14:00:42 <szaher> #startmeeting freezer
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14:01:20 <szaher> Hello everyone
14:01:24 <yangyapeng> hello szaher
14:01:44 <raliev> hey everyone :)
14:01:48 <yangyapeng> Allen_:
14:02:56 <szaher> Let's wait 5 minutes for everyone to join
14:03:05 <slashme> Plop
14:03:32 <dstepanenko> hi everyone
14:03:32 <daemontool> hi
14:04:10 <szaher> Please update the topics here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings if you have any
14:04:16 <yangyapeng> daemontool hi  :)
14:04:25 <vnogin> hi guys
14:04:48 <szaher> I think we are good to start
14:04:50 <szaher> #topic puppet manifests for freezer
14:05:28 <vnogin> yep, me and raliev going to implement it
14:05:50 <szaher> That's really good
14:06:17 <vnogin> first question - as far as I know it's not possible to run freezer api in cluster mode. Correct me if I'm wrong
14:06:34 <dstepanenko> as far as I see it's right
14:06:41 <szaher> vnogin: I don't think so
14:06:52 <szaher> We are running freezer-api behind haproxy
14:06:54 <daemontool> isn't that how you deploy it?
14:06:59 <szaher> on 3 controllers
14:07:07 <szaher> daemontool: Yes it depends on how you deploy it
14:07:25 <daemontool> like if you have the API DB replicated
14:07:35 <daemontool> and the freezer-api endpoints behind haproxy
14:07:39 <daemontool> you have a cluster
14:07:49 <daemontool> or is intended something different by cluster?
14:08:27 <vnogin> daemontool: you are right. Ok. so it seems that we can do it
14:08:56 <daemontool> but
14:09:03 <daemontool> the blocker is, using a DB
14:09:08 <daemontool> that works like that
14:09:11 <daemontool> because now elasticsearch
14:09:17 <daemontool> is not the right decision
14:09:28 <daemontool> (I've added a point to the agenda, we can discuss it later)
14:09:50 <vnogin> ok, cool. I think mysql will solve this issue
14:09:58 <daemontool> yes for the replication
14:10:02 <daemontool> for data sync
14:10:10 <daemontool> but we need to do it... :)
14:10:27 <daemontool> was this task already assigned to anyone yet?
14:10:28 <szaher> daemontool: I think you still can build a clustered elasticsearch :) but anyway mysql would be great as well
14:10:29 <dstepanenko> so, does data sync work for elasticsearch implementation?
14:10:45 <daemontool> szaher,  yes, but the sincronization is slow...
14:11:01 <daemontool> so you upload the dato through the API
14:11:06 <daemontool> then query the same data
14:11:12 <daemontool> haproxy send the client
14:11:15 <daemontool> to a different
14:11:26 <daemontool> api node, that will query an elasticsearch
14:11:30 <daemontool> node that is not yet replicated
14:11:33 <daemontool> and the data is not there...
14:11:38 <daemontool> right?
14:11:52 <daemontool> that was the problem we were suffering
14:11:54 <daemontool> I remember...
14:12:00 <dstepanenko> oh, now I understand
14:12:10 <dstepanenko> thanks for clarification, Fausto
14:12:35 <vnogin> so, at the begging we will not implement cluster deployment for api, ok?
14:12:58 <vnogin> we can do it when migration to mysql will be finished
14:13:03 <daemontool> yes
14:13:08 <daemontool> (thumbsup)
14:13:11 <szaher> daemontool: well I agree with you, but there would still be some workarounds but I don't think this is the point now :) moving to mysql I think it the best for freezer-api
14:13:20 <yangyapeng> Database migration is essential
14:13:29 <daemontool> szaher, yes
14:13:44 <daemontool> vnogin, is there anyone in our Team that has that task assigned?
14:13:48 <daemontool> or not?
14:13:49 <szaher> Guys would we consider adding project_id to our db schema ?
14:13:50 <daemontool> don't remember...
14:13:59 <daemontool> szaher, yes
14:14:22 <vnogin> daemontool: afak nope
14:14:25 <daemontool> ok
14:14:29 <yangyapeng> szaher: we should add it i think
14:14:30 <vnogin> cool, it's pretty clear now. second question - are we going to develop puppet manifests under freezer umbrella or it should the part of the separate project  (for instance openstack puppet or fuel, cetera)
14:14:39 <dstepanenko> Fausto, I'm working on oslo_db implementation
14:14:43 <daemontool> szaher, yangyapeng slashme do you have bandwithd for the mysql migration?
