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15:00:41 <markmcclain> armax: thanks
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15:00:55 <n0ano> Anyone here to talk about the scheduler?
15:00:56 <edleafe> o/
15:00:57 * jaypipes around... barely.
15:01:09 <lxsli> o/
15:01:51 <PaulMurray> hi
15:02:21 <n0ano> let's get started then ( bauzas should join soon )
15:02:33 <n0ano> #topic Remove direct nova DB/API access by Scheduler Filters - https://review.opernstack.org/138444/
15:02:49 <n0ano> edleafe, I see ndipanov  has some issues with your spec (sigh), were you able to work it out?
15:02:51 <edleafe> OK, so after last week's meeting I pushed to get eyes on the spec after integrating all of the spec cores' suggestions.
15:02:54 <bauzas> \o
15:02:56 * bauzas waves late
15:02:59 <edleafe> I got all +1s from the Gantt team members, but then Nikola brought up some strong objections (he wasn't at the midcycle).
15:03:07 <edleafe> Dan Smith then objected, suggesting that we change the approach to the one that jaypipes rejected earlier, namely sending just the changes.
15:03:15 <edleafe> After speaking with Dan, jaypipes then changed his mind, too, and since he was the driving force behind this approach, we were back at the starting line.
15:03:23 <edleafe> There was no chance adding differential notification to the spec and getting all of that approved and coded in time for Kilo.
15:03:35 <edleafe> So the only chance for anything in Kilo was to greatly simplify the approach, so I re-wrote the specs so that the only change is additional instance info is returned with the host info.
15:03:43 <edleafe> No feedback whatsoever in the past 4 days, though.
15:03:53 <ndipanov> edleafe, yeah sorry about no feedback bit
15:03:55 <alex_xu_> o/
15:03:59 <ndipanov> was completely swamped
15:04:04 <edleafe> So I'm pretty sure that there is very little chance of this making it through
15:04:13 <bauzas> edleafe: I think you're right
15:04:16 <edleafe> Someone convince me otherwise, please! :)
15:04:24 <bauzas> edleafe: I mean, about the deliverables
15:04:39 <lxsli> Pardon my naivete - is a FFE implausible?
15:04:51 <n0ano> edleafe, it's still open to exception approval (note johnthetubaguy mail), the question is creating the code patches
15:04:51 <lxsli> Do you mean it's very unlikely even with a FFE?
15:04:51 <bauzas> lxsli: the spec is not merged yet
15:05:02 <edleafe> lxsli: we don't even have an approved spec
15:05:12 <bauzas> lxsli: so we're even not talking about patches
15:05:15 <edleafe> and the one that was close to approved has been rejected
15:05:34 <edleafe> So we're starting over now
15:05:36 <bauzas> edleafe: my spec has been approved, so I can go thru it
15:05:51 <n0ano> edleafe, but you simplified the approach, that should help - yes?
15:05:52 <edleafe> bauzas: but yours doesn't cover this stuff
15:05:57 <bauzas> edleafe: in the meantime, maybe some people will jump in and discuss about the change in game
15:06:12 <edleafe> n0ano: that was my hope
15:06:13 <bauzas> edleafe: yeah, but it will just shed the light on
15:06:19 <edleafe> but time keeps ticking...
15:06:51 <bauzas> edleafe: I seriously doubt that your spec could be approved
15:06:58 <bauzas> edleafe: so keep it for L
15:07:03 <n0ano> I'd prefer to keep pushing while realizing it is very risky, we have to get some cores to review your patch
15:07:05 <edleafe> bauzas: and with your changes, the spec I wrote would need further change
15:07:12 <edleafe> (I based it on existing code)
15:07:39 <bauzas> edleafe: hency my thoughts : you made great work but you need to consider it for L
15:08:00 <bauzas> edleafe: which is not that far away, btw.
