09:02:06 <gengchc> #startmeeting freezer
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09:02:25 <carl_cai> 👌
09:02:27 <gengchc> Hello Guys
09:02:36 <gecong> hi guys
09:02:49 <gengchc> ping dangtrinhnt
09:02:49 <carl_cai> hi
09:02:58 <dangtrinhnt> hello
09:03:07 <dangtrinhnt> o/
09:03:13 <gengchc> Please look at today's agenda https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
09:03:52 <gengchc> Topic: add mysql support for-freezer-api
09:04:43 <dangtrinhnt> Is this the spec? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/611736
09:04:48 <gecong> yeah
09:05:17 <gengchc> This function is developed by Gecong and me.Development Progress:
09:05:27 <gengchc> The tables such as client, action, job, session, backup has been implemented.
09:05:39 <gengchc> Backup and recovery process has been implemented, code is being optimized.
09:05:45 <gengchc> The code can be submitted in recent days.
09:06:06 <dangtrinhnt> great! If you want to release it in Stein-1 it's better this week
09:06:08 <carl_cai> good job
09:06:21 <dangtrinhnt> Friday will be the last day of Stein-1
09:06:49 <gecong> Stein-2 is ok
09:07:49 <gecong> we must add some testing , we can't add it in Stein-1
09:08:20 <gengchc> yes. The test is  a big work.
09:08:29 <dangtrinhnt> Just to remind you that Stein-2 will be the end of the propagation period of Freezer.
09:09:02 <carl_cai> This week I will fix freezer-web-ui project, It has some problems
09:09:25 <dangtrinhnt> Can you report those problems on Storyboard?
09:09:33 <gecong> we can add it in Stein-1 and add test in Stein-2
09:09:35 <carl_cai> not support API v2
09:09:51 <dangtrinhnt> gecong, It's a good plan.
09:10:16 <gengchc> I agree.
09:10:40 <gecong> ok
09:10:54 <gengchc> For this fuction, Let's work hard and do more reviews.
09:11:10 <dangtrinhnt> ok
09:11:59 <gengchc> carl_cai,  Ok
09:12:07 <dangtrinhnt> carl_cai, submit the patch, I will help review.
09:12:32 <carl_cai> OK,docs also should update
09:12:33 <gengchc> Let's move to the next topic?
09:12:40 <gecong> ok
09:13:06 <gengchc> #topic Add core developers
09:13:24 <carl_cai> ok,thanks
09:13:35 <gengchc> In consideration of Carl Caihui's contribution to freezer and the lack of reviewers for freezer activities, I propose that Carl Caihui join the Group freezer-core.
09:13:46 <gengchc> Gecong leads the development of the function [freezer-api support mysql], it is completed nearly, and  is ready to submit. It is big work, and it is the core of zaqar, I propose that Carl Caihui join the Group freezer-core.
09:13:52 <gecong> I agree
09:14:24 <dangtrinhnt> +1 from me
09:14:44 <dangtrinhnt> Let's announce it on the mailing list for a formal nomination.
09:14:58 <gengchc> ok
09:14:59 <gecong> thanks
09:15:24 <carl_cai> thanks
09:16:03 <dangtrinhnt> You did a great job carl_cai for the last couple months :)
09:16:28 <gecong> Carl Caihui's contribution is great
09:16:42 <carl_cai> I will do my best for this project.
09:17:09 <gengchc> Thank carl_cai and gecong.
09:18:09 <gengchc> Freezer has many problems, we need to modify it .
09:18:46 <gengchc> Let's move to the next topic
09:19:08 <gengchc> #topic patches
09:19:35 <gengchc> There are many patches, we need to review them.
09:19:58 <gengchc> for freezer:
09:20:07 <gecong> sure , I will try my best to review these patches
09:20:20 <gengchc> Let's review https://review.openstack.org/#/c/611512/
09:20:37 <gengchc> Add freezer-status upgrade check command framework This adds basic framework for freezer-status upgrade check commands. For now it has only "check_placeholder" check implemented. Real checks can be added to this tool in the future.
09:22:05 <dangtrinhnt> gengchc, I will review it
09:22:24 <gengchc> ok
09:22:25 <gecong> It's a good idea
09:23:06 <carl_cai> The freezer-web-ui project cannot run normally in Horizon.
09:23:20 <gengchc> about lvm in freezer: please review the patches: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/612300/   https://review.openstack.org/#/c/612552/ ,
09:25:01 <gengchc> About freezer-web-ui, I can't use it all the time
09:25:30 <dangtrinhnt> I will do it. gengchc, can you please lock the Freezer's launchpad?
09:26:23 <gengchc> [can you please lock the Freezer's launchpad?] what does it mean?
09:27:03 <gengchc> I never do it before.
09:27:36 <dangtrinhnt> People is still reporting bugs to launchpad
09:27:37 <gengchc> I will do it.
09:28:09 <gengchc> ok,I will do it.
09:29:31 <gengchc> What else?
09:29:51 <gecong> nothing from me ,thanks
09:30:03 <dangtrinhnt> nothing from me. Thanks.
09:30:27 <carl_cai> nothing from me.thanks
09:30:36 <gengchc> Thanks guys,bye
09:30:43 <gecong> bye
09:30:48 <gengchc> #endmeeting