14:14:45 <szaher> even if it will be useless in the beginning but I am working on an api change to consider sending tenant ID
14:14:46 <daemontool> a ok
14:14:52 <daemontool> dstepanenko, good good :)
14:15:02 <daemontool> excellent
14:15:07 <daemontool> so we are covered
14:15:11 <vnogin> yep
14:15:19 <daemontool> szaher, we need to add that in the mysql spec?
14:15:22 <daemontool> the project_id right?
14:15:25 <daemontool> is not there?
14:15:31 <szaher> Yes we need to add it
14:15:58 <vnogin> let's discuss second question :)
14:16:25 <daemontool> ok added here
14:16:26 <daemontool> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/408014/
14:16:30 <szaher> vnogin: I think it would be puppet-freezer repo what do you think guys ?
14:16:48 <vnogin> szaher: 100% agree
14:16:55 <daemontool> cannot we add it directly to openstack-puppet?
14:17:00 <daemontool> is not intended to do that?
14:17:09 <daemontool> not against that... just asking
14:17:15 <daemontool> other project have their own
14:17:16 <szaher> daemontool: it there any openstack-puppet repo ?
14:17:24 <szaher> I think every project has it's own repo
14:17:25 <daemontool> repo for deployment artefacts?
14:17:32 <daemontool> ah ok
14:17:41 <szaher> daemontool: https://github.com/openstack/?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=puppet&type=&language=
14:18:06 <daemontool> yes
14:18:07 <daemontool> https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Puppet
14:18:19 <daemontool> good good :)
14:18:41 <daemontool> szaher, manage repos and all that is on you, now, is it? :)
14:18:55 <szaher> I think so :)
14:19:02 <szaher> I will request it
14:19:26 <daemontool> brilliant
14:19:36 <vnogin> cool
14:19:50 <daemontool> ok, next?
14:20:03 <szaher> anyone wants to add anything ?
14:20:11 <vnogin> szaher: please share then a result of your request :)
14:20:20 <szaher> vnogin: will do
14:20:25 <vnogin> szaher: tnx
14:20:33 <szaher> #topic Saad's summary of the PTG
14:20:54 <szaher> Well I was attending the first PTG summit this year in Atlanta
14:21:19 <vnogin> nice freezer logo btw :) I have one %)
14:21:27 <szaher> It was really nice to meet people from different projects and talk to them, there are some points that we might want to consider at some point
14:21:39 <szaher> vnogin: Cool! glad you like it
14:21:53 <szaher> I had a chat with cinder guys about volume backups
14:22:01 <yangyapeng> os_brick?
14:22:18 <szaher> I think using os-brick and mounting volumes to back it up would be good to do
14:22:52 <daemontool> szaher,  https://review.openstack.org/#/c/430304/
14:22:56 <yangyapeng> instead cinder mode
14:23:01 <daemontool> yep
14:23:03 <raliev> szaher, I'm working on it already (os-brick engine I mean)
14:23:10 <szaher> daemontool: yes I saw it :) I was reading it
14:23:23 <szaher> raliev: very good
14:23:35 <daemontool> then let's approve it :)
14:23:40 <daemontool> lol
14:24:08 <daemontool> szaher,  any other feedback from PTG?
14:24:08 <szaher> we might have a value add here using freezer to backup cinder volumes as we can store the backup to multiple backends at the same time not like cinder which is using only one backend at a time
14:24:20 <daemontool> yes...
14:24:36 <szaher> daemontool: we need to be present more in the community we need to arrange discussions with different projects
14:24:58 <daemontool> szaher, yes
14:25:09 <szaher> daemontool: some silly stuff like the documentation, releasenotes, api-ref all these stuff needs to be done and published
14:25:23 <daemontool> couldn't agree more
14:25:32 <daemontool> we should onboard
14:25:36 <yangyapeng> szaher: good
14:25:39 <daemontool> someone
14:25:41 <daemontool> in out internal team
14:25:42 <daemontool> soon
14:25:42 <szaher> daemontool: I already did the tech work to do all this and I know how to publish it but we need some content :)
14:25:43 <daemontool> to do that
14:25:52 <daemontool> ok
14:25:55 <szaher> daemontool: thank would be really great
14:26:04 <daemontool> I think within the next 2 weeks
14:26:07 <daemontool> will join
14:26:10 <szaher> I can guide him how to add the content and I will takecare of publishing it
14:26:15 <daemontool> her, ok
14:26:21 <szaher> daemontool: :D
14:26:30 <daemontool> let her publish something also
14:26:41 <daemontool> positive
14:26:51 <daemontool> ok
14:26:55 <szaher> daemontool: it will be under her name but I need to add the gate jobs to freezer config :)
14:27:00 <daemontool> yes
14:27:01 <daemontool> ok
14:27:10 <vnogin> we need technical writer :)
14:27:13 <daemontool> yes
14:27:18 <szaher> anyway the PTG was good and I hope I can see you soon in the next PTG or summit
14:27:22 <daemontool> so the feedback from community are
14:27:27 <daemontool> os-brick for volumes
14:27:30 <daemontool> documentation
14:27:36 <daemontool> release notes
14:27:40 <daemontool> api-ref
14:27:42 <daemontool> ok
14:28:03 <szaher> daemontool: Yes, people need to use freezer but they don't know how or where to find resources and information
14:28:08 <daemontool> ok
14:28:24 <szaher> anymore comments about PTG ?
