14:01:26 <slashme> #startmeeting freezer
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14:01:35 <dstepanenko> hello everyone
14:01:43 <slashme> Hello guys :-)
14:01:43 <zhusz> hello
14:02:02 <slashme> As usual meeting notes and agenda there: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:02:11 <yangyapeng> hello erveryone
14:02:21 <slashme> Let's wait a few minutes for people to join
14:04:19 <raliev> hi all :)
14:08:59 <szaher> Hello guys
14:09:29 <slashme> #topic releases
14:09:55 <slashme> python-freezerclient v1.1.0 was released yesterday
14:10:16 <szaher> Cool
14:10:37 <slashme> All other freezer components v4.0.0b2 were released today
14:12:20 <slashme> That's all I have in the agenda (except for the pending reviews).
14:12:29 <slashme> Anything you want to discuss ?
14:12:31 <raliev> good news! :)
14:12:33 <slashme> # topic free
14:13:01 <slashme> We need to push a patch to the global requirement to bump the version on python-freezerclient up
14:13:25 <raliev> slashme, you mean openstack-requirements?
14:14:22 <slashme> Yes
14:14:31 <raliev> I can do this
14:15:06 <slashme> I'll do it, don't worry
14:15:18 <raliev> okay :)
14:17:04 <dstepanenko> guys, I'm working on changes related to local and ssh backup/restore. The patch for local backup is already on review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/379281/. The patches for ssh backup are coming soon. Could you please hold these patches like your babies and add them to your top-review priority lists, because otherwise these very important changes will be on pending state for too long
14:17:59 <dstepanenko> By the way, I really appreciate everyone who worked on it
14:18:19 <yangyapeng> saher have some c commen
14:18:51 <slashme> As soon as szaher's comments are adressed we will merge it
14:18:52 <szaher> dstepanenko: I did some comments could you please review it ?
14:19:14 <dstepanenko> szaher: thanks! I'm already working on it
14:19:43 <dstepanenko> as far as I see you did it during last hour
14:19:48 <yangyapeng> szaher:  szaher ssh storage, should work it soon
14:20:38 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko:  thank you  :)
14:21:46 <szaher> yangyapeng: Yea I know but at the moment we need to display a message telling the user that this is not supported at the moment
14:22:04 <szaher> even for other storage that might be added later
14:22:07 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko:  szaher we should have a TODO
14:22:36 <dstepanenko> I will add it
14:23:17 <zhusz> dstepanenko: I'll check that patch also.
14:23:34 <dstepanenko> zhusz: thanks!
14:29:25 <slashme> I updated https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings with most of the pending reviews. Have a look when you have some time.
14:30:00 <dstepanenko> thanks, slashme
14:30:02 <dstepanenko> will do
14:55:57 <slashme> It's time to end the meeting. Thanks for joining :-)
14:56:02 <slashme> #endmeeting