14:00:24 <pdeore> #startmeeting glance
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14:00:24 <pdeore> #topic roll call
14:00:24 <pdeore> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/glance-team-meeting-agenda
14:00:29 <jokke_> o/
14:00:31 <pdeore> o/
14:00:38 <dansmith> o/
14:00:41 <abhishekk> o/
14:01:14 <mrjoshi> o/
14:02:07 <pdeore> seems Cyril & rosmaita are not around,
14:02:12 <abhishekk> I think cyril and rosmaita are not around but we can start
14:02:21 <pdeore> yeah let's start
14:02:28 <pdeore> #topic release/periodic jobs
14:02:37 <pdeore> Milestone 2 is 4 weeks away from now, which is also a spec freeze for us
14:03:03 <abhishekk> we have 2 specs on hold and waiting for reviewers response
14:03:08 <pdeore> we have 3 specs up, which we will discuss in next section
14:03:30 <pdeore> yeah
14:03:53 <pdeore> Periodic Jobs, all green except the 'translation update' jobs failure due to some python version dependency conflicts
14:04:04 <pdeore> #topic Spec for review
14:04:27 <pdeore> The location APIs spec #link  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/840882
14:04:45 <abhishekk> jokke_, your concerns are addressed ^
14:04:45 <pdeore> Update proposal for duplicate image download #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/734683
14:04:57 <abhishekk> I will review it later today
14:05:12 <jokke_> abhishekk: yeah, I'm pretty sure I responded the same on the review
14:05:35 <abhishekk> may be I missed it then
14:05:35 <pdeore> [APIImpact] Add DELETE api for metadef resource types #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/818192
14:06:19 <pdeore> I've updated this and addressed the comments, kindly plz have a look
14:06:29 <abhishekk> this will be lower priority but I think good to have
14:07:29 <pdeore> yeah in last cycle also we missed this one, so good to have in this cycle
14:07:47 <abhishekk> yep
14:07:49 <pdeore> Spec for SRBAC system admin persona support in glance #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance-specs/+/844289
14:07:59 <pdeore> No clear updates on this yet, I will sync with gmann later about the same
14:08:24 <abhishekk> ok!
14:08:46 <pdeore> moving ahead
14:08:49 <pdeore> #topic Removed dead code of auth and policy layers
14:08:56 <pdeore> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance/+/845114
14:09:13 <abhishekk> This looks good to me now, I have voted +2
14:09:26 <pdeore> I have updated the new patch set, and re added the tests which I removed accidently :P
14:09:59 <pdeore> kindly please have a look
14:10:16 <jokke_> pdeore: great job on that one
14:10:35 <pdeore> Thanks ! :D
14:11:04 <pdeore> moving to next topic
14:11:12 <pdeore> #topic  Graceful shutdown of g-api
14:11:17 <abhishekk> that is me
14:11:18 <pdeore> abhishekk, ^
14:11:39 <abhishekk> I have noticed day before that graceful shutdown is not working anymore
14:12:21 <abhishekk> we do relaod config successfully but the existing workers which were performing tasks are interrupting immediately with some eventlet related error
14:12:28 <jokke_> abhishekk: saw the discussion on #os-g any idea yet what broke it?
14:12:38 <abhishekk> https://paste.opendev.org/show/bFqCD4U4P0Q8MyIrsO4J/
14:12:44 <abhishekk> this is how you can reproduce it
14:12:59 <jokke_> kk, so potentially something broke in eventlet again?
14:13:05 <abhishekk> and this is a stack trace,  https://paste.opendev.org/show/bTjORjtLtbhUe93xQFDu/
14:13:07 <jokke_> instead of us breaking it
14:13:18 <abhishekk> Most likely that is the case
14:13:29 <dansmith> I imagine that stack trace comes from us closing a socket that eventlet is monitoring
14:13:39 <dansmith> so I dunno that it's really a problem in eventlet
14:13:43 <jokke_> thanks, will try to have a look as well. Not the first time chasing those :D
14:14:49 <abhishekk> that's it, just wanted to highlight the issue
14:15:01 <abhishekk> Should I report a bug in launchpad?
