14:10:11 <slashme> #startmeeting freezer
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14:10:25 <slashme> Hello everyone :-)
14:10:48 <raliev> hey slashme :)
14:11:00 <slashme> As usual, the agenda and meeting notes are available here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:15:44 <slashme> Well, it seems like today is pretty calm ;)
14:15:50 <slashme> #topic releases
14:16:07 <slashme> I released Freezer components v4.0.0b3
14:16:24 <slashme> As well as python-freezerclient v1.2.0
14:17:02 <slashme> python-freezerclient is now freezed until the next cycle.
14:17:40 <slashme> For freezer components, we enter feature freezer for a week. We will only merge urgent patch and bug-fixes.
14:18:05 <slashme> Release Candidate 1 will happen next thursday.
14:19:29 <raliev> it's very good that we merged rsync functionality before freeze :)
14:20:16 <slashme> That was my goal :)
14:20:52 <raliev> yep, I read your PTL proposals for previous cycle :)
14:21:19 <slashme> I'm not proposing, szaher is.
14:22:26 <raliev> I know, I mean your plan for newton cycle
14:25:55 <slashme> Ohh
14:26:16 <slashme> #topic Core Team Update
14:27:41 <slashme> As discussed last week, I'd like to propose an update of the core team. I propose we remove some inactive members: Fabrizio Vanni and Jonas Pfannschmidt. I would also like to promote Ruslan Aliev to core.
14:27:57 <slashme> I just sent the email to the OpenStack-dev mailing list
14:28:07 <slashme> Please respond with your +1
14:29:08 <raliev> ok, thank you slashme :) I received this mail
14:29:55 <raliev> there is a wrong first link to stackalytics profile
14:32:08 <raliev> i.e. gerrit, the owner is yang Yapeng :)
14:32:15 <slashme> Updated
14:32:22 <slashme> Copy-paste error
14:33:01 <slashme> #topic Keystone middleware update error
14:33:31 <slashme> The last keystone middleware update is causing error in Freezer-api.
14:33:36 <slashme> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/412129/1
14:33:57 <slashme> Idealy I's like to have this one fixed before the RC next week.
14:35:06 <raliev> there is need to find the cause
14:36:17 <slashme> It seems to be an issue because we are not providing the scope
14:37:11 <raliev> yep, I see
14:37:13 <raliev> Invalid Scope None for KeystoneV2AuthProvider
14:43:54 <dstepanenko> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ironic/+bug/1654202
14:43:54 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1654202 in Ironic "All tempest tests fail with KeystoneV2AuthProvider" [Critical,Fix released] - Assigned to Jim Rollenhagen (jim-rollenhagen)
14:44:01 <dstepanenko> there was similiar bug in ironic
14:44:02 <slashme> Ohh
14:44:33 <slashme> Interesting
14:45:05 <raliev> there is need to remove service=None
14:45:15 <raliev> as I see in ironic patch
14:48:27 <slashme> Seems simple enough.
14:48:36 <raliev> that should be smth like that class Manager(clients.Manager):
14:48:36 <raliev> def __init__(self, credentials=None, service=None):
14:48:36 <raliev> super(Manager, self).__init__(credentials)
14:48:54 <raliev> without service=None
14:49:06 <raliev> I'll check it right now on my local env
14:54:43 <raliev> yep, everything works ok with this changes
14:54:44 <raliev> ======
14:54:44 <raliev> Totals
14:54:44 <raliev> ======
14:54:44 <raliev> Ran: 33 tests in 42.0000 sec.
14:54:44 <raliev> - Passed: 33
14:54:45 <raliev> - Skipped: 0
14:54:47 <raliev> - Expected Fail: 0
14:54:49 <raliev> - Unexpected Success: 0
14:54:51 <raliev> - Failed: 0
14:55:02 <raliev> I'll create a patchset
14:55:17 <slashme> Great :)
14:55:22 <slashme> Thx a lot raliev
14:57:20 <slashme> I guess that's it for today.
14:57:21 <slashme> I updated the list of patches waiting for review here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:57:50 <slashme> To the cores, let's try to merge all the small bug-fixes before next thursday so I can include them in the RC.
14:57:57 <slashme> Thanks for joining
14:58:02 <slashme> #endmeeting