18:00:25 <bh526r> #startmeeting gluon
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18:00:41 <bh526r> #topic Roll Call
18:00:55 <bh526r> #info Bin Hu
18:01:41 <bh526r> #info Kamil Renczewski
18:01:52 <krenczewski> Thanks :-)
18:01:57 <bh526r> :)
18:02:03 <bh526r> Looks like only you and I
18:02:18 <bh526r> I see Jin's patch was updated
18:02:33 <bh526r> and you submitted a new patch of doc
18:02:46 <krenczewski> Yes
18:02:52 <bh526r> #topic Pike status update
18:03:39 <bh526r> #info Patch Update documentation for Contrail installation
18:03:58 <bh526r> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/476509/
18:04:33 <krenczewski> This covers scenario from last summit
18:04:43 <bh526r> great
18:04:54 <bh526r> #info There was one review and 2 comments
18:05:06 <bh526r> #info regarding format
18:05:38 <krenczewski> This also assume that installation is done with docs from ContrailMechanismDriver repo
18:05:58 <krenczewski> I think that is all for now.
18:06:17 <bh526r> I assume it covers 2 areas we discussed (1) detailed steps/instructions to install Contrail dependencies (2) config changes for Fuel
18:06:28 <krenczewski> I am working with Sukhdev on new mechanism driver.
18:06:53 <krenczewski> Correct
18:07:29 <jinli> #info JinLi
18:11:18 <bh526r_> sorry Kamil,
18:11:28 <bh526r_> I lost Internet connection for a few minutes
18:11:41 <krenczewski> No problem
18:12:02 <bh526r_> So I must have missed what you have typed after "Correct"
18:12:35 <krenczewski> Nothing ...
18:12:41 <bh526r_> :)
18:13:04 <bh526r_> So just go ahead to fix the formatting comments and re-submit a new patch set
18:13:22 <krenczewski> OK, will do this tomorrow
18:13:36 <bh526r_> #info New patch covers (1) details of steps/instructions to install Contrail dependencies (2) config changes for Fuel
18:13:58 <bh526r_> #info Kamil will work on a new patchset based on comments received
18:14:23 <bh526r_> #info Next patch is Fix incorrect commands adding Gluon service to Keystone
18:14:50 <bh526r_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/474812/
18:15:14 <bh526r_> #info Jin has taken care of all comments. Reviewer gave +1
18:15:37 <bh526r_> #info I suggest that if there is no further comments for next 24 hours, we approve and merge this patch
18:15:52 <bh526r_> anything else from you Kamil?
18:16:05 <krenczewski> Nothing more.
18:16:06 <jinli> Hi Bin, I am here
18:16:26 <jinli> please let me know any comments on that patch
18:16:28 <bh526r_> Hi Jin
18:16:41 <bh526r_> Your patch looks good to me.
18:16:46 <jinli> ok
18:16:59 <bh526r_> I leave for another 24 hours just in case Tin or someone may have comments.
18:17:10 <bh526r_> Otherwise, I will approve and merge it tomorrow
18:17:22 <jinli> I am still working on the policy.json and policy.py, try to make the authorization work
18:17:24 <jinli> ok
18:17:34 <jinli> sounds good to me.
18:17:40 <jinli> will ping Tin to review it
18:17:41 <bh526r_> Great, and hopefully see your new patch soon :)
18:18:02 <bh526r_> because Tin gave -1 before, so make sure he is happy now
18:18:12 <jinli> yeah, agree
18:19:04 <bh526r_> #info Group agreed to approve and merge Jin's patch 474812 if no more comments in 24 hours
18:19:27 <bh526r_> #info Jin is also working on the policy.json and policy.py, try to make the authorization work
18:19:38 <bh526r_> any other update, Jin?
18:20:09 <jinli> that's all for me
18:20:14 <bh526r_> If no more update, we can adjourn and go back to work, and Kamil enjoys evening
18:20:20 <bh526r_> Thank you Kamil and Jin
18:20:34 <bh526r_> #info No other update or item to discuss, meeting adjourned
18:20:37 <jinli> bye Bin and Kamil
18:20:39 <krenczewski> Thanks
18:20:40 <bh526r_> #endmeeting
18:20:41 <krenczewski> Bye
18:21:03 <bh526r_> Bye all
18:21:07 <bh526r_> #endmeeting
18:59:43 <zara_the_lemur__> anyone around for... the storyboard meeting????????????????????
18:59:48 <zara_the_lemur__> the more question marks, the more excitement
19:00:10 <SotK> YEAH
19:00:23 <zara_the_lemur__> \o/
19:00:47 <openstack> SotK: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.  Use #endmeeting first.
19:00:55 <SotK> well then
19:00:58 <SotK> #endmeeting