14:15:01 <jokke_> cheers, good catch!
14:15:05 <jokke_> yes!
14:15:15 <jokke_> let track this properly
14:15:17 <abhishekk> ack, will report it later today
14:16:00 <pdeore> so, that's it i think.. let's move to open discussions
14:16:02 <pdeore> #topic Open Discussions
14:16:16 <abhishekk> glance-download patch is up and in good shape
14:16:34 <abhishekk> #link https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/glance/+/840318
14:16:38 <jokke_> abhishekk: I hope you don't mind I ninja-approved Cyril's bindep patch after he added the bug tag
14:16:46 <abhishekk> nah
14:16:59 <jokke_> I assumed your +2 on it
14:17:12 <abhishekk> yep, saw your comment :D
14:17:28 <jokke_> ++
14:17:40 <croelandt> Good thing I removed the buggy Debian fix
14:17:51 <croelandt> not sure how our tests passed with libpython3-dev
14:18:02 <abhishekk> related to glance-download patch we have unit tests added for the same, I can see if I can add functional test for the same
14:18:26 <abhishekk> but you guys can have a look at implementation and give comments if any
14:19:05 <abhishekk> croelandt, ++
14:20:38 <pdeore> anyone has anything else to discuss? or we should wrap up early ? :)
14:20:49 <jokke_> nothing from me, thanks
14:20:59 <croelandt> do we have
14:21:06 <croelandt> some doc on how to make a stable release/tag?
14:21:19 <croelandt> I'm going to need to tag stable/wallaby for a downstream release
14:21:30 <jokke_> croelandt: same way we make other releses, through releases repo
14:21:50 <croelandt> ok
14:21:59 <croelandt> so can we make releases whenever we like?
14:22:29 <jokke_> so that's on abhishekk ... and yes, stable releases does not have any specific schedules
14:23:00 <croelandt> ok, thanks!
14:23:10 <abhishekk> croelandt, yes, we can propose a release anytime
14:23:45 <abhishekk> let me know if you need help in proposing release patch
14:24:29 <rosmaita> croelandt: just make sure that you don't release any changes from stable/wallaby that haven'
14:24:39 <rosmaita> t been released in xena or yoga
14:24:56 <rosmaita> otherwise, just release from all 3 stable branches
14:25:21 <croelandt> wait so
14:25:44 <croelandt> to make a new wallaby release, I must ensure all patches are xena and yoga as well?
14:25:52 <abhishekk> you need to backport change to yoga then xena and the wallaby
14:26:03 <jokke_> croelandt: to backport to wallaby you needed to do it already
14:26:03 <rosmaita> well, that should have already happened by our backport policy
14:26:10 <croelandt> jokke_: oh yeah sorry
14:26:16 <croelandt> my brain worked backwards
14:26:21 <jokke_> :)
14:26:21 <croelandt> it's 40° here
14:26:24 <croelandt> cannot think any more
14:26:28 <jokke_> ouch
14:26:32 <abhishekk> and then we need to tag each release till wallaby
14:26:41 <croelandt> ok
14:26:50 <croelandt> all good for me :)
14:27:07 <abhishekk> nothing from me as well
14:27:22 <abhishekk> if you guys get time please have a look at glance-download patch
14:27:46 <abhishekk> those people are working on it fro the beginning
14:30:48 <pdeore> abhishekk, are we expecting functional tests in the same patch?
14:31:08 <abhishekk> no
14:31:18 <pdeore> ok
14:31:20 <abhishekk> we can add it as a followup
14:31:58 <pdeore> ack,
14:32:36 <pdeore> So, that's it for today, let's wrap up !
14:32:44 <pdeore> Thanks everyone for joining !!
14:33:13 <abhishekk> Thank you!
14:33:46 <pdeore> #endmeeting