14:00:41 <szaher> #startmeeting freezer
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14:00:57 <szaher> Hello everyone
14:01:12 <szaher> Let's wait 10 minutes till everyone joins
14:01:14 <jiaopengju> hi szaher
14:01:48 <szaher> jiaopengju: hi :)
14:01:58 <szaher> Meeting agenda can be found here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:04:46 <szaher> ping kforde raliev  vnogin yangyapeng
14:05:03 <vnogin> hi guys
14:05:15 <szaher> vnogin: Hey vitaliy
14:05:30 <vnogin> szaher: hi Saad, nice to see you :)
14:06:03 <szaher> vnogin: Thanks :)
14:09:23 <szaher> Ok, let's start guys ?
14:09:52 <jiaopengju> +
14:10:07 <szaher> #topic review s3 patch
14:10:11 <szaher> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/471295/
14:10:53 <jiaopengju> thanks for your review
14:11:31 <szaher> jiaopengju: I'm taking a look at it, after the meeting I will finish the review hopefully :)
14:11:41 <szaher> jiaopengju: Thank You! :)
14:11:57 <jiaopengju> ok
14:12:31 <szaher> vnogin: Thanks for reviewing this patch :)
14:12:39 <szaher> #topic use sudo or rootwrap in freezer?(jiaopengju)
14:12:44 <vnogin> szaher: np :)
14:13:00 <vnogin> other projects use rootwrap :)
14:13:25 <szaher> jiaopengju: as far as I remember rootwrap requires a config file, right ?
14:13:34 <jiaopengju> szaher: yes
14:13:42 <vnogin> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/462472/
14:13:50 <vnogin> as example
14:13:59 <jiaopengju> os_brick in freezer use sudo
14:14:00 <vnogin> that we really need it
14:14:16 <jiaopengju> cinder_os_brick
14:14:17 <vnogin> jiaopengju: from point of view - it should be changed
14:14:29 <szaher> https://github.com/openstack/freezer/blob/master/freezer/engine/osbrick/brick_utils.py
14:15:00 <vnogin> I'll ask Ivan (e0ne) why :)
14:15:07 <szaher> I think freezer-agent should have hardcoded configurations to run
14:15:23 <szaher> vnogin: Do you mean raliev ?
14:15:44 <vnogin> szaher: nope, I mean e0ne - he also from my team ))
14:16:01 <szaher> Ok :)
14:16:58 <raliev> https://github.com/openstack/freezer/blob/master/freezer/engine/osbrick/brick_utils.py - this part of code written by e0ne and currently could be refactored
14:17:21 <vnogin> raliev: Ruslan, also you can talk with Ivan regarding it :)
14:17:21 <raliev> because we can import it directly from os_brick module
14:18:29 <szaher> Cool!
14:18:43 <szaher> Thanks guys vnogin raliev
14:19:26 <szaher> jiaopengju: I think we need to check more about rootwrap, Do you know If we must have a config file to make it work ?
14:20:07 <jiaopengju> szaher: yes, I have read the code of cinder, and it use rootwrap
14:21:09 <szaher> jiaopengju: I don't mind using rootwrap but my issue is, freezer-agent shouldn't need any configuration files at all, can we use rootwrap without config file ?
14:21:35 <jiaopengju> szaher: I will do more to verify it.
14:22:20 <jiaopengju> szaher: I am not very sure if we can use rootwrap without config file
14:23:08 <szaher> jiaopengju: Ok, Let us know please so we can decide later, is that Ok ?
14:23:21 <jiaopengju> ok
14:23:52 <szaher> jiaopengju: Thank You!
14:24:12 <jiaopengju> szaher: np
14:24:20 <szaher> Move on ?
14:24:24 <vnogin> anyway +1 from my side for rootwrap :))
14:24:39 <szaher> vnogin: Thanks :)
14:24:58 <szaher> #topic Update about opening repos
14:25:34 <szaher> so the openstack-ansible-os_freezer role has been created :) #link https://github.com/openstack/openstack-ansible-os_freezer
14:26:17 <szaher> Also freezer-tempest-plugin repo has been created https://github.com/openstack/freezer-tempest-plugin :)
14:26:18 <vnogin> awesome :)
14:29:42 <szaher> #topic Midcycle meetup ?
14:30:58 <szaher> so I was thinking If we can have a meetup on hangouts on certain topics in freezer and freezer-dr to discuss pending issues and organize our work and to get to know what will be done soon and what will be done later
14:31:37 <vnogin> +
14:31:54 <szaher> what do you think jiaopengju vnogin raliev kforde dstepanenko_ m3m0 slashme yangyapeng
14:32:07 <jiaopengju> +
14:32:31 <raliev> +
14:32:52 <szaher> +1 from m3m0 and slashme :)
14:33:16 <szaher> in 2 weeks from now would that suite you ?
14:33:51 <vnogin> +
14:34:10 <jiaopengju> +
14:34:28 <raliev> +
14:34:58 <szaher> Nice, I will schedule this on hangouts and will send an email to the mailing list so if anyone would like to join
14:35:19 <szaher> Thanks guys :)
14:35:29 <szaher> anyone would like to add anything before we go ?
14:35:48 <vnogin> nope :)
14:36:07 <szaher> Thanks again :)
14:36:08 <jiaopengju> I have wrote a bp
14:36:16 <jiaopengju> about swift media
14:36:17 <szaher> jiaopengju: for what ?
14:36:29 <jiaopengju> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/freezer/+spec/independent-swift-media-support
14:36:30 <szaher> jiaopengju: Can you share it with us ?
14:36:36 <szaher> jiaopengju: Thanks :)
14:37:23 <szaher> This is related to not to use keystone for auth, right ?
14:38:05 <jiaopengju> it is not 'not to use keystone', but use the different auth system
14:38:18 <jiaopengju> by the way, you can use or not use keystone
14:38:24 <szaher> jiaopengju: Yes, that's what I meant :)
14:39:19 <szaher> jiaopengju: anyway, I will take a look at it and I will let you know :)
14:39:22 <szaher> Thanks :)
14:39:30 <jiaopengju> ok, thanks
14:39:57 <szaher> cool anything else you want to add ?
14:45:03 <szaher> Ok, Thank you guys :)
14:45:04 <szaher> #endmeeting