09:00:56 <aspiers> #startmeeting ha
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09:01:06 <aspiers> #topic Current status (progress, issues, roadblocks, further plans)
09:01:33 <aspiers> Welcome back and happy New Year!
09:01:59 <aspiers> it looks like it will be a small group today, but that's fine - we can just have a quick status update
09:02:19 <aspiers> I'll go first to give you a chance to think about your status :)
09:02:29 <_gryf> :)
09:02:42 <aspiers> I have been working on automating setup of compute node HA via Chef
09:03:00 <aspiers> probably not too interesting for anyone else, but I have been extending the Chef Pacemaker cookbooks
09:03:15 <aspiers> making them capable of creating Pacemaker location constraints based on rules
09:03:23 <aspiers> which check for node attributes
09:03:46 <aspiers> it's still WIP
09:03:53 <aspiers> but reasonably close to finished I think
09:04:11 <aspiers> in case anyone is interested, here is the link
09:04:33 <aspiers> #info aspiers has been working on automating setup of compute node HA via Chef
09:04:39 <aspiers> #link https://github.com/crowbar/crowbar-ha/pulls
09:05:05 <aspiers> and also
09:05:25 <aspiers> #link https://github.com/crowbar/crowbar-openstack/pulls/aspiers
09:05:37 <aspiers> #link https://github.com/crowbar/crowbar-ha/pulls/aspiers
09:05:49 <aspiers> helps hide the unrelated pull requests :)
09:06:20 <aspiers> I think I also did some reviews in openstack-resource-agents project
09:06:24 <aspiers> but that was a while ago
09:06:36 <aspiers> masahito: you want to give a status?
09:07:24 <masahito> I've started to resolve 4 work items I mentioned last year.
09:08:55 <aspiers> ok, can you remind us which 4?
09:09:01 <masahito> and kazu, one of my colleague, wrote all-in-one scripts for Masakari tests.
09:09:26 <masahito> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/automatic-evacuation
09:09:42 <masahito> the work items for short term goal
09:09:46 <aspiers> cool, thanks
09:09:59 <masahito> and this is the deploy-tool
09:10:02 <holser_> o/
09:10:12 <masahito> #link https://github.com/ntt-sic/masakari-deploy
09:11:31 <masahito> that's all from my side.
09:11:35 <aspiers> hmm, I can't see the work items in that etherpad?
09:11:50 <aspiers> maybe I'm missing something
09:11:55 <masahito> L26-L30
09:12:05 <aspiers> oh ok, thanks :)
09:12:19 <aspiers> cool
09:12:22 <aspiers> _gryf?
09:12:29 <_gryf> ok.
09:13:16 <_gryf> almost nothing from my side, since I'm involved in other things
09:13:47 <aspiers> no problem :)
09:13:58 <aspiers> it can be a very short meeting, that's totally fine with me ;-)
09:14:18 <aspiers> is there anything else we want to discuss?
09:14:36 <masahito> nothing from me.
09:14:50 <_gryf> but there was a little conversation with Renat Akhmerov (mistral PTL) and Timofei Durakov from Mirantis
09:15:04 <aspiers> oh? sounds interesting
09:15:41 <_gryf> seems like Mirantis is intrigued why we are gathering around and why we trying to do things with Mistral
09:17:18 <aspiers> well, it is an intigruing idea ;-)
09:17:29 <aspiers> err, intriguing, even
09:17:43 <_gryf> they seems like to be interested in full blown solution
09:18:01 <aspiers> I think we all are ;-)
09:18:21 <_gryf> so it means not only ressurecting vms, but also live migrating them, if needed (load balancing, noisy neighbours and so on)
09:19:19 <_gryf> I think, it would be an follow up of that discussion. I've also suggest, that participating in this very meeting might be fruitful :)
09:19:29 <aspiers> yes, that sounds good
09:19:38 <aspiers> please keep us informed if you hear anything else
09:19:48 <_gryf> sure. that's it from my side.
09:20:00 <aspiers> cool, thanks!
09:20:14 <aspiers> I would definitely like to be in those discussions
09:20:24 <aspiers> I have thought a lot about the live migration problem
09:20:31 <aspiers> I even wrote a blog and some code about it
09:20:46 <aspiers> http://blog.adamspiers.org/2015/05/17/cloud-rearrangement/
09:21:09 <aspiers> OK, so shall we close the meeting?
09:21:17 <_gryf> i think so
09:21:39 <masahito> agree
09:21:58 <aspiers> cool, see you next week then. I'm going to India for holiday tonight, back on Sunday :)
09:22:17 <_gryf> cool
09:22:29 <aspiers> bye for now!
09:22:32 <masahito> have a nice trip ;)
09:22:34 <aspiers> thanks :)
09:22:37 <_gryf> bye, be safe :)
09:22:44 <aspiers> I will do my best ;)
09:22:47 <aspiers> #endmeeting