09:03:57 <gengchc> #startmeeting freezer
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09:04:29 <gengchc> #topic review the patch for freezer relealse: https://review.openstack.org/622089
09:04:43 <gecong> ok
09:05:31 <gengchc> After we efforts, we finally submitted and will release the first full freezer version. Thank for Guys.
09:05:31 <gecong> there are still some error in it
09:07:37 <gecong> great! thank guys
09:08:52 <gengchc> Publishing features including:
09:09:00 <gengchc> Support sqlalchemy in freezer-api
09:09:06 <gengchc> Support ftp/ftps/sftp in freezer
09:09:12 <gengchc> Perfect python-freezerclient
09:09:17 <gengchc> Perfect all docs about freezer
09:10:20 <gengchc> The v1 and v2 interfaces both are supported in freezer-api
09:10:39 <gengchc> #topic Add unit test for ftp/ftps/sftp storage
09:11:53 <gecong> we will add ftp/ftps/sftp unit and tempest test in the following days
09:12:38 <gecong> and improve the test coverage
09:12:59 <gengchc> The test coverage is too low in freezer, We need to increase it.
09:13:55 <gecong> ok , let's do it
09:13:58 <gengchc> The next phase focuses on test codes.
09:14:25 <gengchc> #topic Perfect docs
09:15:25 <gengchc> In addition to testing the code, we need to further perfect the documentation.
09:16:11 <gengchc> What else?
09:16:16 <gecong> no
09:16:35 <gengchc> Thanks
09:16:38 <gengchc> byebye
09:16:51 <gengchc> #endmeeting