14:02:31 <szaher> #startmeeting freezer
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14:02:43 <szaher> Hello everyone
14:02:50 <jiaopengju> hi
14:03:02 <szaher> Please find the meeting agenda here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:03:18 <szaher> Let's wait 5 minutes for people to join :)
14:03:21 <szaher> jiaopengju: hi
14:03:50 <vnogin> hi guys :)
14:04:47 <szaher> vnogin: Hey Vitaliy
14:05:03 <vnogin> szaher: hi Saad :)
14:05:41 <vnogin> szaher: I've added to etherpad question regarding our goals :)
14:05:48 <szaher> nice :)
14:06:10 <szaher> Ok, I hope we can address this one today :)
14:11:43 <szaher> Ok, Let's start
14:11:47 <szaher> ?
14:12:03 <vnogin> +
14:12:07 <jiaopengju> +
14:12:54 <szaher> #topic Pike uwsgi goal
14:13:21 <haad1> +
14:13:53 <szaher> we partially aligned with this goal, so I'll be working on it next just to make sure we finished all Pike goals, then I'll update the governance
14:14:12 <szaher> If anyone wants to help  that would be great
14:15:12 <szaher> anyway, I will keep you posted of the progress of these goals
14:15:34 <szaher> anyone wants to comment ?
14:15:36 <szaher> Move on ?
14:15:55 <vnogin> I think it's partially related to the second issue :)
14:16:02 <szaher> #topic Decide which blueprints or specs we want to address in the next release cycles
14:16:08 <vnogin> There is non-zero possibility that we can invest more time and efforts to freezer in near future and we need to decide what exactly needs to be done or improved. Guys, can we try to summarize the most required features now?
14:16:31 <jiaopengju> ok
14:16:58 <szaher> vnogin: I think that will be really good to agree on now so we can have a long term plane on what needs to be done and we work on it.
14:17:26 <szaher> ofcouse there will be some urgent goals/needs which we can work on it as long as it's not causing any problems to the original plan
14:18:13 <szaher> but let's list all features that we want to see it in freezer in the near future first
14:18:45 <vnogin> szaher: yep, that's exactly what I mean
14:18:50 <haad1> I can provide ansible roles/playbooks for freezer deployment if that is needed
14:18:50 <szaher> vnogin: We can discuss the long term goals here and then can make an etherpad to write then down
14:19:02 <vnogin> szaher: cool
14:19:04 <szaher> haad1: That would be nice
14:19:12 <haad1> to integrate it with opestack-ansible-freezer
14:19:29 <szaher> vnogin: I think the etherpad with +1 and -1 would be easier to know who wants to have what when ;)
14:19:51 <vnogin> haad1: awesome. We are going to start activity in OSA
14:20:28 <szaher> haad1: I'm working on a commit which will land in couple of hours, hopefully less to open two repos for freezer-ansible (ansible-role-os_freezer, ansible-role-os_freezer-api)
14:20:46 <szaher> haad1: where are you based ?
14:20:51 <vnogin> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/freezer/ do we have everything that we need here?
14:21:02 <vnogin> or maybe we forgot something?
14:21:03 <haad1> Slovakia
14:21:08 <szaher> vnogin: nope
14:21:10 <haad1> that's GMT+!
14:21:19 <haad1> CET
14:21:19 <szaher> haad1: nice :) like Ireland that nice
14:21:26 <haad1> yeah
14:23:00 <szaher> vnogin: the launchpad is outdated, I working slowly on cleaning it so we can have what we really need and may some ideas that we want to discuss later in the launchpad
14:23:38 <haad1> szaher: I have 3 roles (agent, api, ui)
14:24:10 <szaher> haad1: Make sense so I need to include the UI as well :)
14:25:11 <haad1> Would you like to see them
14:25:18 <vnogin> szaher: ceph, api-v2, mysql migration (oslo), ansible roles, multi-DC DR - it seems very required features
14:25:34 <vnogin> szaher: and DOCS!!!! :)))
14:25:39 <haad1> they do not have proper OSA structure but might be useful for you
14:25:47 <haad1> yeah docs would be great :)
14:26:16 <szaher> vnogin: +11111111111
14:26:20 <vnogin> haad1: frankly I think it's good idea to use OSA structure because it's really awesome :)
14:26:25 <jiaopengju> vnogin: ceph do you mean s3 support?
