09:08:02 <gecong48> #startmeeting freezer
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09:08:21 <gecong48> Hi guys, We have not start the freezer meeting for long time since the SARS-CoV-2
09:08:43 <carl_cai> Welcom
09:08:52 <gecong48> we have just release the version of freezer a few days ago
09:09:12 <gecong48> releases:
09:09:25 <gecong48> releases:
09:09:45 <gecong48> releases:
09:10:48 <gecong48> In V version we will do some new BP as followers
09:11:06 <gecong48> #Topic Monitor the schedule agent is  on-line or not
09:11:08 <carl_cai> What are the features of the next version
09:11:43 <gecong48> There are some new feature in new Verion
09:11:55 <gecong48> 1) Monitor the schedule agent is  on-line or not
09:12:22 <gecong48> now there isn't on-line detection system in freezer if schedule agent is  on-line or not
09:12:49 <gecong48> It is necessory for us to add this BP to freezer
09:13:17 <carl_cai> Good idea
09:13:20 <gecong48> I and gengchc will do this BP on may
09:13:45 <gecong48> 3) support the HA of backup-agent
09:14:24 <gecong48> now there is not HA support of backup-agent in freezer
09:14:54 <gecong48> when a client is dead for while ,The job can't be done
09:15:46 <gecong48> 3) Unit Test Improvement: Our goal is to make it reach 70%.
09:16:33 <gecong48> until then , the coverity of Unit Test is still not so good
09:16:34 <carl_cai> I will improve the project Docs for the new developers.
09:16:43 <gecong48> Thanks carl
09:17:25 <gecong48> Our goal is to make it reach 70% ,there is still a lot of job to do
09:18:20 <gecong48> gengchc is offline
09:19:59 <gecong48> one important thing
09:20:27 <gecong48> we may look for some new contributer for freezer
09:22:11 <carl_cai> How to attract new developers for freezer ?
09:23:36 <gecong48> last years a new guy sent a mail for us , we may contact via mail after meeting
09:27:03 <carl_cai> We need to let more people know about the freezer project.
09:30:15 <carl_cai> Looking forword to new features in V version.thanks Gecong and Gengchc.
09:31:20 <gecong48> OK ,we will think abou some new feature
09:32:13 <gecong48> thanks carl and gengchc
09:32:43 <gecong48> Is there some new topic to discuss?
09:32:59 <carl_cai> No,thanks.
09:33:04 <gecong48> Thnks
09:33:12 <gecong48> #endmeeting