14:11:34 <yangyapeng> #startmeeting freezer
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14:11:42 <dstepanenko> yangyapeng: oh, ok :)
14:12:15 <raliev> dstepanenko, yangyapeng  hey everyone :)
14:12:31 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko:  I see you have a new patch about backup nova/cinder to local?
14:13:15 <dstepanenko> yangyapeng: it's about doing backup into remote physical storage via ssh
14:14:18 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko: OK, thanks dstepanenko, This is very meaningful。
14:15:35 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko:  i should have a test about it.
14:16:03 <dstepanenko> yangyapeng: ok
14:22:15 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko: do you have more topic to discuss?
14:23:01 <raliev> yangyapeng, from my side I've prepared spec and patch regarding rsync support
14:23:05 <dstepanenko> yangyapeng: there's a patch from raliev related to rsync https://review.openstack.org/#/c/409796/
14:23:27 <raliev> and the spec -  https://review.openstack.org/413638
14:23:56 <yangyapeng> raliev:  ok , thanks
14:25:06 <yangyapeng> i will review it :)
14:25:17 <raliev> yangyapeng, thank you :)
14:26:08 <raliev> there are not small patches, so it would take some time for review them :)
14:26:41 <yangyapeng> yeah, I will checkout the patch and test it.
14:27:09 <dstepanenko> yangyapeng: thanks!
14:39:06 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko: hello
14:39:21 <dstepanenko> yangyapeng:  yep, I'm here
14:39:25 <yangyapeng> i have a test to backup cinder to ssh remote host
14:39:44 <dstepanenko> so, did it work on your setup?
14:40:04 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko:  yeah  it is ok, but it is slowly,
14:40:16 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko:  because it is a raw disk_format
14:40:55 <dstepanenko> so, do you see any ways to speed it up?
14:41:43 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko:  if we have a big cinder-volume to backup to ssh remote host, it can be copy volume virtual size
14:43:04 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko: as usual, we have cinder/nova in kvm, wether we can backup have a qcow2 disk to backup.
14:45:25 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko:  if we have a volume virtual size is 500G, but disk size is 10M, Although there is some empty in disk.
14:45:49 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko: but it should copy all to ssh remote host
14:46:11 <slashme> Hi all. Sorry, I was in another meeting.
14:46:18 <yangyapeng> hello slashme
14:46:36 <dstepanenko> yangyapeng: ok, so as far as I understood, we should get real size of disk and use it instead of virtual size. Is that right?
14:46:41 <dstepanenko> slashme: hey
14:46:41 <slashme> I'll take some time to review the rsync patch an the ssh patch next week.
14:47:23 <dstepanenko> slashme: thanks!
14:47:29 <raliev> slashme, hey, thank you :)
14:47:35 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko: yeah, This is a different backup local,
14:48:35 <slashme> As szaher said for the ssh one. We need to find a way to do the copy without loading the full file in memory
14:48:37 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko: maybe, we can have a real size to transfer
14:49:16 <dstepanenko> slashme: he pointed to code which was copying metadata file
14:49:21 <dstepanenko> which itsn't that big
14:49:23 <yangyapeng> slashme: yeah. but it have other question, if we have a raw disk to transfer
14:51:14 <slashme> dstepanenko: you are right :)
14:51:37 <dstepanenko> slashme: :)
14:53:02 <dstepanenko> yangyapeng: correct me, if I'm wrong, backup to local also face the same problem, doesn't it? So, we need to enhance it for both backup mods
14:53:48 <dstepanenko> I mean - for local and ssh backup
14:57:20 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko: yeah,
14:58:31 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko: it have a big space to used,but if we use swift(ceph), it should be raw,  so wether we should reslove it
14:58:36 <dstepanenko> yangyapeng: so, let's move it into separate feature and cover both cases. Probably, there are some cases which we forget about
14:59:55 <yangyapeng> dstepanenko: :)
15:00:24 <slashme> Good.
15:00:31 <slashme> It's time.
15:00:34 <yangyapeng> we can  have more discuss in irc #openstack-freezer
15:00:53 <yangyapeng> thank you everyone
15:00:54 <slashme> yangyapeng: can you close the meeting please
15:00:55 * bswartz waves to freezer team
15:01:04 <yangyapeng> #endmeeting