14:02:03 <abhishekk> #startmeeting glance
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14:02:08 <abhishekk> #topic roll call
14:02:16 <abhishekk> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/glance-team-meeting-agenda
14:02:23 <abhishekk> o/
14:03:15 * abhishekk looks like I am lone warrior today :D
14:03:23 <dansmith> o/
14:03:35 <abhishekk> o/
14:03:38 <smcginnis> o/
14:03:42 <abhishekk> Cool
14:03:54 <abhishekk> rosmaita is not around yet and jokke is on leave
14:04:14 <rosmaita> o/
14:04:14 <abhishekk> great, lets start, have small agenda today
14:04:32 <abhishekk> #topic Updates
14:04:48 <abhishekk> I have booked slots for October 2020 PTG
14:05:00 <abhishekk> it is between 1400 to 1700 UTC
14:05:10 <abhishekk> clashing with cinder :(
14:05:35 <rosmaita> will make it easy to have cinder-glance discussions, though
14:05:43 <abhishekk> But I will keep one slot for glance-cinder discussion after discussion with rosmaita
14:05:49 <rosmaita> +1
14:05:51 <abhishekk> ++
14:06:17 <abhishekk> If you haven't registered for PTG and summit then do it soon
14:06:39 <abhishekk> Moving to next topic
14:06:44 <abhishekk> #topic release/periodic job updates
14:06:53 <abhishekk> V3 milestones 2 weeks away
14:07:14 <abhishekk> We are good so far, few patches of glance to get in
14:07:24 <abhishekk> Final release for non clients libraries - Next week
14:07:39 <abhishekk> Want to propose release patch for glance_store on 01 September
14:07:49 <abhishekk> i.e. on Monday
14:08:14 <abhishekk> Need to review 3 patches for glance_store, which I will state in next topic
14:08:34 <abhishekk> Periodic job all green for straight 3rd week
14:08:48 <abhishekk> 1st time since introduction of tips jobs \o/
14:09:15 <abhishekk> moving to next topic
14:09:19 <abhishekk> #topic Important reviews
14:09:28 <abhishekk> glance-store: https://review.opendev.org/747225 and https://review.opendev.org/747226 and https://review.opendev.org/#/c/724335
14:09:29 <patchbot> patch 747225 - glance_store - Bring FakeData utility over from glance - 2 patch sets
14:09:30 <patchbot> patch 747226 - glance_store - Add a little more test coverage for rbd resize logic - 2 patch sets
14:09:32 <patchbot> patch 724335 - glance_store - Clarify the filesystem_store_metadata_file config ... - 1 patch set
14:09:35 <abhishekk> rosmaita, smcginnis ^^
14:09:44 <abhishekk> simple and important patches
14:10:21 <abhishekk> For glance, we have important race condition patch in but still some patches from the chain are hanging there
14:10:28 <abhishekk> Copy image race condition chain - https://review.opendev.org/743597
14:10:29 <patchbot> patch 743597 - glance - Implement time-limited import locking (MERGED) - 21 patch sets
14:10:39 <abhishekk> you can find those in this chain ^^^
14:10:48 <abhishekk> Cinder multiple stores support - https://review.opendev.org/748039
14:10:49 <patchbot> patch 748039 - glance - Support cinder multiple stores - 3 patch sets
14:11:15 <abhishekk> We need release of glance_store to get some jobs passing on above patch
14:11:29 <abhishekk> But still you guys can have a look at functionality
14:11:57 <abhishekk> I will be working on documentation patch for cinder multiple stores configuration this week
14:12:21 <abhishekk> Apart from these remaining patches we are good for this cycle and on track
14:12:37 <rosmaita> ack, will try to get a look this afternoon
14:12:47 <abhishekk> thank you
14:13:04 <dansmith> we've also go the tempest patches,
14:13:10 <dansmith> which are a bit stalled and need some help It hink
14:13:15 <abhishekk> +1
14:13:31 <dansmith> I reviewed the multi-store one, but the one below it needs to be fixed so we can get those landed, and switch the default devstack back to wsgi
14:13:46 <dansmith> that can happen after the milestone I think, but we need to not lose sight of it, IMHO
14:13:58 <abhishekk> ack
14:14:13 <abhishekk> I also need help in reviewing cinder stores devstack support patch
14:14:21 <dansmith> I'll take a look at the copy-image one today, maybe I can just update it
14:14:25 <abhishekk> https://review.opendev.org/743800
14:14:26 <patchbot> patch 743800 - devstack - Configure cinder store for glance - 8 patch sets
14:14:39 <abhishekk> dansmith, ack
14:14:48 <dansmith> abhishekk: do you have a running test of that plus the glance cinder changes?
14:15:13 <abhishekk> dansmith, https://review.opendev.org/748039
14:15:13 <patchbot> patch 748039 - glance - Support cinder multiple stores - 3 patch sets
14:15:26 <dansmith> tempest-multistore-cinder-import-workflow	FAILURE
14:15:42 <abhishekk> In this patch whoami-rajat__ is referring to my devstack patch
14:15:57 <dansmith> but that's cool for sure
14:16:04 <abhishekk> yes, in that web-download test is failing with cinder quota error
14:16:49 <dansmith> ah cool
14:17:00 <abhishekk> actually image fails to reach active error as when it tries to import to one cinder store it fails due to quota error and goes back to revert and image remains in importing state
14:17:14 <abhishekk> and in our logic we wait for image to become active
14:17:53 <abhishekk> I have checked glance-api.conf in that job and it configures cinder multiple stores for glance
14:18:00 <abhishekk> So devstack patch is fine
14:18:14 <dansmith> ack
14:19:05 <abhishekk> Moving to Open discussion
14:19:18 <abhishekk> #topic Open discussion
14:20:45 <abhishekk> dansmith, https://review.opendev.org/#/c/742309/
14:20:45 <patchbot> patch 742309 - glance - Make our import-workflow job also convert images t... - 1 patch set
14:20:52 <abhishekk> this patch is in merged conflict
14:21:13 <dansmith> yeah, I know, sorry I'll look at it
14:21:41 <abhishekk> no problem
14:22:13 <abhishekk> I will make todo etherpad for glance milestone 3 and share it with you all
14:22:37 <abhishekk> this will include, pending reviews, todo patches etc
14:23:16 <abhishekk> that's it from me today
14:23:25 <abhishekk> do you guys have anything else to discuss?
14:24:08 <dansmith> narp
14:25:36 <abhishekk> cool, lets wrap this early
14:25:41 <abhishekk> thank you all
14:26:07 <abhishekk> #endmeeting