15:08:15 <edleafe> bauzas: no, only 8 months
15:08:16 <edleafe> :)
15:08:38 <bauzas> edleafe: the branching should happen in 1 month or so
15:08:48 <bauzas> edleafe: I mean, Lxxx open for merging
15:08:52 <edleafe> bauzas: I know the timeline
15:09:11 <alex_xu_> edleafe: anything we can help?
15:09:12 <n0ano> bauzas, but spec approval won't even start until after Vancouver
15:09:13 <edleafe> bauzas: but it means that a separate scheduler now looks like an M thing at the earliest
15:09:28 <bauzas> edleafe: I'm not seeing this as sequential
15:09:35 <edleafe> alex_xu_: no, not really. Unless you have a time machine
15:10:09 <n0ano> edleafe, I hope that's not the case, if we can get you approved early in L we will still have time for the split
15:10:14 <alex_xu_> emm....that's said
15:10:20 <bauzas> n0ano: +1
15:10:25 <bauzas> n0ano: that's my thoughts
15:10:45 <bauzas> n0ano: we can work on splitting things while edleafe is working on his spec
15:10:56 <n0ano> we know there's going to be lots of work for the split, this will just be another part of it
15:11:00 <alex_xu_> edleafe: at least we can try to get the spec in this release, then we can save some spec review time in L
15:11:10 <bauzas> n0ano: smart sentence
15:11:10 <edleafe> bauzas: the split can happen without this
15:11:27 <edleafe> bauzas: this was just an intermediate step
15:11:48 <edleafe> we can separate the data without having to first go through this
15:12:01 <bauzas> edleafe: agreed, so what's the purpose of you saying 'it won't happen for L?3
15:12:02 <bauzas> :)
15:12:25 <n0ano> edleafe, we should keep pushing for approval on your spec to increase the odds that it'll be the first spec approved for L
15:12:42 <bauzas> n0ano: you're just picking my words
15:12:55 <edleafe> bauzas: my point is that if we insist on this spec first, it will push everything off
15:13:02 <n0ano> bauzas, clarifying, that's all :-)
15:13:20 <bauzas> edleafe: but you said that you would have to rewrite your spec based on my work, right ?
15:13:28 * alex_xu_ hopes have a car like in the movie 'back to the future'
15:13:41 <bauzas> edleafe: so why not considering that my work is just a dependency on your stuff ?
15:13:48 <edleafe> I say we need to just focus on cleaning the interfaces for data, instead of trying to force them into these intermediate half-changes
15:14:22 <bauzas> edleafe: right, so I think that your spec needs to be a final one, and not something that you're planning to land for Kilo
15:14:29 <bauzas> that's just your words - intermediate
15:14:31 <edleafe> bauzas: then I don't understand why it was ever supposed to be a separate spec
15:15:04 <edleafe> bauzas: if it just dependent on your changes
15:15:26 <bauzas> edleafe: sounds like there is a confusion there
15:15:35 <edleafe> bauzas: intermediate in the sense that this isn't how we want a separate scheduler to work in the long run
15:16:01 <edleafe> we want it to own the data, not just ask for it from nova in different ways
15:16:27 <bauzas> edleafe: I was just referring to
15:16:29 <bauzas> (16:03:35) edleafe: So the only chance for anything in Kilo was to greatly simplify the approach, so I re-wrote the specs so that the only change is additional instance info is returned with the host info.
