14:00:23 <szaher> #startmeeting freezer
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14:01:06 <szaher> Hello guys
14:01:18 <szaher> Let's wait 10 minutes for everyone to join the meeting
14:01:36 <yangyapeng> szaher: hello
14:02:26 <szaher> jiaopengju trinaths raliev kforde yangyapeng slashme m3m0
14:02:43 <jiaopengju> szaher: hi
14:02:55 <szaher> Hi guys
14:03:40 <slashme> Hi
14:04:00 <szaher> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
14:05:00 <yangyapeng> trinaths ping
14:09:29 <szaher> Ok guys let's start ?
14:09:40 <szaher> vnogin are you around ? raliev is vnogin is here ?
14:10:19 <szaher> #topic Fix 'NoneType' error when backup nova instance
14:10:34 <szaher> jiaopengju: Do you want to explain this ?
14:10:39 <szaher> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/477750/
14:11:17 <jiaopengju> When we backup nova instance and with out specify the engine value , fs type will be used as default
14:11:35 <jiaopengju> This will cause the NoneType error
14:11:51 <jiaopengju> without
14:12:46 <szaher> jiaopengju: I think removing the default value is the best solution
14:13:28 <yangyapeng> if you sepcify nova_inst_id but without mode = 'nova', it cause the more error, too
14:13:40 <jiaopengju> this will require the users who use freezer-agent as command with --engine
14:13:41 <szaher> jiaopengju: I'm not sure if we remove the default value we might break backward compitability
14:14:07 <szaher> for me i think the agent should expect --engine value
14:14:18 <szaher> what do you think guys ?
14:14:43 <jiaopengju> Will nova backup use fs engine?
14:14:48 <szaher> nope
14:15:19 <jiaopengju> If not, I think we can set nova engine as default for nova backup
14:15:40 <yangyapeng> i think, we should make some associated,
14:15:46 <yangyapeng> jiaopengju: yeah
14:15:53 <szaher> jiaopengju: imagine if we add more engines the code will be just if and else :)
14:16:18 <yangyapeng> jiaopengju: if you backup nova or you have a value nova_inst_id so the engine must be nova.
14:16:21 <jiaopengju> szaher: yes
14:16:45 <szaher> I don't think this is good, what do you think m3m0 slashme :) ?
14:17:03 <jiaopengju> yangyapeng: yes
14:18:09 <szaher> so what if we have 10 engines ?
14:18:14 <szaher> 10 if, else ?
14:18:22 <jiaopengju> Will we add new engines for nova backup?
14:19:23 <raliev> hey guys :)
14:19:23 <jiaopengju> szaher: that will be a disaster with using too many if else
14:19:35 <szaher> raliev: hey
14:20:09 <szaher> jiaopengju: that's why I am against if else approache
14:22:39 <jiaopengju> szaher: I think we'd better to mark what engines could be used for each backup resources
14:23:46 <jiaopengju> for example, if the resource is nova, we should restrict the engines in 'nova, engine1, engine2, etc'
14:24:25 <szaher> jiaopengju: we can do this later but definitely not with a if, else condition. I was thinking about a function or a list inside the engine itself which holds what this engine can be used for
14:24:47 <szaher> jiaopengju: Also if the user provides incomplete arguments we can't start the backup job!
14:25:02 <jiaopengju> szaher: agree with you
14:25:10 <szaher> so the user has to provide the full arguments
14:25:26 <jiaopengju> szaher: what i think is a list
14:25:38 <szaher> jiaopengju: Ok, let's remove the default value for engine and let the user provide a value for it
14:26:17 <jiaopengju> szaher: I think remove it now will break the freezer-web-ui or some else
14:26:50 <szaher> jiaopengju: so do you have another good solution for this problem :)
14:28:05 <jiaopengju> szaher: maybe we should add engine value for where it is used first, and then remove the default value
14:28:40 <szaher> jiaopengju: Agree
14:29:56 <jiaopengju> szaher: the most important is freezer-web-ui, currently it no works well
14:30:06 <jiaopengju> no/not/
14:31:05 <szaher> m3m0 was supposed to fix the related issues but I'm not sure about his availability
14:33:05 <jiaopengju> I have tried, but failed because not familiar with the web development.
14:33:53 <szaher> I will try to ping him later to see what can he do
14:34:09 <jiaopengju> szaher: that's good
14:34:23 <szaher> Cool!, agreed
14:35:14 <szaher> Let's move to the next topic
14:35:22 <szaher> #topic  use sudo or rootwrap in freezer?(jiaopengju)
14:35:59 <jiaopengju> use rootwrap requires a configuration file
14:36:21 <jiaopengju> I think it is not very friendly for freezer-agent
14:36:34 <szaher> Yes, that is the problem
14:37:13 <szaher> also what are we going to do if we are running this as a daemon and we were trying to use sudo and then it requires password
14:37:43 <jiaopengju> I think we can use it in freezer-scheduler.
14:39:11 <szaher> Yes, but in that case we need a real implementation of rootwrap
14:40:21 <jiaopengju> This seems can not be avoided.
14:41:45 <szaher> jiaopengju: agree, so let's create a blueprint and work on it asap
14:41:59 <jiaopengju> szaher: ok
14:42:23 <jiaopengju> when users use freezer-agent in command line, they should add sudo before the command by themselves
14:42:51 <szaher> !Agree
14:42:52 <openstack> szaher: Error: "Agree" is not a valid command.
14:43:02 <szaher> # use sudo or rootwrap in freezer?(jiaopengju)
14:43:08 <szaher> sorry!!
14:43:12 <szaher> #agree
14:44:50 <szaher> jiaopengju: Do you want to add anything else ?
14:44:52 <jiaopengju> I will create this bp soon
14:45:17 <jiaopengju> No more
14:45:46 <szaher> jiaopengju: Thank you and thanks for attending the meeting
14:46:17 <jiaopengju> szaher: You are welcome and that's my pleasure
14:46:33 <szaher> :)
14:46:35 <szaher> #endmeeting