14:01:42 <slashme> #startmeeting freezer
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14:02:28 <slashme> Hello everyone :)
14:02:37 <yangyapeng> hello slashme
14:03:15 <slashme> As usual, the meeting agenda and recap is available here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:04:33 <slashme> Let's give a few more minutes for people to join.
14:04:49 <szaher_> hi slashme
14:05:21 <slashme> Hi szaher
14:05:38 <yangyapeng> hello szaher :)
14:05:51 <zhusz> Hello, everyone
14:06:06 <yangyapeng> zhusz: :)
14:06:21 <slashme> Hello zhusz
14:06:48 <zhusz> yapeng,slashme: :)
14:07:24 <szaher> Hello yangyapeng
14:07:36 <szaher> How is it going in China ?
14:09:51 <zhusz> szaher: I'm in China also. Not bad, you?
14:10:00 <yangyapeng> szaher: fine
14:10:11 <zhusz> We have a long vacation. 7 days.
14:10:30 <szaher> yangyapeng, zhusz we are good here :)
14:10:38 <zhusz> Oct1-Oct7
14:10:40 <szaher> Oh good is it a feast ?
14:11:23 <zhusz> Yeah.
14:11:34 <slashme> Okay, seems like ddieterly and timothyb89 won't be joining. Let's start.
14:11:44 <yangyapeng> sure
14:11:49 <slashme> #topic newton_release
14:12:06 <slashme> I release freezer version 3.0.0rc2
14:12:09 <slashme> yesterday
14:12:21 <slashme> This will be our newton relase.
14:12:58 <yangyapeng> slashme: nice
14:13:05 <slashme> We won't be able to release the newton branch again before october 9th (official release).
14:13:42 <slashme> Thanks a lot to everyone involved this during the Newton cycle, You all did a great job :)
14:14:33 <szaher> Thanks slashme for all your hard work and dedication
14:15:08 <yangyapeng> thanks slashme  Good leadership
14:15:52 <slashme> Thank you guys :)
14:15:58 <slashme> Next topic
14:16:17 <slashme> #topic barcelona_summit
14:18:21 <slashme> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/barcelona_summit_preparation
14:19:48 <slashme> I'm open to ideas about what you think should be discussed with the community regarding Freezer.
14:20:10 <yangyapeng> slashme:  Sorry, Now there is the url for the topic about freezer   will share
14:23:37 <zhusz> I don't have a good idea on the topic.
14:25:04 <szaher> slashme: Can we do a survey what the users expected to see in freezer and what they see it needs to be done ?
14:26:07 <slashme> This is not really the purpose of the developer session at the summit. They are more targeted at discussing one specific feature or engineering point.
14:26:09 <yangyapeng> aggree szaher   Collect user requirements
14:26:27 <slashme> The turvey is a very goo idea though
14:26:41 <slashme> survey*
14:27:35 <slashme> We should set that up online in the following weeks.
14:28:16 <slashme> #topic survey
14:28:23 <szaher> slashme: Yes, totally agree let's do it online
14:28:38 <slashme> What Kind of question do you want to be asked ?
14:29:23 <vnogin> Add ability to backup all nova instances and cinder volumes per tenant/cloud
14:29:28 <szaher> Do you use freezer to backup your data ?
14:29:37 <szaher> What kind of data do you use freezer to backup ?
14:29:45 <szaher> what features do you use in freezer ?
14:29:50 <szaher> what do you like most in freezer ?
14:29:59 <szaher> what do you dislike most in freezer ?
14:30:05 <szaher> what needs to be improved ?
14:30:14 <szaher> what features you need to have in freezer ?
14:30:32 <yangyapeng> szaher: good
14:30:36 <szaher> how much freezer is fulfilling you backup/restore needs ?
14:30:48 <szaher> Do you use freezer as a dr solution ??
14:31:02 <szaher> Do you think freezer is good enough to cover this area (dr) ?
14:31:12 <szaher> yangyapeng: Thanks
14:31:58 <szaher> Do you want freezer to focus on backup openstack infra only or you want to use for other infra you have in your datacenter ?
14:32:39 <slashme> What kind of data do you want to backup with Freezer ?
14:32:39 <slashme> - Backup of OpenStack Workloads (Vm / Volumes) using OpenStack Api's
14:32:40 <slashme> - Backup of other OpenStack data (Users, Networks, ...)
14:32:40 <slashme> - Backup of OpenStack Workloads using an agent inside the Vm.
14:32:40 <slashme> - Backup of the OpenStack infrastructure
14:32:40 <zhusz> what are the difficulties encountered on dr?
