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18:00:18 <bh526r> #topic Roll Call
18:00:26 <bh526r> #info Bin Hu
18:00:31 <krenczewski> Can we do Contrail first? It is national holiday in Poland
18:00:43 <krenczewski> #info Kamil Renczewski
18:01:20 <pcarver_> #info Paul Carver
18:01:21 <bh526r> Do you mean Thursday is national holiday?
18:01:31 <krenczewski> Today
18:01:38 <bh526r> Sure
18:01:44 <krenczewski> Great
18:01:54 <bh526r> #topic PoC Update
18:02:05 <bh526r> #info Contrail Update:
18:02:11 <bh526r> Kamil, your turn :)
18:02:55 <krenczewski> Contrail is up and runnung
18:03:00 <bh526r> Great
18:03:07 <krenczewski> nova-compute is installed, it works correctly
18:03:28 <krenczewski> I was able to boot two vms on Contrail node and ping each other
18:03:29 <bh526r> #info Contrail is up and runnung, nova-compute is installed, it works correctly
18:03:44 <bh526r> #info Kamil was able to boot two vms on Contrail node and ping each other
18:04:03 <krenczewski> Next step is BGP peering
18:04:12 <bh526r> I assume ContrailMechanismDriver also works appropriately, right
18:04:33 <krenczewski> correct
18:04:51 <bh526r> Because you used Nova to boot VM, it means the path is from Nove to Neutron to Gluon Core Plugin to ML2 Plugin to ContrailMechanismDriver to Contrail
18:04:59 <krenczewski> network that I was using for VMs was created via Neutron
18:05:27 <krenczewski> That is right
18:05:31 <bh526r> That's right. It means Gluon Core Plugin is transparent as it should be
18:05:51 <bh526r> all Neutron functions are not impacted.
18:06:15 <bh526r> When Proton is involved, then Gluon Core Plugin will handle those Proton ports
18:06:19 <krenczewski> Yes, but I've needed to modify neutron-server daemon start script to include ml2 conf files
18:07:01 <bh526r> I see. I assume it is only needed for Fuel?
18:07:59 <krenczewski> I think it is needed for all OpenStack installations that don't have ML2 plugin emabled by default
18:08:23 <bh526r> I see. Thank you for figuring it out.
18:08:50 <krenczewski> One more
18:09:08 <krenczewski> Documentation about Contrail deployment for fuel needs to wait a little more
18:09:18 <bh526r> When we use Gluon core plugin, we modified neutron.conf, and included core_plugin = gluon.plugin.core.GluonPlugin.
18:09:36 <bh526r> No problem, I understand it takes time to update document
18:10:10 <krenczewski> there were so many configuration changes, that I need to re-deploy on fresh environment and write as I am making changes
18:10:43 <krenczewski> to be acurate and not miss something
18:11:06 <bh526r> I see. If I understand correctly, after we modify neutron.conf for Gluon Core Plugin, one critical change is to modify neutron-server daemon start script to include ml2 conf files
18:11:21 <bh526r> So that Neutron can continue to work with ML2 Plugin
18:11:35 <bh526r> That's right, too many configuration changes.
18:11:36 <krenczewski> That is right
18:11:53 <krenczewski> There were way more changes on Contrail node
18:12:24 <krenczewski> and I needed to install nova-compute from github because of version mismatch
18:13:02 <bh526r> You did an awesome job, Kamil. Thank you very much.
18:13:04 <krenczewski> Contrail works much better on ubuntu 14.04 and there is no nova packages fot newton on ubuntu 14.04
18:13:35 <bh526r> I see. Another version mismatch
18:13:43 <bh526r> When you have time, please document those so that everything will be accurate and we don't miss anything.
18:13:55 <jinli> #info JinLi
18:13:58 <krenczewski> OK
18:14:12 <bh526r> Thank you very much Kamil. Great work
18:14:19 <krenczewski> Thank you
18:14:39 <bh526r> And hopefully tomorrow ONOS guys will be ready so that we can test BGP peering between Contrail and ONOS
18:14:52 <bh526r> Sorry for keeping you late in the evening
18:15:30 <krenczewski> It's OK
18:15:39 <bh526r> Anything else, Kamil?
18:15:47 <krenczewski> That is all from my side
18:16:07 <bh526r> Thank you Kamil, and enjoy the rest of your evening in national holiday
18:16:31 <krenczewski> I'll go passive, If you need something urgent from me, just mention my name and my phone will beep me :-)
18:16:47 <bh526r> :) Thank you
18:16:50 <krenczewski> Thanks
18:17:26 <bh526r> #info Many configurations changes will be documented later on so as not to miss anything
18:18:05 <bh526r> #info SFC YAML patch was submitted
18:18:19 <bh526r> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/461310/
18:18:38 <bh526r> #info It was quickly approved and merged for the sake of dry-running demo and recording
18:18:51 <bh526r> #info Comments recevied will be addressed in next patch
18:19:22 <bh526r> #info P2P YAML and ELAN YAML will be dropped
18:20:05 <bh526r> #info a demo session is recorded and available in Youtube
18:20:14 <bh526r> #link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOYQwHt9ozk
18:21:20 <bh526r> #info We are in good shape for PoC demo next week
18:21:44 <bh526r> #info ONOS is also working on a recording of Gluon path from Proton to etcd to backend
18:22:07 <bh526r> #info Look for a tool to combine 2+ videos into one video
18:22:50 <bh526r> #info The rest is the BGP Peering between Contrail and ONOS, and recording if time permits
18:23:37 <bh526r> #info everyone is encouraged to visit the demo booth in AT&T Booth and OPNFV Booth
18:24:15 <bh526r> #info if any of you can help host a time slot in OPNFV Booth, great
18:25:19 <bh526r> #link https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/EVNT/OPNFV+at+OpenStack+Summit+-+Boston
18:25:39 <bh526r> #info for signing up the booth duty in OPNFV booth
18:26:02 <bh526r> #topic Pike Work Items
18:26:30 <bh526r> #info Jin's patch of Version Management Design was approved and merged
18:26:50 <bh526r> #info Jin has submitted a patch of code
18:27:16 <bh526r> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/459894/
18:27:23 <bh526r> #info Please review
18:27:46 <bh526r> anything else from you Jin?
18:28:12 <jinli> no, just need someone to review it
18:28:42 <jinli> then I want to move to the plugin authentication in the pike task list
18:28:51 <bh526r> I will remind Georg. He is attending an external event today.
18:29:06 <bh526r> Great, and thank you Jin
18:29:26 <jinli> Oh one more thing, please review the constant to config
18:29:32 <jinli> spread sheet
18:29:42 <bh526r> Let me also add Sukhdev in code review. His eyes may catch something
18:29:55 <jinli> and let me know what are the constants will be moved to config
18:30:04 <jinli> maybe after the summit
18:30:13 <bh526r> Sure. Thank you
18:30:33 <jinli> thanks 1
18:31:21 <bh526r> #info After summit, other items of Neutron improvement for Sukhdev to drive
18:32:26 <bh526r> anything else from everyone?
18:32:56 <pcarver_> I found the SFC YAML confusing, but we can go through that in more detail later
18:33:56 <bh526r> Thank you Paul for your time to review. I will remind Georg to review your comments and respond, and submit a new patch if necessary to improve
18:34:26 <bh526r> Probably after Boston Summit, considering crazy schedule now and next week
18:35:23 <bh526r> anything else?
18:36:14 <bh526r> If nothing else, we can give back everyone 25 minutes
18:36:35 <bh526r> #info Meeting adjourned
18:36:42 <bh526r> #endmeeting