15:16:52 <bauzas> edleafe: forget Kilo and provide the right approach for L
15:17:10 <edleafe> bauzas: that was last week when I re-wrote the spec
15:17:34 <edleafe> the fact that nobody has given feedback since then is what made me think that it cannot make it into K
15:18:12 <n0ano> edleafe, well, personally, I was waiting for ndipanov to comment, he had the original objection and should have responded to your change
15:18:32 <bauzas> edleafe: agreed, so that's why we still need to help you by reviewing your approach so we keep momentum on your spec
15:18:50 <edleafe> n0ano: Understood, but it's not like the cores don't have a zillion other things to focus on
15:19:32 <n0ano> edleafe, don't get me started I don't accept that as an excuse, we all have many things to do
15:19:47 <bauzas> anyway, I think we have a consensus : we need to review your spec and comment it, whatever the outcome will be
15:20:03 <n0ano> bauzas, +1
15:20:19 <alex_xu_> bauzas: +1
15:20:21 <edleafe> n0ano: not an excuse; just reality
15:20:32 <n0ano> #action all to review the spec `today`
15:20:46 * n0ano wonders why his actions never take
15:20:50 <bauzas> edleafe: and as I said to you, your spec deserves some time before reviewing, because that one is quite tricky
15:20:51 <edleafe> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/138444/
15:20:52 <lxsli> it'd be great if ndipanov, bauzas + edleafe could agree the bones of the ideal solution right now rather than volleying review comments
15:21:11 <ndipanov> sure
15:21:16 <ndipanov> my point is basically this
15:21:27 <edleafe> n0ano: actions take; the bot just doesn't echo them here
15:21:34 <ndipanov> we should not disable hitting the db as such
15:21:35 <edleafe> n0ano: check the minutes afterwards
15:21:49 <ndipanov> we should make it go through a well defined scheduler (gantt) interface
15:22:11 <ndipanov> that we need to define for this
15:22:17 <ndipanov> as this is a common usecase for people
15:22:34 <ndipanov> and I feel it is orthogonal to any performance improvements like caching
15:22:53 <edleafe> ndipanov: yes, this is not about performance per se
15:22:59 <lxsli> That does sound like it could be a smaller, more incremental change
15:23:01 <ndipanov> but having said that I did not read dansmith 's follow up comments on my comment
15:23:14 <ndipanov> so I'd be happy with just solidifying that interface
15:23:24 <ndipanov> and also I am not sure it should be about instances as such
15:23:34 <edleafe> ndipanov: dansmith wanted to send diffs of the instance list instead of the full list
15:23:39 <ndipanov> but I could be flexible on this maybe
15:23:53 <edleafe> ndipanov: sending the full list was something jaypipes had pushed for
15:23:59 <dansmith> edleafe: no, I wanted to send just the instance on which the action is being taken
15:23:59 <ndipanov> edleafe, to me this is also an optimization
15:24:21 <edleafe> dansmith: well, isn't that the same thing?
15:24:26 <dansmith> edleafe: no?
15:24:57 <edleafe> dansmith: ok, a node has instances. Something changes on one. We send that change.
15:25:14 <dansmith> correct
15:25:22 <edleafe> dansmith: to the scheduler, that's a diff: take the instance that changed, and update your local view of it
15:25:37 <dansmith> and then send a list of just uuids periodically, which allows the scheduler to patch up in the case of a missed one
15:25:54 <dansmith> edleafe: diffs of the list imply potentially multiple instances updated in a single go to me
15:26:03 <edleafe> dansmith: sure, but that's a separate concern
15:26:10 <dansmith> edleafe: what we should be doing is saying "this instance changed" not "here's a patch against your cache"
15:26:14 <bauzas> I think we validated a 2-step approach
15:26:30 <edleafe> dansmith: sure, definitely not a patch
15:26:31 <bauzas> 1. update the list of instances per host when the Scheduler is starting
15:26:45 <bauzas> 2. provide updates to the scheduler when a state changes
15:26:55 <ndipanov> dansmith, I think we are talking about 2 different things here
15:26:59 <edleafe> dansmith: we used the term 'diff' in earlier discussions; contrasted with sending the whole list
15:27:04 <bauzas> 2. can be a full list of instances per host or only a diff, but that's still 2.
