3m0> daemontool wanted to work on this
14:16:23 <yangyapeng> szaher: in it, I can't see that by cindernative ?
14:16:32 <m3m0> but I haven't heard from him for a while
14:16:44 <ddieterly> m3m0 where are you going?
14:17:22 <slashme> He stays in our team...
14:17:26 <m3m0> still working in HPE :) but I got reassigned to do something else
14:17:36 <ddieterly> oh, i see
14:17:58 <ddieterly> i hope it is something that you enjoy
14:18:17 <m3m0> someone should take care of the freezerclient and provide help for the horizon team :)
14:18:35 <ddieterly> timothyb89 and i will look at deduplication
14:18:42 <m3m0> for ui related stuff as well find a new chairman :)
14:18:53 <ddieterly> m3m0 sorry to see you go
14:19:07 <yangyapeng> m3m0: :(
14:19:13 <m3m0> ddieterly: thanks, no worries, I'll still be around
14:19:22 <ddieterly> cool
14:19:52 <timothyb89> I can probably help out with horizon as needed
14:20:06 <ddieterly> slashme we could not find a link to the deduplication etherpad. could you paste that link for us?
14:21:26 <slashme> ddieterly: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_deduplication Here it is, but is is empty
14:21:57 <ddieterly> lol
14:22:06 <ddieterly> a cruel joke
14:24:10 <ddieterly> so, guys, i think that those are the epics that we need to get done for ocata
14:24:54 <ddieterly> that is a lot of dev work
14:25:06 <ddieterly> what do people think? is it doable?
14:25:30 <ddieterly> and szaher is working on multi-tenant
14:25:46 <slashme> I'm not entirely sure deduplication will be finished in time.
14:26:10 <ddieterly> yea, me too. that's why i'll be helping out tim
14:26:30 <ddieterly> if people finish their epics early, they can also pitch in
14:26:40 <ddieterly> but, if it doesn't get done, that's ok
14:27:10 <timothyb89> for dedup I think it's less the amount of work, and more the architecture planning that makes it seem complex
14:27:12 <ddieterly> the most important ones are tar incremental bug, back/restore vm/volume, and plugin architecture
14:27:47 <timothyb89> once we have more clear ideas of how to implement things I think the time estimates can go down a lot
14:27:53 <ddieterly> so, szaher and slashme are the heavy hitters on these
14:28:52 <szaher> ddieterly: :D :)
14:29:11 <slashme> szaher: Do you think the plugin layer can be achieved in one cycle with only one developper (you) ?
14:30:14 <ddieterly> there are 4 different types of plugins to create so, there's room for other to help
14:31:24 <slashme> Indeed
14:31:30 <ddieterly> the main objective is to allow anyone to create a plugin to backup his service/db/whatever
14:31:50 <ddieterly> so we need to prioritize on the plugin that gets us closest to that goal
14:33:23 <ddieterly> maybe daemontool can do the elasticsearch to mysql conversion
14:35:08 <ddieterly> can we move to the next topic?
14:35:34 <ddieterly> freezer-api version 2?
14:36:52 <ddieterly> guys? you there?
14:37:02 <yangyapeng> yeah
14:37:30 <yangyapeng> i guess it is a topic  szaher
14:37:45 <ddieterly> yea, it's szaher's baby
14:38:47 <ddieterly> i guess they stepped out
14:39:08 <ddieterly> yangyapeng do you want to discuss your blueprints?
14:39:24 <yangyapeng> okay
14:40:01 <yangyapeng> i Recently have focused on cindervolume backup
14:40:27 <slashme> #topic backup-rotation
14:40:35 <yangyapeng> so , I want to implementation remove older backup in cindernative
14:40:45 <yangyapeng> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/freezer/+spec/backup-rotation
14:41:23 <yangyapeng> fullbackup-incremental- - - have more  a fullbackup chain
14:42:13 <yangyapeng> I ready to do it, remove older fullbackup chain . action==admin
14:43:00 <yangyapeng> it is different (nova or cinder) and cindernative
14:43:25 <ddieterly> ok
14:43:44 <szaher> ddieterly: I am still here sorry I was getting something
14:43:57 <ddieterly> szaher no problem
14:45:13 <ddieterly> so, i think unless anyone has any objections, yangyapeng you may proceed
14:45:46 <slashme> +1
14:46:06 <ddieterly> szaher can we talk about your freezer-api version 2
14:46:37 <slashme> #topic Freezer-api v2
14:46:52 <szaher> Yes Sure
14:47:19 <szaher> I think after implementing oslo.policy we need to make use of it and implement multi-tenancy
14:47:36 <ddieterly> ok
14:47:48 <szaher> so now if you take a look at the api calls for freezer it looks for the user id and relates the backup to the user ID
14:48:04 <szaher> instead of that the user ID will be optional and tenant ID will be mandatory
14:48:06 <ddieterly> yea
14:48:15 <ddieterly> sounds good
14:48:26 <yangyapeng> szaher: good
14:48:47 <ddieterly> how is user id related to tenant id?
14:48:56 <ddieterly> in the openstack world?
14:49:00 <szaher> so now I am going to refactor this part as a version 2 of the api and I will keep version 1 to support backward compatibility
14:49:11 <szaher> ddieterly: roles
14:49:33 <szaher> simply the user needs a tenant to login and needs to have a role on atenant
14:49:51 <ddieterly> oh, tenant replaces project now?
14:50:06 <yangyapeng> keystone v3
14:50:06 <ddieterly> i think it used to be project that was used
14:50:40 <szaher> project(new) = tenant (old)
14:51:14 <ddieterly> so, now projecs are used instead of tenants?
14:52:10 <szaher> ddieterly: Yes, even the env variables are OS_PORJECT now
14:52:37 <ddieterly> tenant=project. Project is mainly used for v3 api. v1 and v2 api use tenant
14:52:48 <ddieterly> found that doing a search
14:53:31 <szaher> Yes that's correct
14:53:35 <szaher> so project is the new one
14:53:58 <ddieterly> so, that is needed for backup/restore vm/volumes?
14:54:48 <szaher> I did a commit in freezer to check for either tenant or project whatever available freezer will use it
14:55:59 <ddieterly> 5 mins left; does anyone have any other topics?
14:56:44 <szaher> ddieterly: Thanks
14:56:47 <slashme> Thank you everyone :)
14:56:51 <slashme> #endmeeting