14:00:09 <pdeore> #startmeeting glance
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14:00:09 <pdeore> #topic roll call
14:00:09 <pdeore> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/glance-team-meeting-agenda
14:00:14 <croelandt> o/
14:00:21 <pdeore> o/
14:00:24 <mrjoshi> o/
14:00:35 <jokke_> o/
14:01:14 <pdeore> let's wait few minutes for everyone to join
14:01:25 <pdeore> I think dansmith is on PTO
14:01:30 <rosmaita> o/
14:01:52 <abhishekk> o/
14:02:12 <pdeore> Everyone is here, let's start
14:02:19 <pdeore> #topic Updates
14:02:29 <pdeore> Abhishek has sent the Zed PTG summary on openstack-discuss ML,
14:02:35 <pdeore> #link http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2022-April/028115.html
14:02:57 <pdeore> Summary includes recap of what we discussed during PTG and the links to recordings as well
14:03:08 <abhishekk> ++
14:03:22 <pdeore> Thanks abhishekk !!
14:03:31 <abhishekk> I will propose priorities under or glance-specs repo early next week
14:03:42 <abhishekk> s/or/our
14:03:52 <pdeore> ack
14:04:19 <pdeore> moving ahead
14:04:22 <pdeore> #topic release/periodic jobs
14:04:28 <pdeore> Milestone 1 is one month from now,
14:04:42 <pdeore> So, let's try to achieve the targets we decided during PTG for Milestone 1 :)
14:04:43 <pdeore> #link https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/zed-glance-ptg#L399
14:05:20 <abhishekk> fingers crossed :P
14:05:49 <pdeore> yeah :D
14:06:06 <pdeore> The periodic jobs are all green, except 3 TIME OUTS
14:06:22 <pdeore> #topic Spec For Review
14:06:30 <pdeore> There are some specs up for review which needs some attention
14:06:55 <pdeore> New glance-download import method - https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/836132
14:06:55 <pdeore> Expanding store details - https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/835606
14:06:56 <pdeore> Delete API for metadef resource types - https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/818192
14:06:56 <pdeore> Image Export Draft - https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/837127
14:06:56 <pdeore> spec-lite: ability to purge all rows by glance-manage - https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/819622 (one +2)
14:07:23 <abhishekk> I think mrjoshi still needs to update store details spec with Security impact
14:07:51 <abhishekk> and there are some comments on draft of Image export
14:08:41 <abhishekk> we will have a discussion over glance-download import method next week
14:09:11 <pdeore> I have updated the Delete API for resource types spec as well
14:09:33 <abhishekk> yes, will have a look early next week
14:09:51 <pdeore> so, requesting all to go thro' all the specs whenever possible
14:10:09 <pdeore> abhishekk, Thanks ! :)
14:10:16 <pdeore> moving ahead
14:10:26 <pdeore> #topic Secure RBAC
14:10:47 <pdeore> So, after discussing with gmann, seems we need to wait till last week of April for glance SRBAC updates as most of the RBAC team member are unavailable for Policy pop up meeting
14:11:14 <pdeore> I'm going so set up a call with RBAC team once they are available, so if anyone from glance team is interested to be part of the SRBAC discussion, please let me know, I will send you the invite for the same :)
14:11:46 <abhishekk> I will try to be there
14:11:52 <pdeore> cool
14:12:41 <pdeore> that's it from me
14:12:53 <pdeore> I think next is croelandt :)
14:12:59 <croelandt> I just had a couple of easy patches to review
14:13:19 <croelandt> I was also wondering if, as soon as a $branch-em tag exists, the $branch can be considered unmaintained and all patches abandoned :)
14:13:55 <abhishekk> 1st one is merged, and for 3rd we need jokke's view
14:14:22 <abhishekk> croelandt, that should be triggered automatically :D
14:14:36 <croelandt> abhishekk: yeah we still have a few patches to old branches :)
14:14:39 <croelandt> but it should, yeah
14:15:56 <jokke_> croelandt: it's $branch-eol tag iirc that flags the end of an branch ... I have no idea what the -em tag is for
14:16:35 <croelandt> jokke_: then pike is still maintained?
14:16:42 <abhishekk> end of maintenance ?
14:17:12 <croelandt> the last eol is ocata-eol
14:18:15 <abhishekk> there is certain criteria for moving branches to eol
14:18:27 <abhishekk> eol means we don't backport security patches as well
14:18:51 <abhishekk> but for em I think we do backport it if it is security issue (AFAIK)
14:19:09 <croelandt> hm I see
14:19:22 <jokke_> croelandt: yes the stable/pike branch still exists
14:19:26 <rosmaita> it's "backport as a courtesy" for security issues into -em branches
14:19:39 <abhishekk> right
14:19:39 <jokke_> when the -eol tag is applied the branch gets deleted
14:20:13 <abhishekk> this I didn't aware about
14:20:21 <croelandt> jokke_: but what do we backport all the way back to Pike?
