10:03:09 <rosmaita> #startmeeting glance_bs
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10:03:35 <rosmaita> actually, this is a 45-min meeting (but i don't think there is a way to tell the bot that)
10:03:59 <rosmaita> anyone around?
10:06:05 <rosmaita> only one new one for glance, https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance/+bug/1776841
10:06:05 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1776841 in Glance "functional-py35 test timed_out" [Undecided,New]
10:08:03 <abhishekk> o/
10:08:36 <abhishekk> i totally forgot
10:08:41 <rosmaita> hello!
10:09:44 <abhishekk> hi
10:10:50 <abhishekk> the patch uploaded for mentioned bug has -2 from jokke_
10:11:15 <rosmaita> yes, i'm looking to see what the failure rate for that job has been
10:11:36 <abhishekk> ok
10:19:30 <rosmaita> sorry, was wasting time trying to figure out how to get a url to display the job history in the zuul status interface
10:19:35 <rosmaita> all i can get is raw json
10:19:53 <rosmaita> anyway, looks like an intermittent failure
10:20:15 <abhishekk> ok
10:21:01 <rosmaita> it's been almost 2 weeks since erno left that -2
10:21:19 <abhishekk> yes
10:21:53 <rosmaita> i guess we need to look into getting the bot going again to close out old non-responsive reviews
10:22:06 <rosmaita> but for now, i guess let this sit until next meeting?
10:22:17 <abhishekk> sounds good
10:22:27 <rosmaita> or maybe a new contributor doesn't know to abandon it?
10:22:43 <abhishekk> might be
10:22:50 <rosmaita> i will add a message asking yao to abandon it
10:23:21 <abhishekk> ok
10:24:02 <abhishekk> I have one issue to discuss, I have not reported it yet
10:24:10 <rosmaita> i am all ears!
10:24:13 <abhishekk> if config value of node_staging_uri does not start with file:/// then it raises 500 error
10:24:59 <abhishekk> while testing multiple backend feature I accidentally set node_staging_uri to /opt/stack/data/glance/staging and got 500 error
10:25:18 <abhishekk> I guess it should give bad request in that case
10:25:21 <rosmaita> yeah, it should be an error, just not a 500
10:25:45 <rosmaita> actually, i take that back
10:25:53 <rosmaita> it means that glance is configured incorrectly
10:26:00 <rosmaita> nothing a user can do
10:26:05 <rosmaita> so 500 is correct
10:26:11 <abhishekk> ok then
10:26:21 <rosmaita> (but it would be better if we could detect and refuse to start)
10:26:25 <rosmaita> or
10:26:43 <abhishekk> node_staging_uri is only considered while importing the image
10:26:43 <rosmaita> maybe introduce a new kind of oslo.config option
10:27:14 <rosmaita> gotcha, so it's not even loaded until well after the api has started
10:27:21 <abhishekk> yes
10:27:33 <rosmaita> what does the error message look like?
10:28:04 <abhishekk> StoreAddDisabled: Adding images to this store is disabled
10:28:09 <abhishekk> and stack trace
10:29:12 <rosmaita> nothing confidential in the stack trace (probably not)?
10:29:59 <abhishekk> no
10:31:28 <rosmaita> ok, i think maybe file the bug so it's there in case someone else reports this
10:32:15 <rosmaita> maybe "500 response for incorrect node_staging_uri in glance-api.conf"
10:32:47 <abhishekk> ok, I will file it in some time
10:33:59 <rosmaita> there is an oslo_config.types.URI ... i wonder if it would work
10:34:07 <rosmaita> even has a list of valid schemes
10:34:21 <rosmaita> or, i mean, you can supply a list for it to use
10:34:46 <rosmaita> it would still break if the path is incorrect, but not much we can do about that
10:34:57 <abhishekk> yes
10:35:26 <rosmaita> this could be a good bug smash bug for a new contributor
10:35:49 <abhishekk> right
10:36:16 <rosmaita> ok, cool, don't forget to file it when you have some time, and mention the oslo.config possible fix
10:36:53 <abhishekk> rosmaita, yes
10:37:15 <rosmaita> yay, we got something done!
