14:01:37 <szaher> #startmeeting freezer
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14:01:55 <szaher> Hello everyone
14:02:02 <vnogin> o/
14:02:05 <szaher> daemontool__: vnogin hello :)
14:02:15 <szaher> sorry for being late :)
14:02:23 <vnogin> szaher: hi Saad :)
14:02:30 <szaher> Please take a look at the meeting agenda here :) https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:02:57 <szaher> vnogin: Hello Vitaliy
14:05:04 <mnaser> o/ - just lurking as a new user of freezer
14:05:58 <szaher> mnaser: Hello, You're more than welcome to join freezer community
14:06:34 <mnaser> been really happy of the results so far, few issues that we're discovering but im working towards finding some causes for the fix
14:07:25 <szaher> mnaser: very good :) If you have any questions you can ask in freezer room
14:07:43 <mnaser> yep, i guess i joined right when the meetings awere about to start :-P
14:08:14 <szaher> mnaser: Just in time
14:08:15 <daemontool__> szaher, I've added couple of items
14:08:24 <szaher> daemontool__: I saw that :)
14:08:31 <szaher> mnaser: check the meeting agenda
14:08:32 <szaher> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:08:37 <szaher> Let's start guys
14:08:44 <szaher> #topic Freezer Pike-1 release
14:08:47 <raliev> hey everyone :)
14:08:54 <szaher> raliev: Hello Ruslan
14:09:12 <yangyapeng> hello guys
14:09:19 <szaher> So guys I've released yesterday freezer components freezer,freezer-api,freezer-dr
14:09:31 <vnogin> nice :)
14:09:31 <szaher> and today I've released python-freezerclient 1.4.0
14:09:36 <szaher> yangyapeng: Hello :)
14:09:37 <yangyapeng> nice
14:10:03 <vnogin> szaher: web-ui?
14:10:09 <szaher> Also I've updated the launchpad #link https://launchpad.net/freezer and they are some download links :)
14:10:25 <szaher> vnogin: I've done it :) sorry I forgot to mention that :D
14:10:35 <vnogin> szaher: yep :)
14:10:49 <mnaser> (i come from a background of other projects, so there was a new point release for the components?)
14:11:13 <mnaser> oh
14:11:14 <mnaser> pike, sorry
14:11:16 * mnaser hides
14:11:18 <szaher> mnaser: https://releases.openstack.org/pike/schedule.html
14:11:28 <mnaser> i was looking at the newton page, sorry! :>
14:11:48 <szaher> so I've activated milestone 2 now (pike-2) Let's agree on what should be done on this milestone
14:12:55 <szaher> Please take a look at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/freezer and send me links to the blueprints that we need to include in pike-2 and also bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/freezer
14:13:34 <szaher> any comments ? Move on ?
14:14:04 <szaher> Thanks for all people who contributed so far in Pike-1 :) Thank You Guys
14:14:11 <szaher> #topic move tempest test to separate repo
14:14:12 <vnogin> I like blueprints related to web-ui features
14:14:32 <szaher> vnogin: That would be nice if we have some of them
14:14:46 <vnogin> szaher: yep
14:14:54 <szaher> vnogin: Add a topic to the agenda about blueprints and bugs filtering and handling
14:15:11 <vnogin> ok, regarding tempest: 1) we don't need to have additional requirements for tempest in our freezer repos. 2) it's easer to find tempest test for freezer just using for search *tempest-plugin  and everything will be there.
14:16:28 <szaher> if you take a look here #link https://github.com/openstack/?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=tempest-plugin&type=&language= you will find some projects started already working on a separate tempest repo for their tests
14:17:07 <szaher> It might be useful as we have 3 or 4 repos and we usually include all of them in case of running tempest tests
14:17:41 <szaher> but the question here vnogin: do we need to test freezer-api and freezer every time we submit a change ?
14:17:59 <vnogin> szaher: yep. And we wasting the time...
14:18:04 <szaher> I'm not sure how are we going to separate those tests if we create this repo
14:18:51 <szaher> what do you think guys ? raliev daemontool__ mnaser yangyapeng slashme ?
14:19:31 <mnaser> eh as someone who comes in from another world of openstack, i think testing freezer-api and freezer on each change is important
14:19:59 <mnaser> and the tempest runs should always run, stability is important to the success of a project imho, the more it gets tested, the less likely people will run into issues, the more people will use it
14:20:01 <vnogin> szaher: we can exclude docs and unittest changes
14:20:06 <yangyapeng> mnaser: agree
14:20:41 <szaher> mnaser: +1
14:20:44 <szaher> vnogin: Yes
14:20:54 <mnaser> ok so i can give a bit of advice on this
14:20:56 <szaher> so let's vote to create a repo
14:20:59 <mnaser> for docs changes
14:21:06 <szaher> #startvote Create freezer-tempest-plugin
14:21:07 <mnaser> you can setup project-config to run a job only when specific files run
14:21:07 <openstack> Unable to parse vote topic and options.