15:27:15 <bauzas> the difference is only optimization
15:27:34 <ndipanov> what you guys are saying is that we should make update instances from the host and then debate on how to do this in a reasonable manner
15:27:38 <bauzas> edleafe: that's why I dislike your new PS
15:27:54 <ndipanov> what I am trying to say is that we should design that API to not be only about instances
15:27:59 <dansmith> the critical difference to me is the semantic meaning of the interface
15:28:00 <bauzas> edleafe: because you are no longer mentioning those 2 steps
15:28:09 <ndipanov> dansmith, go on
15:28:27 <edleafe> bauzas: the new version doesn't have scheduler keeping a list of instances
15:28:39 <lxsli> ndipanov: we only need instances today - we can add other info later, maybe after the split is further progressed + the scheduler is truly owning instance data
15:28:43 <dansmith> ndipanov: I don't know what you mean about "making it not just about instances"
15:28:55 <bauzas> ndipanov: FYI that's been approved for Aggregates http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/nova-specs/specs/kilo/approved/isolate-scheduler-db-aggregates.html
15:29:06 <dansmith> the only thing that needs to be communicated immediately is about instances, AIUI
15:29:19 <edleafe> dansmith: correct
15:29:22 <ndipanov> dansmith, ok
15:29:31 <edleafe> dansmith: and only two attributes of the instances
15:29:48 <dansmith> edleafe: eh? what two attributes?
15:30:06 <edleafe> dansmith: uuid and instance_type_id
15:30:16 <dansmith> I don't think I agree with that
15:30:18 <edleafe> dansmith: those are the only two things that the filters need
15:30:27 <dansmith> that makes the API far too specific to be generally useful going forward
15:30:34 <ndipanov> dansmith, agreed
15:30:35 <dansmith> edleafe: yeah, but that just makes it useless for anything else
15:30:37 <lxsli> edleafe: I think we're all happy to store all instance attrs rather than splitting it down so fine though
15:30:44 <ndipanov> I see what dansmith is saying
15:30:53 <dansmith> edleafe: we need to just pass the whole instance object
15:31:08 <ndipanov> and then have a "protocol" on how to pass updates
15:31:08 <bauzas> dansmith: that, we agreed
15:31:14 <dansmith> edleafe: the scheduler can glean whatever it needs from that information, regardless of what it is looking for -- the compute node doesn't and shouldn't care
15:31:50 <bauzas> ndipanov: that's what we're trying to provide, ie. a new Scheduler RPC API method for updating Scheduler's view
15:32:02 <edleafe> dansmith: agreed - that was my original logic
15:32:05 <ndipanov> bauzas, that's what I lobbied for in that spec too
15:32:21 <edleafe> jaypipes objected to the the individual updates
15:32:34 <edleafe> he pushed for sending the full InstanceList
15:32:34 <bauzas> ndipanov: so, I think it was unclear in edleafe's spec then, because it was explicit in my own spec for aggregates
15:32:52 <edleafe> so that there would be no issues involving sync
15:33:10 <bauzas> ndipanov: ie. we have a warmup period for learning the world, and then we provide updates to the scheduler
15:33:11 <dansmith> IMHO, syncing the entire list any time anything happens is faaaar too heavy
15:33:33 <bauzas> dansmith: hence your point on only sending the diff
15:33:43 <dansmith> bauzas: stop saying diff :)
15:33:45 <bauzas> the diff being the full Instance object
15:33:48 <dansmith> bauzas: "affected instance"
15:33:49 <dansmith> heh
15:33:52 <ndipanov> bauzas, would that work for aggregates too?
15:33:55 <lxsli> There was a suggestion to send the whole InstanceList on startup; just the changed Instance on change; and the instance UUIDs from each host periodically to prevent desync
15:34:01 <bauzas> you typed too fast
15:34:05 <bauzas> ndipanov: see the spec http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/nova-specs/specs/kilo/approved/isolate-scheduler-db-aggregates.html
15:34:47 <bauzas> ndipanov: the problem with instances is that it doesn't scale the same as for aggregates
15:34:58 <ndipanov> bauzas, right...
