14:01:11 <szaher> #startmeeting freezer
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14:01:18 <szaher> Hello everyone
14:01:32 <szaher> Let's wait 5 minutes for everyone to join
14:04:49 <m3m0> o/
14:04:59 <szaher> m3m0: Hi m3m0
14:05:29 <szaher> The meeting agenda can be found here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:06:40 <raliev> hey guys :)
14:07:05 <szaher> raliev: Hi Ruslan
14:07:37 <szaher> How was your holidays ?
14:08:06 <raliev> great, I was in Turkey :)
14:08:22 <vnogin_> hi guys
14:08:25 <szaher> very good :) hope you like it
14:08:40 <szaher> vnogin_: Hey Vitaly
14:08:45 <raliev> yep :)
14:08:48 <vnogin_> szaher: hi Saad )
14:09:23 <szaher> so guys please take a look here first https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings then we can start
14:09:36 <szaher> if you want you can add as many topics as you want
14:11:14 <szaher> so let's start ?
14:11:24 <raliev> yep
14:11:25 <szaher> #topic Summit recap
14:11:55 <vnogin_> btw, who is Elena? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8phin9J3-0U&feature=youtu.be :) I see patch from here
14:12:07 <szaher> I've been to OpenStack summit in Boston, It was great experience to be with everyone else
14:12:13 <szaher> vnogin_: I'll explain :)
14:12:20 <vnogin_> szaher: cool ) tnx)
14:12:26 <szaher> I had a very good insights about freezer
14:12:40 <szaher> people were asking me what do we have now and what's gonna be next
14:12:55 <vnogin_> szaher: we have got "message" from you from our booth:)))
14:13:27 <szaher> vnogin_: Yes, I went to you booth and I ask the guys to say hi to you :)
14:13:51 <szaher> I had some meetings with some public cloud providers and they're interested in using freezer in production
14:14:29 <szaher> they might need our help at the beginning to use it and in return they're going to sponsor some freezer activities and some advertising for freezer :)
14:15:08 <vnogin_> szaher: awesome news
14:15:49 <szaher> I did freezer on boarding session with George (Ericsson) and Elena from Ericsson as well
14:16:37 <szaher> Elena did again the demo that Julia have done before with a little bit more features (nova, cinder, rsync, tenant) backups and restore
14:17:10 <szaher> it was actually very good to show people that we have all these features
14:17:11 <vnogin_> szaher: I haven't see her in our co-dev team :(
14:18:13 <szaher> vnogin_: yet she is not OpenStack dev :)
14:18:17 <raliev> vnogin_, because you didn't attend in last meetings with George :)
14:18:22 <szaher> anyway you can find the presentation over here https://www.slideshare.net/saad_asd49/openstack-backup-restore-dr-freezer
14:18:30 <vnogin_> raliev: szaher I see :)
14:18:48 <szaher> and you will find a link to the demo in the presentation
14:19:03 <vnogin_> cool, thx
14:19:44 <szaher> some people from Redhat attended the session and the feedback was great. They promised to contribute to freezer very soon
14:20:09 <szaher> and they'll be doing the freezer packaging for us ( for redhat OS)
14:20:55 <szaher> I think they will use freezer in their own distro at some point :)
14:22:18 <jiaopengju02> we have purpose to use freezer or some other openstack project to optimize our backup process, so I'm testing it.
14:22:18 <szaher> I had also some discussions with different people about OpenStack Doctor ( a new project people want to launch to provide fault management in OS ) I mentioned we do have freezer-dr which can be used and there is actually a plan for it to grow and to be used for DR between 2 different OS
14:22:43 <szaher> jiaopengju02: Which Company do you work for ?
14:22:52 <szaher> Redhat ?
14:22:57 <jiaopengju02> szaher: ChinaMobile
14:23:44 <szaher> jiaopengju02: Very Good :) I mentioned that you guys are working on Freezer as well :) ( doing some dev and I wasn't sure about how much are you using it )
14:25:08 <jiaopengju02> It depends on my testing
14:25:37 <szaher> I had a chat also with people from Fujitsu and they will test freezer to be used on their cloud as well :)
14:25:53 <szaher> jiaopengju02: Let's hope it's good enough to be used :)
14:26:10 <jiaopengju02> yeah
14:26:28 <szaher> jiaopengju02: You can send us your feedback, It will be great anyway to give us some feedback
14:26:56 <jiaopengju02> jiaopengju02: I will do that
14:27:05 <szaher> anyway it was a very chance to be in the summit, to talk to people, to let people know more about freezer :)
14:27:09 <szaher> jiaopengju02: Thanks :)
14:27:58 <szaher> I think that was it pretty much :)
14:28:07 <szaher> Any questions ?
14:28:09 <szaher> move on ?
14:28:39 <jiaopengju02> ok
14:28:44 <vnogin_> +
14:29:32 <szaher> #topic Announcements: nominate (vnogin) Vitaly as core freezer member
14:31:38 <szaher> Well, vnogin_ is doing great job out their on freezer, he is contributing to freezer, review as much as he can the code in freezer. I can see a lot of effort has been done recently by vnogin_ in freezer so I think this is the right moment to nominate him as a core dev
14:32:27 <szaher> he recently fixed the centos gate job, working freezer puppet and hopefully soon will be working on freezer ansible :) so it's really appreciated
14:32:59 <szaher> your votes are appreciated +1 if you agree or -1 if you don't agree
14:33:11 <m3m0> +1
14:33:47 <szaher> jiaopengju02 ? raliev ?
