14:01:03 <jokke> #startmeeting glance
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14:01:13 <jokke> #topic roll-call
14:01:17 <jokke> o/
14:01:36 <jokke> Today's Agenda is subject to a change https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/glance-team-meeting-agenda
14:02:28 <Steap> o/
14:02:43 <jokke> hey
14:03:00 <jokke> giving minute or two to see if we get anyone else joining us
14:05:13 <jokke> ok, so Abhishek had a loss in the family, he is absent today
14:05:26 <jokke> #topic updates
14:05:57 <jokke> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/Glance-Wallaby-PTG-planning
14:06:08 <jokke> Summit and PG are approaching quick
14:06:23 <jokke> Please give your input in the etherpad linked
14:06:55 <jokke> We tagged RC2, it just contains API version bump otherwise looks like we're good to go for the release
14:07:19 <jokke> Periodic jobs are running green for a change
14:07:47 <jokke> #topic Multi-store tests
14:08:26 <jokke> There is bunch of patches linked in the agenda, I'm not going to repeat them all here. Please feel free to have a look
14:08:46 <jokke> I'm not sure if there was anything else in plans for this tpic that bring awareness
14:09:19 <jokke> #topic Open Discussion
14:09:31 <jokke> Steap: did you have something?
14:10:04 <Steap> honestly, not really, except for https://review.opendev.org/749091, but it is more of a downstream thing :)
14:12:44 <jokke> Cool, thanks for bringing that up, rosmaita &smcginnis if you're around at some point ^^ could do with second. ;)
14:13:20 <smcginnis> Will take a look.
14:13:24 <Steap> Thanks :)
14:13:49 <jokke> cheers
14:13:56 <jokke> that's all from my side anything else?
14:15:02 <jokke> ok going 1st
14:15:55 <jokke> going twice
14:16:28 <jokke> Sold! Thanks all! this was quick one. o/~
14:16:43 <jokke> #endmeeting