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18:00:27 <pcarver> hello
18:00:35 <bh526r> #topic Roll Call
18:00:40 <bh526r> Hi Paul
18:00:47 <bh526r> #info Bin Hu
18:01:29 <tomhambleton> #info Tom Hambleton
18:01:35 <kamal___> #info kamal hussain
18:01:47 <pcarver> #info Paul Carver
18:01:59 <georgk> #info Georg Kunz
18:02:04 <krenczewski> #info Kamil Renczewski
18:02:19 <bh526r> #topic Admin Update
18:02:31 <jinli> Hi everyone
18:02:38 <jinli> #info JinLi
18:02:54 <bh526r> Because we won't have room in PTG Atlanta, it is impractical to gather there
18:03:23 <bh526r> But we also need a f2f as the last sprint before Ocata release.
18:03:55 <bh526r> I propose to have a Gluon F2F in Bay Area in the week of Feb 6-10
18:04:25 <bh526r> Does anyone have any preference over those dates?
18:04:55 <tomhambleton> I have an issue with Feb. 8. How about Feb. 6-7?
18:05:27 <bh526r> That is good to me. Does Feb 6-7 work for everyone?
18:05:36 <jinli> I am ok
18:05:36 <pcarver> What's the agenda? I'm on the east coast and not sure whether it's worthwhile to travel to bay area
18:06:28 <bh526r> finish last minutes coding and testing
18:08:59 <bh526r> #info Because it is impractical to have a Gluon group meeting in PTG Atlanta due to logistics issue as we discussed last week (Jan 4)
18:09:38 <diablo_rojo_phon> There will be apace for impromptu meetings at the PTG if you're interested in getting together.
18:09:43 <diablo_rojo_phon> *space
18:10:13 <bh526r> #info in order to complete coding and testing before Ocata release in the week of Feb 20-24, all agreed to have a Gluon F2F in Bay Area in the week of Feb 6-10.
18:11:39 <bh526r> #info the goal is to complete any last-minute coding and testing
18:12:11 <bh526r> #info The dates are Feb 6 and Feb 7 considering the availability of core developers
18:12:41 <bh526r> I see, thank you diablo_rojo_phon.
18:12:46 <ildikov> bh526r: would you need a room for all 5 days?
18:13:27 <ildikov> bh526r: or you could list the days you would like to gather?
18:16:30 <ildikov> bh526r: we might have a small room available, but would need to know which days to check for you to ensure we don't have collisions
18:18:45 <bh526r> I see, thank you Ildiko. Let me communicate with some other core members, because not every core member is on the IRC yet.
18:20:27 <bh526r> The goal of F2F in Bay Area is to complete coding and testing before Feb 20.
18:20:49 <ildikov> bh526r: it would be great if you can gather on the PTG
18:21:25 <ildikov> bh526r: or the PTG as well so that you can interact with the relevant project teams too and socialize the project further
18:21:45 <ildikov> bh526r: please ping me if you have more info and we can look into the options then
18:22:01 <bh526r> sounds good, and thank you Ildiko
18:23:11 <ildikov> bh526r: sure, np
18:25:09 <bh526r> #topic Gluon Tasks
18:25:20 <bh526r> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Gluon/Tasks-Ocata
18:25:34 <bh526r> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ocata-gluon-work-plan
18:25:49 <bh526r> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ocata-nova-neutron-session
18:26:07 <bh526r> #info above links are for informational purpose
18:26:28 <bh526r> #info to understand where we are, and rest of work before release
18:26:46 <bh526r> #topic Status Update
18:27:07 <bh526r> #info 1. Authentication and Access Control
18:27:34 <bh526r> Kamal, further update?
18:28:00 <kamal___> no I don't have any updates. Hoping to send a review this week
18:28:28 <bh526r> #info Kamal is working on another patch, and will send for review this week
18:28:40 <bh526r> #info 2. OpenContrail's Mechanism Driver
18:29:07 <bh526r> #info Kamil submitted another patchset on Jan 10
18:29:43 <bh526r> #info with updated repo of Mechanism Driver, and updated readme
18:30:04 <krenczewski> I am not sure if pushing install script to gluon repo is good idea
18:30:20 <bh526r> #info There were several comments on the patch
18:30:21 <krenczewski> If I understood your e-mail correctly
18:30:39 <bh526r> I see. How big size is the script?
