09:00:21 <gengchc> #startmeeting freezer
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09:00:30 <gecong> ji guys
09:00:35 <gecong> hi guys
09:00:38 <gengchc> Hello Guys
09:01:02 <gengchc> This is the first meeting in stein, Let's wait 3 minutes for everyone to join the meeting.
09:01:09 <gecong> ok
09:01:20 <gengchc> ping dangtrinhnt cal_cai
09:01:22 <carl_cai> OK
09:03:09 <gengchc> ping szaher
09:04:28 <gengchc> Please look at today's agenda https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings.
09:05:10 <gecong> ok
09:05:13 <gecong> 1. Completely implement Sqlalchemy driver for freezer-api  : (gengchc/gecong)
09:05:25 <gecong> the job is in progress
09:05:45 <gengchc> ok.Thanks
09:06:06 <gecong> I think we could finish the job in 1 month
09:06:45 <carl_cai> I think the jobs should be give a priority.
09:07:11 <gengchc> #topic Availability of people
09:07:43 <gecong> yeah I agree , think the Sqlalchemy driver for freezer-api  is our first priority
09:09:20 <gecong> I think there are 4 guys Available
09:09:34 <gengchc> I can invest more time for freezer to implement the new function and review.
09:10:50 <gecong> ok , I would like to try my best to review and bp , thanks
09:11:50 <gengchc> ok.Let change topic
09:12:27 <gengchc> #topic Freezer Meeting time
09:13:17 <gecong> I suggest that we could take meeting biweekly
09:13:17 <gengchc> Tuesday,UTC+9 biweekly?
09:13:44 <gecong> I am ok
09:13:49 <carl_cai> ok
09:13:59 <gengchc> anyone else?
09:14:07 <gecong> dangtrinhnt is absent today
09:14:57 <gengchc> ok
09:15:08 <gecong> I don't know if the schduler is suitable for him
09:15:41 <gengchc> #topic stein plan
09:16:11 <gengchc> Please look at  https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer-stein-plan
09:16:45 <gengchc> 1. Completely implement Sqlalchemy driver for freezer-api
09:17:01 <gecong> I get it
09:17:20 <gengchc> gecong and I implement it.
09:17:50 <gecong> 2.  Completely implement osbick engine  for freezer  : (gengchc /anyone else?)\
09:18:01 <gecong> I can also do some job
09:18:57 <gengchc> If other people are interested in it , he can join it and modify them directly https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer-stein-plan.
09:19:20 <gecong> I think it is enough for stein cycle
09:19:50 <gengchc> 3. Perfact API v2 unit test and  Docs
09:20:24 <gecong> There are lots of hard working in these 3 jobs
09:20:51 <gengchc> It is not perfact in freezer-api v2 test and v2 api docs. it is neccessory to rectify them. In subsequent versions,  we will  improve the other parts of the freezer document.
09:21:28 <gengchc> This work is implemented by cal_cai.
09:21:35 <gecong> ok
09:23:23 <gengchc> Are there any other functions? for backups or DR?  If you are interested, you can add it to https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer-stein-plan.Thanks.
09:24:06 <gengchc> anything else?
09:24:15 <gecong> nothing from me , thanks
09:26:42 <carl_cai> ok, thanks.  Freezer is a meaningful project, we should do something for it.
09:29:10 <gengchc> Thank you. I hope to make this project stronger and bigger.
09:33:02 <gengchc> If guys have nothing else to do, I will finish the first meeting. Thanks.
09:33:17 <gecong> ok, thanks, bye
09:33:21 <gengchc> #endmeeting