15:03:05 <bauzas> #startmeeting gantt
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15:03:17 <bauzas> #chair n0ano
15:03:18 <openstack> Current chairs: bauzas n0ano
15:03:27 <bauzas> roll call ?
15:03:30 <bauzas> \o
15:03:50 <PaulMurray> hello
15:04:10 <bauzas> sounds like some people hitted the daylight change
15:04:46 <bauzas> n0ano: around ?
15:05:11 <bauzas> I already discussed with jaypipes and he can't attend today due to a meeting conflict
15:05:40 <bauzas> (echo echo echooooo)
15:06:12 <PaulMurray> bauzas, its just you and me mate
15:06:25 <bauzas> awesome
15:06:49 <bauzas> PaulMurray: actually you and I are owners of K1 blueprints :)
15:07:02 <bauzas> PaulMurray: so we're good
15:07:06 <bauzas> let's start
15:07:10 <PaulMurray> bauzas, so do you want to update each othere?
15:07:15 <bauzas> should be quick
15:07:24 <bauzas> PaulMurray: will *try* ;)
15:07:38 <PaulMurray> bauzas, you go first
15:08:02 <bauzas> #topic Status on cleanup work
15:08:02 <markus_z> I'm interested in your updates, go on :)
15:08:13 <bauzas> hurrah, some fan around :)
15:08:22 <markus_z> go bauzas go!
15:08:25 <bauzas> so
15:08:29 <bauzas> #link  https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Gantt/kilo
15:08:41 <bauzas> ^above is the main entrypoint for considering progress
15:08:58 <bauzas> PaulMurray: feel free to amend it with your progress
15:09:14 <bauzas> so, we're having 4 BPs targeted for K1
15:09:47 <bauzas> it seems there is a mistake on the wikipage, because there are 2 entries for the same BP
15:10:04 <bauzas> that's my fault, I misunderstood the #3 item
15:10:11 <bauzas> so, let's iterate over there
15:10:32 <PaulMurray> bauzas, which is the duplicate
15:10:39 <bauzas> #item    Convert get_available_resources() to return object
15:10:47 <bauzas> I have no status on that one
15:11:03 <bauzas> PaulMurray: item #3 and #5
15:11:07 <PaulMurray> bauzas, oh I get it #3 and #5
15:11:47 <bauzas> so, #info No status on     Convert get_available_resources() to return object
15:11:50 <PaulMurray> bauzas, I can change it
15:11:56 <bauzas> PaulMurray: excellent
15:12:22 <bauzas> AFAIK, there is some progress about item #2 CPU pinning & huge page support
15:12:42 <bauzas> jaypipes and sahid are working on it
15:12:53 <bauzas> PaulMurray: any further info ?
15:13:03 <bauzas> that's still in my review queue
15:13:15 <PaulMurray> bauzas,  there has been progress on #3 - lxsli is doing some work there on tests
15:13:23 <bauzas> I was going to #3
15:13:23 <PaulMurray> bauzas, and on the migrations
15:13:38 <PaulMurray> bauzas, sorry - go on
15:13:40 <bauzas> right, I was reviewing his patches
15:14:10 <bauzas> that's good effort, I'm just concerned about backporting all changes coming to test_resource_tracker before deleting it
15:14:47 <bauzas> PaulMurray: IIUC, lxsli was working on improving the test coverage, some tests were missinb
15:14:50 <bauzas> missing
15:14:58 <PaulMurray> bauzas, the idea is that the tests are really hard to understand
15:15:05 <bauzas> I know... :)
15:15:14 <PaulMurray> bauzas, so we are trying to go through repeating in the new version
15:15:31 <bauzas> I totally agree with the rationale, and actually the new version is pretty good
15:15:36 <PaulMurray> bauzas, we can drop old tests when we know we have coverage, we don't have to wait untill all are done
15:15:42 <bauzas> we just need to make sure everything is coverted
15:15:50 <bauzas> covered*
15:16:20 <bauzas> PaulMurray: I was just thinking about any changes in test_resource_tracker which would mean extra effort to test_tracker for providing it
15:16:26 <PaulMurray> bauzas, when tests for one thing, like migrations are done, the old tests can be dropped and that makes it a lot easier to get the migrations patch done......
15:16:48 <bauzas> PaulMurray: agreed
15:16:51 <PaulMurray> bauzas, and repeat for each object
15:17:07 <bauzas> PaulMurray: makes sense
15:17:09 <PaulMurray> bauzas, so expect to see movement on objects themselves soon
15:17:13 <bauzas> ok, moving forward
15:17:22 <bauzas> #item Detach service from compute node
15:17:31 <bauzas> that's the one I'm working on
15:17:47 <bauzas> I had to modify some things wrt how data migrations are managed now
15:18:10 <bauzas> now, we can no longer provide data migrations within migration scripts
15:18:25 <bauzas> so, I have to carry some compatibility handling on the object side
15:19:00 <bauzas> here, that's quite ...interesting because the field I'm removing is actually used for searching and filtering against it
15:19:23 <bauzas> so, I'm currently dedicated to that, expecting to land a new iteration of the patch series by tomorrow
15:19:38 * bauzas likes to be a guinea pig
15:20:12 <bauzas> that's it for me
15:20:37 <bauzas> we can also talk about K2 BPs
15:21:06 <bauzas> I saw that jaypipes provided a new patchset for Add resource object models
15:21:13 <bauzas> still need to review it
15:21:17 <bauzas> I mean for the spec
15:21:31 <PaulMurray> ok - i'll look too
15:21:40 <bauzas> about    Model request spec object
15:21:44 <bauzas> I'm committed to it
15:21:55 <bauzas> so the spec is having good reviews, I'll update it
15:22:22 <bauzas> basically, the plan is to provide both request_spec and filter_properties fields as part of the new RequestSpec object
15:22:43 <bauzas> and within the Scheduler, the old dicts will be repopulated based on these fields
15:23:02 <bauzas> so I need to update the spec by also mentioning the filter_properties fields as fields
15:23:13 <bauzas> that's on its way too
15:23:28 <bauzas> expecting to work on the implemention by end of this week
15:23:41 <bauzas> that's it for me
15:23:49 <bauzas> any questions about the BPs ?
15:23:56 <bauzas> or can we move to open discussion ?
15:24:06 <PaulMurray> go on
15:24:17 <bauzas> #topic Open Discussion
15:24:24 <bauzas> so, what's up ? :)
15:24:42 <bauzas> I have nothing to say on my side
15:25:02 <PaulMurray> nothing here - but I did respin https://review.openstack.org/#/c/133083/
15:25:10 <bauzas> PaulMurray: yeah, saw it
15:25:18 <PaulMurray> I did it just now
15:25:19 <bauzas> PaulMurray: in my review backlog too
15:25:29 <bauzas> PaulMurray: ack
15:25:49 <bauzas> PaulMurray: I'm expecting to dedicate some time tomorrow about reviews
15:25:51 <PaulMurray> I realised I didn't need all those aggregates, so simplified it to just two that get used every time
15:25:55 <bauzas> I was quite busy the last 2 days
15:26:02 <bauzas> awesome
15:26:09 <bauzas> you mean in the tests ?
15:26:15 <PaulMurray> bauzas, that's cool - I can see you are active
15:26:45 <PaulMurray> bauzas, you'll see
15:26:53 <bauzas> PaulMurray: I like teasers
15:27:07 <bauzas> ok, closing the meeting, hurrah
15:27:34 <bauzas> n0ano will have to write 100 times "I have to learn what UTC means" :p
15:27:43 <PaulMurray> :)
15:27:48 <bauzas> #endmeeting