10:37:26 <abhishekk> :D
10:38:01 <rosmaita> let's take a quick look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-glanceclient/+bug/1707995
10:38:01 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1707995 in Glance Client "Can't use versioned endpoints" [Undecided,New]
10:38:40 <rosmaita> i think this is happening in the uwsgi devstack
10:39:05 <abhishekk> yes, because port is not in the url?
10:39:24 <rosmaita> i am not sure, but that's my guess
10:39:53 <rosmaita> i haven't independently confirmed, but eric is a competent guy
10:40:39 <abhishekk> ok
10:41:10 <rosmaita> OTH, i think this only happens if you specify --os-image-url on the command line
10:41:19 <abhishekk> should we ask for steps to reproduce?
10:41:24 <rosmaita> that's why we have not seen other reports
10:41:37 <abhishekk> might be
10:41:56 <rosmaita> ok, i will take a few min after the meeting and actually triage this one
10:42:29 <rosmaita> i just want to get it out of "new" status
10:43:08 <abhishekk> ok
10:43:38 <rosmaita> ok, the glance_store bugs on the agenda
10:43:53 <rosmaita> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/glance-bug-squad-meeting
10:44:07 <rosmaita> https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance-store/+bug/1764200
10:44:08 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1764200 in glance_store "Glance Cinder backed images & multiple regions" [High,New]
10:44:20 <rosmaita> erno marked it as high
10:44:27 <rosmaita> but didn't change the status
10:45:13 <abhishekk> yes
10:45:23 <rosmaita> i was going to ask you about it, but reading through, it's completely independent of what you're working on for rocky
10:45:32 <abhishekk> any idea how to setup cinder backend for glance using devstack?
10:45:53 <rosmaita> i have not personally done it
10:45:58 <abhishekk> yes,
10:46:06 <rosmaita> there are some settings in local.conf
10:46:25 <abhishekk> I have tested swift, file and ceph backend  with my feature
10:47:46 <rosmaita> erno was going to email the driver maintainers this cycle to make sure they were still on board
10:48:36 <rosmaita> why don't you put an agenda item on for thursday, i think it would be a good idea for you to email the maintainers asking for help testing multiple backends
10:48:58 <abhishekk> ok, I will add it in agenda
10:49:18 <rosmaita> you can do the email regardless, but it would be good to know what the status is of the vairous driver maintainers
10:50:05 <rosmaita> https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance-store/+bug/1744494
10:50:05 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1744494 in glance_store "Swift backend does not support insecure Keystone v3 with SSL" [Low,New]
10:50:09 <abhishekk> yes
10:50:25 <rosmaita> same thing, erno assigned an importance, but it's still new
10:50:36 <rosmaita> jokke_ yt?
10:52:44 <rosmaita> i will mark it triaged so someone can pick it up if they are motivated
10:53:22 <abhishekk> ok
10:56:48 <rosmaita> sorry, was looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance-store/+bug/1732036 but forgot to say anything
10:56:48 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1732036 in glance_store "Glance cannot delete incomplete chunked upload to Swift backend if token expires" [Undecided,New]
10:57:07 <rosmaita> looks like it's only a problem when using multi-tenant swift configuration
10:58:51 <abhishekk> right
11:01:06 <rosmaita> this one kind of worries me, mainly because it looks like some of that code is using outdated auth
11:01:52 <abhishekk> ohh
11:02:41 <rosmaita> i think i will do nothing ATM and ask erno about it before the next meeting
11:03:04 <abhishekk> ok
11:03:26 <abhishekk> I will also have a look at the code in spare time
11:03:41 <rosmaita> cool
11:03:58 <rosmaita> ok, we are over time, thank you for attending!
11:04:03 <abhishekk> thank you
11:04:05 <rosmaita> #endmeeting