14:01:50 <szaher> #startmeeting freezer
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14:02:20 <szaher> Hello freezer folks
14:02:41 <szaher> Please take a look at the meeting agenda here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:02:43 <jiaopengju> hi
14:02:50 <szaher> jiaopengju: Hi
14:02:56 <Yangyapeng> hello szaher  jiaopengju
14:02:58 <szaher> jiaopengju: Thanks for nova patch
14:03:04 <szaher> Yangyapeng: Hey :)
14:03:08 <szaher> Yangyapeng:
14:03:13 <szaher> Yangyapeng: How are you ?
14:03:36 <Yangyapeng> szaher Fine, thank you
14:03:40 <Yangyapeng> :)
14:03:43 <szaher> Let's wait 5 minutes for everyone to join :)
14:05:23 <vnogin_> hi guys
14:05:34 <szaher> vnogin_: Hey Vitaliy
14:05:39 <szaher> nice to hear from you again!
14:05:46 <Yangyapeng> Hi vnogin_
14:06:17 <vnogin_> nice to see you, guys :)
14:06:32 <slashme> Hi all
14:06:52 <Yangyapeng> slashme hi,
14:06:56 <szaher> slashme: Hi :)
14:08:22 <szaher> Ok let's start
14:08:26 <Yangyapeng> jiaopengju  I have a update this patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/458379/
14:08:33 <Yangyapeng> szaher ok
14:08:55 <szaher> #topic Announcements: No meeting next week!
14:09:24 <szaher> As all of you know, next week we will be in boston, so  I think there no need to do freezer meeting.
14:09:35 <szaher> Is anyone thinks that we might need to have a meeting next week ?
14:09:53 <vnogin_> from my point of view we can skip it
14:10:26 <szaher> vnogin_: +1
14:10:29 <Yangyapeng> vnogin_  agree
14:10:39 <jiaopengju02> vnogin_: +1
14:12:19 <slashme> +1
14:12:26 <szaher> :)
14:12:36 <vnogin_> next topic please :)))
14:12:41 <szaher> Ok so #agreed No freezer meeting next week!
14:12:47 <szaher> vnogin_: Sure :)
14:12:58 <szaher> #topic Backup of volume based nova instance
14:13:17 <szaher> jiaopengju: I think you mean to backup instances booted from volumes right ?
14:13:23 <jiaopengju02> yes
14:13:44 <szaher> jiaopengju02: That would be a great feature to have
14:13:58 <szaher> jiaopengju02: Do you have a ready patch upstream ?
14:14:23 <jiaopengju02> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/460427/
14:15:39 <szaher> jiaopengju02: Unfortunately nova restore is not working because of python-novaclient
14:16:17 <szaher> if you install the latest python-novaclient the restore wouldn't work because there is no object called networks in the nova client!
14:16:44 <szaher> We might need to take a look at this bug soon :)
14:16:45 <jiaopengju02> I just implement the backup, if it is necessary, I will implement next step
14:17:18 <szaher> jiaopengju02: The restore process is working fine, but we don't really restore the instance to a volume
14:17:25 <jiaopengju02> I do not know if we should create a new volume when doing restore
14:17:32 <jiaopengju02> ok
14:17:32 <szaher> anyway the normal restore of nova instance is not working
14:17:56 <Yangyapeng> jiaopengju02 restore volume to the same volume, it is ok
14:18:09 <szaher> jiaopengju02: I think we might need to check if the volume backend exists so we restore using volume if not we do normal restore
14:19:22 <jiaopengju02> I agree with you
14:19:46 <Yangyapeng> szaher if restore the using volume, it may be instance reboot.
14:20:16 <szaher> Yangyapeng: sorry I didn't get it
14:21:37 <jiaopengju02> In my patch, the instances booted from volumes can only be restored as an image boot instance
14:21:40 <Yangyapeng> If restore the using volume, and the volume is instance(vda), this instances should be reboot, To take effect
14:22:30 <Yangyapeng> jiaopengju02  I understand
14:23:50 <Yangyapeng> jiaopengju02  if we can  restore the nova_instance directly
14:25:41 <szaher> Yangyapeng: I think in nova restore, the idea is to create volume then boot an instance from this volume. The instance didn't exists before we create a volume
14:26:11 <jiaopengju02> I think we can record the instance type in the metadata, when doing restore, we can chose a way (create a new volume boot instance or just image boot) with the metadata
14:26:11 <Yangyapeng> szaher OK :)  thank you  szaher
14:26:12 <szaher> jiaopengju02: correct me if I'm wrong
14:26:59 <szaher> Yangyapeng: Thanks :)
14:28:06 <szaher> Let's move to next topic ?