14:28:43 <szaher> #topic spec to improve nova backup
14:29:02 <daemontool> we have an engineer working on that
14:29:09 <daemontool> not sure if she's here
14:29:13 <daemontool> but we need to write the spec
14:29:18 <daemontool> on how to make that better
14:29:21 <szaher> I am working now on implementing nova backup engine, so having a spec would help me a lot I can push what I have now to gerrit so you can take a look guys
14:29:33 <daemontool> yes
14:29:37 <daemontool> please
14:29:45 <szaher> daemontool: Nice put me in touch with her that would be great :)
14:30:08 <daemontool> szaher, please write the spec when you can
14:30:18 <daemontool> as we need it
14:30:21 <daemontool> internally
14:30:22 <szaher> Ok
14:30:25 <daemontool> not only publicly
14:30:49 <daemontool> then Julia can help you
14:31:11 <daemontool> ok
14:31:26 <szaher> aftering finishing nova engine I will try to implement a cinder engine so may be coordinating with raliev would be great before doing that
14:31:55 <daemontool> szaher, I think raliev will get that done, before the nova engine is completed ;)
14:31:57 <daemontool> lol
14:32:03 <vnogin> lol))
14:32:14 <raliev> daemontool, I'll try of course :)
14:32:16 <szaher> daemontool: :D nice
14:32:30 <daemontool> ok,
14:32:33 <daemontool> next?
14:32:43 <vnogin> raliev: == flash :)
14:33:06 <szaher> #topic spec to define minimum backup criteria
14:33:22 <daemontool> ok,
14:33:26 <daemontool> something like the following
14:33:29 <daemontool> - every backup engine should support the following feature:
14:33:30 <daemontool> - single object backup (i.e. single volume, single instance)
14:33:30 <daemontool> - all objects owned by a tenant
14:33:30 <daemontool> - all objects from all tenants (admin)
14:33:30 <daemontool> - for volumes, all volumes part of a consistency group
14:33:42 <daemontool> something that makes life easy
14:33:48 <daemontool> for people that manage operations
14:34:23 <vnogin> we can add images as well
14:34:35 <szaher> raliev: what do you think about this ?
14:35:19 <daemontool> by object I mean
14:35:24 <raliev> szaher, about what - os-brick discussion or minimum backup criteria? :)
14:35:25 <daemontool> instances or volumes
14:36:16 <szaher> about the backup criteria backing up one obj, all obj, tenant
14:37:49 <szaher> daemontool: Fausto can we have a spec about this one as well ?
14:38:00 <daemontool> yes
14:38:01 <szaher> so we can get an Idea about what should be done
14:38:13 <szaher> next ?
14:38:17 <daemontool> for cinder os-brick
14:38:21 <daemontool> I've added that i nthe spec
14:38:28 <daemontool> but I think one spec should be done
14:38:34 <daemontool> for all backup engines
14:38:44 <daemontool> ok
14:38:48 <daemontool> good for me
14:39:00 <szaher> It will be good for all
14:39:16 <raliev> good for me too
14:39:31 <szaher> next?
14:40:04 <daemontool> yep
14:40:21 <szaher> #topic Heat resources for Freezer
14:40:35 <daemontool> ok, we have this as a requirement
14:40:37 <daemontool> from the business....
14:40:43 <daemontool> very important for us
14:41:15 <daemontool> we should onboard an engineer withing the net 2 weeks
14:41:17 <daemontool> to do that
14:41:19 <yangyapeng> we should   have a template
14:41:21 <daemontool> yes
14:41:38 <szaher> daemontool: Do we know what needs to be done ?
14:41:38 <daemontool> we need to have a spec
14:41:53 <daemontool> yes
14:42:05 <daemontool> whatever can be possible to be done from the scheduler nd the agent
14:42:13 <daemontool> should be possible to be executed from a heat template
14:42:18 <daemontool> as a general rule
14:42:28 <daemontool> but I think we need to segment the task
14:42:32 <daemontool> and start with something small
14:42:45 <szaher> daemontool: agree
14:43:00 <daemontool> backup and restore execution
14:43:05 <daemontool> and loading the jobs
14:43:07 <daemontool> at minimum
14:44:00 <daemontool> ok we need a spec
14:44:03 <daemontool> anyone?
