14:01:16 <ativelkov> #startmeeting glance-artifacts
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14:02:08 <ativelkov> Hope this is the right channel )
14:03:14 <ativelkov> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/glance-artifacts-sub-team-meeting-agenda
14:03:18 <mfedosin_> o/
14:03:19 <ativelkov> agenda is here
14:03:22 <kragniz> o/
14:03:26 * kragniz lurks more
14:04:03 <ativelkov> So, the design for "unified v3 api" is ready
14:04:38 <ativelkov> I have a working prototype which is able to work with both artifacts and legacy v2 images as part of v3 API
14:05:00 <kragniz> awesome!
14:05:17 <sigmavirus24> o/
14:05:18 <sigmavirus24> ativelkov: have you run it past the API-WG yet?
14:05:46 <ativelkov> sigmavirus24: not yet. Not all the concerns from the original specs are addressed yet.
14:05:56 <ativelkov> When I finish with them, will do that
14:07:03 <ativelkov> The current implementation for images is done as a simple wrapper of v2 controllers, thus it inherits all the current problems of v2, such as race conditions, ugly domain model etc. However, if we have the API stable, we may improve the implementation later
14:08:08 <ativelkov> Will try to present what I've got at the upcoming mid-cycle summit. There is a session planned, yet I don't know the exact day and time
14:08:23 <mfedosin_> how you suppose to do dependencies between artifacts  and images?
14:08:47 <ativelkov> mfedosin_: yes, but just one way in this case
14:08:58 <mfedosin_> If they are located in different tables with different ids
14:09:33 <ativelkov> mfedosin_: this becomes as dynamic reference in this case
14:10:30 <ativelkov> i.e. an artifact depends on an artifact with type "image" and a specific id. It is up to the image plugin (which is not actually a plugin but a part of Glance) to handle this request.
14:10:31 <mfedosin_> should the users know the inner implementation of our db?
14:10:44 <ativelkov> mfedosin_: nope, they don't care
14:11:30 <mfedosin_> I mean somewhere in api it shoul be stated that id-dependencies between artifacts and images are forbidden
14:11:35 <ativelkov> It's just a different implementation. It could affect the performance, but currently the images don't have their own dependencies, and thus there are no transitive dependency chains
14:11:59 <ativelkov> mfedosin_: nope, they are not forbidden
14:12:22 <ativelkov> ID-dependency is just a custom case of more generic dependencies
14:12:44 <ativelkov> in case of "new" artifact data-structure they can be optimized to fetch all transitives in a single request
14:13:25 <ativelkov> in case of images (or other artifact types which define their own DB driver) such optimization is not possible, however the API itself remains valid.
14:13:49 <mfedosin_> but do you remember when we talked about amazon format (ami-ari-aki) you suggested to organize dependencies between these three images
14:14:10 <ativelkov> mfedosin_: right, but v2 images do not have dependencies at all
14:14:26 <mfedosin_> so?
14:14:59 <ativelkov> So currently images may not depend on anything
14:15:00 <mfedosin_> It's kind of forbidden for images, right?
14:15:09 <ativelkov> Right
14:15:23 <ativelkov> We may add dependencies in legacy DB structure later
14:15:33 <mfedosin_> yep
14:15:43 <ativelkov> or modify new dependency table to allow working with images
14:15:46 <ativelkov> or something else
14:16:05 <ativelkov> it's an implementation detail and may be deferred for future
14:16:08 <mfedosin_> we need to think carefully how to implement the transtion
14:16:22 <mfedosin_> agree with you
14:16:29 <ativelkov> Sure. What we are looking now for is an ability to "wrap" v2 with v3 code
14:17:24 <ativelkov> And we currently know how to do that
14:17:42 <mfedosin_> with oslo.versionedobject, I gyuess
14:18:06 <ativelkov> mfedosin_: well, they are not directly imvolved
14:18:11 <ativelkov> involved
14:18:31 <ativelkov> as v2 images don't use
14:18:35 <ativelkov> don't use it
14:19:11 <ativelkov> but still, the base class for the plugin-type (I call it GlanceObject) will be o_vo.VersionedObject indeed
14:19:32 <ativelkov> but it will not define any structure at all, leaving it up to the inheritors
14:19:41 <mfedosin_> hard to understand for the first time, but I think we are moving in the right direction
14:19:52 <ativelkov> I'll give more details on the meetup
14:20:17 <mfedosin_> Will it be tomorrow? Afair...
14:20:46 <ativelkov> it starts tomorros and lasts for 3 days
14:20:56 <ativelkov> #link http://etherpad.openstack.org/p/liberty-glance-mid-cycle-meetup
14:21:00 <ativelkov> this is the agenda
14:21:39 <ativelkov> There is a topic "Glance v3 + other APIs" - thanks to nikhil_k for putting it there
14:21:58 <ativelkov> There is no actual timeslot allocated yet
14:23:14 <ativelkov> so, if you want to participate, state your interest in that etherpad
14:23:38 <ativelkov> and put your tz there, so they can pick a better schedule
14:23:54 <mfedosin_> for sure I will :)
14:24:04 <ativelkov> as nikhil_k is ooo today, the actual time allocation will probably happen tomorrow
14:24:18 <ativelkov> Any other questions?
14:24:50 <mfedosin_> please review 200000 :) I added some missing exceptions handlings there
14:25:33 <ativelkov> I will, though it's not artifact's related :) ping people in #openstack-glance for more attention )
14:25:52 <mfedosin_> And artifacts too
14:26:28 <mfedosin_> there was my TODO to add them to 'upload'
14:26:38 <mfedosin_> And also I'm going on vacation next week for two weeks
14:27:07 <mfedosin_> so I'll not be able to participate these meetings
14:27:15 <sigmavirus24> :(
14:27:33 <mfedosin_> but I will review code and make commits =P
14:28:08 <ativelkov> Yeah, that's what we usually do on vaction: code review and comits
14:28:21 <mfedosin_> afaik, Alex will be in business trip all next week
14:28:52 <ativelkov> Yup, but I'll still try to participate in Glance activities
14:29:13 <ativelkov> so, if no other questions on artifacts, let's wrap up
14:29:32 <sigmavirus24> ativelkov: one request: can you post what you have of the API spec/
14:29:34 <sigmavirus24> *?
14:29:52 * sigmavirus24 wants a head start on reviewing it
14:29:57 <ativelkov> sigmavirus24: I'll try finalizing that doc this week
14:30:09 <sigmavirus24> Thanks
14:30:12 <ativelkov> Thanks all
14:30:13 <ativelkov> #endmeeting