14:28:28 <jiaopengju02> ok
14:28:47 <Yangyapeng> ok
14:29:08 <szaher> #topic heat specs
14:29:23 <szaher> Yangyapeng: Did you ping the guys in #heat room :) ?
14:29:29 <szaher> it's #heat not #openstack-heat
14:29:30 <Yangyapeng> szaher yes
14:29:46 <Yangyapeng> No  #heat not #openstack-heat
14:30:35 <Yangyapeng> szaher  but  we need more than to review heat core member
14:30:42 <szaher> vnogin_: is raliev still on holidays ?
14:30:55 <szaher> vnogin_: Dmitry ?
14:31:05 <vnogin_> szaher: on vacation (both)
14:31:19 <szaher> vnogin_: Cool :)
14:31:30 <szaher> are they going to be back soon ?
14:31:32 <vnogin_> szaher: for them, yep :))
14:31:47 <vnogin_> szaher: Dima in 2 week, Ruslan in 1 week
14:32:14 <szaher> vnogin_: Nice :)
14:32:58 <szaher> move on ?
14:33:14 <vnogin_> +
14:33:18 <szaher> #topic Free discussion, feel free to pick a topic to have a chat about it :)
14:33:36 <Yangyapeng> szaher about oslo.db
14:33:51 <Yangyapeng> szaher  if we have more output :)
14:34:12 <vnogin_> szaher: openstack ansible repo :) do we have any updates regarding repo?
14:34:17 <Yangyapeng> szaher desired
14:34:46 <szaher> vnogin_: I will open it soon :) I'm sorry for being so late in creating it
14:34:55 <szaher> Yangyapeng: That why I was looking for Dima
14:35:01 <vnogin_> szaher: cool, tnx )
14:35:10 <Yangyapeng> szaher thanks
14:35:13 <szaher> Updating core members :)
14:35:25 <szaher> I will like to remove some people from core members :(
14:35:33 <szaher> and add some :)
14:36:06 <vnogin_> szaher: good idea :)
14:36:19 <szaher> There are some inactive people that they don't do anything since last release in freezer so I'm thinking of revoking their rights
14:36:25 <Yangyapeng> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/458379/  if someone have time, please review it .
14:36:29 <Yangyapeng> szaher good
14:37:00 <vnogin_> Yangyapeng: already done it :)
14:37:22 <Yangyapeng> vnogin_ thank you :)
14:38:08 <vnogin_> Yangyapeng: I'm not sure, should we add for such commits release notes or not. What do you think?
14:39:08 <vnogin_> szaher: yep, it really good idea to remove inactive people from the core-list
14:39:27 <szaher> vnogin_: Also adding new ones :)
14:41:09 <vnogin_> szaher: yep :) currently I see only 4 active cores :(
14:41:59 <Yangyapeng> vnogin_ someone have this requirements in channel #opesnstack-freezer, and it  have some business :)
14:43:34 <Yangyapeng> If We have some topics in boston szaher
14:43:58 <szaher> Yangyapeng: Do you have something you want to discuss
14:44:25 <Yangyapeng> szaher no :(
14:44:41 <szaher> I think we're going to remove Tim Buckley, Deklan Dieterly
14:44:59 <szaher> as they're inactive for the time being
14:45:32 <Yangyapeng> D D
14:45:36 <slashme> +1
14:45:38 <vnogin_> szaher: will you send notification to openstack-dev regarding these changes?
14:46:04 <vnogin_> +1 haven't seen any activity from these guys last year
14:46:05 <szaher> vnogin_: I will send two emails one to announce there will be no meeting next week
14:46:15 <szaher> second to update the core members :)
14:47:44 <szaher> the new members to be added we I will prepare the names and we can give a kind of big task to have them on board
14:50:27 <szaher> by the way api-ref is publish here https://developer.openstack.org/api-ref/backup/
14:50:43 <szaher> I trying to add links in the main page like all projects ;)
14:50:54 <szaher> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/461824/
14:51:02 <jiaopengju02> cool
14:52:07 <vnogin_> szaher:  I see + 2 from Alexandra, it meens that it will be merged soonest :))
14:52:21 <szaher> vnogin_: hopefully :)
14:55:03 <szaher> Ok folks, anyone want to discuss anything else ?
14:55:16 <vnogin_> from my side - nope :)
14:55:48 <szaher> OK :)
14:56:10 <szaher> Thank you guys :)
14:56:21 <szaher> #endmeeting