14:21:12 <szaher> #vote create a repo
14:21:17 <szaher> #vote no we don't need it
14:21:32 <szaher> well :) we can't create a vote :D
14:21:46 <vnogin> ok +1 from my side for creating :)
14:21:55 <szaher> +1 from me as well
14:22:18 <szaher> yangyapeng mnaser daemontool__ raliev ?
14:22:29 <yangyapeng> ok, create a repo +1
14:22:30 <vnogin> mnaser: yep, project-config will help us :)
14:22:33 <mnaser> ^
14:22:35 <mnaser> +1 on a repo
14:23:20 <szaher> mnaser: I've did a freezer template in project-config for creating dsvm jobs
14:23:53 <daemontool__> +1 for project-config sorry
14:24:05 <szaher> so we #agreed on Creating a tempest repo for freezer
14:24:27 <szaher> so Let's move on ?
14:25:15 <szaher> #topic Summit brainstorming
14:26:01 <szaher> we need some ideas to discuss with people interested in freezer during the summit, Please share you ideas here #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BOS-Freezer-brainstorming
14:26:18 <szaher> vnogin: Thanks a lot Vitaliy for your input
14:26:49 <szaher> if you have any questions Let's discuss it in freezer room :)
14:27:51 <szaher> yangyapeng: daemontool__ mnaser dstepanenko: slashme raliev https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BOS-Freezer-brainstorming
14:27:59 <vnogin> szaher: np :)
14:28:14 <szaher> Next topic :)
14:28:45 <szaher> #topic Freezer Documentation (install guide, api-ref, developer docs )
14:30:04 <szaher> Guys, It's really important to have freezer documentation so we can save our time and people time who come to irc and ask how can we do this or that
14:30:23 <szaher> onboarding new developers will be easier if we have developer docs :) and api-ref
14:30:44 <vnogin> I think we need to make freezer main page (readme) lighter
14:31:14 <szaher> anyway I've done a patch for install-guide hopefully it needs some additional work and I can add the gate job to publish it online on docs.openstack.org
14:31:30 <vnogin> nice
14:31:46 <szaher> vnogin: we need to move all the documentation we have in README.rst to docs then we make the read shorter and bit nicer :)
14:32:11 <vnogin> yep
14:32:25 <szaher> daemontool__: Can you send me Ananya's contact info so I can contact her to arrange what needs to be done on the documentation issue ?
14:32:58 <daemontool__> ok
14:33:01 <yangyapeng> like this https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/README.rst
14:33:06 <szaher> for api-ref I think it should be only v2 to be documented
14:33:47 <szaher> as we are going to deprecate v1 or do we need to document v1 as well ?
14:34:20 <szaher> Also I would like to work bit on the api to think about what kind of headers we need to send/accept in the api
14:35:39 <szaher> anyone to share anything ? Let's move on ?
14:35:56 <szaher> #topic specs/proposal for dedicated storage backend (i.e. gluster + zfs)
14:36:03 <szaher> daemontool__: The stage is yours :)
14:36:17 <daemontool__> I can't :(
14:36:19 <daemontool__> apologize
14:36:32 <szaher> no problem :) I can elaborate a bit on this topic
14:36:37 <daemontool__> principle there
14:36:45 <daemontool__> is using a fs as a backend storage
14:36:50 <daemontool__> that supports online deduplication
14:36:52 <daemontool__> and data compression
14:37:01 <daemontool__> so we don't have to do that in the agent
14:38:01 <szaher> so guys, The problem we are trying to solve here is, we have multiple engines now so some of them supports encrypting, data compression and some don't
14:38:45 <szaher> so by having a dedicated storage backend might help in have these features and more by default so we don't need to worry about implementing them in freezer-agent
14:39:58 <szaher> of-course we are going to implement as much features as we can in freezer but It will be faster for now if we can have a dedicate storage for now. Also It will be much more efficient for clients and for us :)
14:40:45 <szaher> what do you think vnogin yangyapeng raliev slashme m3m0 mnaser dstepanenko ?
14:41:03 <mnaser> i think storage and engine decoupling is good.  but i think its okay if some engines are supported for specific storages
14:41:47 <mnaser> kinda like how nova has drivers that support specific hypervisors with specific functionality
14:41:59 <dstepanenko> +1 to mnaser
14:42:02 <szaher> mnaser: we do have storage and engines decoupled already :) but we're thinking of having a dedicated storage
14:42:05 <dstepanenko> hi guys
14:42:08 <dstepanenko> sorry for being late
14:42:28 <mnaser> szaher yeah im aware but i think its okay to have engines that only work with specific storages and vice versa
14:42:29 <szaher> dstepanenko: Hello Dimtry :)
14:42:46 <mnaser> storage will be notified what engine was used and it can implement it or ignore it
14:42:57 <mnaser> s/ignore/complain that it doesnt support it/
14:43:04 <dstepanenko> szaher: so, do you mean that we're going to implement some of the new features only for this dedicated storage?