18:30:43 <krenczewski> This would lead to maintain the same script in two separate rpositories
18:31:01 <krenczewski> Not big but it would be annoying and error prone
18:31:09 <bh526r> Got you. The script is already in another repo
18:31:25 <krenczewski> Correct
18:31:54 <bh526r> Perhaps you only need to update readme, and with instruction and pointer to get the script
18:32:35 <krenczewski> I think that pointing to repository is enough
18:33:01 <krenczewski> There are installation instructions
18:33:18 <bh526r> Will the script then install the Mechanism Driver?
18:33:20 <krenczewski> what do you think?
18:33:28 <krenczewski> yes
18:33:48 <bh526r> Then that's good. It seems a clean way
18:33:54 <krenczewski> Ok, great
18:34:39 <krenczewski> And once I got some help from Ian I create Fuel and Apex installer options
18:34:51 <bh526r> #info Kamil has written a script to install Contrail Mechanism Driver based on comments within the patch
18:34:58 <bh526r> Great, thank you Kamil
18:34:59 <krenczewski> and add Devstack installation option
18:35:44 <bh526r> #info Kamil will update the readme with the pointer to script and installation instruction
18:36:03 <bh526r> #info Those seem sufficient for manual installation
18:36:50 <bh526r> #info After that, Kamil will work with Ian, Georg etc. for options of being installed by installers, such as Devstack, Apex, Fuel etc.
18:37:21 <bh526r> #info in order to support the effort of integration and installation in OPNFV
18:37:34 <bh526r> Great work, thank you Kamil
18:37:57 <bh526r> #info 3. Testing
18:38:02 <georgk> bh526r: sorry, I need to leave now
18:38:17 <bh526r> Sure, no problem. Georg
18:38:24 <georgk> bh526r: if there is anything for me to so, drop me an email
18:38:24 <bh526r> Have a good night
18:38:32 <georgk> thank you, bye
18:38:36 <bh526r> Sure, thank you Georg
18:39:19 <bh526r> #info Jin's patches 405689 and 418177 were approved and merged on Jan 10
18:39:44 <bh526r> #info 4. Shim Layer for Open Daylight
18:40:39 <bh526r> #info Patch 407388 and 413011 have been comprehensively reviewed, commented and updated in the past a few weeks
18:40:56 <bh526r> #info 413011 was finally approved and merged on Jan 10
18:41:12 <bh526r> #info 407388 was abandoned accordingly
18:41:30 <bh526r> #info 5. Gluon API Specification
18:42:13 <bh526r> #info Patch 411918 has been comprehensively reviewed, commented and updated in the past a few weeks
18:42:35 <bh526r> #info It was approved and merged on Jan 10
18:42:58 <bh526r> #info Tom is working on revising the code for the updated API spec
18:43:16 <bh526r> #info 6. Devstack Integration
18:43:40 <bh526r> #info It is still work in progress
18:43:58 <bh526r> #info 7. Add Entry Points to our Neutron Plugin
18:44:37 <bh526r> #info The patch 404390 was merged on Jan 10
18:44:58 <bh526r> #info 8. Nova enhancement
18:46:20 <bh526r> #info As we reviewed and discussed last week, Ian has updated the patchset (#4) on Jan 10
18:46:48 <bh526r> #info Ian continues to work with Nova team on it.
18:47:36 <bh526r> Any question or other update?
18:48:45 <bh526r> #topic AOB
18:49:13 <bh526r> anything else to discuss?
18:50:02 <bh526r> If nothing else to discuss, we can adjourn the meeting
18:50:17 <bh526r> #info Meeting adjourned
18:50:35 <bh526r> Thank you everyone and bye all
18:50:35 <tomhambleton> Bye all
18:50:40 <bh526r> #endmeeting