15:35:00 <bauzas> ndipanov: that's far more bigger than just a list of aggs
15:35:16 <bauzas> so this is a scale problem, not a design problem
15:35:39 <bauzas> because we agreed on providing the updates thru RPC to the scheduler
15:35:50 <ndipanov> so what dansmith is saying is - design the API so that it can scale if it has to (I think)
15:35:53 <bauzas> fanout for the moment, incremental updates in a later cycle
15:36:05 <jaypipes> edleafe: I only objected because I thought it was an optimization that could be done over time...
15:36:07 <bauzas> ndipanov: that, I strongly agree
15:36:09 <ndipanov> bauzas, hmm
15:36:19 <bauzas> ndipanov: eh, multiple schedulers...
15:36:25 <edleafe> jaypipes: exactly
15:36:31 <dansmith> ndipanov: scale reasonably, so as not to be too specific to be irrelevant for new things, and not too heavy to be ,,, unscalable
15:36:37 <edleafe> jaypipes: but it seems that it needs to be done upfront
15:36:40 <ndipanov> dansmith, exactly!
15:36:50 <bauzas> dansmith: smart words
15:36:50 <ndipanov> jaypipes, I'd say it's part of the semantics really
15:36:57 <ndipanov> I mean
15:37:04 <jaypipes> edleafe: yes, after chatting with dansmith yesterday, I think I agree the API should be corrected now, not later.
15:37:27 <bauzas> jaypipes: I think I agree with you
15:37:42 <edleafe> ok, so let me see if I can summarize
15:37:45 <ndipanov> so wouldn't the API for instances and aggregates then look super similar?
15:37:52 <bauzas> jaypipes: we only need to send the instance that is being impacted, period
15:37:59 <edleafe> - go back to previous design (discussed at midcycle)
15:38:01 <bauzas> ndipanov: that's my thought
15:38:14 <lxsli> There was a suggestion to send the whole InstanceList on startup; just the changed Instance on change; and the instance UUIDs from each host periodically to prevent desync
15:38:18 <dansmith> ndipanov: if we send an object, then we could have one update method and send any object the scheduler should know about down that tube, is that what you mean?
15:38:22 <edleafe> - change it to add an incremental update for changed instances
15:38:28 <ndipanov> dansmith, well maybe
15:38:40 <ndipanov> not sure that it's relevant enough to block all work on
15:38:54 <ndipanov> but seems like here's intial state of this thing
15:38:56 <edleafe> - add a regular update of all UUIDs that scheduler can use to chaeck for snc problems
15:38:56 <ndipanov> here are updates
15:39:11 <ndipanov> is the pattern not tied to the object at hand
15:39:21 <edleafe> - add a way for scheduler to ask for updates to missing/extra instance
15:39:25 <bauzas> ndipanov: +1
15:39:28 <edleafe> Is that about right?
15:39:31 <lxsli> edleafe: +1
15:40:02 <ndipanov> so not sure UUIDs are what we want here
15:40:07 <ndipanov> as they are kind of instance specific
15:40:17 <lxsli> ndipanov: instances are all we need for now
15:40:23 <ndipanov> hmmm
15:40:24 <lxsli> we discussed that
15:40:26 <ndipanov> right
15:40:27 <bauzas> ndipanov: we can just send over the wire the whole Instance object
15:40:42 <ndipanov> bauzas, I'd prefer to use the facilites provided by objects
15:40:50 <lxsli> bauzas: this is for preventing desync - a UUID list is lighter than an InstanceList
15:40:57 <ndipanov> even if it means extending them with an optional global ID that is not the DB id
15:41:03 <ndipanov> dansmith, ? ^
15:41:15 <dansmith> huh? why do we need that?
15:41:21 <edleafe> ndipanov: um, isn't that what a uuid is?