14:33:49 <raliev> +1 from my side
14:33:56 <jiaopengju02> +1
14:33:59 <vnogin_> Thanks guys, I am very pleased. Thank you for your trust in me :) and yep, let's start with ansible :))
14:34:00 <raliev> good work, vnogin_ :)
14:34:31 <szaher> +1 from slashme as well :)
14:34:37 <vnogin_> raliev: thanks Ruslan :)
14:34:45 <vnogin_> szaher: cool, thanks a lot :)
14:35:22 <szaher> vnogin_: With great power come great responsibility, I'll send an email to OpenStack mailing list then will do it either this week or may be early next week :)
14:35:33 <szaher> vnogin_: Congratulations! :)
14:36:06 <vnogin_> szaher: THANKS! :) I'll do my best to make freezer much better :)
14:37:21 <vnogin_> m3m0: szaher raliev jiaopengju02 slashme Thanks for all of you guys :)
14:37:42 <szaher> jiaopengju02: Hope to see you soon in the core dev as well :)
14:37:58 <szaher> Also dstepanenko: :)
14:38:07 <szaher> dstepanenko: :)
14:38:13 <vnogin_> yep :)
14:38:38 <jiaopengju02> szaher: I will try my best
14:38:59 <szaher> jiaopengju02: Thanks :)
14:39:28 <szaher> Ok, Let's move on ?
14:39:59 <szaher> #topic Installation docs
14:40:54 <szaher> As you know now we have a new contributor, Elena, She is really motivated to work on the installation docs of freezer and may be contributing to freezer later on ...
14:41:30 <szaher> I think she will take care of it and hopefully we can get something before the end of Pike and we can publish it upstream
14:41:36 <vnogin_> szaher: We have been waiting for her for so long :)
14:42:28 <szaher> vnogin_: She is doing that on voluntarily :)
14:42:39 <szaher> anyway you're correct :)
14:43:22 <szaher> I'm working with her closely and helping her if needed and Let's hope we gonna get something soon :)
14:43:38 <szaher> Ok, Let's move on ?
14:43:55 <jiaopengju02> ok
14:44:02 <vnogin_> szaher: yep, because we need to implement these doc with easy workflow
14:44:47 <szaher> vnogin_: Yup
14:44:51 <szaher> #topic tempest tests to cover new features
14:45:36 <szaher> We need to increase Tempest tests, we need add some few tests for the new features merged recently so we can make sure nothing is going to break it again :)
14:46:10 <szaher> It take so long for me to test important patches offline :) which shouldn't be the case.
14:46:35 <vnogin_> as far as I remember I even asked to fix some tempest tests for new functionality someone :)
14:46:41 <szaher> May I ask if everyone of us can right one tempest test case for one feature :) ?
14:48:23 <szaher> I will be writing some tests as well very soon
14:48:58 <szaher> raliev: Are you going to get your new rsync v2 to Pike-2 (milestone 2) ?
14:48:58 <jiaopengju02> Someting for reference? I would like do but with no experience
14:49:28 <raliev> szaher, I hope yes
14:49:49 <szaher> jiaopengju02: I will try to send some docs for writing tempest tests in freezer room or freezer useful links page https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_usefull_links
14:50:06 <szaher> raliev: Cool, Thanks :)
14:50:13 <jiaopengju02> szaher: thanks
14:50:25 <szaher> In the meanwhile m3m0 is working on fixing the ui and adding newly added features to it
14:50:36 <szaher> jiaopengju02: welcome :)
14:50:42 <szaher> vnogin_: Any news from Dima ?
14:50:49 <szaher> about oslo.db move ?
14:50:59 <vnogin_> szaher: still on vacation )
14:51:35 <szaher> vnogin_: Best of luck for him :)
14:51:43 <vnogin_> szaher: )))
14:52:05 <szaher> raliev: I remember once you told me you're going to do the Pike py35 goal, do you still have the bandwidth to do it ?
14:53:43 <szaher> Looks like raliev is busy now :)
14:53:53 <szaher> anyway we can get the reply in freezer room :)
14:53:54 <raliev> szaher, actually I'm not sure :(
14:54:11 <szaher> raliev: np, I will try to takecare of it
14:54:42 <szaher> #topic reviews
14:55:20 <szaher> there is some reviews we can't merge right now as it needs to be test offline as we still don't have enough tempest tests to cover it
14:55:56 <szaher> I commented on these reviews, if anyone can help please comment you're going to test this feature :)
14:56:16 <jiaopengju02> ok
14:56:24 <szaher> jiaopengju02: Thanks :)
14:57:06 <szaher> Well, I think that was it for today :). Any questions, anything to add ?
14:57:17 <jiaopengju02> I have some bug fix should be reviewed, thanks
14:57:32 <szaher> jiaopengju02: I will take a look at it :)
14:57:43 <jiaopengju02> thank you very much
14:57:58 <szaher> jiaopengju02: Welcome :)
14:58:13 <szaher> Thanks a million guys and have a good weekend
14:58:33 <vnogin_> bb guys :)
14:58:43 <szaher> #endmeeting