14:26:27 <szaher> haad1: that's cool
14:26:34 <slashme> vnogin: +1 on all of that
14:26:56 <vnogin> jiaopengju: i mean everything related to ceph support (s3 as well)
14:27:11 <haad1> vnogin: I have soem troubles with it but it works so I'm not complaining
14:27:13 <jiaopengju> vnogin: get it, thanks
14:27:39 <vnogin> haad1: no-no :) it's really cool :) and I want to review your roles if possible )))
14:28:44 <vnogin> so if don't have BP or specs for the above mentioned features we need to create them
14:29:15 <vnogin> I've created for ansible, and as far as I remember Dima S. created for oslo
14:29:43 <vnogin> szaher: also there is DR spec in merge conflict
14:29:52 <szaher> vnogin: :D
14:30:00 <szaher> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BOS-Freezer-brainstorming take a look at this one
14:30:03 <vnogin> szaher: and -1 from my side :)) LOL)))
14:30:16 <szaher> the brainstorming that we did for boston summit
14:30:39 <vnogin> yep, I remember it
14:32:48 <vnogin> ok, where we are going to collect all info and set -+1
14:33:47 <szaher> well, what about #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer-roadmap
14:37:08 <szaher> Guys please take a look at it https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer-roadmap and list all features that you think it will help freezer
14:38:42 <szaher> jiaopengju: I think the discussion also included the s3 driver support, right ?
14:38:51 <jiaopengju> szaher: yes
14:39:05 <szaher> Cool!
14:39:26 <szaher> haad1: What's your availability to contribute to freezer ?
14:39:36 <szaher> haad1: I mean the ansible part
14:39:56 <haad1> we are going to have it in production so I'm willing to help
14:39:56 <szaher> and ofcourse any other part if you want to :)
14:40:06 <haad1> and contribute
14:40:26 <szaher> haad1: That's great, are you using it in private cloud or public ?
14:41:09 <haad1> semi public
14:41:26 <szaher> haad1: :) OK
14:41:54 <vnogin> haad1: do you DR as well or only backup/restore?
14:42:07 <haad1> For now only backup/restore
14:42:09 <szaher> haad1: Could you post your usecase to OpenStack ?
14:42:21 <szaher> haad1: which release ?
14:42:27 <haad1> Ocata
14:43:15 <jiaopengju> szaher: I found the design status of bp(s3-driver-support) is 'Discussion'. And I have wroted a specs documentation about it. Should I start the function realization?
14:43:47 <vnogin> jiaopengju: where is spec now?
14:43:48 <haad1> For us freezer is part of added value for our users they can backup their vms/data etc with it on our cloud
14:44:01 <haad1> and do not need to setup their own solution
14:44:11 <vnogin> haad1: storage backend?
14:44:24 <haad1> swift for us
14:44:32 <jiaopengju> vnogin: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/469791/2
14:44:33 <vnogin> haad1: cool, thanks
14:44:46 <haad1> but customer can chose any other for their own backends
14:44:49 <szaher> jiaopengju: gonna update it :)
14:44:58 <vnogin> jiaopengju: I'll review it later, tnx
14:45:11 <jiaopengju> thanks
14:45:15 <szaher> jiaopengju: I mean the blueprint not the specs :)
14:45:26 <vnogin> jiaopengju: -1 from jenkins :)
14:45:29 <haad1> szaher: but we have one use case where we would like to use isilon provided swift storage
14:45:42 <haad1> but that doesn't support swift api > 1
14:46:01 <haad1> so it might require it's own storage backend
14:47:11 <szaher> haad1: hmmm, Can you explain more about it ?
14:47:19 <jiaopengju> vnogin: I will update it later
14:48:51 <vnogin> jiaopengju: cool, tnx
14:52:49 <szaher> Guys, we are running out of time, anyone wants to add anything before we close the meeting ?
14:53:41 <vnogin> please add BP or scep link to the doc
14:53:51 <vnogin> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer-roadmap
14:54:07 <haad1> so isilion is a emc based storage array which supports swift v1 api to store files on it
14:54:10 <vnogin> scep=spec
14:54:32 <szaher> vnogin: for every feature you mean ?
14:54:45 <vnogin> szaher: yep, if we have them
14:54:49 <haad1> you can configure it in a way that then you can use swift api to upload files it to it
14:55:36 <szaher> vnogin: Cool!
14:55:48 <haad1> but it's not part of openstack instalation there for it doesn't have keystone and it only supports swift v1 api
14:56:02 <szaher> haad1: Nice :), there is not other way to implement a driver directly for your storage ?
14:56:33 <haad1> szaher: what do you mean by other way
14:56:48 <szaher> haad1: have a dedicated driver for this storage
14:57:22 <szaher> we are running out of time guys :(, let
14:57:39 <szaher> let's continue the discussion in freezer room, OK ?
14:57:50 <jiaopengju> +
14:58:19 <szaher> Ok, Thanks everyone :)
14:58:43 <vnogin> thanks guys for yout time
14:58:52 <vnogin> please review roadmap :))
14:59:23 <szaher> Ok...
14:59:31 <szaher> #endmeeting