14:44:07 <daemontool> I can write it
14:44:18 <daemontool> yangyapeng, are you interested eventually? do you have time?
14:44:22 <daemontool> not to implement
14:44:26 <daemontool> to write the spec...
14:44:33 <daemontool> even implementation of course, as you want
14:45:01 <yangyapeng> daemontool: i can write the spec,
14:45:13 <daemontool> brilliant
14:45:16 <daemontool> thanks :)
14:45:20 <daemontool> szaher, are you ok?
14:45:21 <daemontool> with this?
14:45:26 <szaher> Yes :)
14:45:30 <daemontool> sorry to push for it, but we need it....
14:45:46 <szaher> daemontool: I totally Ok with me :)
14:45:56 <szaher> yangyapeng: you might want to talk to heat guys at some point
14:46:03 <szaher> next ?
14:46:18 <daemontool> yangyapeng, we count on that please, thank you :)
14:46:21 <daemontool> yep
14:46:30 <yangyapeng> :)
14:47:09 <szaher> #topic Switch to MySQL
14:47:19 <daemontool> I think we discussed this already?
14:47:29 <szaher> Yes
14:47:52 <szaher> next?
14:47:57 <daemontool> yep
14:48:10 <szaher> #topic Add flexible options to rsync backup
14:48:40 <daemontool> this backup engine
14:48:42 <daemontool> is critical
14:48:47 <daemontool> but now it is not usable
14:48:53 <daemontool> for big volumes
14:48:58 <daemontool> or big mount of data
14:49:04 <daemontool> we need to make it more flexible
14:49:11 <daemontool> the issue is the sliding window
14:49:12 <daemontool> of 1 byte
14:49:18 <daemontool> for rolling checksum
14:49:37 <daemontool> we have 1 checksum computation for each byte
14:49:49 <daemontool> good for space efficiency
14:49:51 <daemontool> but
14:49:55 <daemontool> not for time
14:50:00 <raliev> guys, regarding rsync backup
14:50:07 <raliev> I have one update
14:50:34 <raliev> I also working on improving rsync engine
14:50:47 <daemontool> ok
14:51:06 <szaher> Ok
14:51:24 <raliev> I found a lot of problems
14:51:32 <raliev> and with rolling checksum also
14:51:54 <daemontool> raliev, when you can write few lines on etherpad
14:51:59 <raliev> long story short, performance of current implementation of rolling checksum is completely bad
14:52:00 <daemontool> just one liner per issue
14:52:05 <daemontool> raliev,  yes
14:52:11 <daemontool> ah ok :)
14:52:13 <raliev> becuase it's computed on pure python
14:52:16 <daemontool> yes
14:52:22 <raliev> I fixed it already
14:52:29 <raliev> and soon I push all my fixes
14:52:36 <daemontool> did you wrote it in assembler?
14:52:38 <raliev> so you would see it
14:52:38 <daemontool> lol
14:52:52 <daemontool> ok
14:53:01 <szaher> raliev: Ok, is that all ?
14:53:17 <raliev> actually yes
14:53:18 <szaher> we have 7 minutes :)
14:53:23 <szaher> OK next topic
14:53:40 <szaher> #topic api v2
14:54:15 <szaher> I will be working on api v2 where I will try to introduce tenant_id
14:54:45 <szaher> I started that already and the new url schema will look like ip:9090/v2/project_id/jobs
14:54:52 <daemontool> ok
14:54:53 <szaher> so we can apply policy
14:55:09 <szaher> also in the PTG they introduced api microversions
14:55:09 <daemontool> should we add something like backup to identify the service?
14:55:21 <daemontool> in the url  imean
14:55:35 <szaher> I don't think we need it as all os apis don't have something like that
14:55:49 <daemontool> okok
14:55:58 <szaher> back again to microversions iam not sure if we will need it or not
14:56:10 <szaher> gonna send something links about it got from the community
14:56:17 <szaher> i will send it in freezer room
14:56:26 <szaher> I think that all for me :)
14:56:32 <szaher> anyone wants to add anything ?
14:56:38 <szaher> we have less than 4 minutes
14:56:50 <Allen_> how quickly
14:57:06 <szaher> Allen_: the microversion links ?
14:57:12 <szaher> or the api change ?
14:58:43 <szaher> Ok guys we are running out of time, Let's continue this in freezer room if you still have any questions
14:58:46 <daemontool> ok
14:58:48 <daemontool> thanks :)
14:59:02 <szaher> Thank you guys :)
14:59:13 <szaher> #endmeeting