18:00:35 <bh526r> #startmeeting gluon
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18:00:51 <bh526r> hello guys
18:01:00 <krenczewski> Hi Bin
18:01:00 <pcarver> hi
18:01:12 <bh526r> Hi Kamil and Paul
18:01:35 <bh526r> Thank you for joining
18:02:27 <Jeffreyc42> Hi Guys
18:02:34 <tomhamb> Hi Bin
18:02:39 <kamal__> Info kamal__
18:02:43 <bh526r> Hi Jeff and Tom
18:02:51 <bh526r> #topic Roll Call and Introduction
18:02:58 <bh526r> #info Bin Hu
18:02:59 <Jeffreyc42> #info Jeff Collins
18:03:04 <krenczewski> #info Kamil Renczewski
18:03:11 <tomhamb> #info Tom Hambleton
18:03:20 <pcarver> #info Paul Carver
18:03:32 <bh526r> #info Admin Update
18:03:38 <bh526r> #topic Admin Update
18:03:40 <kamal__> #info Kamal Hussain
18:03:48 <bh526r> Hi Kamal
18:03:58 <bh526r> #info No admin update today
18:03:58 <kamal__> Hi Bin
18:04:27 <bh526r> #topic Discuss Infrastructure Need of Development and PoC
18:04:46 <bh526r> not sure if Daniel Smith is here or not who wants to give an update
18:05:12 <bh526r> if no, then the status stands as last week as Jeff updated
18:05:44 <bh526r> or Jeff, do you have any further update?
18:05:49 <Jeffreyc42> I don't
18:05:53 <Jeffreyc42> I haven't heard from him
18:06:06 <Jeffreyc42> I'm pinging him now.  If he responds I'll let everyone know here
18:06:26 <bh526r> #info No more update. Status is the same as last week, and we may have more blades in a month or so.
18:06:32 <Jeffreyc42> He's on vacation
18:06:41 <bh526r> Ok, thank you Jeff
18:07:01 <bh526r> #topic Discuss PoC in OpenStack Summit in Barcelona
18:07:23 <bh526r> Do you have any suggestions?
18:08:03 <Jeffreyc42> well - We need to show something cool ;)
18:08:20 <Jeffreyc42> I think we need to have a call if not face-to-face to discuss neutron
18:08:41 <tomhamb> I agree
18:08:56 <bh526r> That's right. I suggest a face-to-face to discuss (1) Neutron (2) PoC for Barcelona
18:09:02 <Jeffreyc42> agreed
18:09:18 <bh526r> What day is good for you?
18:09:27 <bh526r> Or what day is not good for you?
18:09:48 <Jeffreyc42> not good for me would be the 17th and the week of the 22nd
18:10:13 <bh526r> How about 18th or 19th?
18:10:26 <Jeffreyc42> works for me
18:10:28 <tomhamb> Good for me
18:10:38 <kamal__> Me too
18:11:33 <Jeffreyc42> 18 or 19th or 18th and 19th?
18:11:37 <bh526r> Great. Let's say 18th, with potential to have 19th too so that we can conclude it.
18:11:42 <Jeffreyc42> perfect
18:11:45 <pcarver> Where is this face-to-face? Is there telepresence?
18:11:50 <Jeffreyc42> fae-to-face
18:11:53 <bh526r> so plan is 18th and 19th
18:11:59 <Jeffreyc42> I vote Juniper office ;)
18:12:11 <Jeffreyc42> I guess Naci's not here...
18:12:18 <bh526r> That is a very nice office :) I vote too
18:12:27 <bh526r> Let me talk to Nachi
18:12:32 <Jeffreyc42> ok
18:12:32 <pcarver> As long as it's in NJ I'm fine with it
18:12:34 <Jeffreyc42> thanks
18:12:45 <bh526r> And for Paul: Juniper office may have telepresence facility
18:13:12 <bh526r> And the trick is how to use it
18:13:27 <Jeffreyc42> :)
18:14:02 <bh526r> And Paul: it will be in Silicon Valley / San Jose area, if you can make the trip
18:14:25 <pcarver> bh526r: I'm not sure how to justify the travel request
18:15:07 <bh526r> Let me do my best to make the telepresence work if possible
18:15:16 <pcarver> At the very least I need to provide a written explanation of why teleconference or telepresence aren't possible
18:15:22 <bh526r> Though not guaranteed
18:15:46 <bh526r> Well, that is easy - No telepresence in meeting venue
18:16:02 <tomhamb> I might have the same issue, we should have telepresence as an option
18:17:14 <krenczewski> Maybe set up the meeting for so long time, that telepresence is not an option?
18:17:15 <bh526r> Ok, let me do my best to find and make the telepresence work.
18:17:38 <Jeffreyc42> Tom can "we" as the Project tell you are requried to be there in person? :)
18:17:42 <bh526r> :) good point
18:18:25 <tomhamb> I will check with Vince
18:18:28 <Jeffreyc42> ok
18:18:43 <bh526r> Let me send email to Vince to make sure he is supportive.
18:19:05 <tomhamb> cool
18:19:20 <bh526r> Sure.
