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09:00:30 <akotobi> hi
09:00:36 <gecong> hi
09:00:46 <gengchc> Please look at today's agenda https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/freezer_meetings
09:01:06 <gengchc> Let's start the first topic
09:01:28 <gengchc> #topic Scheduler client-registration - No documentation
09:02:08 <akotobi> Yeah, I've tried quite of times. to register scheduler client but no luck,
09:02:31 <akotobi> digging in the code didn't helped to full successful registration
09:03:30 <akotobi> any clue of json format for registration?
09:05:41 <gengchc> Is the scheduler.conf configured incorrectly? With the correct configuration of the file, the start scheduler can be registered correctly.
09:06:54 <gengchc> You can send your conf file later. Let me have a look.
09:07:36 <gengchc> Could you describe the configure about freezer api and scheduler?
09:08:08 <akotobi> Yeah, I will send, scheduler.conf only has "client_id" and "jobs_dir" assigned
09:08:54 <gengchc> We use the freezer , It can work well.
09:09:09 <akotobi> freezer-api on one machine (standalone) configured and scheduler on another VM
09:09:47 <akotobi> Yeah it should work it's more about clarity of how to configure and documentation
09:11:04 <akotobi> do you have example json for registering cllient?
09:11:11 <akotobi> in scheduler
09:12:13 <gengchc> ok. I send the configure to you later by email. Let's start the next topic.
09:13:12 <gengchc> #topic Will submit patch for NOVA engine backup "--timeout" not taking value
09:14:26 <gengchc> What does it mean? Can you describe it more deatail?
09:14:37 <akotobi> This one I've got bitten by timeout option which the default value is 10 min (I guess), but instance backup and uploading taking more that 10 min
09:14:48 <akotobi> so backup was getting broken
09:15:16 <akotobi> I hardcoded the value in "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/freezer/engine/nova/nova.py"
09:15:28 <akotobi> line "272"
09:16:01 <akotobi> so I used timeout option and the value didn't apply
09:16:14 <akotobi> only way was to hardcode it
09:16:18 <akotobi> to make it work
09:17:52 <gengchc> Please see :
09:17:55 <gengchc> "job_actions": [
09:17:57 <gengchc> "cce17ccb-0a0e-4159-bfc2-190a5019ada8",
09:18:01 <gengchc> 3600
09:18:02 <gengchc> timeout
09:18:30 <gengchc> You can set timeout config to longer.
09:19:00 <akotobi> but I'm not using job action, this happens when I use freezer-agent
09:19:15 <akotobi> by command line
09:21:10 <gengchc> utils.wait_for(
09:21:54 <gengchc> We modify it to conf.timeout .
09:22:40 <akotobi> so value of --timeout will get to "utils.wait_for", right?
09:23:38 <gengchc> Yes. We can improve it. Let's start the third topic?
09:24:19 <akotobi> It's not improving, it's only using default and doesn't let the backup finishes
09:24:41 <akotobi> I can send you later the full debug
09:25:43 <akotobi> yes start the next topic
09:25:45 <gecong> yes , there is problem , we will patch it
09:27:43 <gengchc> #topic Cinder engine? making folder schema
09:28:30 <akotobi> It's just a suggesstion, which if you look Glance & Nova have engine & mode so directory structure is very human readable
09:28:50 <akotobi> but cinder only creates folder structure if volume ID as
09:29:25 <akotobi> for example "9178ed74-0758-48cc-a077-8d6a630034ee" and all data and metadata go under sub-directory
09:29:56 <gecong> only UUID is uniuqe
09:30:19 <gecong> cinder volume name is not unique
09:30:59 <gecong> we can modify it to name-UUID
09:31:25 <akotobi> Yeah, having it as name-UUID will be great
09:31:41 <akotobi> is there any reason that cinder has no "engine"?
09:31:42 <gengchc> Let's start the next topic.
09:34:19 <akotobi> Sure
09:35:23 <gengchc> #topic Docs improvement
09:36:04 <akotobi> At the moment as I'm still reading the code, not much of help to contribute code, but really would like to contribute to documentation
09:36:27 <akotobi> which recently I saw another center is interested in freezer but no documentation to get it installed
09:36:29 <gengchc> We can modify the documents ,if we find any errors.
09:37:22 <akotobi> Where is the link for documentation source? so I can contribute
09:38:24 <gengchc> The freezer document is not perfect. We need to spend a lot of energy to improve it. If you feel that there is a problem in any place, you can submit the patch directly
09:39:19 <akotobi> That's the link for Train https://opendev.org/openstack/freezer/src/branch/stable/train/doc, right?
09:39:23 <gengchc> After meeting, I send the information about  the document by email.
09:40:21 <gengchc> https://opendev.org/openstack/freezer/src/branch/master/doc
09:40:56 <gengchc> Let's the next topic?
09:41:00 <akotobi> OK, we can start next topic
09:41:04 <gengchc> #topic Notification mechanism?
09:41:26 <gengchc> Can you describe it detail?
09:41:31 <akotobi> Is there any mechanism that send an email or so when backup finishes?
09:42:13 <akotobi> would be great to have something like "--notification-email" and put email so after backup finishes send email
09:42:18 <gengchc> At present, There is not this Notification mechanism.
09:44:16 <gengchc> If the backup finishes, The job's state will change in freezer'api. You can query the job's status by the command freezer job list or freezer job-get ***
09:45:16 <gengchc> Let's start the last topic?
09:45:24 <akotobi> Yes right, but I would get that when get scheduler client register, so we can follow up of the complete deployment offline
09:45:49 <akotobi> Yep
09:45:52 <gengchc> #topic BareOS storage type
09:46:09 <gengchc> What does it mean?
09:46:36 <akotobi> Currently OpenStack getting backup in one machine which has bug cache disk size
09:47:04 <akotobi> and when backup finishes I start BareOS agent to backup
09:47:19 <akotobi> because we store backup in tape library
09:47:25 <akotobi> let me send you a link
09:47:57 <akotobi> https://www.bareos.com/en/what_is_bareos.html
09:48:16 <gecong> OK , after we read the link , we will discuess later
09:48:26 <gengchc> Let's end the meeting. Thanks.
09:48:35 <gengchc> #endmeeting