09:00:45 <gengchc> #startmeeting freezer
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09:01:03 <gengchc> ping dangtrinhnt cal_cai gecong
09:01:13 <gecong> hi
09:01:15 <dangtrinhnt> hi
09:01:26 <gengchc> Hello Guys
09:01:41 <gengchc> Please look at today's agenda https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
09:02:20 <dangtrinhnt> got it
09:02:34 <gengchc> let's start first topic
09:02:39 <gengchc> #topic Release freezer
09:03:20 <dangtrinhnt> I think the version should be something like
09:03:40 <gengchc> ok
09:04:07 <gengchc> The version tags are as follows:
09:04:12 <gengchc> - freezer-api: 7.0.0b1
09:04:16 <gengchc> - freezer:
09:04:21 <gengchc> - freezer-dr:
09:04:27 <gengchc> - freezer-web-ui:
09:04:31 <gengchc> - python-freezerclient: 2.0.1b1
09:04:45 <dangtrinhnt> ok, that looks good for me.
09:06:39 <gengchc> I will summit a release patch tomorrow.
09:06:42 <carl_cai> OK
09:07:32 <gecong> ok
09:07:56 <gengchc> ok. Thanks. Let's move to the next topic
09:08:08 <gengchc> #topic Add ftp/ftps/sftp support in freezer
09:08:41 <gecong> ok
09:09:48 <gengchc> At present, Freezer only support ssh(sftp) without password (key_path). We need to support ssh(sftp) with password. and ftp(ftps).
09:10:47 <carl_cai> ok, update  related docs at the same time.
09:11:09 <gecong> ok , we will submit the patch next few days
09:11:47 <gecong> the docs and test will be submitted together
09:11:55 <carl_cai> Thanks
09:12:25 <gengchc> ok.
09:12:36 <gengchc> This function is developed by Gecong and me.
09:13:34 <gecong> ok
09:14:21 <gengchc> Let's move to the next topic
09:14:33 <gengchc> #topic  Perfect unit test for freezer-api and freezer
09:14:59 <gengchc> Freezer-api's code cover is 70% , it is better than freezer.
09:15:19 <gengchc> Freezer's code cover is 24%, it is too low.
09:15:56 <gengchc> There are many files whose code cover is very low, or even 0% in freezer.
09:16:08 <gengchc> We need to improve it.
09:16:32 <carl_cai> I will  try to add some unittest
09:16:39 <gecong> ok , we will improve the coverage of freezer next couples of month
09:17:03 <gecong> thanks
09:17:15 <gengchc> thanks.
09:17:49 <gengchc> Shall we set the recent goal to 50% in freezer?
09:18:18 <gecong> that's reansonable
09:18:38 <gengchc> thanks
09:18:41 <gecong> reasonable
09:19:19 <gengchc> What else?
09:19:30 <gecong> not from me ,thanks
09:20:02 <carl_cai> The project doc should be updated at the same time
09:21:02 <gecong> sure
09:21:02 <gengchc> yes
09:21:25 <carl_cai> take some time to update doc
09:21:39 <gecong> ok
09:22:24 <gengchc> ok
09:22:29 <dangtrinhnt> nothing from me.
09:22:54 <carl_cai> nothing from me.thanks
09:22:54 <gengchc> thanks a lot. byebye
09:23:00 <dangtrinhnt> Thanks.
09:23:11 <gecong> bye guys
09:23:11 <gengchc> #endmeeting