18:19:51 <bh526r> #info Group decides to have a face-to-face meeting on August 18th and 19th in Silicon Valley.
18:20:23 <bh526r> #info Detailed venue TBD, but within Sunnyvale-San Jose-Milpitas area
18:21:20 <bh526r> #info The goal of the meeting is to conclude (1) Neutron interaction model (2) PoC scope for Barcelona
18:22:34 <bh526r> #topic Discuss Project Roadmap and Schedule
18:22:55 <bh526r> I think it largely depends on our conclusion from face-to-face
18:23:23 <Jeffreyc42> yea, I agree
18:23:32 <bh526r> But at least, tentatively roadmap is anothr PoC in Barcelona
18:24:00 <bh526r> So let us set up "Barcelona Demo" as our current Big Milestone
18:24:16 <bh526r> Is it fine for everyone?
18:24:21 <tomhamb> yes
18:24:50 <bh526r> #info Current milestone is a Demo/PoC in Barcelona
18:25:00 <Jeffreyc42> yes
18:25:09 <krenczewski> It is October 2016?
18:25:26 <bh526r> #info Other roadmap items will be determined after the conclusion from face-to-face meeting on August 18th and 19th
18:25:49 <pcarver> Are we distinguishing between project milestones and code milestones?
18:26:08 <bh526r> Yes, Oct 24-28
18:26:31 <krenczewski> ok
18:27:10 <bh526r> For now, we use project milestone. We may distinguish it at some point if needed
18:28:07 <bh526r> #topic Discuss Project Next Steps
18:28:13 <pcarver> code roadmap and milestones should be in Launchpad, but this sounds like it might not be the same thing
18:28:56 <bh526r> I guess for now, our next step is to prepare for face-to-face so that we will have conclusion
18:29:28 <bh526r> Based on that, we will have more details of next steps and milestones
18:30:10 <bh526r> Then we can document it in Launchpad etc.
18:31:00 <bh526r> Ok. That's pretty much all from my side
18:31:59 <bh526r> #info Immediate next step is to conclude from face-to-face meeting on August 18th and 19th
18:32:34 <bh526r> Paul, Jeff, Tom, Kamal and Kamil - anything else you want to discuss?
18:32:57 <Jeffreyc42> I need some quick git help
18:33:06 <Jeffreyc42> can I call one of you after this real quick?
18:33:25 <bh526r> Sure. Just call me then
18:33:27 <tomhamb> I started looking at getting the code in the openstack repo.  We are going to need to create additional repos.
18:33:29 <Jeffreyc42> thanks
18:33:51 <bh526r> great
18:33:53 <tomhamb> Combining multiple packages in one repo is not very clean
18:34:12 <tomhamb> Bin, I will get with you offline to go over the process
18:34:18 <bh526r> Sure
18:34:40 <krenczewski> I am wondering about which software versions we should use
18:34:47 <krenczewski> etcd for example
18:35:15 <krenczewski> Gluon getting started uses 2.3.6 (if I remember correctly)
18:35:29 <tomhamb> Sounds right
18:35:34 <krenczewski> and etcd in version 3.x uses transactions, wchich might be handy
18:36:34 <bh526r> Good point, if etcd 3.x is a better option, we can certainly upgrade to it.
18:36:43 <krenczewski> currently I am investigating this topic and if I came with something useful I'll try to send e-mail about that to everyone
18:36:58 <bh526r> That's great, and thank you Kamil.
18:37:00 <tomhamb> Thanks
18:37:24 <bh526r> And certainly we can discuss and conclude it in face-to-face
18:37:48 <krenczewski> Please remember that I am from Europe
18:37:52 <krenczewski> :-)
18:38:04 <Jeffreyc42> so is most of the Ericsson team
18:38:14 <Jeffreyc42> they usually join up until lunch time in San Jose :)
18:38:25 <krenczewski> I am planning to visit USA soon (08/21 to 10/09) but this is not official yet
18:38:58 <Jeffreyc42> ok
18:39:02 <bh526r> Perhaps you can set your trip starting on August 17 so that you can participate in face-to-face on Aug 18 and 19
18:39:28 <krenczewski> Unfortunately I am on vacation until 19th
18:39:44 <bh526r> Oops :(
18:40:37 <bh526r> I am sure we will have followup face-to-face in September, so you can participate then
18:40:57 <krenczewski> But if the trip is confirmet I'll try to meet with you
18:41:11 <bh526r> Great, thank you Kamil
18:41:40 <bh526r> Ok. I think we are pretty much done today
18:41:49 <Jeffreyc42> sounds good
18:41:50 <Jeffreyc42> thanks
18:41:57 <tomhamb> Okay
18:42:11 <kamal__> Jeffreyc42: could you send me your questions on git. I can check and get back to you.
18:42:43 <bh526r> Thank you everyone, and talk to you next week.
18:42:54 <krenczewski> thanks
18:43:04 <bh526r> #info Meeting Adjourned
18:43:12 <kamal__> Thanks
18:43:12 <bh526r> #endmeeting