15:41:22 <ndipanov> well not sure we do
15:41:33 <ndipanov> edleafe, it is but won't work for aggregates
15:41:34 <bauzas> lxsli: I thought we discussed on only sending *one* item thru RPC, ie. update_instance() (with the arg being something related to *one* instance)
15:41:53 <lxsli> Yes, for "change it to add an incremental update for changed instances"
15:42:05 <ndipanov> so that's why I would avoid sticking to instance semantincs - and use Object semantics rather
15:42:11 <ndipanov> if that makes sense
15:42:24 <lxsli> bauzas, but for "add a regular update of all UUIDs that scheduler can use to check for sync problems" we'll use UUIDs not an InstanceList
15:42:35 <edleafe> ndipanov: that sounds like quite a different spec, though
15:42:37 <dansmith> ndipanov: I think the scheduler still needs to have an isinstance(thing_being_updated, objects.Instance) logic
15:42:45 <bauzas> ndipanov: again, http://specs.openstack.org/openstack/nova-specs/specs/kilo/approved/isolate-scheduler-db-aggregates.html is referring to passing over the wire an Aggregate object as parameter
15:42:45 <dansmith> ndipanov: but the interface can be "here's an object I just changed"
15:42:55 <edleafe> ndipanov: adding a general interface for any service to update scheduler about any type of object
15:43:32 <edleafe> ndipanov: I can see that as the next step, but it seems a bit overreaching for now
15:43:36 <n0ano> if I understand, we pass the entire instance object and this code would only extrace the UUID, other code would extract other parts
15:43:43 <bauzas> edleafe: atm, we need dedicated interfaces for each type of resouce, we will factorize this later
15:43:49 <ndipanov> edleafe, well how do you go from this to general
15:44:03 <ndipanov> there is no way other than adding a completely separate new API
15:44:26 <ndipanov> and iiuc this whole effort correctly
15:44:35 <ndipanov> it's about making the gantt interfaces solid
15:44:41 <ndipanov> (not necessarily perfect)
15:44:43 <ndipanov> but workable
15:44:44 <dansmith> no, I don't think so
15:44:50 <ndipanov> ok
15:44:55 <dansmith> I think that this effort is actually about solving this one problem in a vacuum
15:45:16 <edleafe> dansmith: yes
15:45:18 <dansmith> what we want to avoid, however, is pinning ourselves into an interface that isn't supportable as we make the next step to migrate to gantt
15:45:19 <lxsli> yes
15:45:49 <ndipanov> well in that case - use UUIDs and a new client method and all other things you guys said
15:45:58 <ndipanov> and call it an Instance something
15:46:13 <ndipanov> update_instances_on_host_or_whatever
15:46:17 <lxsli> that sounds excellent
15:46:42 <ndipanov> it may not actually be such a bad idea
15:46:44 <edleafe> ndipanov: 'update_instance_info()' - it's in the spec :)
15:47:04 <ndipanov> though I would like to see it more general
15:47:06 <n0ano> then, just to be clear, do we all agree on edleafe proposed steps:
15:47:08 <n0ano> - go back to previous design (discussed at midcycle)
15:47:08 <n0ano> - change it to add an incremental update for changed instances
15:47:08 <n0ano> - add a regular update of all UUIDs that scheduler can use to chaeck for snc problems
15:47:08 <n0ano> - add a way for scheduler to ask for updates to missing/extra instance
15:47:16 <lxsli> +1
15:47:20 <jaypipes> +1
15:47:26 <ndipanov> I guess
15:47:30 <ndipanov> +1
15:47:34 <bauzas> that sounds reasonable
15:47:35 <bauzas> +1
15:47:47 <alex_xu_> +1
15:48:00 <ndipanov> we can really look into making it more general later on
15:48:02 <edleafe> ndipanov: I understand your frustration. This is the sort of thing I was hoping we would have addressed more clearly earlier on.