14:43:45 <dstepanenko> not for all of existing storages, just for that one?
14:45:08 <szaher> dstepanenko: mnaser: what I meant is some storage backends supports by default some features we want to implement in freezer, so by using one of these dedicate storage we will save some time implementing those features
14:45:19 <szaher> it's still an idea that we need to check how it will work
14:45:58 <mnaser> ++
14:46:38 <szaher> mnaser: What I hope we can do for this cycle is enhance engines a bit so we decouple engine config opts from freezer opts and make the engine registers it's own opts
14:47:01 <szaher> also add a section to freezer engines to make it have a supported storage drivers list
14:47:29 <szaher> so freezer can query the engine driver and ask what kind of storage is supported then start the job of raise an exception
14:48:03 <mnaser> yup makes sense
14:48:29 <szaher> but for now we need to write a spec for dedicated storage backend, daemontool__ are you going to do it or someone needs to take responsibility ?
14:48:48 <szaher> s/responsibility/ownership/g
14:50:10 <szaher> daemontool__: it looks like we lost Fausto :)
14:50:49 <szaher> so guys Let's think about it and come back to it later (may next meeting or so)
14:51:18 <szaher> any comments ?
14:51:23 <szaher> Let's move on ?
14:51:45 <szaher> #topic Windows support
14:52:00 <szaher> Did anyone tested freezer-agent on windows ?
14:52:29 <mnaser> we might have skipped a topic but we can get back to that (abstract configs)
14:52:33 <mnaser> i will probably try it at some point as we want to serve our customers with it but we haven't yet gotten there, still trying to get things to run under centos first
14:53:30 <szaher> mnaser: that will be good if you let us know if it's still working on windows or not
14:53:39 <mnaser> i most def will
14:53:40 <mnaser> :)
14:53:41 <szaher> we had the support long time ago but not sure now
14:53:48 <szaher> mnaser: Thanks!
14:53:54 <dstepanenko> actually I didn't, but probably Fausto did :)
14:54:05 <szaher> dstepanenko: Cool!, Thanks :)
14:54:05 <dstepanenko> he told about that several times
14:54:23 <szaher> we did, m3m0 was the main one working on that but he is busy now
14:54:26 <szaher> #topic abstract configuration complexity (config profiles)
14:54:35 <szaher> One topic back :) sorry for that
14:54:47 <szaher> We have a mess now guys in the cli options
14:54:52 <szaher> we need to enhance that
14:55:15 <szaher> we need to make the backup job work with the minimal input required from the user
14:55:29 <m3m0> let me know if you need with windows support :)
14:55:32 <szaher> that will make our users happy using it
14:55:52 <szaher> m3m0: Hey!, we need to test it :) if you have time :)
14:56:10 <m3m0> not today but definitely this week
14:56:25 <m3m0> but we haven't test the agent on windows in a long time
14:56:43 <szaher> dstepanenko: mnaser vnogin I'm not sure if you that or not but freezer-agent accepts jobs from config files
14:56:50 <dstepanenko> szaher: yes, it's a good idea. We discussed it in previous meeting. Probably we need to create some doc with proposals on that
14:57:00 <mnaser> so how we are suggesting for our customers doing it is having 2 config files
14:57:05 <szaher> if you pass the --config-file /path/to/config/file to freezer it will parse it and start the backup/restore/... job
14:57:05 <mnaser> storage.conf with their storage settings
14:57:13 <mnaser> job_name.conf for that specific job
14:57:28 <vnogin> sorry guys, was on the another meeting, will reply you in freezer root
14:57:30 <mnaser> and then they do freezer-agent --config-file /etc/freezer/storage.conf --config-file /etc/freezer/job_name.conf
14:57:42 <mnaser> that reduces duplication
14:57:42 <szaher> mnaser: it will be more convenient to have only one file per job with different sections inside
14:58:04 <mnaser> yeah but for example they dont want to rewrite their swift settings 10 times
14:58:20 <szaher> mnaser: Yes, your example will work as well.
14:58:29 <mnaser> also on a super unrelated note, osrc = doesn't work as well :( but we can talk all about that in dev room
14:58:45 <szaher> mnaser: Ok, cool
14:58:57 <szaher> #topic Centos gate job
14:59:19 <szaher> I'm going to add centos gate job to make sure freezer works fine on centos
14:59:32 <szaher> it'll be non-voting for now till we fix all issues
14:59:38 <mnaser> ++
14:59:44 <szaher> then we will make it required :)
14:59:49 <szaher> anyway
15:00:00 <szaher> there is some topics we will cover it next meeting
15:00:07 <szaher> we need to leave now
15:00:09 <szaher> Thanks Guys
15:00:13 <szaher> #endmeeting