14:20:40 <rosmaita> we eol'd pike in cinder a while back
14:21:17 <jokke_> croelandt: as far as I'm concerned nothing and we probably should eol bunch of branches. These were supposed to be taken over by the extended stable management which never seemed to formalize
14:21:27 <croelandt> I see
14:21:39 <croelandt> I like the strategy of having as few branches as possible
14:21:41 <croelandt> +1 to that :D
14:21:59 <abhishekk> I think we can surely do eol until rocky
14:22:45 <jokke_> well in theory up to Victoria ... we officially support only current -2
14:23:12 <jokke_> that used to be the case until this extended maintenance
14:23:32 <jokke_> we killed the -3 pretty soon after the new cycle started
14:23:47 <abhishekk> -3 ?
14:23:55 <jokke_> current -2
14:24:00 <jokke_> current -3 eve
14:24:19 <abhishekk> hmm
14:24:43 <abhishekk> I think we also need to notify on ML about marking eol?
14:25:02 <abhishekk> is this correct?
14:25:29 <jokke_> so z being the current we would leave y and x and for courtesy w but even that would be stretching
14:26:07 <abhishekk> I think we should keep W as we introduced RBAC in W
14:26:09 <jokke_> I don't think there is any specifi policy about that
14:26:54 <abhishekk> ok, I thought I saw some mails about EOL announcement
14:27:01 <jokke_> and by "that" I mean ML post about it
14:27:01 <abhishekk> so asked for confirmation
14:27:13 <abhishekk> yep, got it
14:29:06 <abhishekk> Ok, I think I will propose some patches early next week to mark some of our branches as eol
14:29:15 <abhishekk> and add jokke_ and rosmaita as reviewer
14:30:00 <jokke_> just make sure there is no patches pending review on those branches and abandon them first if any
14:30:10 <abhishekk> yep
14:30:16 <jokke_> or ping for merge if approrpriate
14:30:24 <abhishekk> sure
14:31:54 <pdeore> shall we move to Open Discussion ?
14:32:09 <abhishekk> yep
14:32:11 <pdeore> #topic Open Discussion
14:32:23 <pdeore> anyone has anything to discuss?
14:32:51 <jokke_> nothing from me
14:32:56 <alistarle> I miss beginning of the meeting, are the glance-download already done ?
14:32:56 <croelandt> nothing from me
14:33:11 <alistarle> *glance-downlaod discussion :p
14:33:29 <abhishekk> alistarle, not yet, we are going to discuss it in next meeting
14:34:09 <abhishekk> Was busy this week in some internal training so couldn't get time to have a look at it
14:34:57 <abhishekk> but I got some requests about how we can use this in environment which does not use federated tokens
14:35:27 <abhishekk> sorry for the delay from my side on reviews
14:35:35 <alistarle> Hmmm I think it will be handled like if the region is not found, like "No glance endpoint found for region XXX"
14:36:10 <alistarle> No problem for the review time :)
14:36:13 <abhishekk> requesting every core to have a look at the glance download spec
14:36:42 <rosmaita> ack
14:36:49 <pslestang> abhishekk: exactly as alistarle said, we use the catalog provided by the context, if the region does not exist for the service it will raise an error
14:37:15 <abhishekk> I think have you considered other options like all-stores and allow-failure options?
14:37:39 <pslestang> Not yet but I will
14:37:50 <abhishekk> pslestang, I think it will be better to mention this in the spec
14:38:06 <pslestang> ack
14:38:09 <abhishekk> allow-failure is important if there is multistore environment
14:38:50 <jokke_> neither of them is related to the specific internal plugin but the handling of the import TaskFlow as whole
14:39:15 <abhishekk> and we can have more discussion in next week
14:40:19 <jokke_> so What I mean is that those are irrelevant when developing the download plugin ... we aren't going to delete the image from the source on either case :P
14:40:50 <pslestang> ok so I will wait for discussion about that topic nxt week before modifying the specs about all-stores/allow-failure
14:41:12 <abhishekk> but we do revert from all stores and delete it from staging, and I added my suggestion about it on the spec
14:41:47 <jokke_> abhishekk: both of those things happens after the internal plugin has been ran
14:41:55 <abhishekk> s/suggestion/question
14:42:06 <abhishekk> yes, you are right
14:43:04 <pslestang> and one thing to remind is that glance-download is supposed to be based on web-download, so we only modify the run method and all the other things will be as it is implemented into web-download plugin
14:43:25 <abhishekk> yep, so that means it will not have any impact
14:43:39 <abhishekk> but just make sure while you do test it locally
14:43:59 <pslestang> ok
14:45:41 <abhishekk> cool
14:46:50 <abhishekk> I don't have anything else to discuss as well
14:47:15 <pdeore> cool..
14:47:41 <pdeore> Thanks everyone for joining !!
14:47:50 <abhishekk> thank you!
14:47:55 <pdeore> Have a great long weekend !! :)
14:47:59 <abhishekk> have a nice and long weekend
14:48:28 <abhishekk> just FYI all, tomorrow is holiday for us(assuming everyone has it)
14:49:33 <jokke_> Tomorrow and Monday here in Ireland
14:49:50 <abhishekk> cool, enjoy extra long weekend :D
14:51:07 <pdeore> #endmeeting