15:48:24 <bauzas> ndipanov: yeah, that's something we needed to work out after all of this
15:48:31 <n0ano> edleafe, I think we have a plan, let's all try and review the updated spec as soon as it comes out
15:48:38 <ndipanov> edleafe, yeah - I mean - it is about striking a balance between moving forward and not having a horrible API
15:48:41 <lxsli> ndipanov: agreed, I'm looking forward to edleafe's plans for "making gantt own it completely rather than asking nova-compute in a different way"
15:48:45 <edleafe> hence my desire to discuss general the scheduler interface at the midcycle
15:49:18 <bauzas> edleafe: I was thinking there was a consensus on this...
15:49:22 <ndipanov> not sure what "making gantt own it completely rather than asking nova-compute in a different way" exactly means
15:49:34 <edleafe> bauzas: agreed
15:49:43 <bauzas> edleafe: again, one spec has been approved, the other one is only different because of a scale problem
15:50:13 <edleafe> ndipanov: it means that the scheduler needs to persist information it needs to make scheduling decisions.
15:50:24 <ndipanov> right
15:50:25 <edleafe> We're nowhere near that now
15:50:36 <ndipanov> well we are persisting it in the DB :)
15:50:42 <ndipanov> but yes I get what you mean
15:50:44 <n0ano> ndipanov, what I was going to say
15:50:45 <bauzas> edleafe: that probably requires another scheduler worker
15:50:53 <bauzas> edleafe: but I prefer to leave it for Gantt
15:51:26 <lxsli> Ten minutes, did we have a 2nd agenda item n0ano ?
15:51:26 <bauzas> edleafe: because of the scaling problem mentioned by johnthetubaguy
15:51:31 <ndipanov> bauzas, I also don't think it's bad to have two different ways to update 1) gimme all 2) gimme updates
15:51:36 <n0ano> guys, we're running out of time...
15:51:42 <n0ano> #topic opens
15:51:45 <ndipanov> so ur spec is cool too
15:51:57 <ndipanov> edleafe, anyway ping me when spec is updated pls
15:52:04 <n0ano> any opens for today (not enough time to talk about patches)
15:52:04 <edleafe> ndipanov: will do
15:52:05 <dims__> open discussion?
15:52:21 <n0ano> dims__, yes, right nwo
15:52:25 <johnthetubaguy> edleafe: do ping me about the spec too, once you folks are happy with it
15:52:30 <n0ano> s/nwo/now
15:52:40 <edleafe> johnthetubaguy: you got it
15:52:48 <johnthetubaguy> :)
15:53:01 * n0ano johnthetubaguy just asked to be bothered, works for me :-)
15:53:10 <bauzas> eh eh
15:53:14 <bauzas> crickets for opens ?
15:53:19 <johnthetubaguy> yup, saves me attempting to remember and failing
15:53:21 <lxsli> if there's nothing else
15:53:22 <dims__> ok, nova cores, there's a well curated quick hit list of bugs that are ready for review (updated few times every day) https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-nova-priorities-tracking
15:53:36 <lxsli> dansmith ndipanov: do you agree on the way forward for https://review.openstack.org/#/c/152689/ please?
15:53:47 <bauzas> dims__: is that the right place to discuss this ? :D
15:53:48 <n0ano> dims__, yeah, but that is more approriate for the nova meeting on Thurs
15:53:58 <bauzas> dims__: see /topic
15:54:02 <ndipanov> wow!
15:54:15 <dims__> whoops. sorry :)
15:54:21 <n0ano> dims__, NP
15:54:27 <dansmith> lxsli: I rarely agree to anything
15:54:28 <ndipanov> ah that thing
15:54:34 <ndipanov> well I think we do in general
15:54:37 <lxsli> dansmith: noted...
15:54:44 <n0ano> OK, I think we're done for today
15:54:51 <ndipanov> I thought we did
15:54:54 <n0ano> tnx everyone, be back here next week
15:54:59 <n0ano> #endmeeting