14:03:33 <slashme> #startmeeting freezer
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14:03:57 <slashme> Hello everyone :)
14:04:03 <yangyapeng> hello slashme
14:04:12 <raliev> hey everyone :)
14:04:20 <slashme> As usual : Meeting notes and agenda are here => https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:05:55 <szaher> Hello guys :)
14:06:13 <slashme> #topic Pike PTL
14:06:37 <slashme> The result are in: Saad (szaher) will be our PTL for the next cycle
14:06:45 <slashme> Congratulation :)
14:06:54 <yangyapeng> Congratulation szaher
14:07:15 <raliev> szaher,  congratulation :)
14:08:14 <szaher> I am really glad to be the PTL for Pike release That will be a very good chance for all of us to do more for freezer, specially for me to lead such an amazing team.
14:08:26 <szaher> Thank you guys
14:09:43 <szaher> Special thanks to our amazing PTL for newton and Ocata slashme, you did a very good job so Thank you! you started all this with daemontool and you kept doing an awesome job so Thanks again :)
14:09:58 <slashme> Thx :)
14:11:28 <szaher> Also I would like to thank yangyapeng for all his efforts and recently we got a very good member in freezer raliev Thanks a lot for all the efforts :)
14:11:43 <slashme> +1
14:12:17 <slashme> #topic cindernative
14:12:20 <slashme> yangyapeng: ?
14:12:23 <yangyapeng> yes
14:12:27 <slashme> Cinder volumes backup using os-brick from Freezer
14:12:37 <slashme> Ooops wrong copy-paste
14:12:52 <slashme> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/cindernative_mode
14:13:13 <yangyapeng> I have a confused  about freezer backup-list and display cindernative backup (cinder-backip)
14:13:14 <yangyapeng> backup
14:13:34 <yangyapeng> Allen_ :)
14:13:50 <Allen_> hello
14:14:25 <yangyapeng> when we have a backup job to backup cinder-volume by cindernative, but we have not to store thin backup
14:14:29 <yangyapeng> this backup
14:15:19 <yangyapeng> if we should call cinder api to integration all backup
14:15:25 <yangyapeng> ?
14:15:51 <yangyapeng> If I make myself clear ?
14:18:17 <slashme> It seemps to make sense
14:20:10 <yangyapeng> now, we have more backup cinder volume by freezer cindernative in my work.
14:20:48 <yangyapeng> and, we should add this mode cindernative in freezer-web-ui if it is ok .
14:20:48 <yangyapeng> ping Allen_
14:21:16 <Allen_> hi
14:22:09 <slashme> yangyapeng: yes, it would be good to add it to the web-ui
14:22:33 <yangyapeng> slashme: i have a qustion, about it. we implementation in freezer-api or freezerclient ?
14:23:14 <yangyapeng> i will do it in freezer-api or freezerclient , and freezer-web-ui Allen_ should can do :)
14:23:26 <Allen_> ok
14:23:27 <slashme> freezerclient
14:24:10 <yangyapeng> slashme:  ok. thanks. it is all.
14:25:07 <slashme> #topic cinder-os-brick
14:25:36 <slashme> ping daemontool
14:25:50 <yangyapeng> https://github.com/openstack/python-brick-cinderclient-ext
14:25:53 <slashme> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_cinder-os-brick
14:26:24 <slashme> daemontool suggests that we try using cinder os-brick to do backup of cinder volume
14:26:52 <slashme> cinder os-brick is used to access data inside cinder volumes without a VM
14:27:47 <yangyapeng> It sounds very good
14:28:43 <slashme> Please have a look at the freezer-specs change : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/430304/
14:29:41 <slashme> #topic free
14:29:52 <slashme> Anything else you want to discuss ?
14:29:55 <raliev> probably, os-brick implementation will be assigned to me
14:30:20 <raliev> as we discuss it with Fausto
14:32:01 <yangyapeng> raliev: thanks, i have no research os-brick, quickly qustion,  if  it is an influential different cinder backend
14:32:16 <yangyapeng> lvm or ceph or glusterfs and so on?
14:34:14 <raliev> as I understand, there is no difference for os-brick regarding cinder backend
14:34:50 <yangyapeng> raliev: ok , it is good to instead of cinder mode , thank you
14:36:18 <raliev> yangyapeng, np :)
14:39:42 <slashme> Okay. Anything else ?
14:54:23 <slashme> Thanks for joining :)
14:54:26 <slashme> #endmeeting