09:01:36 <gengchc> #startmeeting freezer
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09:01:57 <gengchc> ping dangtrinhnt cal_cai
09:03:03 <carl_cai> OK
09:03:22 <gecong> hi
09:03:37 <gengchc> ping dangtrinhnt
09:05:05 <gengchc> Let's start  the meeting.
09:05:14 <gengchc> Please look at today's agenda https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
09:05:53 <gengchc> #topic Add sqlalchemy unit test in freezer-api
09:06:11 <gecong> ok
09:06:30 <gengchc> It is urgent to increase the unit test of sqlachemy, otherwise the patch will not be guaranteed if it is added to the patch.
09:06:52 <carl_cai> I agree
09:06:54 <gecong> we will add unit test for sql next few days
09:07:16 <gengchc> I will add unit test too.
09:08:04 <gengchc> ok.
09:08:23 <gengchc> Let move to the next topic.
09:08:49 <gengchc> #topic Perfect freezerclient support for v1
09:09:16 <gengchc> There are some problems that the V1 command line cannot be executed. We can republish a version.
09:09:33 <gecong> ok
09:09:39 <carl_cai> 👌
09:09:40 <gengchc> about python-freezerclient 2.0.0
09:09:49 <gecong> let's check the problems
09:10:25 <carl_cai> I will check web tosupport v1 and v2
09:10:25 <gengchc> ok.
09:10:34 <gecong> ok
09:10:35 <gengchc> Thanks
09:11:36 <gengchc> #topic Release freezer for the Stein-2 milestone
09:14:21 <gengchc> After completion of freezer-api unit test for sqlalchemy and python-client for v1, we intend to release a version including freezer-api, freezer, freezer-dr, freezer-client, freezer-web-ui.
09:14:46 <gecong> sure
09:14:57 <carl_cai> ok, I will try to set up new  integrity test cases for freezer next weeks.
09:15:18 <gecong> thanks
09:15:40 <gengchc> The release version as follow:
09:15:44 <gengchc> - freezer-api: 7.0.0 - freezer: - freezer-dr: - freezer-web-ui: - python-freezerclient: 2.0.1
09:15:53 <carl_cai> freezer docs should plan to updated
09:16:24 <carl_cai> be updated too
09:16:35 <gengchc> Yes, We should update docs.
09:16:35 <gecong> ok
09:17:41 <gengchc> There are too many problems about docs. This seriously affects the use and promotion.
09:18:55 <gengchc> What else topic?
09:19:08 <gecong> nothing from me ,thanks
09:20:22 <carl_cai> nothing for me,thanks
09:20:43 <carl_cai> nothing form me,thanks
09:20:46 <gengchc> ok. Thanks. Bye
09:20:49 <gecong> bye
09:20:56 <gengchc> #endmeeting