14:32:40 <slashme> - Backup of data outside of OpenStack
14:32:41 <slashme> 
14:33:01 <vnogin> do you want to have ability to backup UnderCloud (installed packages, network configuration, etc)
14:34:50 <vnogin> do you want backup policies and permissions
14:35:04 <zhusz> Where do you backup data to? swift? nas or san? others?
14:36:11 <vnogin> and ceph
14:36:23 <zhusz> yes
14:36:51 <yangyapeng> this is a future ceph and tenant backup
14:37:54 <vnogin> yangyapeng, sure, however it's good idea to add it into survey document
14:38:37 <slashme> Well, ceph is already supported through the radosgw.
14:39:04 <slashme> Do you mean pushing data to ceph directly through the librbd ?
14:41:24 <vnogin> slashme, frankly I haven't seen that freezer already supports it through rados. I'll check it
14:41:43 <slashme> Well...
14:41:58 <slashme> Freezer support the OpenStack Object api (swift )
14:42:03 <vnogin> ups
14:42:08 <vnogin> yes, agree )
14:42:20 <vnogin> the same api can be used :)
14:42:39 <slashme> When you install and configure the radosgw, it replaces the swift api and provide (almost) the same feature.
14:42:52 <slashme> So it should work out of the box (in Theoty)
14:42:52 <vnogin> what about block devices?
14:43:18 <slashme> Well this is another matter...
14:43:21 <vnogin> yep
14:43:34 <vnogin> however needs to be added
14:43:38 <slashme> Yes
14:44:13 <slashme> Okay. Let's keep refining that list of questions during the next weeks and proceed with the survey.
14:45:06 <slashme> Next Topic
14:45:14 <slashme> #topic ocata_ptl
14:45:29 <yangyapeng> I have see it result :)
14:45:38 <yangyapeng> congratulations
14:45:44 <slashme> So it seems like you are stuck with me again for the next six month ;)
14:46:01 <slashme> Thank you all for your votes :)
14:46:25 <zhusz> Congratulations!
14:46:45 <yangyapeng> slashme: You deserve it  congratulations
14:46:51 <vnogin> slashme, grats :)
14:47:26 <slashme> I'd like also to thank ddieterly for participating, I know he would have made a very good PTL as well. I'm sure he will get that role sometime in the future.
14:47:50 <ddieterly> slashme thanks
14:48:20 <ddieterly> slashme you'll do a great job, again!
14:48:47 <slashme> Thank you :)
14:48:49 <slashme> In the folowing weeks and during the summit we'll work on defining the final roadmap for Ocata and work on that.
14:49:22 <slashme> #topic Transition_to_relational_database
14:49:56 <slashme> As most of you already know, we have the project of switching from our current database (elasticsearch) to oslo.db
14:50:00 <szaher_> :)
14:50:09 <vnogin> awesome :)
14:50:11 <yangyapeng> Very meaningful
14:50:24 <slashme> This mean we will support Mysql, postgresql, sqlite, ...
14:50:35 <slashme> We want to to this because:
14:51:04 <slashme> - Administrator won't have to maintain two database at the same time
14:51:22 <slashme> - Elasticsearch is not the most stable thing in the world
14:51:42 <slashme> - The kind of data we generate is relational
14:52:15 <slashme> During the next few weeks, we will work at defining the model and how the migration will happen
14:52:39 <slashme> I created this etherpad to document the process: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_mysql_migration
14:53:04 <slashme> It is empty for now, but as we start adding content, feel free to review and participate :)
14:53:49 <slashme> Silviu (new in the Freezer community, he works with daemontool at Ericson ) will help write the code
14:54:29 <slashme> Last but not least
14:54:41 <slashme> #topic Pending_reviews
14:54:53 <slashme> -https://review.openstack.org/#/c/379281/
14:54:53 <slashme> -https://review.openstack.org/#/c/376411/
14:54:54 <slashme> -https://review.openstack.org/#/c/377689/
14:55:05 <slashme> Not limited to these
14:55:32 <slashme> Please as usual *test* and review
14:56:01 <slashme> Does anyone would like to bring up any other topic ?
14:56:19 <szaher_> Thanks slashme
14:56:51 <yangyapeng> we should have a good documentation about python-freezerclient
14:57:11 <slashme> +1
14:57:22 <yangyapeng> because we have merge the code freezer-scheuder  to freezer
14:57:27 <vnogin> what about specs? :)
14:57:47 <slashme> We need to have the specs repo initialized.
14:58:00 <vnogin> yep, I saw your PR :)
14:58:04 <slashme> I need to do that
14:58:38 <yangyapeng> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/367251/  python-freezeclient need to review :)
14:59:23 <yangyapeng> 1 minute
14:59:55 <slashme> Thank you everyone for coming to the meeting :)
15:00:01 <slashme> #endmeeting